May The Venom and changes in the PokerKing client

Satellites to the largest tournament of the Winning Poker network – The Venom, which will be held in May, have started on PokerKing. At the same time, the room has been updated, making the game safer and more enjoyable for players. You will find all the most important information in our article.

How has PokerKing improved its client?

In an effort to make the gaming process for their players as comfortable as possible, the Winning Poker network and the PokerKing room, in particular, carry out updates every month. So, in 2021, the most important changes were:

Introducing Run it Twice for cash and MTT

Although it may seem surprising, in the 2020s, not all rooms have the ability to lay out more than one board. At the same time, if Run it Once, Twice or Three Times for cash can be found in most clients, MTT until March 2021 remained everywhere with only one board.

And so the network decided to break the pattern and introduce RIT for cash and MTT at once. Now, in order to be able to select the number of board layouts, players need to enable the function by going to Settings -> Playing Tools -> Run It Twice.

The choice of RIT during the game appears if all participants in the distribution have it enabled in the settings. If this condition is met, then during the game it will be like this: one player goes all-in, the second chooses RIT, the first agrees and only then the board is laid out twice.

Hiding lobbies and nicknames of players in the cache

To combat bumhunters, PokerKing changed two things at once for cash tables in the room: it hid data about people at the table and in the queue and made it impossible to see the nicknames and stacks of players when watching the game before the big blind was posted.

Previously, you could see the list of people at the table and in the waiting list in the lobby to the right of the table list when you clicked on the limit of interest. Now, instead of the list, the room displays information about the current promotion or the series currently running. For example, the screenshot below contains the announcement of The High Five – a series for representatives of the “420” subculture.

The emergence and expansion of hotkeys functionality

For those who multitable or are engaged in other things in parallel with the gaming session, the room has added 18 positions for hot keys.

The basic ones are Fold (F1), Check / Call (F2) and Bet / Raise (F3). The rest of the actions, including separately for Blitz Poker (analogous to ZOOM), can be put on the keys, the right mouse button and the wheel, that are convenient for the player. However, for now, you cannot use the left mouse button and the numeric keypad (Numpad) for hotkeys.

You can find the hotkey setting in Settings -> Playing Tools -> Hotkeys.

Improvement of the filter system and design

There were many small changes in this direction, but they made the room more attractive.

First, the lobby filter system has been improved. Players can select several sorting options – the top line contains the type (No Limit, Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Venom, Satellite and others), and the bottom line contains the limit / buy-in (play money, micro, low, medium, high) …

Secondly, there is a new design for the buttons and deck. For those who love beautiful design, the developers of PokerKing have added 8 options for action buttons, six new deck styles in three color schemes (two, four and full color) and new backgrounds for individual tables. You can find them in Settings -> Table Design.

The Venom Schedule: Format Change

From April 30 to May 12, PokerKing will host the next The Venom – this time with a $ 3M less guarantee than in January-February. The upcoming tournament will take place in three gaming days.

$2,650 The Venom PKO $5M Gtd

  • Four days starting on April 30 and May 2, 7 and 9 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 300K chips (187.5 BB).
  • Late registration – 18 levels, 20 minutes each.
  • Unlimited re-entry.
  • Rebaev and add-it is not.
  • The duration of Day 1 is 28 levels. All surviving players with accumulated stacks go to Day 2.
  • Day 2 starts on May 10 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • The duration of Day 2 is 8 hours.
  • Day 3 starts on May 11 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Duration of Day 3 – until the final table of 8 people is formed.
  • The final table will start playing on the night of May 12 – May 13 at 00:00 UTC.

If a player passes in Day 2 of several Day 1, then he will play with the largest stack, and the received bounties are accumulated.

Satellites in The Venom

There are three types of satellites to qualify for on entry days:

VenomPKO Fever – Direct satellites for $ 32, $ 55, $ 95, $ 109, $ 215, $ 207.50, $ 290, $ 630 and $ 880 – they have been running since April 9 and are guaranteed from 1 to 5 tickets for $ 2,650.

VenomPKO Blitz Step – a ladder of nine MTT satellites with buy-ins from $ 0.11 to $ 890. You can enter each step-sat directly and from there get to the next step. The Venom PKO ticket is only raffled at Step 9.

The VenomPKO Step On Demand – ladder from Sit & Go, with the same buy-ins. what Blitz Step has. Here you can also enter any “step” and from there get to the next one, but the ticket to The Venom is raffled off only at Step 9.

Step satellites can be accessed through The VenomPKO Skip:

  • $ 0.25 Skip 1 – 2 tickets guarantee in Step 3.
  • $ 1.40 Skip 2 – 2 tickets guaranteed to Step 5.
  • $ 12 Skip 3 – Guaranteed 2 Step 7 tickets.
  • $ 95 Skip 4 – guaranteed 2 tickets to Step 9.

The satellites start every day, so you can start the selection path now.

Samurai Backing Fund – March Result and Offer for NL5 and NL10 +

In mid-April, Samurai backing fund released a report for March 2021, showing a good win rate. The success of the month and other factors allowed the foundation to announce a new recruitment of NL10 + players, as well as create a test group for NL5 + regulars. We’ve put together a quick overview of the foundation, a proposal for a test group, and other useful information for you in this article.

What does Samurai Backing Fund do?

Samurai backs, trains and technically maintains cache regs for playing Chinese applications. The applications were chosen by the fund’s staff as the main source of income for two reasons:

The first is a weak field with a specific style of play. Unlike the big poker rooms, the Chinese apps attract the majority of weak Asian players with a particular style of play. They have to start their poker career at the minimum limit of NL400 in yuan (analogue in dollars – NL60), where they have to pay straddle. So the field at such limits plays in a peculiar way – for example, almost every pot is played with a multiway – and weakly. Therefore, even a strong NL10 regular at PokerStars, with the right preparation, can easily beat him. And with the appearance of an analogue of the NL30 limit in the City of Poker (COP) room, the opportunity to beat the field became available for NL5 regulars in Eurorooms.

The second is a different rake calculation system. If ordinary rooms collect rake from all players, regardless of the result of the game, then Chinese applications take only a commission from the profit (3-5%). The commission is charged after the table is closed – players who have played with a minus or zero pay nothing.

These reasons allow the majority of Samurai fund players to play with double-digit win rates – for example, from September 11, 2020 to January 11, 2021, the fund’s total result was 25.57 BB / 100 based on the results of 2,645,177 hands.

To achieve such results, Samurai not only provides players with backing, but also helps to constantly improve their game.

What does the fund offer players?

The general proposal is as follows:

  • The minimum number of hands in a package is 60K (30K and at least a month of play for NL5 regulars).
  • The initial rollback is from 35% to 51% depending on the number of hands played per month (month = 30 days).
  • The final rollback is up to 70%.
  • Game without make-up.
  • The player himself chooses the size of his share at the beginning of cooperation.
  • 100% of the net profit by its share.
  • The possibility of redemption of shares from 5% to 25% after wagering each package

The fund calculates the player’s income according to the formula: X • P + (1-X) • P • O. Here X is the player’s share, O is the player’s rollback, P is the profit after withdrawal from the room.

