WSOP Ladies Event – Major Women’s Poker Tournament

WSOP Ladies Event – Major Women’s Poker Tournament

As from the cheapest tournament for wives and girls of players, this event has turned into an independent prestigious tournament, which men have forgotten in it and what the participants are dissatisfied with – the history of the WSOP Ladies Event.

$ 100 Wives & Girlfriends Tournament – How the WSOP Ladies Event Came to Be

The first WSOP women’s tournament was held in 1977. According to legend, the tournament was added to the schedule especially for the wives and girls of the players who came to the series. Other WSOP events were expensive to play and the odds of winning were slim. But in order not to get bored in the hotel and join the game, a $ 100 event for women only was added to the grid.

Over time, the buy-in increased:

  • 1978 – $ 200,
  • from 1981 to 1991 – bai-in $ 400,
  • 1992 to present – buy-in $ 1,000

It was in 1992 that the WSOP Ladies Event became as prestigious as any other WSOP event.

Until 1999, this was a Seven Card Stud event. In 2000, they played Stud and Limit Hold’em – this continued until 2003. Since 2004, the WSOP Ladies Event has been playing No Limit Hold’em.

In 2004, the women’s tournament had 200 entries – a record. In the immediate aftermath of the poker boom in 2005, 601 players registered for the tournament. By 2007, the event had become so popular that the prize pool was over $ 1M.

Three Fun Facts About WSOP Women’s Winners

Fact 1 – There were 93 women in the first WSOP Ladies Event, with Jackie McDaniels the winner. Together with the bracelet, she earned $ 5,580 – the smallest prize for a WSOP champion in the history of the series.

Fact 2 – Barbara Enright, Susie Isaacs and Nani Dollison have won the WSOP Ladies Event twice. Moreover, Suzy Isaacs and Nani Dollison won the women’s tournament for two years in a row: in 1996/1997 and 2000/2001, respectively.

Barbara Enright participated in the WSOP Ladies Event 2021, however, did not make the prize

Fact 3 – In 2005, Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Till won the tournament. She became the first non-poker celebrity to win a WSOP bracelet.

What men forgot in the women’s tournament – WSOP Ladies Event scandals

In 2010, Shaun Deeb took part in the WSOP Ladies Event. He came in a straw hat and a cream pink tank top with makeup from Liv Boeree.

The poker community criticized Deeb’s trick and is teasing to this day.

Photographer Hailee Hochstetler added a photo of Sean Deeb to her review of the WSOP Ladies 2021 participants, although his name is not on the chip account.

In the women’s WSOP in Vegas, the men did not win. But in 2009, 22-year-old student Greg Sessler won the Ladies Only Event WSOP Circuit Lake Tahoe. Greg justified his participation in the tournament with a busy schedule: he found free time only for this tournament.

The “women only tournament” rule was and remains only formal in the American offline. Restriction on participation in the tournament – gender discrimination. But in 2013 the organizers of the WSOP came up with a new rule: the buy-in for the WSOP Ladies Event was $ 10,000 with a 90% discount for women. In fact, the buy-in has remained the same, but now men can also participate in this event by paying $ 10K.

What are the complaints about the WSOP Women’s Tournament?

99% of the participants enjoy the WSOP Women’s Tournament. But men still participate in it. The participation of men and the rule “1 man = 10 women” insults some of the participants in the tournament.

Jake Abdalla at the 2011 WSOP Ladies Event

Maureen Bloechlinger, founder of the Globetrotting Poker Ladies, wrote in Twitter:

Can anyone grab $ 10K and back 10 women to the WSOP Ladies Event next year? You can make a deal to have some of your winnings go to charity. But this way more women will be able to participate in the tournament. Trust me, $ 1K is still a hefty buy-in for many bankrolls.

The WSOP Ladies Event 2021 featured Tom Hammers.

Tom has promised to donate all of the winnings to charities that help women. True, it took off long before ITM. The tournament participants greeted Hammers’ departure with applause.

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