what we learned about the nearest plans of the poker room

what we learned about the nearest plans of the poker room

In the summer, all poker rooms go through the so-called “low season”, and everyone does it in their own way. Today’s material on Pokeroff will be entirely devoted to the PokerMatch plans for the near future.

Busy June: Obtaining a License in Ukraine and Football Tournaments

First of all, let us tell you about the eventful June. The past month will be remembered for two events in PokerMatch.

Euro PONT and football freerolls… A series of 24 turbo tournaments was held from June 11 to July 4 in honor of the Euro 2020 championship, and for each major match, a freeroll was held for forecasters who correctly guessed the score. The Euro PONT Main Event ended on the night of July 4-5, and the winner was declared the player under the nickname kristina212 – the prize for the first place was ₴ 265,570 + 99,662 in the form of a bounty (total $ 13.4K).

Even before the start of the Main Event, there was practically no intrigue on the Euro PONT leaderboard. The leaderboard awarded cash prizes to the players who made the most KOs in a streak. The first place was taken by the player under the nickname kokalatee – he is entitled to ₴ 50K ($ 1800). Judging by the schedule, PokerMatch should be his favorite room, as the last 300 tournaments are incredibly shaping up for him.

Work license in Ukraine for 5 years… PokerMatch paid ₴ 6M for the legal right to provide gambling services (online poker) from June 26, 2021. Thus, the poker room has the opportunity to advertise on legal sites. The presence of a license will not affect the gameplay of existing customers (the rake will not be raised, extra commissions will not be added).

What are your immediate plans for PokerMatch?

Not all poker rooms conduct an open dialogue with clients – most prefer one-way notification in their social networks and on the website, almost all large rooms adhere to this scheme.

Pokermatch approaches this issue in its own way: in addition to the website and social networks with open comments, the poker room has a large players chat in Telegram, CEO’s personal channel “Poker Director“, And now public “to-do list” in Trello (aka roadmap) like WPN has.

From all these sources, we have learned about the many plans of PokerMatch for the near future.

IMPORTANT: The company warns that not all ideas come to fruition in the end. What is written next will be done with 80% probability. The planning horizon is not a couple of months, but a couple of years.

• Changes in the tournament grid… They were asking for a long time – the room was chasing big guarantees, so they had to hold one flagship event in the multi-entry format with a dozen rebuys. PokerMatch will move away from this concept towards several tournaments a day and reduce the number of rebuys – this is what regular players have been asking for for a long time. Plus, tournaments will be returned to “poker” titles instead of themed ones.

Cash game changes… First, all 10-handed tables will be removed soon. Secondly, potentially will revise the commission at all limits (now, recall, the rake is 5% everywhere). Third, the jackpot commission will be reduced from 0.5% to 0.25%.

• New loyalty program… Ruslan Bangert’s comment:

This is not about cutting rakeback, but about interesting, easy and understandable rakeback. Listen, 10 levels, 7 of which are unattainable for an amateur, it is not only dumb, but also boring. We will offer something new and interesting!

Redesign of the game client for Windows… First, the changes will be “felt” by the focus group, then the revision and final release will take place.

Downloading hand history… The use of auxiliary software during the game will still be prohibited.

“Bring a friend”… The room is already testing a referral program for rewarding customers, through whose link other people register.

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