The Bounty Hunter Series on the iPoker network will run from 26 …

The Bounty Hunter Series on the iPoker network will run from 26 …

On February 26, one of the largest series of tournaments in the last few years starts at the iPoker network. In this material, Pokeroff will tell everything that is known about her.

Bounty Hunter Series: quick reference

  • Dates: from February 26 to March 7
  • Total guarantee: € 1,000,000
  • Tournaments: 84
  • Buy-ins from € 10 to € 1000
  • 2 Main Events of € 100 and € 1000, both guaranteed € 100,000
  • All NL Holdem tournaments except two 6+ Holdem tournaments
  • All tournaments are in PKO format. Each has three Re-entry
  • Where to play: bestpoker and RedStar Poker

Bounty Hunter Series Schedule

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* Time in the schedule is GMT. To find out the start of the tournament Moscow time, add 3 hours.

Of course, the Bounty Hunter Series cannot compete with the market leaders in terms of scale and warranty, but the series still has a number of nice things that a regular might like.

The schedule is tight – the game day starts at 19:00 Moscow time and includes 7-8 events that start every half hour or hour. Thus, regulars can easily include individual tournaments in their downloads.

Low AFS (average number of participants) – the series is small and the re-entry is not endless. Tournaments will always (or at least in the vast majority of cases) end in one day.

The series is tailored for the regulars of low and medium limits… This is not really a “dignity”, but rather a “feature”. For the former, this will be an excellent reason to “shoot” the limits higher, and for the latter, it will be a pleasant addition to the daily load.

High stakes players will find for themselves 14 tournaments with buy-ins from € 100 to 1000. For example, there is high roller tournament # 68 with a buy-in of € 500 and a guarantee of € 50,000

Two 6+ Hold’em tournaments got into the schedule, either as a bonus or as a test. Look in the tournament lobby for BHS events # 28 and # 60 – both with a € 50 buy-in and a € 5,000 guarantee.

Freeroll of champions… Scheduled event # 84 of the series comes with a € 10,000 guarantee and no buy-in. All winners of the main events of the Bounty Hunter series will have access to it – that is, the prize pool will be played for 83 participants.

Complete missions, get rewards

During the series, all players will have access to three types of daily missions, for the completion of which there will be prizes.

Mission name A task Reward
Satellite mission Play 3 satellites to the Bounty Hunter Series. Freeroll ticket € 1000 Bounty Hunter Mission # 1 Freeroll
Revenue mission Earn 1000 status points Ticket to the Bounty Hunter Sereis tournament for € 10
Main Event mission Play 3 “main events” of the Bounty Hunter Series (assumes tournaments from the main schedule) Freeroll ticket € 1000 Bounty Hunter Mission # 2 Freeroll
Knockout mission Knock out 2 players in any Bounty Hunter Series tournament Freeroll ticket € 1000 Bounty Hunter Mission # 3 Freeroll

Schedule of freerolls

Date Name
March 8, 09:30 UTC Bounty Hunter Mission #1 Freeroll
8 March 09:40 UTC Bounty Hunter Mission #2 Freeroll
March 8, 09:50 UTC Bounty Hunter Mission #3 Freeroll

Promotional Twister Satellites

In addition to the traditional satellites with buy-ins starting at € 1, RedStar Poker and bestpoker also host promotional Twister jackpot tournaments where you can win tickets to Bounty Hunter Series tournaments.

There will be a total of 5,000 promotional “twisters”, after which they will disappear from the lobby. They raffle tickets worth from € 20 to € 1000. Find out the probability of each ticket being dropped in the table below.

Prize amount
Ticket for € 1000 1
Ticket for € 500 15
€ 100 ticket 120
Ticket for € 50 407
Ticket for € 30 2001
Ticket for € 20 2456

That’s all you need to know about the upcoming Bounty Hunter series on the iPoker network. It remains only to register in any of the rooms and start conquering new peaks.

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