The Complete WCOOP 2021 Leaderboard Guide: Prize Distribution, Counting …

The Complete WCOOP 2021 Leaderboard Guide: Prize Distribution, Counting …

In anticipation of WCOOP 2021, we will talk about the champions of the previous years’ leaderboards, the scoring and distribution of prizes on different leaderboards, and we share the secret of victory from the best WCOOP 2013 player Yngve “Sykoen” Steen.

WCOOP Best Player Leaderboard: Prize Distribution and Scoring

Added $ 100K leaderboard to WCOOP (same last year). Prizes are paid in cash directly to the player’s account, although this was not always the case. In 2013, the winner of the WCOOP leaderboard was given tickets to the main events of SCOOP, WCOOP, TCOOP (worth $ 25K) + PCA 2014 package.

The leaderboard is divided into four categories based on buy-in size:

  • Low: 20 seats, $ 5K top prize
  • Medium: 10 seats, $ 10K top prize
  • High: 3 places, $ 15K top prize
  • Player of the Year: $ 25K Single Prize

Points are awarded depending on the occupied place. Points are awarded differently depending on the type of tournament (9-max, 8-max, 7-max, 6-max, 4-max, heads-up, shootout) and the size of the field. But in any tournament, 100 points are given for the victory, 80 points for the second place, and 5 points for the minimum ITM.

ImluckNuts, aDrENalin710, ZapahZamazki and other top WCOOP players from previous years

The main, most prestigious award of the series – the title of the best player in WCOOP – is determined by the results of performance in all tournaments of the series. Therefore, for those regulars who play on the leaderboard, have to participate in all tournaments regardless of buy-in.

WCOOP Best Player Trophy 2021

Renat “ZapahZamazki” Lyapin became the best WCOOP player in 2020. He earned 1,265 points: 400 in High, 520 in Medium and 345 in Low. The distribution of points shows that Renat has loaded tournaments of any buy-ins.

Cup of the best player WCOOP 2020 Renata

Renat also became the best player in the SCOOP series in 2021. Whether he will manage to become the best player for the third series in a row, we will find out in September.

Before Renat Lyapin, the best WCOOP players from Russia were Maxim “ImluckNuts” Pisarenko (2017) and Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov (2018). Why “aDrENalin710” is the best WCOOP player of all time, we wrote in Telegram.

Another feature of the leaderboard game: you don’t have to win tournaments to become the best player in the series. 3 of the 12 champions on the leaderboard of the past years did not win a single tournament in the streak when they became the best player.

“Eat, Sleep, Play” – the secret of winning the leaderboard from Yngve “Sykoen” Steen

The secret of the mood to win the WCOOP leaderboard was revealed by the best player of 2013 Yngve “Sykoen” Steen:

I wouldn’t play every day if it wasn’t for the leaderboard. It’s pretty difficult to play 12 or 14 hours online for two weeks. Life is paused. You can’t do anything else. Just eat, sleep and play.

Like the other members of the leaderboard, Yngve Steen did not plan to play that much. For the first week, he played nothing at all except Sunday, until he made two final tables and was in the top 10 of the leaderboard. The rest of the tournaments had to be played completely.

Likewise, Maxim “ImluckNuts” Pisarenko did not plan to play all the tournaments, but from the start he completed the final with $ 215 Kick Off ($ 20K) and decided to play on the leaderboard – he told about this in an interview.

WCOOP kicks off on Sunday 22 August – here’s the full series schedule and terms of other promotions

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