the reaction of the community to the decision of the room

the reaction of the community to the decision of the room

Due to technical problems, Maina PKOSS had to be canceled and the ICM prize paid. The players were unhappy. Let’s figure out why and consider an alternative to canceling tournaments.

What Happened to the Main Events of PKOSS

From May 9 to May 24, the PKOSS series was successfully held in the WPN rooms. For example, $ 2,650 The Venom was a record-breaking PKO tournament. The event collected 2,864 entries, and the warranty was cut by $ 2M.

The cherry on top of the cake was to be three major multi-flight tournaments:

  • $16,50 PKOSS $250K 15.633 GTD entries, $ 15.505 overlay.
  • $215 PKOSS $1M 7,248 inputs GTD, $ 449.6K warranty overridden.
  • $630 PKOSS $2,5M GTD at 4,918 inputs, $ 450.8K warranty overridden.

It would seem a success. But no.

Day 2 of these tournaments were to take place on the night of May 24-25. The events started on schedule, but during the game the tournaments were paused.

Here's how it happened: Vanessa

While the servers were resting, the tournament organizers had to decide what to do next.

First, Day 2 was postponed to May 25, 20:05 UTC. Then Day 2 was rescheduled for June 1 at 20:05 UTC.

As a result, all three tournaments were canceled. Players received ICM payouts (in the $ 215 KO tournament, the remaining players were still given the bounty that their opponents could have earned for knocking them out). And as an apology for the inconvenience caused, the room returned the buy-ins in the form of tickets to the remaining players. However, not everyone liked this gesture.

One of the participants in the $ 630 tournament, Patrick Curran, complained about compensation:

Free buy-in? Seriously? Throw in cash. This was the only $ 630 tournament I played and had no plans to play another $ 630 tournament. These tickets are of no use to me. The same goes for the $ 215 ticket. I played both tournaments. I really don’t feel like playing poker on your site anytime soon.

But Chris Moneymaker found an elegant solution:

I will buy both tickets from you.

It would seem that there is no better outcome in this unforeseen situation. But the players launched a branch on 2 + 2, where they complain about the unfair decision of the network.

Chris Moneymaker on server crashes: “Multi-flight tournaments are still a problem”

Players are tired of such situations occurring with the room on a regular basis. Even the ambassador of the room, Chris Moneymaker, admits this. The reason lies in the monthly software updates:

Well, the last days have been interesting. Unfortunately, with a high degree of probability, these problems will be repeated in the future. Multi-flight tournaments are still a problem, but we will continue to improve them.

I don’t know anything about programming and I don’t understand why these problems occur, but hopefully it will end someday. I know the whole team hates these bugs as much as you do. But we try to give everyone the pleasure of playing.

I also want to say that this is the second time I faced this problem since I became the ambassador of the room. The guys behind the scenes are doing a great job trying to limit the frequency of these freezes, as they used to happen more often.

I just ask you to be patient as we grow and develop. We will maintain open communication and transparency, listen to what players want and do our best to make it happen.

This situation was commented on by Faraz Jaka, coach and friend of Chris Moneymaker:

Working on software is harder than you think. After creating the software, you realize that poker sites have only two choices:

1. Rarely improve software, but maintain stability.

2. Regularly improve the software, but take risks when faced with unknown bugs and crashes.

When asked why it is impossible to create good software right away, Faraz Jaka also answered:

I have been building software side by side with high quality developers for three years. Many of them left after underestimating the complexity of the poker software. Many different servers interact with each other, and this all requires very subtle nuances in the code. For example, when moving the button, when several players fly out at once.

“You can’t pay by ICM, play”: why it was better to postpone the tournaments

But the main reason why the players are unhappy: they felt cheated. Especially those who passed the second day among the chip leaders. Players do not need a “bird in hand” when “there is such a fat crane in the sky.” This is the main complaint of the user “Cashcid Linc” who started the discussion at 2 + 2:

I see many on Twitter thanking Chris Moneymaker for resolving the PKOSS Day 2 situation. By this they mean helping to completely cancel tournaments.

I’ve seen people on Twitter complain that they can’t finish the tournament on a new date due to work. This is understandable because tournaments cannot be rescheduled for a weekday. In my opinion, the tournament should have been postponed until Sunday.

But canceling the tournament altogether looks like the worst decision one could make.

In fields of 5K players or even larger if we’re talking about $ 215 and $ 16.50 tournaments, it’s rare to get deep. If only simply because such tournaments are held infrequently.

As for me, everyone screwed up with the tournament cancellation and ICM payouts because this ICM money is nothing compared to what you could have won just by getting to the final table. I say this as a participant in a $ 630 tournament, albeit with a stack of 14 bb, but this is STILL STACK, with which it would be worthwhile to finish the tournament, and not get a small “safe” money, but at the same time having a chance to win a significant amount.

In my opinion, it is wrong to advertise such a tournament and focus on large sums, make them play for hours, and then take away the players’ chance to win this money.

What do you think: did the room do the right thing? Or should the tournaments be rescheduled and played on another day? Join the discussion in our Telegram channels.

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