Profit is calculated as the sum of all cashouts minus the sum of all deposits minus the costs of converters and hand2note. At the beginning of cooperation, only deposits are withdrawn.

Before starting to seriously play in Chinese applications, the fund player undergoes a training course. It includes information on ranges and adjustments, as well as helpful tips to help you quickly adapt to the game. Also, the player is given access to training records and group sessions.

Then the player is helped to set up the software, and are also provided with auxiliary applications – HUD, Samurai Tools and mining. After that, the player is given access to accounts and he starts the game – three tables at the same time, with the subsequent connection of a larger number from profit.

After 2K distributions, an individual training is carried out – the fund conducts them, if necessary, throughout the entire package.

How to get into the fund?

Anyone who wants to apply to join the fund must:

  • Provide a chart of at least 50K hands for the last 6 months or be ready to record a live session at your working limit for analysis
  • Be ready to play at least 25 hours a week
  • Deal with tilt

If you meet the listed criteria, then you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Apply for Samurai official website… It contains contact information, working limit, nicknames in rooms, on poker forums, links to social networks, as well as other information necessary to understand your experience and goals.
  2. Have a Skype interview.
  3. Cope with the test period of the game.

After that, as mentioned in the previous section, the fund will begin a full-fledged cooperation with you.

What is required from a player during cooperation with Samurai?

The Foundation does not require players to be supermen, but for a healthy and safe cooperation, they still need to follow some rules:

  • Do not play from two or more accounts at the same table. If this happens and the accounts are banned, then the player is obliged to compensate their balances at his own expense.
  • Play only those games and limits that are agreed with the fund. If you want to move to a higher limit, you need to obtain a written consent from the administration of the fund. Otherwise, the fund will take the player’s winnings at the higher limits, and the player will have to pay for the loss out of his own pocket.
  • Replay the agreed distance.
  • Play in an optimal state – if a player loses on tilt or some other form of inadequate state, then he will have to pay 100% of the loss.
  • Report regularly to the fund on the game and provide hand history.
  • Do not play without HUD and mining – otherwise, the entire loss will be covered by the player himself.
  • In case of termination of cooperation on the initiative of the player before wagering the minimum number of hands, the player is obliged to reimburse the fund for operating costs and the cost of the course, as well as pay for his loss.
  • Timely warn the administration of the fund if it is impossible to play the required number of hands on time for some reason (vacation, illness).
  • Do not play in other funds and those rooms that are not included in the agreement with the Samurai fund.
  • Attend all fund trainings or view their recordings no later than 7 days after publication.
  • Do not make the purchase of additional offers of the room (insurance, showdown, additional purchase of cards, etc.), except for the timebank, without instructions from the fund.

Isai Scheinberg – interview about life and Black Friday

For the first time in a long time, the creator of PokerStars spoke to journalists. What is the businessman doing now and what does he think of his legacy and Black Friday?

Date of publication of the first interview since Isaem Sheinberg (Isai Scheinberg) – April 15 – not chosen by chance. This year Black Friday events are 10 years old. It was on that day that US players were unable to enter their favorite Full Tilt or PokerStars lobbies, and their sites posted an announcement that “Domain arrested for violating UIGEA.”

The honor of talking to one of the most respected grandfathers in poker fell to the journalists of the PocketFives portal.

“I have always appreciated privacy, but I have not kept secrets.”

This is how Isaya explained the fact that he never gave interviews to reporters.

I have always valued privacy, but I have not kept secrets. These are two different things.

I worked hard and was always busy with something. Plus, I’m not someone who will do active self-promotion.

What was Isai Sheinberg doing in those years? Any poker enthusiast knows that Scheinberg founded the biggest poker room PokerStars with his son Mark in 2001. In 2006, the United States passed the UIGEA law that prohibited money transfers to online gambling companies. Most of the major holdings immediately ceased operations in the country (888, Party), while Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Poker continued to work in a roundabout way through dummies and bribes. It all ended on “Black Friday” – April 15, 2011, when the scheme was “covered” by the FBI.

When on the morning of April 15, lawyers informed Isai that the judge had ordered him to be prosecuted (from English indictment), he had to clarify what this word actually means – he himself is from Lithuania and English was not his native language.

At that time, the head of the company was at the head office of Toronto.

The news hurt me.

I said that the main thing is the payments to the players. We had the money, and we wanted to pay it back. The lawyers then said that I was crazy and it would take more than a year. But in the end, everything happened in less than a week.

But the players weren’t the only ones hit by Black Friday. The roughly 1,000 PokerStars employees in offices around the world could be unemployed. Like the players, Isai reassured his colleagues:

All employees received a message that no one would be fired.

Those who supported the work of PokerStars in the United States were given the opportunity to reassign to another position to continue their work at the company.

About buying Full Tilt and paying off their debts

Seeing that PokerStars was the only one of the four poker rooms to pay people all their bankrolls, Isai Sheinberg wanted to bail out Full Tilt users. At that time, the US government was already in negotiations with other people, and Sheinberg’s advisers called the idea crazy.

The people who wanted to buy out FTP were not going to fully compensate the players for the lost money. And the government was under strong pressure from the players, because it was about hundreds of millions of dollars

Sheinberg subsequently bought Full Tilt, paid off nearly $ 300 million in arrears, and relaunched the room.

On running from the secret services

For a long time, it was believed that after the events of Black Friday, Isai was hiding from the US intelligence services. Allegedly, he even negotiated with the Ministry of State from protected locations.

I was very upset when people called me a fugitive. I have never been a US citizen or resident and have not been in the country since 1999. I did not run from there and did not hide from anyone.

Moreover, Scheinberg traveled freely to Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel and the Isle of Man – all of these countries have agreements on extradition of criminals, and local authorities have always been aware of Isai’s movements.

In June 2019, the founder of PokerStars was detained by Swiss law enforcement. The US Attorney’s Office demanded his extradition in order to deliver a verdict in the Black Friday case. At that time, the charges of fraud and money laundering were dropped, only charges of illegal activities in the field of gambling remained.

In January 2020, Scheinberg flew to New York and appeared in court a couple of months later. He pleaded guilty and, with a range of extenuating circumstances, managed to get off with a $ 30,000 fine. Learn about the fate of the other ten defendants in the Black Friday case in a separate article.

Black Friday case closed: Isai Sheinberg to pay $ 30,000 fine

Now Isai sees solid pluses that the case has finally been closed:

While the charges were hanging on me, many banks refused to open an account for me. Because it seemed to them that since the case was not closed, then who knows what could happen there?

“Chess makes me happy”

It turned out that Isai moved away from poker towards chess. He invests a lot of time to become better, but at the same time he has to some extent a predisposition to the strategy game – in the early 30s his father defended the honor of Lithuania at the Chess Olympiad. Sheinberg has a whole book where all his father’s games are recorded along the moves with analytics from the grandmasters.

