the results of the Main Event, leaderboards and the brightest performances …

the results of the Main Event, leaderboards and the brightest performances …

GGPOKEROK flipped the game again? GGSF went along with SCOOP and with a $ 50M more guarantee. How did this experiment go, and which of the players we remember the most.

Deadmau5 kicked off the poker streak with a set

We do not mean three cards of the same denomination, but a DJ set.

Before moving on to an overview of the most striking poker events in the series, let’s pay attention to the unusual cooperation. The collaboration between the room and the world of electronic dance music is something new. Deadmau5 played an hour-long set on GGPOKER.TV and played the $ 5.25 GG Legends Bounty $ 10K GTD tournament, where the player nicknamed “Germanassum” won the signature “mau5head” mouse head with an autograph for knocking him out. We don’t know how valuable this gift is to a poker player, but fans are definitely willing to give good money for such an artifact. On eBay, we only found one lot of Deadmau5 head (unsigned) for $ 484.

We don’t know how productive GG’s collaboration with the DJ was: the recording of the performance on YouTube got 14K views and 612 likes, and the post announcing this stream on Deadmau5’s Instagram got 5.5K likes. In the comments on YouTube, people thanked GG for the set. And the user Sergey Laar on YouTube rightly noted:

“Mouse has never collected so few likes in his life))”

Either way, the set was good, as was the cute, unobtrusive mouse branding on the tables. The players liked it.

Attention task: find the mouse in the photo

Now let’s move on to an overview of the poker events themselves.

Main Event with a guarantee of $ 10M was held with an overlay, but the main event in Omaha was not

In three weeks GGSF hosted 6 main events: 3 each in Omaha and Hold’em with buy-ins of $ 80; $ 400 and $ 1,500.

Juan Pardo & Connor Drinan Win GGSF Headlining Events

$1,500 Main Event on 6,803 entries passed with an overlay of $ 305K. A sensation awaited us in this event: a certain Austrian under the nickname “KingKongJoel” became the champion. He played only 6 tournaments at GG. The first place prize was $ 1,133,634.

Main Event GGSF Final Table Results:

Nickname or name Country Prize money
1 KingKongJoel Austria $1,133,634
2 Zhuang Ruan Japan $952,194
3 Lucky-Lucky Ukraine $670,295
4 lockdownmode Norway $502,651
5 Benjamin Shallot Hungary $376,934
6 seefaceng China $282,661
7 Chris Puetz Austria $211,965
8 gipotenuza Mexico $158,952
9 Samuel Wooden Finland $119,197

$1,500 Main Event PLO-NL collected 1,412 entries – $ 12K prize pool exceeded the guarantee. Won the victory Joachim «jochee» Haraldstad (Joachim Haraldstad). First place prize was $ 249,926).

Main Event PLO-NL GGSF Final Table Results:

Nickname or name Country Prize money
1 KingKongJoel Norway $249,926
2 Majki365 Slovakia $210,693
3 Bernard Larabi Hungary $147,781
4 Marcus “Lenbert1” Schotes Germany $110,705
5 Arvi Vainionkulma Finland $82,931
6 Suhepx Austria $62,125
7 Jens “Tankanza” Lakemayer Austria $46,539
8 Jason Kuhn Canada $34,863
9 Connor Drinan Canada $29,437

And so that our review does not turn into a monotonous listing of chip accounts and no-name nicknames, we suggest taking a look at the five most memorable stories of players’ performances within the GGSF.

“RRomashka” successfully multitables tournaments with buy-ins from $ 10K from an iPad

Producer, radio host, journalist Roman “RRomashka” Yemelyanov entered the $ 10,300 Super MILLION $ final table for the fifth time. This tournament was held as part of the GGSF, so the guarantee was increased to $ 10M. The final for Roman, frankly, did not work out. Seventh place and + $ 323K.

But thanks to Mikhail Syomin, who filmed and posted the story on Instagram, we learned how such tournaments are dragged along. The video is available in our telegram channels… Just look how masterly, easily and smoothly Roman swipes these tables and makes decisions about the size of the bets with lightning speed!

Mysterious Lion “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb won $ 1.4M in prize money, but check out his overall chart on SharkScope

On each series, there is a player who stands out for the number of wins and drifts. In the Omaholic Series, it was Kamel Mohammad. And on GGSF – Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb. Here is a list of his drifts:

  • 1st place in $ 10,300 Super Million $ – $ 586K
  • # 1 on the $ 10,300 Super Tuesday – $ 320K
  • 1st place in the $ 10,300 PLO-NL High Roller – $ 200K
  • 1st $ 5,250 Bounty Hunters – $ 316K

Total, $ 1.4M for two weeks. Moreover, there is not even a photo of this player on the Internet.

