who streams for top poker rooms

who streams for top poker rooms

Recently, more and more rooms are expanding and updating streaming teams in an effort to take the lead on Twitch. For a long time, the TOP-10 in popularity on Twitch was occupied only by the PokerStars channels, but since the appearance of GGPOKEROK on the market and the changes in the marketing strategies of other rooms, the alignment of forces has changed significantly.

In this article you will find information on the Twitch teams of popular rooms – since the 888poker team was created later than everyone else, we will start our review with it, giving detailed information on each member, and more “experienced” ones and already described by us earlier in articles and posts Telegram channel the commands will be described only with basic details.

888poker StreamTeam

In early July 2021, 888poker introduced their first Twitch team. Unlike other rooms, the “Eights” hired regulars, amateur stars or already established poker streamers, not familiar to the poker community, but several newcomers of micro, low and medium limits and one music producer.

Josh “JoshManleyPoker” Manley is the first official streamer of the room

Josh Manley – joined the team in June 2021, when 888poker’s Twitch streamers were not yet separated from the ambassadors. The Briton is 32 years old, he has been familiar with poker since he was 18, and has been playing at 888poker since 2015 under the nickname “PumpkinKing”. When 888poker officially announced that Josh was joining the team, he made the following comment:

In my opinion 888poker is one of the best poker rooms in the world, so I am happy to join his team. My dream came true! I hope joining the team will help me grow faster in stakes and get even more positive emotions from streams.

Josh’s growth in limits is already noticeable – over the last month his ABI has grown from $ 11 to $ 15 and now he has 1,425 tournaments with a profit of $ 6,403.

Twiche Channel joshmanleypoker Josh created in June 2020 and as of July 3, 2021 has already collected 890 followers and 10,985 views. During the year, the guy shot 528 hours – of which 488 is poker, and not only playing at the “Eights”, but also partypoker and GGPOKEROK.

People love Josh’s streams for his talkativeness, pleasant music and the atmosphere of calm and comfort. Manly rarely shows upset and loses his temper, but he often smiles and answers every question in the chat, trying to always remain friendly.

Ricardo “Mat3usPT” Matheus is a microlimiter with 15 years of experience

Ricardo Mateus Is a Portuguese regular who came to poker in 2006. Until 2018, he was a purely recreational player, mostly doing design work, but then decided to focus not only on professional poker, but also on streaming.

According to him, he did not expect to be in the team of any room in 2021:

I am very flattered that 888poker gave me the chance to represent them on Twitch. The room shares my attitude towards poker as a fun game in which a responsible approach is important. I think together we can do fantastic things, especially towards popularizing poker in my home country.

It is noteworthy that Ricardo started playing at 888poker only in 2019 and so far has played 452 ABI $ 22 tournaments with a profit of $ 3.6K. The biggest prize by the time Mateus joined the team was € 4,610 for third place in the € 50K Big Shot Domingp 55.

On July 3, 2021 the Ricardo Canal mat3usPT has over 4.5K followers and 161,274 views. He has shot almost 1.4K hours, of which 1.3K is poker. Ricardo streams in Portuguese and English, combining poker sessions with occasional casinos to relax.

Nick «eastyyy22» Eastwood – keshevik NL10 +

Nick Eastwood Is a British regular who got acquainted with poker in 2009. He started his career with Sit & Go and MTT when he was at university, but eventually moved to 6-max cash.

In 2016, Nick started filling out Youtube channel (almost 2.9K subscribers), focusing on educational content for poker players, and in 2020 started a channel on Twitch. It was his activity, quality content and charisma that pushed 888poker to invite Eastwood to join the team, which made him madly happy:

I am very optimistic about working with the room – finally, I will be able to focus all my energy on poker and creating awesome content!

On your channel eastyyy22 Nick plays SNAP and ZOOM NL10 – NL50. As of July 3, 2021, the channel has almost 2.2K followers and 47.478 views. Nick played 365 hours on it, and only poker. On streams, he often connects his friends from the Discord channel and discusses the game with them – it turns out to be quite fun and informative. However, only subscribers have access to the recordings of his streams.

David “New_Dave” Gibson – MTT Schnick ABI $ 2

David Gibson Is the youngest member of the 888poker team to play poker since 2017. David is from the UK and is only 28 years old – he started streaming his game in order to inspire the younger generation of poker players.

More and more rooms are getting involved in promoting poker on Twitch, and I have always dreamed of somehow contributing to this and popularizing the game in general, so the opportunity to help 888poker move forward and create more offers for players is of great importance to me.

David plays at PokerStars and 888poker under the nickname “DavDonk”. Its statistics are hidden in the presented room – SharkScope displays only 92 ABI $ 1 tournaments played, while there is no information about the profit. But on PokerStars, Gibson’s data is open – there he played 3,099 MTT ABI $ 2 and is in the red by $ 726.

His Twitch channel New_Dave has existed since January 2020 and so far has only 1.3K followers and 51,817 views. He has already shot 1,112 hours – although most of them are poker (994), unlike other team members, David is also actively streaming computer games. In particular, he has more than 100 hours in Among Us and Yakuza 5 on his account.

Adam “iamEklo” Tocholke – music producer and seasoned streamer

Adam Tocholke Is the only Canadian at 888poker StreamTeam whose main profession has nothing to do with poker. Adam is best known as a popular electronic music streamer on Spotify, where he has been publishing his music under the name “Eklo” since 2015. He produces tracks and mixes in collaboration with various artists, including his wife Jordin Lane. One of his tracks, Let’s Go Home, has been streamed 861K times on Spotify.

