World Series of Poker Returns Offline in 2021

After a two-year hiatus, the WSOP is finally returning to Las Vegas. On the evening of June 15, the organizers published the full schedule of the series, so in today’s article on Pokeroff we’ll see what’s new and how the community reacted to it.

WSOP 2021 Las Vegas Schedule – What’s New?

This year’s World Series will take place from September 30 to November 23 at the familiar location of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. There will be tournaments for almost all possible games like NLHE / LHE, PLO / PLO8, Short Deck, as well as various variants of limit and mixed games like HORSE and 9-Game Mix.

Full WSOP 2021 Schedule

Globally speaking, there will be a lot of new products. Let’s list what we managed to notice in the schedule.

• 88 tournaments are a lot… For comparison, in 2019, the series held a record 74 tournaments. This time, almost any “special” tournament of the past years will certainly be here: Tag team (command), Ladies Event (entrance for girls is $ 1000, for men it is 10 times more expensive), Seniors и Super Seniors Event (for players 50+ and 60+, respectively), Casino Employees (only for employees), COLOSSUS (the most accessible tournament for $ 400), MILLIONAIRE MAKER (tournament for $ 1500 with a guarantee of $ 1M to the winner), as well as a whole layer of expensive events in the category Championship (for almost every game like NLHE / LHE / PLO / Stud and so on).

The organizers commented on a large number of announced events as follows:

Rest assured the WSOP 2021 is going to be awesome and we are gearing up for a full house. In the rich history of the WSOP, this stage will be especially remembered for you.

• Tournament The Reunion with a $ 5M guarantee… An unheard-of generosity from the organizers – to put up a tournament with a $ 500 buy-in and a high guarantee, and at the very beginning of the series. In essence, this will be the second COLOSSUS, and it hasn’t gone anywhere either, it’s just been moved to the middle of the schedule.

$250K Super High Roller… The WSOP will be the most expensive at the end non-charitable tournament in the history of the series. Any event with buy-ins above $ 100K at the World Series has always been charitable. Consider the One Drop events as an example.

$ 50K PLO… The WSOP does not offend Omaha players and will host a separate $ 50K tournament for them, which will also be the largest buy-in in an Omaha tournament in the history of the series.

FLIP & GO offline… This format is very popular among the players of the GG network, and this year it will be tested on a live streak. Recall that in tournaments Flip&Go the players are given three cards, one of which they fold, and then all go all-in until the winner is determined at the table. When only one participant remains at the table, he immediately goes to the ITM zone, and then the tournament continues according to the standard rules. Whether it will be possible to buy 1-9 stacks in the $ 1000 Flip and Go event at the WSOP remains to be seen.

Example of a Flip & Go tournament on GGPOKEROK

• Hall Of Fame Bounty… Poker Hall of Fame Hommage is a special $ 1979 buy-in tournament (the year the Poker Hall of Fame was founded) to which all live participants will be invited free of charge. For knocking them out, players will receive a bounty – its amount will depend on the year the player was added to the Hall of Fame. For knocking out Negreanu, for example, you can get $ 2014.

Mini Main Event… The most vague “novelty” is just a two-day $ 1000 buy-in tournament with no special prize or details.

Main event

The special focus at the WSOP is, of course, the Main Event of the series. This year it will be held with a traditional buy-in of $ 10,000 (this number is considered “the only official buy-in”) in a freeze-out format. The so-called “November Nine” will not exist.

The schedule is:

  • November 4 – Day 1A
  • November 5 – Day 1B
  • November 6 – Day 1C
  • November 7 – Day 1D
  • November 8 – Day 2AB (for participants who crossed over from Day 1A and 1B)
  • November 9 – Day 2CD (for participants who switched from Day 1C and 1D)
  • November 10 – Day 3
  • November 11 – Day 4
  • November 12 – Day 5
  • November 13 – Day 6
  • November 14 – Game to the top-9
  • November 16 – Final Table

Community Response to WSOP 2021

Many users noticed that the schedule was very quick. The organizers made a lot of mistakes – somewhere they indicated the wrong start date for the tournament, somewhere they forgot to write when all the starting flights from the announced ones begin. For example, the Seniors Event, judging by the schedule, will be five days. But the schedule lists only two starting flights 1A / 1B and nothing else. No date for Day 2, no other flights. Also, in the originally published schedule, there was no event # 44 at all, and # 48 was listed twice.