But the founder of PokerStars isn’t just interested in playing chess. Now the man is a key investor in the largest chess project Sheinberg made the decision to invest in this business not because of some advanced technology.

We invested and joined the team because they have great guys. They conduct business with integrity and treat their customers well.

Sheinberg associates the increased interest of the general public in chess with the success of the Queen’s Gambit series. The hero of the material involuntarily draws a parallel with the events at the 2003 WSOP, when Chris Moneymaker won.

About selling PokerStars

For a long time, even when Black Friday charges were still hanging on Isai, he and his son tried to bring PokerStars back to the United States. There were several attempts to cooperate with various Las Vegas casinos (in order to obtain a license to provide an online service through them), but they all failed due to the fact that the formal owner of PokerStars was Mark Sheinberg (Isai’s son).

And then we said “what the hell” and solved the problem once and for all. For the sake of the company, and in order for US residents to play at PokerStars, the owner had to change.

The Scheinbergs sold PokerStars to Amaya for $ 4.9 billion. According to the staff of the poker room with many years of experience, the owners did not take the entire amount for themselves – they were very generous with the employees after the sale. So they expressed their gratitude for helping build PokerStars.

All the way we ran the company in this way. Of course, it was important to preserve the dignity. We didn’t fire anyone after Black Friday and the employees themselves played a big role in this success.

It is obvious that employees are a huge part of any business, but in our company it was felt that their role was much greater.

What is left after him

Seven years after the sale of PokerStars, Scheinberg believes he has left a mark on the poker industry. He believes that his principles, by which he ran the company, will continue to determine its future.

We have created a lot of things that have helped poker grow and become more prestigious and interesting. I’m glad I left such a mark

About buying a Rio casino

Once I was offered to buy a Rio, but then the reaction was like “Why do you need it?” – now I understand that it was a mistake. If we bought Rio, then we would have transferred the rights to the WSOP and we would have made it better. Our plan was to make the series friendlier and host the Main Event with a $ 100M guarantee. Then, in March 2011, I spoke to Steve Wynn (owner of the Wynn chain) – he liked the idea, so we could move the WSOP to a nicer place.

The purchase, as you understand, did not take place. And the relationship between PokerStars and the WSOP was more of a rivalry, especially when the World Series was taken over by Harrah Entertainment.

About life today

Looking back, Isaiah regrets nothing and is proud of his life’s work. Now he has the opportunity to spend a lot of time with three generations of his family – and he already plays tennis with his 17-year-old granddaughter.

Now is the best part of my happy family life. I am happily married, we have been together for 53 years. I am proud of my son’s achievements. I have three grandchildren and I love what I do

Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase and Neymar Jr’s Chip Chase – terms of new promotions on …

From April 14th to May 7th, there are two promotions on PokerStars: Neymar Chip Run and Neymar Gold Chip. Anyone can take part in them. We will tell you about the conditions of the promotions and what prizes you can win.

Important! To participate in both promotions, you need to enter the “Tasks” tab and press “Start” for two missions separately.

Neymar Gold Chip with $ 850K Prize Pool: Promotion Terms

From April 14 to April 23, the first part of the Neymar Jr’s Golden Chip promotion takes place. To receive a gift, you need to play at least one distribution of money. Each of the chests has a fixed prize: a ticket to the Golden Chip Freeroll, as well as a cash prize depending on the level of the chest (except for the blue chest, there is no money in it).

  • Bronze Chest – $ 1.50
  • Silver Chest – $ 3
  • Gold Chest – $ 15
  • Diamond Chest – $ 30
  • Black Chest – $ 80

Also in any chest you can find a gold chip. The probability that you will get the chip is 0.06%. Gold token gives access to a unique chest Neymar Jr X PokerStars giftbox… It contains an exclusive merch signed by Neymar himself, as well as a VIP offer from the room. What – the room knows him.

Neymar Jr’s Golden Chip Freeroll tournaments start every day until April 23 at 22:02 UTC. The freerolls have added $ 12.5K and $ 100K prize pools (these will take place on April 16 and 23) in the form of SCOOP tickets. Final prizes will be announced upon completion of registration for each tournament.

Chasing $ 1M Chips with Neymar: Promotion Terms

This promotion will run through May 7th. The bottom line is to play for real money (no matter, cash, MTT, Spins or SNG) and get chests. Each chest will contain a token. The chip has 1 to 4 steps. You toss a chip, knock out the number of steps – you move towards the main chest.

The field consists of 41 sectors. You get to the sector with the ball, you win an instant prize. The amount of the prize depends on your personal status. The probability of falling out is 80% for a smaller prize and 20% for a larger one (indicated in brackets):

  • Blue Chest – $ 1 ($ 5)
  • Bronze Chest – $ 2 ($ 10)
  • Silver Chest – $ 5 ($ 20)
  • Gold Chest – $ 15 ($ 60)
  • Diamond Chest – $ 40 ($ 150)
  • Black Chest – $ 100 ($ 400)

Well, if you get to cell 41, you can win a special prize of up to $ 20,000 (you don’t need to stand on cell 42). The size of the prize depends on your personal status:

84,9% 15% 0,1%
Blue $2 $10 $250
Bronze $4 $20 $500
Silver $10 $40 $1,000
Gold $30 $120 $5,000
Diamond $80 $300 $15,000
The black $200 $800 $20,000

Chests must be opened within 7 days of receipt.

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Belarus Poker Tour organizers will hold the May stage only at the Emir casino

After a long pause, Belarus Poker Tour (BPT) is back. The next stage of the Minsk series will be held from 7 to 17 May in an unusual format. A large number of regular players were unpleasantly surprised – we’ll talk about all this in the full article.

The first rule of BPT …

May BPT will be so special that it even got a special name BPT Fight Club… Who watched “Fight Club” appreciated the reference, but the organizers wanted to say by this that all tournaments and satellites of the next stage will be held in knockout and re-entry format.

There are 17 themed tournaments with buy-ins starting at $ 25 in Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple and even Omaha H / L. In each of them, the organizers promise cups in the appropriate style.

The organizers exhibit the main tournaments:

  • $150 MVP Grand Event – a three-day tournament with two starting flights. Starting stack 250bb, levels 30-40 minutes.
  • $350 Heavy Weight Event – a three-day tournament with two starting flights. Starting stack 333bb, levels 40-45 minutes.
  • $250 Main Event – a three-day tournament with two starting flights. Starting stack 333bb, levels 40-60 minutes.

BPT Fight Club May Series Schedule

* No guaranteed prize pool is announced in tournaments or satellites.

Special attention will be paid to the best “punchers” of the series. During BPT Fight Club, the overall KO leaderboard will be maintained. Those who get the highest number will receive special prizes.

Tax 13% excluded

Most of the visitors to the BTP praise the organizers for a lot of things: good structures, a schedule, and also for the lack of repeated entrances, which adds “sportiness” to the events.

