The poker community mourns the death of Norman MacDonald

The poker community mourns the death of Norman MacDonald

For the Russian-speaking community, the name Norm MacDonald says little, but for viewers of English-language TV, he was a famous stand-up comedian, actor and presenter. The man died today at the age of 62 from leukemia, which he had been struggling with for the past nine years. And no one knew about this, except for a couple of close friends.

What Norm McDonald did

Norm Macdonald was born in 1959 in Quebec (Canada). He worked most of his life in television – writing scripts for sitcoms, in the nineties starred in the most popular American show Saturday Night Live (SNL), was engaged in voice acting for cartoons, and also played cameo roles in films and his own sitcom “The Norm Show”. Norm joked quite harshly – he was not afraid of black humor, as well as political satire in his own speeches.

Since 2013, Norm has been involved in video podcast Norm Macdonald Live, where he invited comedians and other celebrities. In 2018, Netflix launched a show with the same message as the podcast.

Jim Carrey visiting Norm McDonald

A close friend of Norma MacDonald said of him:

He was most proud of his sense of humor and did not want his diagnosis to affect the attitude of the audience towards him. He was a real comedian.

MacDonald is also credited with the quote:

Of course, I am not a doctor, but I am sure that when you die, cancer dies at the same time as you. So this is not a defeat, but a draw.

McDonald went bankrupt many times and could roll 20 tables online

In the early 2010s, MacDonald admitted to being addicted to gambling. It all started when he won a six-figure jackpot in Atlantic City in craps, and after that he rolled three times. He lost the most in the evening $ 400,000.

Not bypassed by Norm and poker – he was often seen at the WSOP in the early 2000s, where he played not only tournaments, but also cash. In 2011, by the way, he worked as a commentator for the High Stakes Poker program.

Until online poker was banned in the United States, Norm rolled 20 tables online, but he didn’t like it.

It’s good that poker went offline completely – you can say it saved my life. I grinded so hard that I could play instead of sleeping.

Despite the fact that MacDonald played a lot, he did not have major successes, at least in tournaments. According to HendonMob the Canadian received $ 54,000 in prize money.

What poker players write about McDonald

Phil Helmut:

Sad day … Norm was the nicest guy in the world. I really enjoyed spending time with him. In person, he was humble, slightly shy and always involved! He understood me, and I think he understood him

Norm MacDonald on the right

Jennifer Tilly:

At times, Norm’s humor was completely incomprehensible. But he never explained the jokes – he liked that sometimes it only got to one or two people. Sometimes while filming poker shows, he whispered jokes in my ear. It didn’t matter to him that the audience was just one person – he just liked to joke. The whole table doesn’t have to laugh.

Benjamin Spragg:

Norm MacDonald was the funniest person in the world. Several years ago I had the privilege of talking to him for a couple of days. He was kind, friendly and, of course, funny. Heartbreaking news of his death. RIP

Sean Deeb:

MacDonald was one of my favorite stars to cross over at the gaming table a couple of years ago at the PCA. It’s a pity that I then turned down his offer to go smoke together after dinner to listen to a couple more stories.

Norm MacDonald (in a cap) at the 2019 PCA

Jamie Gold:

One of the kindest and most special people on Earth died. Feeling like I was hit by a truck. I love you, Norm, and I will miss you very much. You made my life more fun, but the world never really understood your genius

Finally, we will share with you another quote from Norm McDonald, which he published. on twitter in 2018.

Sometimes life attacks me with an unbearable amount of happiness that I want to laugh hysterically. At such moments, you feel powerless and think – how life manages to surprise me again, and again, and again. How can you be a cynic? It is a sin.

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