Despite the scheduling inaccuracies, most of the commentators on Twitter were incredibly happy that the episode would finally take place.

Dan Smith (Dan Smith) gave the organizers a good idea:

The $ 50K Championship will take place on Halloween. It is necessary to make a contest for the best suit – the winner does not pay rake.

87 year old Doyle Branson (Doyle Brunson) is set to play several events at the 2021 WSOP. In 2018, he said he would no longer be able to attend the series for health reasons. Then this photo was taken:

Joe Ingram (Joe Ingram) asked Doyle to play a team event in cowboy hats together.

Alan Kessler (Allen Kesslen) noted that the WSOP did not add the $ 2,500 Omaha8 / Stud8 “beloved” mix tournament to the schedule. The player calls on his comrades to unite and persuade the organizers.

Patrick Leonard (Patrick Leonard) being an expert in tournament structures, questions WSOP Main Event. This year, the starting stack will be 60K, the levels are 120 minutes, 4 days of entry are 5 levels, and the late registration is stretched to the end of the second level on Day 2. In his opinion, the leitrega is too long (for example, in 2019 it was closed before start Day 2).

The second half of 2021 will be entirely devoted to the WSOP, not only offline, but also online. Read the separate material with WSOP Online Date Navigation.

WPT Heads Up Championship – everything there is to know about the most stellar heads-up …

32 players (poker pros, celebrities, streamers and satellites) will come together online at the WPT Heads Up Championship. We are sharing the details of the most stellar tournament in 2021 and looking at the line of bets on this event.

WPT Heads Up Championship at a glance

  • Dates: from 18 to 22 June
  • Format: online heads-up to two wins, the loser is eliminated (in the final, the game is up to three wins)
  • Bai-in: $25,000
  • IT: 4 seats

A month ago, the WPT Heads Up Championship was announced on the Poker King YouTube channel.

In the announcement, Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Brad Owen, Nick Schulman were announced as participants. Back in the teaser, Landon Tice was throwing chips into slowmo while listening to epic music. The audience thought that he would also be, but the guy was not on the list.

Tom Dwan vs Doug Polk, Timothy Adams vs Stefan11222 – WPT Heads Up Championship Draw

On Monday June 14th, Doug Polk, along with Joe Ingram, conducted a live draw using the service and paired all the players. Looking at its results, one can envy some players, others can only sympathize.

Odds to win each of the heads-ups at PokerShares

Pair no. Player 1 Player 2 Keff to win 1 Keff to win 2
1 Steve Aoki Dan Smith 2,67 1,50
2 Jean-Robert Bellande Lynn Gee 2,02 1,83
3 Sam Greenwood Kevin Rabichou 2,02 1,83
4 Alexandra Botez Hafu 1,92 1,92
5 Doug Polk Tom Dwan 1,78 2,09
6 Patrick Antonius Gackt 1,53 2,60
7 Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov Timothy Adams 1,85 2,00
8 Brad Owen Daniel Dvoess 2,05 1,81
9 Linu “LLinus_LLove” Löliger Olivier Busquet 1,89 1,96
10 Nick Schulman Chris Kurk 1,92 1,92
11 毛虫 毛虫 999 (satellite) ButtonClickr 2,19 1,72
12 Victor “limitless” Malinovsky Nick Petrangelo 1,89 1,96
13 Shiptur Anthony Zinno 2,21 1,70
14 Phil Ivey Manig Loser 2,00 1,85
15 Darren Elias KK 国王 KK1 (satellite) 1,70 2,21
16 Andrew “Luckychew” Lichtenberger Stephen Chidwick 1,92 1,92

Steve Aoki vs Dan Smith. Aoki is a DJ, producer, owner of the Dim Mak label, a regular for private games with Dan Bilzerian and other celebs. Such a toss result foreshadows an easy win for Dan Smith.