But what darkens the positive experience even for beginners is the 13% tax on winnings. The fact is that traditionally Belarus Poker Tour is held in the Cotton Hall club, which does not have the status of a gambling establishment. But the casino “Emir” is located in the same building – it was the organizers who chose it as the location for the next stage, and therefore will be able to avoid paying the income tax of 13%. There will be only 4% commission left when cashing out chips at the checkout.

Painfully familiar to many buildings: the casino

Security measures

Kovid has not yet been defeated, and at the time of publication, a mandatory mask regime is still in force in Belarus. The organizers promise to distribute ordinary disposable masks at the entrance to the casino “Emir”, players will be required to wear them.

Chips will be disinfected once a day, cards after every dealer change, and table sides every break.

There will be an antiseptic at each table near the dealer.

Why are people on their guard?

Running the streak is not as easy as usual now. For a long time, BPT remained quiet and finally announced the schedule, plus announced the absence of 13% tax – what could be wrong? A lot of regular players were upset. We list the main claims below.

Location… Regulators remember very well what the Emir casino is in comparison with Cotton Hall – it is a cramped room where it is stuffy and dark, and in addition, smoking is allowed. The organizers promised to solve all these problems (smoking will be prohibited for all visitors).

Number of game tables… This is still the same location problem, but let’s highlight it separately. Emir is primarily a casino, and there are slot machines, roulette and blackjack tables. The organizers said that some of the casino equipment has been removed, but the fact remains – only 10 gaming tables are waiting for BPT guests! For comparison, the Cotton Hall could easily accommodate over 20 tables.

10-max… Another problem from the last point. BPT is not a small series for a long time – many players consider it the best festival to try themselves offline for the first time. Many people specially take a vacation and come to play in Minsk. And this time, after a long break, you can sit down maximum 100 players at the same time, and only on condition of 10-max tables. Everyone who wants to take part in BPT tournaments simply won’t fit.

All tournaments in knockout format and with unlimited re-entries… This is not a problem, but rather a feature of the upcoming festival. The fact is that BPT regulars are accustomed exclusively to more “sporty” freezeouts, and many perceived the emergence of unlimited re-entries almost as a personal insult from the organizers. The latter, in turn, promise that BPT Fight Club will remain just an experiment.

Without TV broadcasts… It’s unusual when BPT doesn’t have them, but Emir apparently doesn’t have the technical ability to organize them.

Cash players overboard? The series announcement says that cash tables will be open for cash game lovers every day from about 17:00. But how do cashiers get their seats if, with a 99.9% probability, all tables will be allocated for tournaments?

Not all players were initially negative. One of the most productive regulars in the series Anton “adrianok” Kotlyar wrote in the BPT thread on Gipsyteam:

I just don’t understand why this srach got up at all. You cut in the bud something that you have not even seen yet, everyone is used to seeing the Emir casino with roulettes, blackjack tables, etc., but they tell you that this room is seriously changing, so why so much negativity?

Frankly, it seems to me there will be some troubles with the landing of people and there are fears in this regard, but until I go there and see with my own eyes what to talk about at all. The only ones who saw this room as it looks now are the organizers, and it seems to me in their interest to make the players as comfortable as possible.

Give a chance, do not threaten with cancellations.

All good)

Satellites at Pokerdom

The Pokerdom room has become an online partner of BPT Fight Club – there you can qualify for two tournaments of the series: $ 250 Main Event and $ 350 Heavy Weight. To get a ticket to the coveted tournament, players will have to go about the same path.

Для Main Event:

  1. Daily free-buy satellite (re-buy 5 RUB) – guaranteed 10 tickets to the step-satellite
  2. Daily step (150 RUB) – guaranteed 5 tickets to the final satellite
  3. Final satellite (2000 RUB) – 15 tickets guaranteed for $ 250. It will take place on May 2 at 21:00.

Для Heavy Weight:

  1. Daily free-buy satellite (re-buy 10 RUB) – guarantee of 5 tickets to the step-satellite
  2. Daily step (250 RUB) – guaranteed 3 tickets to the final satellite
  3. Final satellite (3000 RUB) – 8 tickets guaranteed for $ 350. It will take place on May 1 at 21:00.

The satellites will start on April 19 and run until May 2. The final satellites will be one for the Main Event and one for the Heavy Weight.

Register at Pokerdom, get your first deposit bonus and qualify for the BPT Fight Club knockout series.

Overview of the first events of the PowerFest series of poker tournaments

PowerFest is one of the most popular tournament brands in the partypoker room. In this article, let’s see how the first few days of the tournament series went.

Warranties are beating, the flight is normal

Despite the fact that PowerFest overlaps on dates with much larger competitors and offers much more modest guarantees, the series clearly has its own audience – the numbers indicate this. As a reminder, SCOOP is also taking place on PokerStars with a $ 100M guarantee and GGSF at GGPOKEROK with a $ 150M guarantee.

PowerFest started on April 9th ​​and during this time 19 events in various price categories from $ 0.55 to $ 5200 found their winners. The demand for the series is easiest to judge by the number of registrations and overlays. Only four tournaments out of 19 could not collect the required turnout of 19 events, mostly these were very micro-limit tournaments like $1,10 Micro 7-Max Knockout… In other cases, guarantees were struggling, often with a margin.

The main characters of the early days of PowerFest

Let’s list those who won the “five-sign” in events over $ 100.

#01 High Roller Opener $2100 collected 281 entries in three starting flights, thus breaking the $ 500K guarantee. On the second day, 41 participants moved on and in just six hours the winner was determined – they became Barry Hutter (Barry Hutter). The man has been playing poker professionally for over 10 years. He has over $ 6.2M in offline prize money, as well as WPT, WSOP-C and WSOP titles.

Barry Hutter

In a more democratic version of the same $ 215 tournament, 1,695 entries were collected, and an anonymous player with the nickname Dassoo ($53,228).

#02 The Big Fifty $55 Is a two-day tournament with a $ 300K guarantee and 11 starting flights. Beating the guarantee will require at least 6,000 entries, and at the time of publication of the article, the event had already collected more than a third of the target number. Flights take place every day at 22:05 Moscow time until April 19.

One day tournament #03 High Roller [Real Name] $5200 ended in victory for the Canadian Alex Foxen (Alex Foxen) – The prize was $ 137,317. There was a moment when he and his significant other were the first and second stacks in the tournament. Eventually Kristen Biknell (Kristen Bicknell) added $ 42,474 to the family budget, finishing in fourth place.

Last Sunday (April 11) two more major majors took place at Partypoker, albeit outside the PowerFest – $ 530 The Big Game and $ 2600 The Big Game High Roller.

The first obeyed Maxim “MAMOHT_T” Mamonov (Maxim Mamonov). The finale could be watched on stream of Dmitry “TyRusT” Yurasov… He finished fifth even though he was the 5-handed chip leader.

