Winner of the $ 215 WCOOP 38-M 6-max PKO tournament Peter “piton4479” Rudne …

Winner of the $ 215 WCOOP 38-M 6-max PKO tournament Peter “piton4479” Rudne …

Regular tournaments in Minsk and Sochi Peter Rudnev won $ 215 WCOOP 38-M 6-max PKO with 4,098 registrations and earned $ 75,732. Immediately after the victory, the champion was asked to answer a couple of questions.

– Peter, congratulations on your victory! What were your emotions after the tournament? We congratulated you for dinner – you said you hadn’t gone to bed yet.

Yes, the adrenaline hit, I still could not sleep. True, I was still playing out other tournaments until four in the morning. I flew out of the two 10 minutes before the end of the first day. I played such a mini-session, despite the fact that everyone advised me to focus on only one tournament.

– You earned over $ 75K for the victory. Is this your best cash in your career?

Yes. The fact is that online I always play only in the morning load, and there you can’t win more than $ 5K. Now I decided to play WCOOP. I load all tournaments up to $ 530.


– At PokerStars you play under the Belarusian flag. Do you live in Minsk?

Yes, he moved from Moscow in 2018. Somehow I didn’t like it very much in Moscow, it’s better to skate in Minsk. I also got married two weeks ago.

– Congratulations! Maybe marriage is the secret of success?


– How did this tournament go for you?

From the very beginning of the second day, the tournament was going well. I went through with the fifth stack. In one of the first hands, I won a fourfold all-in (knocked out three). Aces came in many times, and they were always paid. With the top 30, I was the chip leader. A couple of times it threw it into second place, but did not go lower.

– You made it to the final table against top regs: VladTheSlaye, Markku Complimaa, Stefan “baeks22” Schilhabel, “Smithstudent”, Vitor Dziwilewski – you won’t wish the enemy squad. What was it like to play against such strong opponents?

On the bubble of the final 7-max, I won a pot of 250 big blinds. The closest pursuer had about 80 bb. And when I had 150 big blinds at the final table, other opponents had 50 – 60 big blinds. There was no one to put pressure on. Yes, there were moments when the opponents’ stacks dropped to 15 big blinds. At this time, I turned on and pressed on the second – third stacks, despite all the stars of my opponents.

– Have you already figured out how to spend your winnings?

No, not yet in the bankroll.

– In May 2021 you won Main Event RPT… Now brought in WCOOP. Share what is the secret of victories?

Yes, you just have to roll. If you don’t load a tournament, you won’t win. And if you downloaded a tournament, then there is a chance, you need to use it. I’m lucky.

– Now what are your plans after the victory?

The original plan was not to pour more than $ 15K. I carried out this plan. Now the plan is to play the entire WCOOP. Hope I don’t add more spots.

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