Steve Aoki on the Poker After Dark show

Jean-Robert Bellande vs Lynne JI… Old-school high roller Bellandé versus up-and-coming new school high roller. The two played live at the same table at the High Stakes Poker Show in 2020, and will now face off online. It is not clear who will win.

Gee and Bellande at HSP

Sam Greenwood vs Kevin Rabichow. On stream, Doug Polk called Kevin Rabichaw “possibly the strongest player in this tournament.” Unfortunately, the draw spoiled the tournament life from the very beginning for both players. Both Greenwood and Rabichow are definitely top players, but some of them will have to be eliminated in the 1/16 stage. Interesting heads-up, the outcome of which is difficult to predict.

Kevin Rabichou

Alexandra Botez vs. Rumay Wang. Chess vs esports, streamer battle. Alexandra – professional chess player, FIDE master; Rumei Wong is a cyber athlete, professional player in World of Warcraft, Bloodline Champions and Hearthstone.

Doug Polk vs Tom Dwan Is one of the most anticipated heads-ups of the 1/16 tournament. Where, if not in a Chinese app in 2021, these two could meet to ride against each other! Bookmakers are betting on the Shelf, probably, the result of the challenge with Negreanu adds confidence in victory.

Patrik Antonious vs Gackt – the legend of poker Antonius as an opponent went to the Japanese musician, actor, multi-instrumentalist Gackt Oshiro. Heads-up, in which the favorite stands out brightly before the start of the match.

Musician, actor, multi-instrumentalist Gackt

Stefan «Stefan11222» Burakov vs Timothy Adams… Another very bright heads-up. Regular expensive cash game “Stefan11222” against top-reg of MTT Adams. The result is difficult to predict.

Brad Owen vs Daniel Dvoress… Vlogger, “Person of the Year 2018” by GPI Brad Owen will meet with MTT top reg, Daniel Dvoess. OXOTA is seen as the favorite.

Linus Loeliger vs Olivier Busquet. Another interesting heads-up: one of the strongest and most relevant online cash game players “LLinus_LLove” against the player who made a bankroll on the heads-up SNG. In fact, Busquet will play a specialized discipline for himself. But how good is his game in 2021?

Chris Kurk vs Nick Schulman. Also an interesting heads-up. Both players are top regs. Chris Kurk plays MTT under the nickname “apotheosis92”. Nick Schulman is an offline reg with $ 13.2M in live tournament earnings.

Chris Kurk (left) and Nick Schulman (right)

毛 毛虫 999 (satellite) vs ButtonClickr. Good luck to the satellite in this heads-up versus top reg. By the way, we still don’t know who is hiding under the nickname ButtonClickr. And they even conducted their own mini-investigation.

Victor Malinovsky vs Nick Petrangelo… Another decent heads-up. Both players are relevant in 2021. Petrangelo won the $ 10K High Roller tournament in March, and Malinovsky regularly drags online.

Danny “Shiphtur” Lee vs. Anthony Zinno. Shiphtur is a professional League of Legends player. Anthony Zino is a two-time WSOP champion. Good luck to Shiptur.

Phil Ivey vs Manig Loeser. Also an interesting match: poker legend against a very strong MTT player from Germany Manig “swordfish007” Loser with over $ 11M in prize money in live tournaments.

Darren Elias vs KK 国王 KK1 (satellite). Darren Elias won 4 WPT Main Events – a record that hasn’t been broken yet. Good luck to the satellite.

Andrew “Luckychew” Lichtenberger vs. Stephen Chidwik. Another interesting match. Two top offline MTTs. Lichtenberg alone has $ 10M in prize money, while Chidwick has almost $ 35M.

Championship format and broadcast on Twitch

The tournament will be held in the playoff format (the loser is eliminated) up to two wins. The final will be held in the format of up to three wins.

The format of the matches is SNG heads-up with a starting stack of 140 BB. Levels will increase every 7 hands. Doug Polk was very surprised to hear about the speed of the blinds. According to his calculations, one heads-up will last about 50-60 hands.

The tournament will run from June 18 to June 22 and will be streamed on the Twitch channel / worldpokertour. Beginning at 23:00 Moscow time.