The High Roller Big Game also submitted to the famous Russian-speaking poker player Alexey Boyko (Aliaksei Boika). He managed to defeat many world famous giants in the final, including David Yan, Adrian Mateos, Fedor Holz and others.

Play SPINS instead of satellites

We always remind you that you can participate in expensive tournaments of any series using satellites, but sometimes we forget about the jackpot tournaments. Play $ 10 SPINS at partypoker until April 27th to win tickets to the PowerFest Series.

SPINS are three player quick tournaments where the prize is randomly determined and the winner takes it all. Their main advantage is speed, because a ticket with a good value can be won in a matter of minutes by beating two opponents.

$ 10 SPINS PowerFest Promotional Probability Chart

Factor Drop rate (per million) Prize
210 50 PowerFest ticket $ 2100
105 100 PowerFest ticket $ 1050
53 250 PowerFest ticket $ 530
32 500 PowerFest ticket $ 320
10,9 3000 PowerFest ticket $ 109
5,5 123,391 PowerFest ticket $ 55
3,3 240,755 PowerFest ticket $ 33
2 631,954 $20

WPTDS Online 2021 – 888poker London Stage Schedule

From April 18th to 26th, 888poker will host WPTDeepStacks London, which has been moved from offline to online. What awaits players in the series, why it should not be missed and how you can get into tournaments through satellites – read our material.

How WPTDeepStacks Started: Historical Background

WPTDeepStacks has never been a stand-alone series – it first appeared in 2014 as a multi-day offline tournament that takes place almost every month in different cities around the world as part of the WPT.

The first WPTDS with a $ 1.1K buy-in and a $ 200K guarantee took place at Ocean’s Eleven Casino (San Diego) and collected 520 entries, overriding the $ 304,400 guarantee. Then the winner was Justin Porter – he received $ 85,027 in prize money.

From 2014 to 2020, the WPTDS was held 127 times – both as an independent tournament and as part of the country’s WPT. The venues over the years have been the United States (most of the WPTDS), Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and other countries.

In 2020, the tournament went completely online for the first time – the partypoker room became the first platform. That WPTDS Online took place in May 2020 and included 13 flights with $ 2.1K buy-ins and a $ 3M guarantee. As a result, the tournament collected 3,554 entries and covered the $ 554K guarantee. Englishman Jareth East became the winner – he received $ 557,658.

Winner of the first WPTDS Online 2020 Jared East.

In 2021, 888poker received a contract to host WPTDS online with a total guarantee of more than $ 3M (previously it was the organizer of several WPT offline tournaments), and the tournament expanded to a mini-series of several events. According to the plan for April, from the 18th to the 26th, three skins of the room should become the venue for three stages:

  • London Online – for an international client (com)
  • Italy Online – for Italy (it)
  • Iberia Online – for Portugal and Spain (es / pt)

Each stage will have 16 events, but since only residents of these countries will be able to take part in the last two, below we will pay special attention to the international stage – London Online.

WPTDS Online: London for 888poker International

The London stage will be held with a total guarantee of $ 2M, of which $ 1M is allocated to the Main Event. The schedule includes 16 tournaments with buy-ins from $ 55 to $ 2.1K and guarantees from $ 20K to $ 1M.

The series will have five tournaments with $ 100K guarantees – they will start every two days, the buy-in ranges from $ 215 to $ 2.1K. Two tournaments will have guarantees over $ 100K – you can find them below. The full schedule can be found in the 888poker lobby -> WPTDS section and in the table:

Tournament Start date and time, MSK Bai-in Rake Guarantee
WPTDS #1 Opening Event April 18 at 20:00 $525 $25 (5%) $200K
WPTDS #2 Mini Opening Event April 18 at 20:01 $55 $5 (10%) $50K
WPTDS # 3 PKO April 19 at 20:00 $320 $20 (6%) $100K
WPTDS # 4 PKO April 19 at 20:01 $55 $5 (10%) $ 30K
WPTDS #5 High Roller April 20 at 20:00 $2,100 $100 (5%) $100K
WPTDS #6 Mini High Roller April 20 at 20:01 $215 $15 (7,5%) $ 75K
WPTDS #7 Crazy 8 April 21 at 20:00 $440 $20 (4,7%) $100K
WPTDS #8 Mini Crazy 8 April 21 at 20:01 $88 $8 (10%) $ 30K
WPTDS # 9 marathon April 22 at 20:00 $525 $25 (5%) $100K
WPTDS #10 Half Marathon April 22 at 20:01 $160 $10 (6,6%) $50K
WPTDS #11 PKO 8-Max April 23 at 20:00 $109 $9 (9%) $50K
WPTDS # 12 Mini PKO 8-Max April 23 at 20:01 $16.50 $1.50 (10%) $20K
WPTDS #13 6-Max April 24 at 17:00 $320 $20 (6%) $100K
WPTDS #14 Mini 6-Max April 24 at 20:01 $33 $3 (10%) $20K
WPTDs #15 Main Event Day 2 April 26 at 20:00 $1,050 $50 (5%) $ 1M
WPTDS #16 Mini Main Event April 25 at 20:01 $215 $15 (7,5%) $100K

$525 WPTDS #1 Opening Event $200K Gtd

  • Start – April 18 at 20:00 Moscow time;
  • Starting stack – 250 BB;
  • Late registration – 215 minutes;
  • Blind levels – 12 minutes;
  • Rebuys – 3 during late registration;
  • Re-entry and add-on are absent.

You can get into the tournament via satellite for $ 55.

$1,050 WPTDS #15 Main Event $1M Gtd

  • Day 1 starts on March 28, April 4 and 11, as well as every day from April 18 to April 25 at 21:30 Moscow time;
  • Starting stack in Day 1 – 200 BB;
  • Late registration – 180 minutes;
  • Blind levels are 20 minutes on Day 1 and Day 2;
  • Rebuys – 3 in each Day 1;
  • Re-entry and add-on are absent;
  • Duration of Day 1 – 12 levels or until 14% of the field remains;
  • Day 2 starts on April 26 at 20:00 MSK.

You can get into Day 1 through satellites for $ 27.50, $ 55 and $ 109. For these sats, sub-satellites are available in the room – freerolls with buy-ins of $ 0.01 and $ 11.

Streaming WPTDS London Online Events

On April 11, 888poker announced four streams with no start time:

  • April 18 – Opening Event;
  • April 20 – High Roller;
  • April 22 – Marathon;
  • 26 апреля — Day 2 Main Event.

All of them will be in English on the official channels of the room on Youtube and Twitch. There are no broadcasts in Russian.

Adam Grandmason and Benjamin Rolle – a podcast about poker and its influence on …

On April 8, on the Raise Your Edge podcast, Benjamin “Bencb789” Rolle and Adam “Adam22nojumper” Grandmason discussed the role and impact of poker on Adam’s life for an hour and a half. From this long and interesting conversation, we have selected and translated for you the parts directly related to poker – you can watch and listen to the entire conversation at Raise Your Edge YouTube channel.

