WPT Heads Up Championship – everything there is to know about the most stellar heads-up …

WPT Heads Up Championship – everything there is to know about the most stellar heads-up …

32 players (poker pros, celebrities, streamers and satellites) will come together online at the WPT Heads Up Championship. We are sharing the details of the most stellar tournament in 2021 and looking at the line of bets on this event.

WPT Heads Up Championship at a glance

  • Dates: from 18 to 22 June
  • Format: online heads-up to two wins, the loser is eliminated (in the final, the game is up to three wins)
  • Bai-in: $25,000
  • IT: 4 seats

A month ago, the WPT Heads Up Championship was announced on the Poker King YouTube channel.

In the announcement, Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Brad Owen, Nick Schulman were announced as participants. Back in the teaser, Landon Tice was throwing chips into slowmo while listening to epic music. The audience thought that he would also be, but the guy was not on the list.

Tom Dwan vs Doug Polk, Timothy Adams vs Stefan11222 – WPT Heads Up Championship Draw

On Monday June 14th, Doug Polk, along with Joe Ingram, conducted a live draw using the Random.org service and paired all the players. Looking at its results, one can envy some players, others can only sympathize.

Odds to win each of the heads-ups at PokerShares

Pair no. Player 1 Player 2 Keff to win 1 Keff to win 2
1 Steve Aoki Dan Smith 2,67 1,50
2 Jean-Robert Bellande Lynn Gee 2,02 1,83
3 Sam Greenwood Kevin Rabichou 2,02 1,83
4 Alexandra Botez Hafu 1,92 1,92
5 Doug Polk Tom Dwan 1,78 2,09
6 Patrick Antonius Gackt 1,53 2,60
7 Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov Timothy Adams 1,85 2,00
8 Brad Owen Daniel Dvoess 2,05 1,81
9 Linu “LLinus_LLove” Löliger Olivier Busquet 1,89 1,96
10 Nick Schulman Chris Kurk 1,92 1,92
11 毛虫 毛虫 999 (satellite) ButtonClickr 2,19 1,72
12 Victor “limitless” Malinovsky Nick Petrangelo 1,89 1,96
13 Shiptur Anthony Zinno 2,21 1,70
14 Phil Ivey Manig Loser 2,00 1,85
15 Darren Elias KK 国王 KK1 (satellite) 1,70 2,21
16 Andrew “Luckychew” Lichtenberger Stephen Chidwick 1,92 1,92

Steve Aoki vs Dan Smith. Aoki is a DJ, producer, owner of the Dim Mak label, a regular for private games with Dan Bilzerian and other celebs. Such a toss result foreshadows an easy win for Dan Smith.

Steve Aoki on the Poker After Dark show

Jean-Robert Bellande vs Lynne JI… Old-school high roller Bellandé versus up-and-coming new school high roller. The two played live at the same table at the High Stakes Poker Show in 2020, and will now face off online. It is not clear who will win.

Gee and Bellande at HSP

Sam Greenwood vs Kevin Rabichow. On stream, Doug Polk called Kevin Rabichaw “possibly the strongest player in this tournament.” Unfortunately, the draw spoiled the tournament life from the very beginning for both players. Both Greenwood and Rabichow are definitely top players, but some of them will have to be eliminated in the 1/16 stage. Interesting heads-up, the outcome of which is difficult to predict.

Kevin Rabichou

Alexandra Botez vs. Rumay Wang. Chess vs esports, streamer battle. Alexandra – professional chess player, FIDE master; Rumei Wong is a cyber athlete, professional player in World of Warcraft, Bloodline Champions and Hearthstone.

Doug Polk vs Tom Dwan Is one of the most anticipated heads-ups of the 1/16 tournament. Where, if not in a Chinese app in 2021, these two could meet to ride against each other! Bookmakers are betting on the Shelf, probably, the result of the challenge with Negreanu adds confidence in victory.

Patrik Antonious vs Gackt – the legend of poker Antonius as an opponent went to the Japanese musician, actor, multi-instrumentalist Gackt Oshiro. Heads-up, in which the favorite stands out brightly before the start of the match.

Musician, actor, multi-instrumentalist Gackt

Stefan «Stefan11222» Burakov vs Timothy Adams… Another very bright heads-up. Regular expensive cash game “Stefan11222” against top-reg of MTT Adams. The result is difficult to predict.

Brad Owen vs Daniel Dvoress… Vlogger, “Person of the Year 2018” by GPI Brad Owen will meet with MTT top reg, Daniel Dvoess. OXOTA is seen as the favorite.

Linus Loeliger vs Olivier Busquet. Another interesting heads-up: one of the strongest and most relevant online cash game players “LLinus_LLove” against the player who made a bankroll on the heads-up SNG. In fact, Busquet will play a specialized discipline for himself. But how good is his game in 2021?

Chris Kurk vs Nick Schulman. Also an interesting heads-up. Both players are top regs. Chris Kurk plays MTT under the nickname “apotheosis92”. Nick Schulman is an offline reg with $ 13.2M in live tournament earnings.

Chris Kurk (left) and Nick Schulman (right)

毛 毛虫 999 (satellite) vs ButtonClickr. Good luck to the satellite in this heads-up versus top reg. By the way, we still don’t know who is hiding under the nickname ButtonClickr. And they even conducted their own mini-investigation.

Victor Malinovsky vs Nick Petrangelo… Another decent heads-up. Both players are relevant in 2021. Petrangelo won the $ 10K High Roller tournament in March, and Malinovsky regularly drags online.

Danny “Shiphtur” Lee vs. Anthony Zinno. Shiphtur is a professional League of Legends player. Anthony Zino is a two-time WSOP champion. Good luck to Shiptur.

Phil Ivey vs Manig Loeser. Also an interesting match: poker legend against a very strong MTT player from Germany Manig “swordfish007” Loser with over $ 11M in prize money in live tournaments.

Darren Elias vs KK 国王 KK1 (satellite). Darren Elias won 4 WPT Main Events – a record that hasn’t been broken yet. Good luck to the satellite.

Andrew “Luckychew” Lichtenberger vs. Stephen Chidwik. Another interesting match. Two top offline MTTs. Lichtenberg alone has $ 10M in prize money, while Chidwick has almost $ 35M.

Championship format and broadcast on Twitch

The tournament will be held in the playoff format (the loser is eliminated) up to two wins. The final will be held in the format of up to three wins.

The format of the matches is SNG heads-up with a starting stack of 140 BB. Levels will increase every 7 hands. Doug Polk was very surprised to hear about the speed of the blinds. According to his calculations, one heads-up will last about 50-60 hands.

The tournament will run from June 18 to June 22 and will be streamed on the Twitch channel / worldpokertour. Beginning at 23:00 Moscow time.

Follow the action with us in telegram channels Pokeroff.

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