Follow the action with us in telegram channels Pokeroff.

Course creator Zenith Poker condemned poker training portals for poor …

The poker player expressed an unflattering opinion about the paid preflop charts that are sold by English-language poker sites or private trainers. Thomas showed someone else’s paid content right on the stream and openly criticized, while advertising his own.

Disclaimer [1]: this material does not constitute an advertisement for any of the mentioned training sites.

Disclaimer [2]: the author is not a professional in the topic of solvers or charts, but only retells to the reader the subjective opinion of other people. Therefore, it is worth taking what is written with a grain of salt and thinking with your own head.

Who is Thomas Pinnock?

Thomas Pinnock (Thomas Pinnock) is a little-known American who worked for Doug Polk’s Upswing Poker portal. He wrote educational articles and acted as a kind of “GTO expert”. In 2018, he went “free float”, organized his own project Zenith Poker, where he publishes free educational materials, including charts for preflop games.

The poker player is fond of mathematics and work in solvers, and also gives paid training. But with all this, he hides at what limits he plays himself and with what results.

Thomas Pinnock

On the poker forum 2 + 2, a user spoke about training with Thomas like this:

I hired him in 2017 to help me with preflop ranges and general preflop theory. He taught me how to work with PokerSnowie, and it has already paid off the several hundred dollars I paid him.

Thomas is theory-oriented, but has little understanding of how the game goes in practice. He is a PokerSnowie enthusiast and clearly knows how to work with it. Hire him if you want to immerse yourself in poker theory. But don’t expect to be taught how to beat your limits – with him you will talk about theory, since he has zero understanding of the exploit.

I can recommend it, but you should understand in advance who you are contacting.

Another review of Thomas’s work was also positive:

If you want to hire him to beat your limits, you will be disappointed.

If you want to hire him to better understand poker theory, then you will be satisfied. A better understanding of poker theory later allows you to grow in limits.

I played NL100, he introduced me to PokerSnowie and helped me figure out the theory. I am currently playing at NL500. Did I get up just because of his training? No, but they clearly played in my development.

What is the advantage of preflop charts

It’s cool to work in solvers and build decision trees in poker, but this won’t surprise anyone in 2021, since it has ceased to be something exclusive for high rollers. Poker schools and private trainers have long been not only sorting out the student base, but also teaching them how to work with programs of varying degrees of complexity. In addition, many simply sell courses or “products” that include preflop charts.

At its core, the preflop chart is a kind of cheat sheet on how to act preflop in certain conditions (for example, in which situations to raise first, and in which to respond with a 3bet or fold to someone else’s raise). There is no universally “correct” preflop chart. Usually, players make them for themselves, either ignore them, or take strangers.

In most poker rooms, any charts are prohibited. But regulars still find ways to use them, and that’s a fact.

Internet fraudulent play: can charts be used in 2020

Preflop charts are not built from the imagination of the author, if, of course, we are talking about normal charts. Usually they are based on long calculations in special programs that are very demanding on the performance of the PC. For this, powerful computers are usually rented with at least 256 GB of RAM (often with 1 TB or even 2 TB of RAM), since this is the main resource used in calculations. This is also the reason why educational sites sell charts for money, and not small ones.

Why Thomas Pinnock criticized the paid charts

The poker player is proud to be giving out supposedly free preflop charts on his website. In fact, only a fraction of them are available for free.

According to the creator, his charts are the best he has seen, for several reasons:

  • They take into account significantly more open sizing.
  • They have options for cold calling
  • They are dynamic (not just a static picture for a separately calculated spot, but a special web application where you can select a specific spot)

Simply put, Thomas claims that he built his charts for a couple of years using MonkeSolver on a PC with 2 TB of RAM. It shows more branched solutions than the competition.

This is what the free charts developed by Zenith Poker look like.

On May 27, Thomas decided to prove to the whole world that his product is supposedly the best on the market. He opened the paid charts Upswing, Pokerconverter, BCP, Overnight Monster and even the paid preflop high roller MMASherDog (BluffTheSpot portal) live. Some of them were presented in the form of PDF-files, some in Excel-tables, and some even as a text document in Notepad, the data from which had to be taken and inserted into the solver yourself.