Who are Benjamin Rolle and Adam Grandmason?

Benjamin “Bencb789” Rollet (Benjamin Rolle) is a well-known online regular from Austria, creator of the Raise Your Edge course training portal. He has been playing poker since 2011 and as of April 10, 2021 only played in the largest rooms:

  • PokerStars: 10,119 tournaments with over $ 33M in prize money (according to PokerProLabs);
  • At GGPoker: 209 real name tournaments with an ABI of $ 2,868 and a profit of $ 686,299 (according to SharkScope);
  • At partypoker: 102 real name tournaments with $ 3,083 ABI and $ 265,499 profit (according to SharkScope).

Adam «Adam22nojumper» Grandmayson (Adam John Grandmaison aka Adam22) – Creator and Host Youtube podcast “No Jumper”, where he communicates with various representatives of hip-hop culture, journalist, BMX-rider (participates in races on bicycles with trampolines and observes them). His YouTube channel has more than 3.7M subscribers, videos gaining up to 500K views.

His poker career began online in 2003, but there is no data on his success at that time – most likely due to playing in American rooms, which were liquidated after Black Friday in 2011. According to SharkScope, since March 2020 he has been playing on WPN under the nickname “Adam22nojumper” – as of April 10, 2021 he played 2,382 tournaments with ABI $ 95 – his profit is $ 46,523.

How did poker affect Adam’s life?

As Adam told Benjamin, in online poker he has always been fascinated by the opportunity to fulfill himself. He started playing in 2003, but in 2007, when his business began to bear fruit, he realized that he had never really enjoyed the game and did not want to do it anymore. Up to this point, he had won quite often at poker, but by 2007 the field began to play much better – Adam realized that he was increasingly seeing the actions of his opponents, which he could not understand, and was losing to them:

“However, I am grateful to poker for how much time I spent online browsing various sites. It helped me, at the height of blogging culture, to be in the thick of it with my blog about BMX riding and quickly become popular. This completely changed my life – blogging became my life for more than 10 years, and eventually allowed me to become a podcaster. “

This is not the only way online poker has had a positive impact on Adam’s life. In difficult periods of his life, when he was one step away from real depression, it was the ability to walk in and play that kept him from doing more dangerous things. As Grandmason explained, he is prone to addictive behavior (the rapid occurrence of addictions) and it was online poker that allowed him not only to realize this problem, but also to take it under control – for example, not to play more than a couple of times a week. Partly because of this, he once left poker – in order not to give himself a reason to form an addiction:

“I’ve always tended to take risks, including in situations where it’s best not to. At some point while playing poker, I realized that I was bluffing literally every river and making unnecessary risk calls – and began to fight against such impulses. When you notice this, you realize that you have an unhealthy relationship with the game – your ego does not allow you to give up and give up sweats, you make bad decisions due to a lack of self-control. In ordinary life, it was difficult to notice. “

Why is Adam back to poker?

Before the pandemic, Adam did not think to seriously return to the game – about six months before the lockdown, Grandmason sometimes played for fun, but when the covid covered the world, Adam decided to fully engage in poker:

“I thought it was time to seriously work on the game. I try to prove to myself that I can be a winning player in today’s environment. Now I am in awe of what poker looks like. Since I began to approach him from the side of study, my game has improved – I realized that poker has become an important part of my life, I love him. ”

At the same time, Adam noted that for him poker is definitely not about money. He does not believe that he can really win so much money that it will change something in his life. Now his bestkesh – $ 31,843 to win $ 320 BOSS # 46 $ 100K Gtd in March this year, which in terms of his business is literally a drop in the bucket. However, as a confirmation of his skill and the result of his efforts in training, this amount is very important to him.

Interestingly, during the pandemic, Adam has reorganized so much in terms of work that the thought of the end of the pandemic causes fear in him. The reason is that despite his high pre-covid employment and constant involvement in various projects, Adam is a true introvert. Finding a home in a pandemic turned out to be an extremely comfortable (almost ideal) pastime for him.

“People think, looking at my activity in society, that I am 100% extrovert. But in fact, I always need a lot of time alone to balance my social life and feel better. I get a real thrill from the simplicity of playing poker – you sit in front of your computer and play 10 tournaments all day. There is something incredibly comfortable about this. And now I think about all that heap of shit that will be waiting for me in the schedule after the lockdown, and I feel real horror. “

According to him, although he enjoys social life – traveling to music festivals, where he sees people literally every 5 seconds, communicating with guests on podcasts, participating in other filming, it still remains extremely stressful for him. That is why sitting at a PC, playing poker, listening to some podcast in the background, or something else turned out to be so comfortable for him:

“It may sound strange, but I see poker at home and social life outside as a confrontation between order and chaos. Outside the home in the community, anything can happen that you cannot influence, and while playing poker you always know what will happen – for example, I can plant a couple of hundred dollars per session, being ready for it, and feel in the end excellent.”

In the course of the conversation, it turned out that Rolle largely shares the point of view of Grandmason. He also feels relaxed and happy when playing online poker, even when it is streaming, because he doesn’t have to try to be good all the time – you can just play and not sweat it. However, he noted that Benjamin’s ability to identify his problematic behavior is rare:

“Most people, including poker players, do not notice that they have some weak points and think that everything is in order, they have everything under control. Only a small fraction are able to not only notice, but be honest with themselves and admit that they have problems that need to be solved. “

Budget and bankroll: which is right – split or mix?

As Bencb789 pointed out, he never mixes poker bankroll with money he gets from other sources:

“If my bankroll gets smaller, I never take money from my company budget or personal inventory for it. I play high stakes and have strict bankroll management. I know how brutal poker can be, and I’m not sure I’ll be adequate enough in a tough moment to say to myself, “Stop! and not take even more money from outside to spend on the game. In my opinion, it is very dangerous to allow yourself to borrow money from outside to maintain your bankroll. I myself have never been in such a situation, but I am very afraid of it – I am not sure that I can refrain from replenishing my account with the company’s money every time I lose a lot. “

The correct attitude towards a bankroll comes from respect for the game and for your money, according to Benjamin. The game can be cruel, people can become addicted to it and lose a lot of money, get into debt – which is why it is important to set financial boundaries and comply with limits at the start. Of course, this only applies to professional play – recreational players do not need to worry about bankroll, because they enter the game for a good mood first and only second with the hope of winning something else.

