The winner of Tremizin’s Million PKO is a player from Ukraine “charox”

The winner of Tremizin’s Million PKO is a player from Ukraine “charox”

On the night of September 4-5, the first special tournament, named after a member of the new expert team, Gleb “Ti0373” Tremzin, was held in the PokerMatch room. In this article, we have collected for you the results of the tournament and highlights from its broadcasts.

General information on the results of Tremizin’s Million PKO

Tremizin’s Million PKO with a buy-in of UAH 2.5K and a guarantee of UAH 1M collected 726 entries and UAH 1,633,500 of the prize fund. The tournament had a progressive knockout of 50% and up to 5 re-entries, prizes were received by 100 people – the minimum payment excluding the bounty was UAH 1,815.

In addition to the main prizes and bounty, the tournament had a special prize for knocking out Gleb Tremzin – UAH 10K in cash. It was received by “maikl2313” – he also got into ITM, taking 36th place and receiving 4,083 prize money and 5,375 UAH bounty.

8 people reached the final of the tournament:

  • Charox – the previous best-cache – UAH 50K – received in July 2021 for winning the Jet-X PKO.
  • xarko_vitja – in 2019 won a part of the jackpot in Windfall for UAH 200, having received UAH 158,780 at the end of the deal. In December 2020, he took 6th place in the Main Cocktail on the PONT series with a prize of UAH 44K.
  • hoolian – in February 2021 won the All Star PKO, having received UAH 127K.
  • peton – before the final in the Tremzin tournament, the bestcash at the PM was UAH 56K, received for the diploma in Mega KO with the boss of the casino.
  • Artyom “bonus9o” Tarasov Is a newcomer to PokerMatch who has played only 12 tournaments. He has his own Twitch channel – bonos9o, which so far has 25 followers and not a single video.
  • knives – an amateur player who started the Tremzin tournament in the red by $ 478.
  • valter1488 – previous bestcash – UAH 45K for the 5th place in the UPC-36 Main Event at the Iron Man 2019 series.
  • t_34 Is a newcomer to PokerMatch who has played just 95 tournaments. Before the tournament, Tremzina had never won more than 130 UAH in tournaments.

Tremizin’s Million PKO Finalists Payouts

A place Player Country Bounty, UAH Prize, UAH
1 charox Ukraine 53,562 149,644
2 xarko_vitja Ukraine 71,914 114,224
3 hoolian Ukraine 21,562 96,668
4 peton unknown 31,265 93,213
5 bonus9o Russia 11,562 45,375
6 knives Ukraine 2,250 36,300
7 valter1488 Ukraine 25,007 27,225
8 t_34 Ukraine 17,218 18,150

How Teryokhin, Tremzin and Solyanik performed in the tournament

Tremizin’s Million PKO was broadcasted by three cool streamers at once – Gleb Tremzin himself, Pokeroff editor-in-chief Kirill “Kirill_ur” Teryokhin and PokerMatch partner Anton “Solianyk” Solyanik.

The first of them was Kirill Teryokhin – having made two entries, he left the tournament in 353 place without prizes or knockouts. The final hand turned out to be tough for him – in an effective depth of 14.5 BB, Kirill defended the BB with KBaptizeJDrumsby calling the minraise of player “dykyl_wild” with UTG. The flop is 8BaptizeTBaptize3Peaks Pokeroff’s editor-in-chief check-raised and was called – the turn came QBaptize and Kirill thought:

The flop was too good for us and now we need to do-bluff. The whole idea was to check-raise backdoors, go up to the two-sided, hit the king or jack, or get a cross, and then dobleff. Our stack is not very convenient – there is little fold equity. But what to do!

After these words, he put up the rest of the stack and got a quick call – his opponent showed KHeartsQHearts… A blank came to the river, completing Kirill’s play in the tournament.

Kirill clutches his head after leaving Tremizin's Million PKO, 2021.

He commented on the distribution like this:

Queen-king! We haven’t even knocked out the king-queen of hearts on 8T3! Nonsense. We knocked out a couple of sevens there, some 8x, but as a result we didn’t knock out KHeartsQHearts… They didn’t even enter ITM and Gleb was not met at the tables. It’s very sad.

By the way, Gleb also did not receive any prizes or bounty, although he held out in the tournament after the second entry to the 200th place. His knockout turned out to be less painful – in the depth of 4.6 BB, he was exposed preflop from UTG with ADrums8Hearts and got called by “pasha34penza” on the button with QPeaksJHearts.

Tremzin's last hand in Tremizin's Million PKO, 2021.

Tremzin on the air congratulated the player who knocked him out and jokingly complained about the failure:

GG, Pasha! There is no re-entry anymore – wow, in my own tournament I flooded it, wow. PokerMatch, don’t kick me out, please – I skate MTT well!

Anton “Solianyk” Solyanik climbed the longest – he not only reached ITM, but also took 19th place with UAH 5.898 in prize money and UAH 6.093 in bounty. The record of his departure has not been preserved – his stream on the Twitch channel PokerMatch was cut off after 1 hour and 40 minutes of play, even before Kirill Teryokhin left the tournament.

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