An example of a chart that was discussed on stream

Thomas bluntly criticized the “disorderly” work of competitors – someone had an obvious overpricing ($ 500 per charts preflop), someone only calculated the 2.2bb open sizing and no others, and someone did not bother to take it into account preflop. charts, in principle, the possibility of calling a three-bet, leaving only two options – either fold or 4-bet.

To put it simply, according to Thomas, all of the above training sites were selling a product that they “slapped” in a few days.

Community reaction to the scandalous stream

At the moment, the stream has received only 4,000 views, but even that was enough to provoke a violent reaction from commentators. People have accumulated a huge number of opinions about what they saw, and everyone decides for himself whom to agree with.

• Thomas acted ugly. Why on earth does he allow himself to openly criticize competitors? Watch your product and do not spoil the business of others. Nobody forces people to buy someone else’s charts, they make their own decisions.

This guy is the hero we needed! Finally, someone brought these scammers to the surface! Serves them right, let people know!

He will definitely be sued for copyright infringement! During the one hour broadcast, Pinnock showed dozens of other people’s charts, which he allegedly bought, although in fact he stated in plain text that many of them were “thrown off in the chat” for him. Surely some of the affected sites are already thinking how to properly file a lawsuit.

He attacked the wrong one. On the list of those whose charts he criticized was MMASherDog – a regular expensive cash game on PokerStars, which occasionally takes the highest lines in terms of profit among all the players of the room. He already knows exactly what he is doing, and in order to criticize him, you must at least be his competitor. Recall that Thomas Pinnock does not disclose information at what limits he plays and with what result.

“Have you seen your charts, smart guy?” Many also criticized the author’s cool charts – allegedly the first actions of the preflop are well calculated in them, but there are very few “nodes” (branches) further.

World Cup of Cards Online – $ 2,245,000 Guaranteed Series on partypoker

From June 16 to July 5, partypoker hosts the World Cup of Cards. From 2017 to 2019, this series was played offline at the Playground poker club in Canada, but in 2020 it was canceled due to the pandemic, and in 2021 – like many other poker series – it was moved online.

We have collected for you information about its schedule and the largest events that await players in the next two weeks.

World Cup of Cards Online 2021 Schedule

As part of the series, partypoker will host 20 events with buy-ins ranging from $ 5.50 to $ 1.1K and a total guarantee of $ 2,245,000. Some of these tournaments are two-day tournaments with several entry days. The biggest guarantees await players in five tournaments, not counting the Main Event. Each major tournament has a Mini-prefix, the buy-in of which is 10 times less, and the start time of all days coincides with the big brother.

$55 Grand Prix Knockout $250K Gtd

  • 28 days of entry from June 16 to June 24.
  • Day 1 starts at 01:05, 16:05, 19:05 and 22:05 Moscow time. Day 1 Turbo – June 24 at 07:05 UTC. Day 1 Hyper – June 24th at 8:30 pm EDT.
  • Starting stack – 125 BB.
  • Late registration – 12 levels of 8 minutes on Day 1, 5 minutes on Day 1 Turbo, 3 minutes on Day 1 Hyper.
  • Re-entry – 1 in each Day 1.
  • Duration Day 1 – until 15% of the field remains. The survivors then move on to Final Day (Day 2).
  • Final Day starts on June 24 at 22:05 Moscow time.
  • Final Day blinds are 10 minutes.

$320 Quebec Opener $125K Gtd

  • Entry days start: Day 1A and 1B on June 18 and 19 at 22:05 Moscow time, Day 1C on June 20 at 18:05 Moscow time, Day 1 Turbo on June 20 at 20:05 Moscow time.
  • The starting stack is 100 BB.
  • Late registration – 9 levels of 15 minutes each in Day 1A and 1B, 10 minutes in Day 1C, 5 minutes in Day 1 Turbo.
  • Re-entry – 1 in each Day 1.
  • Duration Day 1 – until 15% of the field remains. The survivors then move on to Final Day (Day 2).
  • Final Day starts on June 20 at 22:05 Moscow time.
  • Final Day blinds are 15 minutes.

