Why iPoker overtook partypoker in terms of traffic?

Why iPoker overtook partypoker in terms of traffic?

In March 2021, the iPoker network became one of the top three international poker rooms in terms of the number of cash players. In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons for sudden success.

Disclaimer: Please note that we are talking about the quantity cash players at the tables. These are not general numbers for online poker rooms, as many might mistakenly think. To write the material, we used the open data of the PokerScout website.

What the rating of popular poker rooms looks like now

The international top 5 by average number of cash players now looks like this:

  1. PokerStars – 8000 players
  2. GGPoker — 5400
  3. iPoker – 1250
  4. partypoker — 1150
  5. 888poker — 1100

If we take into account the overall rating of the rooms, including regional reservations and even the IDN bot, the picture becomes more complete.

Data is current as of March 17, 2021

IPoker Sudden Rise

To be honest, no one in the Pokeroff editorial team expected that the iPoker would ever be able to regain its former popularity. It seemed that the parent company Playtech did not pay enough attention and money to its poker product, which led to a natural stagnation and decline in popularity.

Playtech suffered huge losses in 2020. While the bookmaker business was down due to the coronavirus, online poker has flourished, largely due to the fact that the company finally remembered the iPoker. And if at the beginning of the year the whole network competed in terms of traffic volume with the regional pokermatch room on the 10th-12th place, then by the fall of 2020 things started to go uphill.

What was the reason for the rise of iPoker?

The devil, as they say, is in the details. It is impossible to single out any reason as “the most important”. A combination of factors led to the success of the network.

Coronavirus played an important role. All poker rooms as one reported traffic growth.

RedStar Poker, and then BestPoker rooms transfer to the iPoker network – two great poker rooms, each with exclusive promotions.

Working HUD… He adds to Ipoker a huge layer of players who agree to play only with statistics on opponents.

Small but frequent promotions… iPoker cannot boast of big prizes, but players from different disciplines have ceased to feel “forgotten”. In particular, Top Trumps Football Stars themed fast poker was made for cashiers, the Perfect Pairs promotion was launched, as well as compensated for bad beats.

Return of MTT series… As odd as it sounds, when iPoker ran a test Royal Series with a € 300K guarantee in October 2020, and then a Bounty Hunter Series with a € 1M guarantee in February 2021, the number of cash players increased significantly. Serial tournaments significantly increase the overall online in the room, and some of the players look into the cash in one way or another.

Work license in Switzerland… The current trend among poker rooms is to operate in “complex” licensed markets with a good paying audience. The head of Ipoker said the work in Switzerland brought in a lot of traffic.

Uninterrupted work on the territory of the CIS countries – RF, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Working with our community.

RedStar Representative: “The iPoker Goal is to Become the World’s # 1 Poker Network”

Play at the best iPoker rooms

RedStar Poker and BestPoker have nice intuitive software and a good evening ice rink – what else does a player need to be happy? Write to our consultants in our telegram chat @poker_chat – you will be answered any questions about the rooms, as well as the available bonuses for the first deposit.

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