WPTDS – offline tournaments in Sochi from 6 to 14 August

WPTDS – offline tournaments in Sochi from 6 to 14 August

On August 6, the WPTDeepStacks series starts in Sochi. Players can expect events with buy-ins from ₽15,750 ($ 215) to ₽245K ($ 3.3K), the main one of which can be accessed via online phase satellites.

Phase Final в Main Event WPTDS

Partypoker kicks off the final qualifying phase for the WPT DeepStacks Main Event on August 1st at 10:00 p.m. EDT. Unlike Final Phase on other series of the room, this one can be entered directly – the buy-in is ₽12K (~ $ 164), the guarantee is 2 tickets for ₽119K ($ 1.6K).

Структура ₽12K WPTDeepStacks Sochi Main Event Satellite [Phase Final]

  • Starting stack – 1M chips (100 BB) with direct entry / different, if the person has moved from the previous phase;
  • Late registration – 9 levels, 10 minutes each;
  • 1 re-entry is available;
  • Game under real names.

At 13:00 Moscow time on August 1, 12 players were registered in the final phase, among them there are people who have appeared in the media, for example, Belarusian Sergey Chudopal and Russian Oleg Romanov.

Sergey Chudopal

Oleg Romanov

Satellites in the final phase

You can get to Phase Final through the ladder of phase satellites:

  • ₽120 Phase 1 – starts every hour, 10% of the field from here goes with the accumulated stacks to ₽1,2К Phase 2… Phase 1 starting stack – 10K chips (100 BB), late registration – 8 levels of 3 minutes each, 1 re-entry is available.
  • ₽1,2К Phase 2 – starts every hour, 10% of the field from here goes with the accumulated stacks to ₽12К Phase Final… The starting stack with a direct entry is 100K chips (100 BB), late registration – 10 levels of 5 minutes each, 1 re-entry is available.

On August 1, the phases will start until 20:00 Moscow time – after that, it will be possible to get into the WPTDS Sochi Main Event only through offline satellites or directly.

WPT ScheduleDeepStacks Sochi

As mentioned above, 13 events will be held at WPTDS in Sochi – they have no guarantees, prizes will be paid only from the prize pool collected by the inputs. You can register for each tournament online now – the schedule has been added to the partypoker lobby -> partypoker LIVE section -> WPTDS Sochi filter.

11 events out of 13 – in NLH, two in PLO will be held in a one-day format on August 12 and 14. See the tables below for the full episode schedule.

Multi-day events series

Tournament Start of entrance days, Moscow time Starting stack, chips Blind levels, min Start Day 2
₽38,5К Opener August 6 at 12:00, August 7 at 12:00 and 18:00 30K 30 August 8 at 12:00
₽245К High Roller August 8 at 17:00 30K 60 August 9 at 14:00
₽119K Main Event August 9 at 16:00, August 10 at 12:00, August 11 at 12:00 and 18:00 30K 60 в Day 1A — 1C, 30 в Day 1D August 12 at 12:00
₽53,9К Big Stack August 10 at 21:00 30K 25 August 11 at 21:00
₽77К Closer August 12 at 17:00, August 13 at 12:00 and 17:00 30K 40 в Day 1A и 1B, 20 в Day 1C August 14 at 13:00

One-day events series

Tournament Start date and time, MSK Starting stack, chips Blind levels, min
₽15,750 Ladies August 6 at 13:00 30K 20
₽28К Super Bounty [250 Bounty] August 6 at 19:00 20K 20
₽30,8К Turbo Big Stack August 9 at 20:00 25K 15
₽38,5К Turbo Super Bounty [300 Bounty] 11 August 21:00 20K 15
₽30,8К Pot Limit Omaha August 12 at 21:00 20K 15
₽23,1К Turbo Bounty [150 Bounty] August 13 at 21:00 20K 15
₽30,8K Bounty Hunter [200 Bounty] August 14 at 13:00 30K 30
₽30,8К Omaha Bounty [200 Bounty] August 14 at 18:00 20K 15

Requirements for entering Sochi during a pandemic

In accordance with the new antiquity measures in the Krasnodar Territory, from August 1, in order to check into the hotel for the period of the series, players and their relatives must provide one of the documents:

  • Coronavirus vaccination certificate;
  • A certificate from the hospital stating that you have had a coronavirus in the last 6 months;
  • PCR test with a negative result and a certificate of contraindications for vaccination for medical reasons;
  • PCR test with the obligation to be vaccinated within the next 3 days.
  • The PCR test must be carried out 72 hours before check-in at the hotel, and it must be a full test, not an express test from the airport.

What kind of vaccine you were vaccinated with – it doesn’t matter, all options are accepted on the territory of the region. All of these requirements do not apply only to children under the age of 14.

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