Trust Wallet – Binance Mobile Crypto Wallet for iOS and Android

Trust Wallet – Binance Mobile Crypto Wallet for iOS and Android

Trust Wallet is one of the few modern cryptocurrency wallets that preserve complete anonymity of users by refusing to use personal data. It is free, supports 53 blockchains and more than 160K types of assets, and is also integrated with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange to simplify the work with cryptocurrency.

How to start using Trust Wallet

To use the wallet, classic registration and verification are not required – just download and install it on your device. The download is made directly from the official website, through Google Play and the App Store.

After downloading and installing, you need to accept the terms of the user agreement, save and verify the randomly generated 12-word key phrase. With its help, it will be possible to restore access to the wallet if the device is lost. The phrase should be written down on paper.

After that, access to the functionality of the multi-coin wallet opens – your account and actions with it, personal NFT collections and settings.

Trust Wallet functionality

Inside the wallet, you can send, receive, buy and sell tokens – the platform for this is the Binance crypto exchange, while you do not need to go to its website or application: everything happens inside the wallet. At the same time, Trust Wallet gives you a separate account from the exchange account, which allows you to store assets and trade them separately if necessary.

In the settings section of the wallet, you can select a currency, enable the built-in DApp browser, set up notifications, manage your accounts and set security parameters.

Receiving and sending cryptocurrency via Trust Wallet

Cryptocurrency transactions take place in the wallet in a few clicks. To receive a transfer or payment from someone, you need:

  • Click on the “Receive” button;
  • Select the expected cryptocurrency from the list;
  • Give or send a person a QR code that will appear on the screen, or an account number.

Sending from your wallet to someone else’s is done according to the same principle, only you click on the “Send” button, select the required cryptocurrency, indicate the amount and scan the QR code from another person, or insert the address sent to you for transfer into the required line.

Trust Wallet security

The wallet is logged into the wallet without any confirmation, and to restore it you will need to set and use a passphrase. However, in the settings you can set a 6-digit passcode.

After establishing the access code, it will be possible to set the time for automatic blocking of the wallet, which can be removed with an access code and / or biometrics, as well as make the introduction of the code mandatory for signing transactions.

FAQ по Trust Wallet

– Does Trust Wallet have a PC version?

There is no PC version, but a decentralized DApp browser is available, through which you can find any service applications that work with Trust Wallet.

– I’m having problems using Trust Wallet, who should I contact?

The crypto wallet has a community forum that you can join to chat with other users or view information anonymously. It can be accessed through the Trust Wallet website and application settings.

– Can I transfer another wallet to Trust Wallet?

You can add your wallet to the application – go to settings, click on the current wallet and then on + (add). Next, you will need to select the type of your wallet and enter the data for import.

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