He also shared an interesting observation: when he plays expensive tournaments in which huge prizes are paid at the final, he doesn’t really want to get into these prizes:

“I don’t know what dark sides of my personality might open up if I get really rich. Last year at the WPT Main Event, I didn’t want to make it to the finals, much less win a tournament – because I don’t know what that amount of money can do to me. Now I enjoy grinding and playing and I want to maintain a respectful attitude towards money, the game and the chances that may or may not come up. “

Adam supported him, noting that it is extremely important for poker players to act correctly when handling their bankroll. The basis for this should be the desire to maximize EV, even if it is a small amount:

“The right bankroll management is an integral part of the professional approach to poker. For me, the loss of, for example, $ 14 does not really matter in terms of welfare, but I believe that paying for it still needs to be approached correctly. “

He also noted that there are enough stories in poker of people winning and then losing huge sums in a short time – for example, last year Jonathan “apestyles” Van Fleet went through such a $ 1M swing – and they are a good example of how how cruel and unpredictable poker can be. If even the best players can easily find themselves in such a situation, the weaker ones should take a more responsible approach to bankroll management and definitely not neglect it.

Adam told Ben that he also did not want to lose respect for money, but for other reasons – in his life he saw a lot of people who spent really large sums in one night, and then returned to the land and were forced to take up again for a lower-paid and unpleasant work to earn at least something:

“Their money just flowed away because they didn’t respect their earnings – and I don’t want to be that kind of person. I really love being mean. When I was growing up, my parents taught me never to talk or show people how much money I have – because it affects the way people treat you, makes you vulnerable. “

PokerStars SCOOP Champions in the First Five Days

On April 4th, the historic SCOOP (Spring Championship Of Online Poker) series kicked off at PokerStars with a total guarantee of $ 100M. Millions of dollars will be raffled off every day throughout April. In this article, we have collected for you a report on the brightest victories in the first five days.

Mamonov outplayed Holz on the opening day of the series

On the very first day, SCOOP celebrated a kind of “achievement” in its history – more than $ 1 billion in prize money were raffled off.

Out of 18 events (6 tournaments in three price categories), only three finished on the first night. And in one of them a prominent reg from the Russian Federation immediately distinguished himself Maxim “MAMOHT_T” Mamonov (Maksim Mamonov). He won the $ 2,100 Sunday Cooldown SE event, beating world-renowned Fedor “CrownUpGuy” Holtz (Fedor wood).

The first prize in the 7-max final was over $ 88K.

For Maxim, this was only his second victory at SCOOP. He got the first one back in 2015, and in an exotic $ 27 NL Draw tournament.

Omaha4rollz – Another Holz offender

The very next day, after Holtz lost to Mammoth, he had a second chance to win.

This time he made it to the final of the $ 10K High Roller, where the roster spoke for itself. Participants included Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattson, John “apestyles” Van Fleet, Arthur “mararthur1” Martirosyan, Michael “imluckbox” Addamo and others.

Fedor was close to victory – judging by the live broadcast with the cards open, he had a great time, thanks to which he played quite actively. But heads-up against a Hungarian Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Buytas Fedor started with a 2-to-1 chip gap, and it all came to an abrupt end when Buytas caught one of three outs.

Bantamweight final for Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson

An interesting final table came out in the three-day $ 2,100 Sunday High Roller event. Several regulars from the Russian-speaking community took part in it at once: Alexey “ale6ka” Boyko was the original chip leader, and Artyom “veeea” Vezhenkov was the second stack. Unfortunately, neither one nor the other was destined to win.

Briton Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson became the proud owner of the SCOOP title and the prize of more than $ 150K (including the bounty). Anyone who watched the broadcast of the tournament with open cards saw that he did not have to make difficult decisions – the first half of the final he disciplinedly pressed the fold button, and then premium starters began to visit him more and more often.

The most important hand of the final for Wilson was a preflop position against another Briton ¿¿TONEECHO ?? at the top 5 stage – AQ> AJ for a giant chip leader stack. BowieEffect was supposed to just crush the opponents, which he managed to do in an hour of play.

Talal Shakerchi won the HORSE tournament

The Briton, who considers himself a “recreational” player, has earned his fifth SCOOP title in a very long career. On the night of April 6, he played for the final of the $ 2100 HORSE tournament, which was also attended by Mikhail “mikleler” Semin.

Let us remind you that Talal «raidalot» Shakerchi (Talal Shakerchi) was one of the richest men in the UK (five years ago he was in at least the top 1000, now it is unknown), and is also very active in poker. His biggest career achievement is winning the 2016 SCOOP Main Event, where he received $ 1.46 million. It is unlikely that after such a victory he will be particularly happy about the $ 35K prize money.

Despite the fact that Talal plays a lot on PokerStars, he does not hesitate to criticize the poker room when he sees fit.

Talal Shakerchi: “PokerStars Take Too Much Rake”

Montenegrin Dejan “dejanlc357” Kalajurdjevic won three titles

This is who really “made a rustle” on SCOOP in the first five days. Dejan Kaladurdevic became the first ever player from Montenegro to hold the SCOOP title. Moreover, in five days he won three expensive tournaments! The incredible release of the Dispa brought him almost a couple hundred thousand dollars.

On the first day of the series, April 4, Deianu submitted a $ 530 Kickoff, where there were more than a thousand participants. The prize for the victory was $ 78k.

A few days later, on the night of April 7, he dragged $ 530 NLHE into another kilopolyana for 1000 entries [8-Max, PKO, Freezout) — там приз составил $64k.

Менее чем через сутки он выиграл третий титул турнире $1050 Deep Stacks и получил $52k. В этот раз участников было значительно меньше, но большая часть из них явно была регулярами. 

Zaya занёс турнир по NL 5-Card Draw

Андрей «Kroko-dill» Заиченко (Andrey Zaichenko) имеет многолетний опыт игры в смешаные и лимитные игры. За его плечами уже три титула SCOOP, последний из которых он выиграл в ночь с 6 на 7 апреля. Ему покорилось событие по пятикарточному обмену, а приз составил более $5,5K.

Зая также был относительно близок к победе и в дорогой версии аналогичного турнира по $1050 — там он занял 7 место из 57 ($1194).

Leqenden добавил четвертый титул в копилку

Leqenden постоянно мелькает в самых дорогих турнирах PokerStars уже долгие годы. Два дня назад он победил в быстром 6-макс турбо турнире Win The Button по $1050. Игра шла менее 4 часов. О ходе финалки ничего неизвестно, потому что данное событие не стримили.

* Аналогичные турниры Win The Button категории Mid и Low также покорились русскоговорящим игрокам. Россиянин taglagfack выиграл $34K за победу в турнире по $109, а Jeka3200 выиграл $11,8K за победу в турнире по $11.

Limitless одержал дерзкую победу в турнире SCOOP $10K

Виктор Малиновский (Wiktor Malinowski) показал хайроллерам, как правильно не бояться денег. Кэш-регуляр скайлимитов внедрил три патрона в дорогую версию SCOOP Super Tuesday по $10K и всё-таки вырвал победу. В хедз-апе ему противостоял швед C.Darwin2.

Почему победа Виктора была дерзкой? Потому что финалка завершилась быстро (всего три часа), и потому что Лимитлесс иногда позволял себе неординарные мувы против сильных оппонентов, среди которых был Кристоф «26071985» Фогельсанг, Тимоти «Tim0thee» Адамс и многие другие.

