World Series of Poker News Digest (October 6-11)

World Series of Poker News Digest (October 6-11)

A lot of events happened over the past week at the World Series of Poker and today’s material on Pokeroff is a squeeze of the brightest of them.

WSOP Behind the Scenes: GTO Opponent Wins Two Gold Bracelets Online in Two Months

While the world is watching how the chips are rolled in the Rio casino, bracelets are being drawn online in parallel. Mark Herm has already won twice.

Mark Herm

On October 7, he celebrated his victory in the Big $ 500 event, which collected 742 entries, and the first prize was $ 89K. In total, 10 bracelets will be played online at the 2021 World Series – they will play at the WSOP poker room, which can only be registered in the states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

Exactly two months ago, the American also played at the WSOP Online in Pennsylvania – a closed series of 8 events in Hold’em was held on the reservation, in one of which Hiro won – the prize was $ 48K.

Mark “Dipthrong” Herm has been playing poker professionally for over 15 years since the days of Absolute Poker. He prefers a hypnosis session to work on the GTO.

GTO is generally wonderful. People teach him, repeat after Doug Polk and try to use it in tournaments where there is a complete orgy. You play 12 tables at the same time – what kind of balance are we talking about? Just do what works, look for weak players and learn to play against them. By the way, that’s why I only ride on Sundays.

Jason Kuhn wins WSOP bracelet in $ 25K heads-up tournament

The tournament was attended by 57 players. Kuhn’s opponents were Chris Brewer, Nicholas Morris, Johannes Becker, Jake Daniels, Henry “Buttonclickr” Puustinen.

Jason Kuhn went heads-up against Gabor Szabo. The game lasted three and a half hours until Sabo 4-bet shove with AJo at 29bb deep and Kun Insta called with AQs. After this hand, Sabo had 2.5 big blinds left, he failed to spin. The first bracelet for the GGPoker Ambassador.

Top 4 Payouts Event # 11: $ 25,000 Heads-Up Championship:

  1. Jason Kuhn – $ 244K
  2. Gabor Sabo – $ 150.8K
  3. Henry Puustinen – $ 89.8K
  4. Daniel Zach – $ 89.8K

Jason Koon

Ari Engel wins PLO8 bracelet

The $ 10K PLO8 Championship attracted 134 players and Phil Hellmuth made the final table. True, it was not possible to win the 16th bracelet, took the 5th place ($ 80.9K).

Ari Engel defeated Omaha specialist Zachary Milchman in heads-up.

Top 3 Event # 9 Payouts: $ 10,000 PLO8:

  1. Ari Engel – $ 317K
  2. Zachary Milchman – $ 196K
  3. Andrew Yeh – $ 144K

This is the second bracelet in the career of the Canadian player. The previous one won $ 2,500 NLHE in 2019 ($ 317K).

Ari Engel

WSOP scandal: the player wanted to pass the stack to another, the dealer did not mind

This story shared Josh Heinzl.

Josh Heinzl

The player at my table had their stack confiscated. He tried to transfer his chips to another player, and the dealer did not mind. I was absolutely against it, and we called flora

The dealer, as a true Democrat, asked a question to four players (including the one who transferred the chips and to whom they were transferred), who remained at the table after the break was announced: “Do you mind?”… Josh was against it. Then the player who was to receive the chips offered to split the stack into three. In the end, it all ended with the confiscation of the stack.

In the comments, people wondered how this was even possible. Someone wrote that they did not see the problem. And Josh added that there are a lot of weak dealers at the WSOP this year:

Half of the dealers I came across during the tournament were newbies

Due to the lack of dealers, I even had to cancel one of the side events. They say that out of 1,300 dealers we need, they won half at the WSOP, and during the series we had to close other rooms and attract personnel from there. The dealer’s bet on the WSOP in 2021 was $ 15 / hour, and two years ago it was $ 9 / hour.