If, while reading, you presented a graph of Leo at 45 degrees up, then exhale, sit down and look at the screenshot after the paragraph. Where the chart goes up sharply under 90 – the start of the GGSF series. For the entire time of playing in the room “LevMeAlone” skated a distance of 252 tournaments at – $ 789K. So it goes.

LevMeAlone All Time Chart on GG

Player with 20 re-entries to $ 5K tournament wins GGSF High leaderboard

Wei Zhao (Wei Zhao) was remembered for making 20 re-entrances to the $ 5,250 PLO-NL tournament and not making the money. A discussion began on social networks, they say, a new bold fish appeared on GG.

Mike McDonald wrote:

“He’s a good professional, isn’t he? In the comments, people think: since he introduced 20 rounds, then this guy is a fish? I remember this guy in 2015. He was either SNE, or a $ 10 / $ 20 plus guy, something like that. ”

Bert “girafganger7” Stevens wrote:

“This guy is definitely not a whale.”

In just a couple of days, it turned out that this guy is good. Wei Zhao topped the highest leaderboard of GGSF and earned T $ 30K. This is, of course, not the $ 100K that he implemented in one evening, but a nice excuse.

According to SharkScope, Wei Zhao played the GGSF + $ 180K streak in 800 tournaments. And the general schedule of the game in his room is + $ 511K for 3,500 tournaments.

Wei Zhao's chart during the GGSF

This is what the results of the top 5 leaderboards of the last week of GGSF look like

Топ-5 GGSF-H Leaderboard:

  1. Wei Zhao – $ T30K
  2. Niklas Asdedt – $ T25K
  3. Arthur Martirosyan – $ T20K
  4. Christian Rudolph – $ T15K
  5. Fabrizio Gonzalez – $ T12.5K

Wei Zhao

Топ-5 GGSF-M Leaderboard:

  1. Fabrizio Gonzalez – $ T17.5K
  2. Christian Rudolph – $ T15K
  3. 77Storm77 — $T12,5К
  4. BeardOilGuy – $ T10К
  5. Francisco Benitez – $ T7.5K

Top 5 GGSF-L Leaderboard:

  1. AsiaStylez – $ T12,5К
  2. tsunguntai — $ T10К
  3. maruzzz — $T7,5К
  4. ChipsToMe — $T5К
  5. HeHueHueHue— $ T4К

The elusive Gonzalez pulled the leaderboards for three weeks in a row

You don’t need to be in the top 1 to earn money in tournaments. You can just play a lot and regularly and get into ITM – a player from Uruguay showed us by his example. Fabrizio Gonzalez (Fabrizio Gonzalez).

Fabrizio Gonzalez

In addition to tournaments with huge prize pools, weekly leaderboards have been added to the GGSF series. On the first and second weeks, they raffled off for $ 300K, on ​​the third – $ 400K. Gonzalez snatched 19.6% of the prize pool of all leaderboards in the series!

In the first week, Gonzalez earned T $ 38K:

  • fifth place in the Low – T $ 3K;
  • First Place in Medium – T $ 15K;
  • second place in the High – T $ 20K.

In the second week – T $ 42.5K:

  • second place in the Low – T $ 7.5K;
  • First Place in Medium – T $ 15K;
  • second place in the High – T $ 20K.

In the third week, T $ 32K:

  • eighth place in the Low – T $ 2K;
  • First Place in Medium – T $ 17.5K;
  • 5th in the High – T $ 12.5K.

How did he do it? Since the beginning of the series (on the chart below the mark for April 4), Gonzalez skated an insane distance of 736 tournaments – that’s 34 tournaments a day.

Arthur Martirosyan and fortitude against the vagaries of dispersion

And the story of Artur Martirosyan, top poker pro from Voronezh, ends our rating. And if you like pain, then you will like this story too.

On April 7, Arthur wrote on his blog that he had the worst day of his career and left $ 240K at the tables without a single ITM. Most of the loss came in the $ 25,500 tournament, where Arthur entered five times.

By April 23, Arthur’s chart on SharkScope had hit a record bottom at $ 947K. But then Arthur won the $ 10,300 Thursday Thriller ($ 326.8K) and the $ 5,250 Bounty Hunters ($ 171.6K) and practically skipped the streak.

Artur Martirosyan's graph for GGSF time

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