Tocholke joined the 888poker team after he started streaming his game in various poker rooms, while calling 888poker his favorite:

I like that the room is constantly evolving, and now I decided to go to Twitch as well. Poker is a lot of fun to watch live, but streaming is also cool when done right. Twitch is just the perfect platform for this, and even allows the player to build strong relationships with the audience, creating their own “haven” – a cozy and kind community.

Adam’s Channel iamEklo has existed since 2018 – it has 1.3K followers and 17.9K views. So far, he has finished only 510 hours: 398 of them are the Apex video game, while poker has taken only 142 so far.

GG Twitch Squad

Although the GGPOKEROK room has a lot of representatives belonging to different groups within the GG Team – world ambassadors, GG Team Champions, Team Brazil, Team Russia, Team China, GG Omaha Squad, GG Short Deck Squad – and many of them stream periodically or regularly, in this article, we will focus on GG Twitch Squad – after all, this is the team that the room defines as the main one for Twitch. It includes eight men and one woman – all the data below is indicated as of 19:00 Moscow time on July 3, 2021.

Kevin “KMart” Martin (Kevin Martin)

  • Channel – kevinmartin.
  • Followers – 106K.
  • Views – 6,813,145.
  • Hourly streaming – 3,923.

Kevin’s interview on poker career, streaming and challenges

Michelle “Easterdamnz” Van Elsasker (Michiel Van Elsasker)

  • Channel – Easterdamnz.
  • Followers – 27.3K.
  • Views – 1,731,405.
  • Hourly streaming – 4,006.

How a GGPoker streamer nearly won the Powerfest at partypoker

Patrick Tardif (Egption) Tardif

  • Channel – Egption.
  • Followers – 40.5K.
  • Views – 1,843,280.
  • Hourly streaming – 5,205.

Koray Turker Koray Turker

  • Channel – KakiTee.
  • Followers – 16.3K.
  • Views – 878,920.
  • Hourly streaming – 2,362.

Torsten “Jektiss” Brinkmann

  • Channel – Jektiss.
  • Followers – 11.6K.
  • Views – 641,325.
  • Hourly streaming – 2,691.

Hristovoe “AllinPav” Pavlovich (Hristivoje Pavlovic)

  • Channel – AllinPav.
  • Followers – 82.5K.
  • Views – 8,016,827.
  • Hourly streaming – 8,177.

How Hristovoe Pavlovich was able to win the Platinum Pass from Sommerville

Pamela Balzano

  • Channel – pamelabalzano.
  • Followers – 11K.
  • Views – 1,322,065.
  • Hourly streaming – 1,278.

“Robin Poker” Robinson

  • Channel – RobinPoker.
  • Followers – 8.9K.
  • Views – 441,135.
  • Hourly streaming – 1,926.

Becoming a Poker Pro in 100 Days: The Story of Lucas Robinson

Richard “GingePoker” Sheils

  • Channel – GingePoker.
  • Followers – 9.6K.
  • Views – 145,734.
  • Hourly streaming – 211.

partypoker Twitch Team

Partypoker currently has the most equal team of streamers among the rooms – there are as many girls as there are guys, and all six are very charismatic. However, in the list below you will not see data for one of them – Lilian “Claedeus_FR” Erdman (Lilian Erdmann). She streams on a shared channel partypokerEU in French and it is impossible to find out the data on her merits in streaming.

Jamie “jaimestaples” Staples

  • Channel – PokerStaples.
  • Followers – 147.9K.
  • Views – 12,482,194.
  • Hourly streaming – 4,412.

Matt “MatthewStaples” Staples

  • Channel – MattStaples.
  • Followers – 98.7K.
  • Views – 7,018,757.
  • Hourly streaming – 5,673.

Jeff Gross

  • Channel – JeffGrossPoker.
  • Followers – 83K.
  • Views – 4,497,917.
  • Hourly streaming – 2,697.

Why streamers are more valuable than classic ambassadors: Jeff Gross’s opinion

Courtney Gee Courtneybee

  • Channel – courtesybee.
  • Followers – 53K.
  • Views – 2,542,777.
  • Hourly streaming – 5,667.

Monika “HeyMonia” Zhukowicz

  • Channel – HeyMonia.
  • Followers – 17K.
  • Views – 582,518.
  • Hourly streaming – 1,464.

PokerStars Team Pro streaming

Previously, PokerStars had its own Team Online Pro, but amid falling popularity and the growth of competitors, famous players began to leave the room and only ordinary ambassadors remained among the streamers of the Red Lance. Of course, in April 2021, with the expansion to the US market, Starza acquired a new team of ambassadors for the new market, and also brought back Neymar and Andre Coimbra, but the main backbone of PS streamers will remain the same.

Lex «L. Veldhuis »Lex Veldhuis

  • Channel – LexVeldhuis.
  • Followers – 276K.
  • Views – 43,054,624.
  • Hourly streaming – 5,645.

Interview with Lex in honor of 5 years of streaming career

Benjamin Spraggy Ben Spragg

  • Channel – Spraggy.
  • Followers – 122.6K.
  • Views – 10,552,842.
  • Hourly streaming – 5,664.

EasyWithAces Spraggie’s Path to PokerStars Team Pro: Joint Interview

Fintan Handy EasyWithAces

  • Channel – easywithaces.
  • Followers – 112K.
  • Views – 8,979,386.
  • Hourly streaming – 5,737.

Arlie «ArlieShaban» Shalie (Arlie Shaban)

  • Channel – ArlieShaban.
  • Followers – 47K.
  • Views – 6,564,815.
  • Hourly streaming – 6,059.

Arlie Shaban – podcast about poker careers, streaming and obsession with success

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