WPT Online runs from May 14th to June 2nd at partypoker

WPT Online runs from May 14th to June 2nd at partypoker

An eventful week with news feeds at the partypoker room. The long-awaited WPT Online series kicks off on May 14th, along with a new Magic Cards promotion and a slightly improved Hot Tables promotion for cash game players. We will talk about everything in more detail in today’s article.

Hot Tables: Win up to 500 bb at your limit

In March 2021, partypoker dropped the daily rake race for cash players and replaced it with the new Hot Tables promotion. Its essence lies in the fact that at regular cash tables and FastForward, a side pot is played out randomly from 1 to 500 bb, if at least three people were involved in the hand. Thus, the room wanted not only regulars to receive additional rakeback, but also ordinary poker fans.

On May 14th, partypoker announced that the Hot Tables promotion is now available for tables from NL2 / PL2 to NL200 / PL200 inclusive (previously NL / PL10-100). Thus, the maximum amount of a third-party Hot Tables bank can be up to $ 1000 at the maximum limit.

Hot Tables Prize Table

Limit Minimum Prize Maximum prize
$0,01 / 0,02 $0,02 $10
$0,02 / 0,05 $0,05 $25
$0,05 / 0,10 $0,10 $50
$0,10 / 0,25 $0,25 $125
$0,25 / 0,50 $0,50 $250
$0,50 / 1 $1 $500
$1 / 2 $2 $1000

Magic Cards: Win Up to $ 500 Daily

Special promo kicks off at partypoker on May 12 Magic Cards… All users who made a deposit receive one “magic card” when they log into the game client, and another one if they generate $ 5 in rake. To get the opportunity to open the card, look for the promotion in the Promotions tab.

Magic Cards – an individual promotion, that is, the prizes are slightly different for everyone.

Each of the cards hides some kind of prize.  I must choose one

The table of prizes and probabilities from the “free” card from the author of the material:

Prize Probability
Nothing 45%
Ticket in freeroll $ 500 25%
SPINS Ticket $ 0.25 10%
Two free spins at the casino 5%
Bonus $ 1 10%
Bonus $ 3 5%

What can you get from the card that is given when wagering $ 5 rake:

Prize Probability
Ticket in freeroll $ 500 7,99%
Ticket in freeroll $ 1000 55%
Ten free casino spins 15%
SPINS ticket $ 1 13%
SPINS ticket $ 3 5%
SPINS Ticket $ 5 3%
SPINS ticket $ 10 1%
$ 500 (no wagering) 0,01%

Freerolls with a guarantee of $ 500 and $ 1000, for which tickets can be obtained, take place daily at 22:15 GMT. The prize fund is paid in the form of tickets to SPINS tournaments from $ 0.25 to $ 250.

Change of nicknames

On May 12th, partypoker gave users the option to change their nickname. A similar practice was introduced by the room to protect beginners and amateurs from players who use third-party data collection programs.

Unfortunately, due to technical problems, the change of nicknames on the appointed day did not take place and it was postponed to May 13. Since then, all players have been asked to change their nickname when entering the client.

This is the second time that partypoker has changed nicknames. The first time it was in June 2019.

WPT Online kicks off May 14

Last April was crazy for online poker and WPT Online was supposed to start a week after GGSF and SCOOP. But partypoker decided to postpone the start of the series for a week for two reasons:

  • Give people a little more time to rest after a long April marathon
  • In early May, there was a small update of the client, within the framework of which there was also a massive change of usernames. According to Rob Yong, Party management did not want WPT Online’s dates and updates to overlap.

So it’s May 14th and the WPT kicks off today, and the coming weekend will be packed with tournaments for players with different bankrolls. A special tournament will open the series WPT #00 Pro Hunt with a $ 33 buy-in and a $ 30K guarantee, where you can earn extra rewards for knocking the pros out (from the $ 33 ticket to the $ 320 WPT Online ticket).

Professionals who will be awarded a prize for knocking out

Patrick Leonard Nikita Bodyakovsky Kristen Biknell
Dmitry Urbanovich Joao Simao Yoni Yukimainen
Louise Butler Day Cottvizi Jamie Staples
Monica Zhukovich Matt Staples Courtney G.
Jordan Banfield Jeffrey Johnson Karl Froch
Simon Brandstorm Dmitry “SPR” Kukhtarev Gleb “Ti0” Tremzin

WPT Online tournament schedule for the coming weekend

Date Time (MSK) Tournament Bai-in
May 14 21:05 WPT #00 Pro Hunt: $30K GTD $33
21:05 WPT #01 Opener Day 1A: $500K GTD $1050
21:05 WPT #01 Mini Opener Day 1A: $250K GTD $109
21:05 WPT #01 Micro Opener Day 1A: $50K GTD $11
May 15 21:05 WPT #02 Mini Main Event Day 1A: $500K GTD $530
21:05 WPT #02 Micro Main Event Day 1A: $150K GTD $55
21:05 WPT #01 Opener Day 1B: $500K GTD $1050
21:05 WPT #01 Mini Opener Day 1B: $250K GTD $109
21:05 WPT #01 Micro Opener Day 1B: $50K GTD $11
16th of May 17:05 WPT #01 Opener Day 1C: $500K GTD $1050
17:05 WPT #01 Mini Opener Day 1C: $250K GTD $109
17:05 WPT #01 Micro Opener Day 1C: $50K GTD $11
19:05 WPT #03 The Big Game: $300K Gtd $530
19:05 WPT #03 The Mini Big Game: $150K Gtd $55
21:05 WPT #02 Mini Main Event Day 1B: $500K Gtd $530
21:05 WPT #02 Micro Main Event Day 1B: $150K Gtd $55
21:05 WPT #01 Opener Final Day
21:05 WPT #01 Mini Opener Final Day
21:05 WPT #01 Micro Opener Final Day
21:05 WPT #04 Knockout Day 1A: $500K Gtd $1575
21:05 WPT #04 Mini Knockout Day 1A: $200K Gtd $162
21:05 WPT #04 Micro Knockout Day 1A: $50K Gtd $16,50
22:05 WPT #05 High Roller: $1M Gtd $10,300
22:05 WPT #06 Omaha Knockout Day 1A: $250K Gtd $1575
22:05 WPT #06 Mini Omaha Knockout Day 1A: $50K Gtd $162
22:05 WPT #06 Micro Omaha Knockout Day 1A: $20K Gtd $16,50
23:05 WPT #07 Turbo Bounty: $50K Gtd $215
23:05 WPT #07 Mini Turbo Bounty: $25K Gtd $22

Looking to compete for solid WPT Online guarantees? The lobby is already literally littered with satellites from $ 0.01, not only to the Main Event, but even to super high roller tournaments.

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