“I Play Three Times a Year” – Auto Show Owner Wins Two-Time WSOP Champion

Rafael LeBron, 38, won the $ 1,500 Stud tournament with 260 entrants.

I was hoping to win a second bracelet, but I didn’t expect it to be that fast. I play poker three times a year, excluding the WSOP

Rafael lebron

He won his first trophy in 2016 in a $ 3,000 ($ 169K) Limit Hold’em tournament. In ordinary life, LeBron is the owner of a car dealership, but at the WSOP he “turns into a regular” and tries to play all the available tournaments.

Heads-up Rafael LeBron faced poker pro David Williams, a regular on TV poker shows. Raphael admitted that David Williams and Phil Ivey are his idols from the poker world.

I watched Williams play on TV, she really inspired me. And now my dream of playing heads-up with him has come true

Top 3 Event # 14 Payouts: $ 1,500 Seven Card Stud

  1. Rafael LeBron – $ 82.3K
  2. David Williams – $ 50.8K
  3. David Moskowitz – $ 35.5K

Wisconsin Lawyer Wins $ 1,500 NLHE 6-Max Bracelet

Event scored 1,450 entries, won Bradley Jansen – the owner of a law firm. He described his level of play as “something between a professional and an amateur.” He has 33 ITMs on HendonMob and has a $ 400 NLHE 6-max ($ 12K) WSOPC 2019 win.

Bradley Jansen

The victory was not easy.

I had to adjust a lot. Especially in 3-max and 4-max. The shorts were trying to spin, Malaud had a ton of chips (70% of all), and I was stuck somewhere in the middle. But in heads-up it came to me like a god. I don’t think Malod could do anything against me

Now Bradley Jansen is in a hurry home to celebrate the victory with his wife:

My wife and I are like a stone wall. Our daughter was born 7 months ago. My wife let me go to play, she said, go and do your job. I think, thanks to her support, I have achieved such success.

Top 3 Payouts Event # 15: $ 1,500 6-Handed NLH:

  1. Bradley Jansen – $ 313.4K
  2. Jeremy Malode – $ 193.7K
  3. Ryan Pedigo – $ 136K

People didn’t like the $ 1000 flip at the WSOP

The innovative format of a poker tournament with an element of flips from GGPOKEROK did not appeal to the poker players of Las Vegas. Recall that the WSOP 2021 promised to hold $ 1000 Flip & Go bracelet event.

The course of the game is like this*: 8 players sit at the table, each of them is given three cards (face down). The dealer lays out the flop and each player discards one card (face down) clockwise. Then the turn and river are spun, and then the winner of the hand is determined. Firstly, it takes place in Day 2, where they play regular poker, and secondly, the player immediately finds himself in the prizes.

* The format is slightly different from the original. At GGPOKEROK, all players are dealt 3 cards, then they fold one at a time, and then they show the whole board at once.

The organizers proudly state that this format is made especially for poker lovers to have fun. But, in fact, the $ 1000 Flip & Go tournament upset both professionals and amateurs. Most of the regs either did not play the tournament, or put 10-20 entries into it (as far as we know, the record is 29 entries for $ 1000 each). Actually, this fact upset the fans. A total of 1232 entries were collected, which, considering the prohibitive number of re-entries in individuals, can be called a failure.

At the time of publication in the tournament, the first game day (normal poker) has ended – 23 participants remain, the most famous of which is David Peters. He has an average stack.

David Peters

By the way, the organizers of the WSOP took the rake from the participants of the Flip & Go tournament as for a full-fledged tournament.

WSOP leaderboard: who is in the lead and what will be given for the victory

This year there are two leaderboards at the World Series: general and separate for NLHE events (including online bracelets). The prize fund is very modest both there and there – $ 25,000 each. Distribution of prizes:

  • 1st place – $ 15,000
  • 2nd place – $ 7500
  • 3rd place – $ 2500

At the time of publication, Jason Kuhn is in the lead on both leaderboards.

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