The new owners of twoplustwo want to create an international poker site …

The new owners of twoplustwo want to create an international poker site …

The largest English-language poker site has changed owners – now the twoplustwo brand belongs to two guys, Andrey and Maxim, the creators of Hand2Note HUD.

Who owned the twoplustwo forum before?

Originally, the 2 + 2 brand was a book publishing company, and was founded by Mason Malmouth (Mason Malmuth) is a US poker player who has published several books on poker and gambling in collaboration with David Sklansky, Dan Harrington and many others.

Malmouth also owned the twoplustwo poker forum of the same name, where discussions on absolutely any poker topic are held, from questions about online poker rooms to discussions on the coronavirus restrictions in Las Vegas casinos.

Mason Malmouth

On July 14, 2021, the only permanent owner of twoplustwo announced that he was selling the portal.

Why did you sell the twoplustwo forum?

Mason Malmouth wrote that the matter is aged:

With over 60 million posts later, it’s time to hand over the reins to a younger generation and make this site better than ever.

Many of you are familiar with the new owners. These are the people who gave us the Hand2Note HUD. I’m waiting for the guys to tell about it themselves.

The reason for selling twoplustwo is down to earth: a lot of the site managers, myself included, are getting old. This fall I will turn 70. Therefore, when we received an offer from young people who own the latest programming technologies and can make this site better, we felt that the time had come. It will be better for everyone, including the members of the twoplustwo community

He also added that he is not going to disappear, and will continue troll noobs post messages. Probably, for this he will now have much more free time.

New owners plans

Andrey and Maxim (left and right, respectively, in the title photo) bought out the ownership of the forum for an unknown amount. Two Russians are the creators and developers of Hand2Note HUD – a tracker for professional poker players.

Recently, Andrii Plakhotnyi wrote a public appeal to the community. In it, he expressed his deep gratitude to Mason Malmouth, and also shared a plan for the development of the 2 + 2 forum.

  • The design of the forum will not change, at least in the near future.
  • All advertising banners were removed on the same day as the sale and purchase transaction was announced
  • The forum will allow you to advertise your commercial poker product for free. It used to be paid
  • Over the next few years, the 2 + 2 forum will introduce artificial intelligence technologies for moderation. Now on 2 + 2, like other forums, dozens of moderators work, who are engaged in monotonous work for a modest remuneration or even for free.
  • The twoplostwo brand is planned to be made international, including on third-party platforms – TwoPlusTwo have already entered Twitter / Discord / Telegram / Facebook.
  • There are plans to hold a massive amnesty for banned users, but this is open to question.

Andrey paid special attention to the monetization of Hand2Note on the 2 + 2 forum: “The Forum will never become an advertising platform for our product. We will not kick our competitors HoldemManager / PockerTracker out of here “

For a couple of days, there were a lot of positive comments towards the new owners. First of all, these are people who are competent in poker, and secondly, something new will finally happen to the forum, which has not changed for years.

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