Winners of GGSF Headliner on NLHE and PLO – Malaka $ tyle and blanconegro

Winners of GGSF Headliner on NLHE and PLO – Malaka $ tyle and blanconegro

On the morning of April 19, two major events of the GG Spring Festival series, codenamed “Headliner”, concluded. We will tell you how these tournaments with millions of guarantees went in the full article.

Juan “Malaka $ tyle” Pardo – NLHE Headliner Champion ($ 381K)

Since GGPOKEROK is aiming to host the largest series of online poker tournaments in history, the guarantees have to be high. As a reminder, the GG Spring Festival (GGSF) series has announced a total guarantee of $ 150M, and it looks like it will be able to overtake the historically largest SCOOP of 2020 by the end of April, when the series from PokerStars managed to play more than $ 185M.

But let’s not get too distracted by the competition between the rooms, but let’s return to the main event of last Sunday – the tournament $400 Headliner on GGPOKEROK, which took place in two variations: NLHE and PLO.

$ 2.5M Guaranteed Hold’em Version of the Headliner Submitted Juan Pardo «Malacca $ tyle» Dominguez (Juan Pardo Domínguez, featured in the main photo) is a famous MTT regular from Spain, who has won several million in prize money both online (the exact amount is unknown) and offline (over $ 3.7M).

Juan’s best career is to win the € 50K High Roller event at EPT Barcelona 2019. The prize money amounted to one million euros.

Juan (center) on vacation with Vincent Gordon and Adrian Mateos

In the best traditions of GG, 39 entrance flights were organized to beat a solid guarantee, each with an unlimited number of re-entrances. In total, we managed to collect 9051 entries and confidently beat the guarantee – the prize fund was $ 3.4M.

The first prize for Malaka $ tyle was $ 381,668. The best result among the Russian-speaking community was shown by the player under the nickname v_Nistelrooy (2nd place, $ 286.205)

Connor Drinan takes over PLO Headliner title

A similar $ 400 PLO-NL Headliner tournament was not that popular. During 39 days of entry, the tournament attracted 2,671 entries, which helped to cover the $ 1,000,000 guarantee by literally four thousand dollars.

What is PLO-NL format?

This is the new Omaha format that GGPOKEROC tested in March at the Omaholic Series. This is a regular preflop pot-limit Omaha, but no-limit postflop.

On the final table, however, there were many famous names: Portuguese Rui Ferreira, Ami Barer, former PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose and Connor “blanconegro” Drinan, who later won. The first prize was $ 127,453.

The Canadian is one of the highest scoring PLO players in SCOOP history. For example, last year he won three high roller titles in a week – PLO, PLO8 and NLO8.

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