Пример дерзкой раздачи от Виктора за финальным столом $10K Super Tuesday.

Адриан Матеос воспользовался магией «VAMOS»

Для победы в килополяне одного скилла не хватит — тут обязательно нужна удача. Испанец Адриан «Amadi_17» Матеос (Adrian Mateos) прибегнул к секретной магии VAMOS — так можно окрестить ауру латиноамериканских комментаторов, которые стали свидетелями, как Адриан имел в одной из раздач на флопе шанс 0,3% на победу и поймал свои ауты.

Произошло это в турнире SCOOP-13-M $1050 NLHE [Super Tuesday], who subsequently submitted to the protagonist of this column.

* Interesting fact: Last year Mateos won one SCOOP title in a similar tournament.

ZapahZamazki went hunting

On the night of April 8-9, Renat Lyapin won the $ 1050 PKO hold’em tournament – the prize money was $ 84K including the bounty.

It is interesting that he could have won a similar tournament, but for $ 11 – 14,595 entries were collected there, and Hiro managed to take 2nd place (!)

Recall that Renat is very fond of serial tournaments, and last year he managed to win the title of the best player in WCOOP 2020.

This is just the beginning of SCOOP 2021 and we still have a couple of weeks of almost continuous action ahead of us with a “weekend” on Fridays. We will follow all the events, so subscribe to more operative reports from the fields that we publish in the telegram channel @pokeroffru

Partypoker Irish Open champion Pavel “MountainRose” Veksler shares life hacks …

The € 1,100 Irish Open Main Event at partypoker ended today with the champion Pavel “MountainRose” Wexler. Immediately after the victory, Pavel went to visit Dmitry Shakhov and Fedor “Lorem” Truntsev and for an hour answered a variety of questions about distributions, lifestyle and even a little philosophy. We publish the most interesting answers. But first, some information about the main event of the Irish Open.

Partypoker € 1,100 Irish Open Main Event: Attendance and Structure

The Irish Open Main Event was held with three entry days. The tournament started on March 28, and already during the first flight, we managed to fill 822 entries with a guarantee of € 1M. By the way, future champion Pavel Veksler jumped on the first day of March 28 and moved on to the second day with 24 stacks.

In total, 1,880 entries were registered in the tournament – with such attendance, one could aim at a guarantee of € 2M. The minimum ITM was provided by 280 players.

The main feature of the Main Event Irish Open was that the tournament was as close as possible to an offline event. Three starting flights, three entrance days, levels on the first day for 25 minutes, on the second day for 30 minutes, and at the final table for 40 minutes. Pavel joked that the only thing missing was the half-hour evening lunch break. Perhaps it will be added to the next episode, but this is not certain.

Stoyan Obreshkov, the regular offline tournaments around the world, went heads-up against Pavel. Opponents made an ICM deal, leaving $ 10K and a trophy for the final game. The heads-up lasted about 40 minutes. After him, Pavel answered several questions from commentators and viewers. The full video is available on YouTube (interview starts at 06:05:00).

About how the ending was

It turned out actually, in a good way, boring. I just won one coin – the second and it worked out well. Nothing special.

Heads-up split

When we went heads-up, I wrote to Stoyan: “Do you want to see the numbers?“He didn’t mind seeing the numbers back in 4-max. I wrote, we played five hands. Then Stoyan replied that he was busy and agreed to look at the numbers. I didn’t understand what it was. We played for about three minutes, and only then he decided to look at the numbers. I said that you have 28 minutes (note: to make a decision – this was written in the client). He thought, said that it suits him. The difference was $ 255K and $ 224K + $ 10K for the former. We shared, and he suggested that we continue in 10 minutes. He said:

“I’ll go dance with my wife.”

By the way, you can see Stoyan’s dance with his wife on his page in facebook.

The importance of winning the Main Event Irish Open

The largest cache win at the Irish Open is probably the biggest win in my career. But this victory probably doesn’t change anything for me. There was no goal for another $ 100K or $ 200K to win – and here it is. Of course, I’m very happy. Very cool, best cache. Over the past six months – a year, there have been many top 20s, where the first was $ 700K, and the top 12 was given $ 30K.

About plans, how to spend the winnings

Please note that I do not plan to follow the example of Mararthur1 or Feruell and deposit a lot on other sites. Maybe I’ll shoot some $ 10K, $ 25K mains if there are good guarantees.

How the Irish Poker Open “returns”

By the way, the Irish Poker Open was the first offline series I participated in in 2012. I had a $ 10K bankroll and played my own $ 3,500 Main Event and $ 1,000 Side Event and lost. And somewhere else, half of the remainder went to expenses: hotel, flights, food. Not that I am a big deal, but I came back with $ 2K. Only 9 years have passed, and I brought the Irish Open into a plus. I return interest. Probably even beat inflation.

About myself

I was born in Crimea. When I was 9 years old, we moved to Israel. He lived there for 20 years. He studied at the university, served in the army, and began his poker career. When in the summer of 2016 they closed online in Israel, I went to Ukraine, rolled from there, received a passport by birthright. I am currently traveling, but based in Ukraine. I have a passport there, an address …

About freerolls

For those who ride freerolls, I want to say that I also skated freerolls. I played one freeroll in 2009-2010, there were 800 people, I won and made $ 160. As the “classics” said: “Everything starts with everything.” Start with freerolls. See how much you want to invest in it. My opinion: whoever in poker is ready to put a lot of effort, he should succeed.

Taking a break from poker

On non-poker days, I hang out with my friends. Now we are going to the beach in Tulum (Mexico). And I play Hero 3. I even took a coach for 10 hours for 10,000 rubles. An interesting game: you have to think a lot. Sometimes I write to some friend, and he replies: “No, you have to think too much.”

Heroes of might and magic 3

About partypoker tournaments

In general, in the tournaments at the Party it works out well. On other sites with varying success. Maybe it’s all about structure and limited re-entries. I really like that people can’t re-enter. In general, the roster is very good in any tournaments. Even in a tournament with a buy-in of € 1,100 for 200 entries, I was a couple of times behind the final and there were always 2 – 3 rather weak guys. And this is very nice.

How a pot of water helps to carry tournaments

When Stoyan went to dance bachata with his wife, I went to the shower to freshen my head. Because Stoyan said the heads-up would be long. Just in case, I decided to cheer up. On normal days, when the sessions are average, I usually don’t do anything special. And in the long Sunday sessions of 10-12 hours, I prepare a pot of cold water (there is no cold water here), put it in the refrigerator and shower myself every 3-4 hours so that my brain cools. Because he is very “seething with the action.” It’s such a small thing that adds ev and improves the quality of my game. I read that “€ urop € an” generally takes an icy shower.

You should never sit at the computer for these five minutes. Lie on the couch, breathe, put a cold blindfold on your eyes. Or you can do push-ups, stand in the bar, like Ti0.

And on Friday, the Powerfest series kicks off at partypoker. Register and drag tournaments like Pavel Veksler.