the most interesting of the documentary about the bra …

the most interesting of the documentary about the bra …

Today Yuri Dzivilevsky is the driving force behind Brazilian tournament poker, both online and offline. He has about $ 1.3M in prize money live tournaments, 2 WSOP PLO8 / Stud8 gold bracelets, and PLO. Online, the 29-year-old is known by the nickname theNERDguy (PokerStars) и undercoverden (GGPOKEROK), but unfortunately we do not know the exact amount of his prize money.

In September 2021 about Yuri Dzivilevski (Yuri Martins Dzivilevski) made a documentary called A NERD STORY. We watched the film and collected interesting thoughts into one material.

On the attitude towards poker: “If you want to be successful, you have to be obsessed.”

Dan Almeida (colleague) and Victor Hugo (brother) about Yuri:

Everything that he achieved was due to his hard work on himself. In our social circle, he devoted most of his time to learning and personal growth. Moreover, he developed not only from a technical point of view, but also mentally and also physically.

He is like a robot when he does something related to his career. Usually, when someone gets hold of money, they start enjoying the good life. But this is not about Yuri. He aims to be the best, win tons of bracelets, and so on.

Yuri Dzivilevsky about his career:

If you want to be successful, you have to be obsessed. Poker is no exception. I think this principle is even more applicable for him, since poker is a complex game that includes emotions, defeats … If you are not ready to survive all this, if you are not obsessed with the game, then you will not succeed. There is no other way to be successful.

Truly successful players love the game. And those who are here solely for money usually do not last long.

Yuri was an unwanted child

Yuri was born in 1991. He has an older sister, Bruna, and a brother, Vitor.

Yuri’s mom said that she was not expecting a third child. She was on birth control but got pregnant anyway.

It was a shock at first. We panicked and did not understand how we would live with three children.

The spouses did not want a third due to the fact that there was not enough money even for two – the husband had a business, and he lent money to many people. According to him, the family often had nothing to buy food.

Yuri grew up an active child, and his mother decided to take him to a guitar club. In childhood, Dziwilewski did not like this, but now he sincerely thanks his mother.

Parents thought that Yuri would build a career in music – he would perform, collect full halls, and they would applaud him in the forefront.

Introduction to poker

Yuri learned to play cards from his older brother at an early age. But the boy became really interested in the game only at school.

Yuri’s father recalls:

I had a company and Victor worked for it. Once he brought a book about poker and Yuri was genuinely interested in her. He read it, and then somewhere else, seven books.

At that time, Victor abandoned the idea of ​​becoming a professional poker player. (now he is not only a player, but also a coach), but Yuri found a burning desire in himself:

There were a lot of subjects in school that I didn’t like, especially in high school. I hid poker books behind textbooks and pretended to be passionate about learning.

Tilt issues

At the beginning of his career, Yuri did not know how to control himself and often succumbed to negative emotions.

Most of the time, on tilt, I smashed the headphones against the wall. I could not control myself.

Mom and brother confirm that Yuri often locked himself in a room and played poker there quietly for a long time. But often it ended with banging on the table, screaming and broken devices. The poker player also approached the solution of the problem professionally.

It got to the point that my emotions began to harm others. Obviously, me too.

You can’t live happily when you can’t control your emotions in poker. I started looking for information on the Internet – to study the topic and get better. Now people cannot even imagine that I once behaved differently.

“I had nothing but poker”

As mentioned earlier, the Dziwilewski family was poor. At the age of 18, Yuri was faced with an important choice: go to college after school, or take the risk and devote himself entirely to poker. Since he was already immersed in the topic, the choice was obvious.

I think I am lucky when it comes to my poker career.

I didn’t go to college because of poker. But I had more time to work on the game than my opponents. Thanks to this, I crossed the cherished bar of 10,000 hours and became a poker expert faster than the people around me.

And all this because I had nothing but poker.

Now Yuri’s poker career allows the entire Dziwilewski family to do what they want – both parents, and brother, and sister.

The most important moment in your poker career

… happened for Yuri in 2014, when he lost the WCOOP Main Event heads-up to Fedor Holz and finished in 2nd place. But theNERDguy still got good prize money $708K, since the deal was still in the top 6 stage. This money gave the Dziwilewski family long-awaited financial stability.

This WCOOP trip gave me the opportunity to learn mixed games. At that time, I was interested in Omaha and I completely switched to it. The main thing is that I had the opportunity to play in the negative for several months while I was studying a new game, and this would not affect my life.

I could only stay at NLHE, but I wanted to challenge myself.

What is the most important thing for high stakes players?

Yuri believes that it is important not to get attached to money. The more a person is attached to them, the more emotions he experiences when losing, and even worse copes with them.

There are very tough times with a lot of stress, but I think I can handle them now.

It’s not that I don’t have any emotions – on the contrary, I have their infinity. I just know how to cope with them.

Even winning a huge sum on high stakes will not affect me emotionally these days. Of course, I will be happy with the result, but some sensual explosion will not happen. It’s just my job.

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