$320 Playground Cup $125K Gtd

  • Entry days start: Day 1A and 1B – June 25 and 26 at 10:05 Moscow time, Day 1C – June 27 at 18:05 Moscow time, Day 1 Turbo – June 27 at 20:05 Moscow time.
  • The starting stack is 100 BB.
  • Late registration – 9 levels of 15 minutes each in Day 1A and 1B, 10 minutes in Day 1C, 5 minutes in Day 1 Turbo.
  • Re-entry – 1 in each Day 1.
  • Duration Day 1 – until 15% of the field remains. The survivors then move on to Final Day (Day 2).
  • Final Day starts on June 27 at 22:05 Moscow time.
  • Final Day blinds are 15 minutes.

$109 Mini Main Event $200K Gtd

  • Entry days start: Day 1A – 1C – June 27, July 1 and 4 at 22:05 Moscow time, Day 1 Turbo – July 5 at 18:05 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 200 BB.
  • Late registration – 12 levels of 15 minutes in Day 1A – 1C, 10 minutes – in Day 1 Turbo.
  • Re-entry – 1 in each Day 1.
  • Duration Day 1 – until 15% of the field remains. The survivors then move on to Final Day (Day 2).
  • Final Day starts on July 5 at 22:05 Moscow time.
  • Final Day blinds are 15 minutes.

$320 Montreal Masters $125K Gtd

  • Entry days start: Day 1A and 1B on July 2 and 3 at 10:05 Moscow time, Day 1C on July 4 at 18:05 Moscow time, Day 1 Turbo on July 4 at 20:05 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 200 BB.
  • Late registration – 12 levels of 15 minutes in Day 1A and 1B, 10 minutes in Day 1C, 5 minutes in Day 1 Turbo.
  • Re-entry – 1 in each Day 1.
  • Duration Day 1 – until 15% of the field remains. The survivors then move on to Final Day (Day 2).
  • Final Day starts on July 4th at 22:05 Moscow time.
  • Final Day blinds are 15 minutes.

One-day events WCOC Online

Tournament Bai-in Guarantee Start date and time, MSK
The Rail $109 $25K June 24 at 23:05
The Mini Rail $11 $10K June 24 at 23:05
Kahnawake $215 $25K June 28 at 00:05
Mini Kahnawake $22 $15K June 28 at 00:05
Mount Royal 6-Max $109 $25K July 1 at 23:05
Mini Mount Royal 6-Max $11 $10K July 1 at 23:05
Toronto Turbo $215 $25K 4 July at 23:05
Mini Toronto Turbo $22 $15K 4 July at 23:05
Canadian Closer $530 $50K 5 July at 23:05
Mini Canadian Closer $55 $20K 5 July at 23:05

$1,1K Main Event $1M Gtd

  • Entry days start: Day 1A – 1C – June 27, July 1 and 4 at 22:05 Moscow time, Day 1 Turbo – July 4 at 18:05 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 200 BB.
  • Late registration – 12 levels, 20 minutes each in Day 1A – 1C, 10 minutes – in Day 1 Turbo.
  • Re-entry – 1 in each Day 1.
  • Duration Day 1 – until 15% of the field remains. The survivors then move on to Final Day (Day 2).
  • Final Day starts on July 5 at 22:05 Moscow time.
  • Final Day blind levels are 20 minutes in the first 10 levels, then 30 minutes.

Phase satellites to the Main Event

You can get into the Main Event WCOC Online 2021 both directly and through the phase satellites. The longest path looks like this:

Step 1 – Centerroll. Tournament for $ 0.01 with a guarantee of 5 tickets in $ 4.40 Phase 1. Starting stack – 20 BB, late registration – 9 levels, 2 minutes each. They start every hour during the day from 13:00 to 17:00 Moscow time.

Step 2 – Phase 1. The first phase with a buy-in of $ 4.40, from which 20% of the field moves with accumulated stacks to $ 22 Phase 2. Starting stack – 100 BB, late registration – 9 levels of 3 minutes. They start every hour from 00:00 to 04:00 and from 12:00 to 23:05 Moscow time.

