WSOP Online $ 2.5K Limit Holdem Tournament Wins Nicolo Mol …

WSOP Online $ 2.5K Limit Holdem Tournament Wins Nicolo Mol …

The two-day tournament was held at GGPOKEROK without a guarantee – with a joint effort of 180 players, it raised $ 427,500.

Mostly little-known players entered the final of the event, and Molinelli was at first the chip leader, surpassing the next player in stack by 10 BB. However, in the first hour, the game did not develop terribly for him, so by 8-max he was already trailing behind.

After the Russian Stas Kuvaev, the best Portuguese player Joao Vieira and the player under the flag of Thailand Romain Dows, flew out because of the finals, Nicolo clung to life in order not to become the next, and literally miraculously was able to limp to the heads-up with the Brazilian Renan Bruschi.

Their battle began at an effective depth of 7.7 BB, with Renan’s stack almost three times larger than Nicolo’s. However, this did not bother the Italian at all – in 8 minutes of heads-up he not only completely seized the initiative, but also literally smeared the Brazilian several times in the distribution, successfully reaching or cleverly bluffing him.

The victory earned Molinelli $ 88K and allowed him to “smear” the minus of $ 7K, which he “filled” since October 2020. It is noteworthy that the previous bracelet (and $ 243K) Nicolo received just last year at the WSOP Online – then he won the $ 1.5K People’s Choice Event, which gathered 1,925 players.

Player Country Prize money
1 Nicolo Molinelli Malta $88,461
2 Renan «internett93o» Bruschi Brazil $66,336
3 Milos “Picasso98” Petakovic Montenegro $49,745
4 Alex “Pl3ase_MuCk” Fortin-Demers Canada $37,303
5 Vince Cavailles Ireland $27,974
6 Romain “Gun” Dours France $20,977
7 João «Naza114» Vieira Portugal $15,731
8 Stanislav “Stas Kuvaev” Kuvaev Russia $11,796
9 Mark Radoja Canada $8,846

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