Viktor Malinovsky lost the heads-up challenge to Fedor Holz at GGPOKEROK

Viktor Malinovsky lost the heads-up challenge to Fedor Holz at GGPOKEROK

Holtz and Malinovsky completed their “get-together” in less than two weeks. Played only four sessions, but it all ended in a confident victory for the young German. Pokeroff has prepared for you a review of one of the most unusual HU4ROLLZ of the past years.

“Hey Fedor, come play and bring your friends.”

This was the original message Victor “Limitless” Malinovsky (Wiktor Malinowski) – He will be happy to play MTT fish both heads-up and at a full table. Moreover, he considered Fedor so weak that he was ready to play drunk.

It took about six months Fedoru “CrownUpGuy” Ring (Fedor Holz) to respond equally to the offender: “Let’s play before Stefan zeroes you!”

Malinovsky against the whole world

As they say, no one pulled Victor’s tongue. Heads-up dates were set quickly, and one of the voluntary-compulsory conditions was the use of alcohol by Victor. We fantasized what the confrontation would look like after 6 months.

First leg – Holtz smashes Limitless

Victor kept his word – during the game he drank heavily.

Apparently, he is one of those who are passionately drawn to smoke after alcohol. During the first meeting, he smoked at least three solid cigars.

It is not surprising that in 6 hours of play, Victor managed to show an exceptionally low level of play – at least he thinks so. Doug Polk (Doug Polk), but more on that later. There were also disciplined folds from Viktor, but in general Fedor simply blew his opponent to smithereens – in one moment the German was in the lead by $ 100K! It all ended at + $ 37K in favor of the “young prince”.

Holtz, unlike Malinowski, drank only water and looked as focused as possible, even though they only rolled one $ 100/200 table. What can I say, he was doing very well. The most striking hand that characterizes the entire heads-up is when Holtz made his opponent fold QQ with 6-2.

The level of hatred for all living things in Victor's eyes is off the charts.

The main conclusion after this stream was made not only by the players, but also by the organizers of the challenge – there is too little action at one table, you need to play at least two. Otherwise, it will be too boring to watch.

After the match, Victor gave a short interview to Joe Ingram:

It was fun, I was very addicted. To be honest, $ 100/200 is the lowest limit that I play relatively seriously. But I should pay tribute to Fedor – his level of play increased and he showed a couple of bluffs in spots where I did not expect from him. We need to add another table for more action.

I did not share such optimism at all Doug Polkwho watched the match on his own stream. Out of six hours, he survived less than half and turned off the broadcast. In his opinion, everything that happened was decided, and the participants did not skate for real money, otherwise such a low level of play could not be explained.

We watch their game for only 2 hours, and I can’t even count the number of mistakes made. And they don’t think about many difficult spots – they just snap-call.

Malinowski replied that if someone disagrees with his folds, he can come to the GGPOKER tables and find out everything there.

Second match – Holtz wins again

And this is clearly not an accident. This time, Victor did not even drink from the word at all, so there is nothing special to justify with. Opponents rolled two tables of $ 100/200, as well as a bunch of side action – Malinovsky tried to get to the final of the tournament Mega High Roller на partypokerand also uploaded $ 500/1000 for ten minutes. Holtz, on the other hand, simply uploaded a few MTTshacks to GGPOKEROK.

The highlight of the program was the 5-bet pot KDrums TDrums against ADrums KHearts, where by some miracle Fedor managed to keep the entire stack by the river. The flop and the turn Holtz made small bets (1/8 and 1/6 of the pot), and on the river he checked and threw his opponent’s push – Malinovsky praised him for this, although “The solver would definitely push here”.

The meeting ended in a small plus for Fedor (+ $ 14K). When he won the second match, he already became the favorite in the entire challenge – the bookmakers gave a coefficient of 1.62 for his victory (2.36 for Malinovsky).

This defeat did not put pressure on Limitless – on the contrary, he wanted to extend the challenge, which he wrote to Fedor in twitter:

Why don’t we extend the match? The young prince must play more hands

The offer was ignored.

Third match – “one wicket”

At this stage, Holz got a taste and discovered a bluff machine in himself. During the 4-hour broadcast, he forced his opponent to fold his hand over several times. Victor passed cards so often that he was jokingly nicknamed “Foldanovsky”. By the way, this time he drank heavily.

The key hand of this 200+ bb match happened in the first hour. Fedor revealed Victor’s bluff in a 3-bet pot on A-high. On the flop and the turn Fedor barreled, and on the river he checked-called his opponent’s all-in.

On the Russian broadcast, three GGPOKEROK professionals watched the game: Tolya Filatov, Misha Shalamov and Yegor Zarev. Tolya, being the only MTT player among them, looking at what was happening said:

Guys, I’m ready to play with you too, if they deal cards to me like Holz. Well, so that I do not suffer. If top pair, then with a flush draw. If the second pair, then also with a bunch of outs.

In the third match, Holz destroyed Malinovsky – the number + $ 102K flaunted on the scoreboard. BigGOGI summed it up like this:

Holz was certainly incredible. But at the same time, the game seemed unusually one-sided. Fedor seems to know every time how to do the right thing, and it works great.

If in the first match Viktor dabbled to some extent, in the second match he showed an unusually worthy game that deserves respect, then in the third match … Here it looked somehow one-sided and even nitty somewhere.

One gets the feeling that after the game Victor did not even watch the broadcasts and was not interested in what kind of hands Fyodor had.

The fourth match is an attempt to recoup

In the last session, Ms. Fortuna turned to face Victor, and he won $ 70K, which was not enough to win back – according to the results of the entire challenge, Holz remained in positive territory by $ 90,375.

As for the game, it felt like the switch was switched in the direction of Limitless – he got good starters, with whom he often improved on the flop. Not without a couple of expensive coolers.

After the match, Victor in his D&G lucky pajamas traditionally contacted Joe Ingram for an interview. His appearance was, to put it mildly, stale. The player admitted that he has been rolling for more than 20 hours – the capillaries in his eyes burst, and his thoughts barely turned into words.

It is a pity that our match will not last a little longer. But it was still a lot of fun.

Not to say that I am satisfied with my game. It takes me a while to adjust. Moreover, Fedor plays a little differently. Plus, of course, drunk Victor made the wrong decisions a couple of times, but what to do.

By the way, the last match in the Russian-language studio was commented on by two professional cash players – Victor “Enlight” Kudinov and Vlad “BootieInUFace”. Because of this, the stream turned out to be rather not entertaining, but strictly educational, so this will be especially interesting content for heads-up adepts.

Holz vs Malinowski match recordings with Russian commentary

  • 1 part – comments Mikhail “mikleler” Semin, Mikhail “Innerpsy” Shalamov and Sergey “vedevas” Lebedev
  • Part 2 – comments Mikhail “mikleler” Semin and Egor “BigGOGI” Zarev
  • Part 3 – comments Egor “BigGOGI” Zarev, Mikhail “Innerpsy” Shalamov and Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov
  • Part 4 – comments Mikhail “mikleler” Semin, Victor “Enlight” Kudinov and Vlad “BootieInUFace”

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