Vladislav Vinogradov won the first WPT DeepStacks tournament …

Vladislav Vinogradov won the first WPT DeepStacks tournament …

The “enchanting” finale came out in the first multi-day WPT DeepStacks Sochi 2021 tournament from partypoker – at least that’s what Vladislav “ilovesea7” Vinogradov called it, who managed to win. The prize money was 36,350 USD (1 USD = 70 rubles).

“Won all the all-ins”

The $ 38.5K Opener tournament attracted 364 registrations in three starting flights. Of the 45 participants who moved to Day 2, Vladislav was in the second stack, but he was destined to get to the finals in the very tail.

WPTDS Opener Final Table Initial Chip Account:

  1. Rustem Muratov – 46.0 bb
  2. Ivan Tukmachev – 33.3 bb
  3. Daria Krashennikova – 25.1 bb
  4. Aren Bezhanyan – 18.2 bb
  5. Yuri Suvorov – 16.5 bb
  6. Alexey Savenkov – 15.0 bb
  7. Arthur Adamyants – 14.3 bb
  8. Vladislav Vinogradov – 13.9 bb

The average stack depth was small, so it took literally two and a half hours to determine the winner. After the victory, Vladislav Vinogradov said in an interview:

The ending is kind of enchanting, I was very lucky. I started short, but jacks came in immediately, then kings, aces … I won all the all-ins. I am very happy. This is the first offline cup in my life.

Vladislav said about himself that he plays ABI50 and trains in the Mountain Team backing fund.

Payouts to WPTDS Opener Finalists:

  1. Vladislav Vinogradov – 36,350 AD
  2. Arthur Adamyants – 24,215 USD
  3. Ivan Tukmachev – 17,855 p.m.
  4. Yuri Suvorov – $ 13,190
  5. Rustem Muratov – $ 9945
  6. Daria Krashennikova – $ 7585
  7. Alexey Savenkov – $ 5845
  8. Aren Bezhanyan – 4560 USD

Vladislav Vinogradov

It was possible to watch the game at the final table in live… Dmitry Shakhov commented, then Daria Krashennikova joined him. The girl flew out in 6th place – she was exposed preflop (5.5 bb) against the future winner and lost to APeaks 9Hearts < ATambourines 5Tambourines (the straight is closed on the river).

The tournament, by the way, also ended after moving in Vladislav’s favor. In the last hand against Artur Adamyants, he flopped with Q8 and already on the turn caught the necessary out to win. The effective depth was less than 9 big blinds.

Fun fact: Top-2 in the Opener tournament was taken by two players who occupied the bottom lines of the chipcount at the beginning of the final table.

Side Event Results: Super Bounty and Ladies Event

The WPTDS Sochi series began on August 6 and ended with two side events in the first couple of days.

Ladies Event with a buy-in of ₽15,750 attracted 22 registrations. The final 8-max as a chip leader started Ekaterina Asmolova, she won in the end. ITM was in the top 3, but the girls agreed to insure the bubble at 4-max.

Ekaterina Asmolova (far left) went to heads-up against Korlan Sartaeva (pictured far right at the table) – they tried to make a deal, but could not agree. Catherine received $ 1824 for the victory, and Korlan $ 1295 for the second place.

Fun fact: Daria Krashennikova took 6th place in the Ladies Event, as well as in the Opener event. True, they did not give money in the women’s tournament.

One day ₽28,000 Super Bounty with $ 250 knockouts attracted 129 entries. The tournament lasted about 9 hours, and the winner was the permanent Sochi series Ezatulla Amani… The man received $ 3225, plus a bounty (the exact amount is unknown).

Ezatulla Amani

When are the next streams from WPTDS Sochi?

The episode will run until August 14, with 3 more broadcasts planned:

  • August 10 – $ 3,500 High Roller Final Table
  • 13 августа  — $1,700 Main Event Day 3
  • Aug 14 – $ 1,700 Main Event Final Table

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