XL Autumn Series – schedule, promotions and Main Event of the autumn …

XL Autumn Series – schedule, promotions and Main Event of the autumn …

From October 17 to November 1, 2021, 888poker will host the XL Autumn Series. What awaits the players on it and who is Sir Prize – read in this article.

XL Autumn Series 2021 timetable at a glance

The series schedule includes 43 NLH tournaments with buy-ins from $ 16.50 to $ 1,050 and guarantees from $ 10K to $ 1M. They will start every day at 21:00 and 23:00 Moscow time.

The guarantees for 38 tournaments in the series do not exceed $ 30K, but special guarantees await in five players – these tournaments start at 21:00 on certain days, you can find a summary of them in the table:

Tournament Bai-in Guarantee Start
Opening Event $55 $ 100K 17 October
PKO 8-Max $160 $ 40K October 21
Tune Up $109 $ 200K October 24
PKO $320 $ 50K October 26
PKO 6-Max $215 $ 40K 28 of October

Satellites for them are already available in the 888poker lobby – in addition to freerolls, which are available for most tournaments, there are also paid sats: the cheapest of them costs $ 1, and the most expensive is $ 215.

Tournaments with guarantees from $ 100K

With the exception of the Main Event, which you can read more about below, only two tournaments will have guarantees of $ 100K on XL Autumn Series.

$55 Opening Event $100K Gtd

  • Start – October 17 at 21:00 Moscow time;
  • Starting stack – 250 BB;
  • Late registration – 215 minutes;
  • Blind levels – 12 minutes;
  • Rebai – 3 for $ 55 in the size of the starting stack, without add-on;
  • Satellites – there is The $ 275 Freebie freeroll and paid for $ 0.50 and $ 5.50.

$109 Tune Up $200K Gtd

  • Start – October 24 at 21:00 Moscow time;
  • Starting stack – 250 BB;
  • Late registration – 215 minutes;
  • Blind levels – 12 minutes;
  • Rebai – 3 for $ 109 in the size of the starting stack, without add-on;
  • Satellites – there is The $ 545 Freebie freeroll and paid ones for $ 16.50.

XL Autumn Series Main Event

The Main Event of the series is multi-flight and has a $ 1,050 buy-in and a $ 1M guarantee. Entrance days are already underway – they start every day at 22:30 Moscow time and have the following structure:

  • Starting stack – 166.7 BB;
  • Late registration – 160 minutes;
  • Blind levels – 12 minutes;
  • Rebai – 3 for $ 1,050 in the size of the starting stack, without add-on;
  • Duration – until the end of level 18 or until 14% of the field remains in the tournament.

Day 2 starts on November 1 at 21:00 Moscow time – at 17:00 Moscow time on October 10, 62 entries were accumulated during the entrance days, of which 9 people passed the next day.

You can get on entrance days through satellites for $ 12, $ 15, $ 27.50 and $ 109 with guarantees of 1, 3 and 10 tickets. Each of them can be accessed through freerolls – for satellites for $ 27.50 every day at 20:01 Moscow time a special $ 1M XL Autumn Main Event Freeroll starts with a guarantee of 180 tickets. The entrance to it is available for all depositors.

The Main Event will also have a $ 33 mini-version with a $ 50K guarantee, starting on October 31st at 8:30 pm ET.

Sir Prize Promotion: $ 1M in Freerolls & Drops

Together with the announcement of the series, 888poker launched an additional promotion with a prize pool of $ 1M. It is called “Meet Sir Prize” and introduces the new mascot of the room – Sir Surprise, who gives out special prizes to players.

From October 7, 2021 to January 2, 2022, within the framework of the promotion for players, daily and weekly freerolls will be held and random cash prizes will be given out.

Дропы The Grand Entrance

During the promotion period, once a day in MTT, cash, BLAST and / or SNAP, $ 1K is distributed among the players at a randomly selected table. There is no exact drop time – the whole process is completely randomized, prizes are awarded to all players at the table within 72 hours after the drop falls.

This bonus money must be wagered in order to be able to withdraw it. There are 30 days to wager, each $ 1 bonus requires 3 Bonus Points ($ 1 rake gives 2 Bonus Points). The amount is laundered completely – if you do not have time to get the required number of points in the allotted time, the entire bonus will expire.

Daily Sir Prize Giveaway Freeroll

Three times a day, as part of the promotion, special freerolls with a random prize fund start in the room. For example, on October 10 at 17:33 Moscow time the prize pool was $ 600, and on October 11 at 04:33 Moscow time – $ 400.

You cannot directly enter the freeroll – a ticket is issued after completing one of the daily challenges:

  • Play tournaments, including BLAST, for a total buy-ins of $ 5 (excluding rebuys);
  • Win a hand at cash tables, including SNAP, with an 8 card in your hand (tables NL2 and higher are taken into account);
  • Place bets on sports or casino games for $ 5 or more.

The ticket for the freeroll will be credited to the player’s account within 72 hours after the end of the challenge. You can get 3 tickets per day.

Weekly Sir Prize Mystery Freeroll

A public freeroll for depositors that takes place once a week. The highlight of the tournament is the random determination of the prize pool in the range from $ 5K to $ 100K a few hours before the start of the freeroll. The first one starts on October 11 at 01:03 Moscow time, there are no conditions for registration in it, except for the presence of at least a one-time deposit to the account in the room, there are no.

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