The meteoric rise of PokerMatch to the top of the PokerScout rating

The meteoric rise of PokerMatch to the top of the PokerScout rating

In March 2021, PokerMatch made a small sensation – the room solemnly took the first line in the PokerScout ranking in terms of the number of players at cash tables. Moreover, the record number of players was collected not at once, but within a week. How the local room managed to beat the giants of the industry, we will try to objectively talk in this article.

What kind of event? What other rating?

The level of “popularity” of poker rooms has long been measured by the statistical site PokerScout, you have probably heard this name if you follow poker in any way. Its algorithms check the number of cash players at the tables every 10 minutes and update the data on the site. That is, the PokerScout rating is relevant primarily for cash players, but it has little in common with the “popularity” of the poker room (the number of players in tournaments or the SNG jackpot has long been higher than in cash).

How the rating changed from 2010 to 2020

Back in early March 2021, PokerMatch was not even included in the top ten of the PokerScout rating. “Blitzkrieg” began on the 18th and by March 30 ended in victory – the Ukrainian poker room overtook all competitors in terms of the number of live (!) Cash players at the tables. At the time of the publication of the material, the average number of cash players in the room was 8400 (data for 7 days).

How did PokerMatch take off?

It all happened thanks to an innovative product called Miner’s Jackpot… It consists of 10-max cash tables with blinds of UAH 0.01 / UAH 0.01, where all participants automatically bet a penny each hand, then cards are laid out on the table until the river and the winner is determined. The person himself does not even need to be at the computer – you can turn on several Miner’s Jackpot tables and give the RNG the opportunity to make you money (or lose).

The essence of the Miner’s Jackpot game is to hit a bad beat jackpot or get into a special leaderboard. The leaderboard rewards free spins at the PokerMatch casino for those players who collect the best combinations of the day.

The rules of the badbit jackpot at the tables of Miner’s Jackpot

  • Your hand from a straight flush (A-5) or higher must lose in a hand with two or more players
  • The winner and loser of the hand must use both hole cards and go to showdown.
  • 50% of the badbit jackpot goes to the loser, 20% to the winner, 30% to the rest of the players at the table.
  • Only 10% of the Badbit Jackpot PokerMatch is drawn on the Miner’s Jackpot tables

At the time of publication, there are five “pools” for miners open on PokerMatch, each of which is “played” by more than a thousand people.

Since the advent of mining tables (March 18), poker room users have been gifted thousands of promotional codes for free play. In many ways, the traffic of PokerMatch is supported by investments from their own pockets.

Mining is not poker

“Poker is a sport”… This was the main advertising slogan of PokerMatch in 2020. This product has almost no correlation with it, but that’s not a bad thing.

Miner’s Jackpot exists somewhere at the junction of poker and casino – skill doesn’t matter at all here, so you just have to press the “play” button and watch the poker combinations come together by themselves, and the poker room gives you gifts. It does not use casino math, but the mechanics are similar. “Press the button, you will get the result”.

Even despite the impressive numbers of online at the tables for mining, the site PokerIndustry doubted what was happening and the CEO of PokerMatch had to explain how everything works. According to Ruslan Bangert, mining will become a new breakthrough product that will be used by other poker rooms as well. In his Telegram channel “Poker Director” he published an open letter to the industry, where he argued the position of PokerMatch:

The industry is moving from a game of skill only format to a game of skill and chance format. There are fewer rake races in poker and more and more promotions where prizes are given out randomly among those who just play at the tables.

And our tables with mining are just an attempt to keep at the tables the players who irrevocably leave online poker by the thousands every day. We are sad to look at the timeline of the industry, which in a couple of years will reach absolute zero if we all sit and do nothing.

It is unlikely that you can seriously call an amateur poker player, but nevertheless, this product can deservedly become a part of the poker industry. After all, All-in Shootout tournaments exist as a “layer” for the random distribution of prizes and tickets.

Pluses in what happened

For rocking the boat, PokerMatch received a flurry of criticism. The main complaint is the “abuse” of the system (exploiting vulnerability) and distortion of the objectivity of the PokerScout rating. And all for what ?! The poker match did not receive direct income from Miner’s Jackpot – no rake is charged at the tables.

But there is certainly a profit in what happened. Ruslan Bangert himself said (not literally) that the main weapon of the room, even with relatively meager advertising budgets, is ingenuity and cross-selling. The poker match was able to create, without exaggeration, an event of a global scale due to minimal investment, ingenuity and its own marketing resource. Moreover, everything happened in the shortest possible time, which is still unlikely to boast of at least one poker room.

However, there is a non-zero probability that PokerScout and PokerIndustry will exclude PokerMatch from their ratings, or find a way to ignore the tables with mining. One of the ways, for example, is to take into account only tables from NL5 and similar limits.

We are still happy for the PokerMatch, as the person who came up with the tables for mining found a great way to cross-sell (players are given free spins in a special leaderboard), and in addition to that … People loved it! Everyone is free to play what he likes.

Have you heard about mining at PokerMatch until today? How do you like the idea? Maybe someone has already tried this product and won something?

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