Step 3 – Phase 2. The second phase with a buy-in of $ 22, from which 10% of the fields are transferred with the accumulated stacks to the Final Phase. The starting stack is 100 BB for those who enter directly, or the one that was accumulated in Phase 1, late registration – 10 levels of 5 minutes each. They start every hour from 00:00 to 05:00 and from 13:00 to 23:05 Moscow time.

Шаг 4 — Final Phase. The final phase, which can only be entered from Phase 2. It is guaranteed for 20 seats in the $ 1.1K Day 1A Main Event $ 1M Gtd. The starting stack is accumulated in Phase 2, late registration – 1 level for 8 minutes. They start on Sundays at 23:05 Moscow time.

There are no other satellites to the Main Event, so don’t miss the opportunity to qualify for the event for $ 1.1K per cent.

Poker rooms with 5-Card Omaha – traffic, available limits, tournament grid

Recently, requests from fans of 5-card Omaha have begun to come to the editorial office of Pokeroff more often. Since most of them are interested in what rooms they can play their favorite game in and how heavy the load can be expected, we looked at all partner rooms and assessed the situation.

What rooms offer 5-Card Omaha?

As of June 12, 2021, 5-card Omaha cash tables are available in four rooms:

PokerStars – limits from PL25 to PL40K, but PL20K + must be reserved through the technical support of the room. All tables – 6-max in assortment – classic PL 5-card, PL 5-card Hi / Lo and Limit 5-card Hi / Lo. You can find tables in the “Classic” tab of the lobby by setting a filter in the “Game” category.

GGPOKEROK – limits from PL2 to PL1K, there are also VIP tables PL5K – PL20K. All tables are 6-max PL 5-card only. You can find tables up to PL1K in the “PLO” tab of the lobby by setting the “PLO-5” filter. VIP tables are located in the “VIP Games” section.

Pokerdom – limits in Russian rubles from PL200 (~ $ 2.77) to PL200K (~ $ 2770). There are 4-max and 6-max tables, including anonymous ones. The whole game is only in PL 5-card. You can find them in the Pokerdom lobby by going to the “GAME CACHE” tab in the “OMAHA” section and filtering by the “Omaha 5” parameter.

PokerMatch – limits in Ukrainian hryvnia from PL50 (~ $ 2) to PL5K (~ $ 185). All tables are 6-max PL 5-card only. You can find them in the PokerMatch lobby by going to the “GAME CACHE” tab of the “OMAHA” section and filtering by the “Omaha 5” parameter.

As for other rooms, the situation is as follows for Omaha cash tables as of June 12, 2021:

  • partypoker – Offers PLO and PLO Hi / Lo, 2-max and 6-max tables, available stakes from PL2 to PL10K.
  • PokerKing – offers PLO, PLO Hi / Lo, NLO and FLO, 2-max, 6-max and 9-max tables, available limits are from PL2 to PL30K.
  • 888poker – Offers PLO and PLO Hi / Lo, 6-max and 9-max tables, available limits are from PL2 to PL5K.
  • RedStar Poker – Offers PLO, FLO, PLO Hi / Lo and FLO Hi / Lo, 2-max and 6-max tables. Available limits in EUR – from PL4 / FL4 to PL1K / FL4K.

PL 5-card cache traffic on the night from Friday to Saturday

Below you can find detailed tables on PL 5-card traffic in the rooms of PokerStars and GGPOKEROK for the period from 11:00 Moscow time on June 11 to 10:00 Moscow time on June 12. The dates and time frames have been chosen taking into account the fact that the night time from Friday to Saturday in poker rooms is popular with recreational players. Limits, at which there was not a single player during the monitored time, are excluded from the tables.

Pokerdom and PokerMatch are placed in a separate subheading at the end of this section, as the traffic there is very low.

Traffic of players on PokerStars taking into account Hi / Lo

Limit 23:00 Moscow time 01:00 UTC 03:00 UTC 06:00 UTC 08:00 Moscow time 10:00 Moscow time
PL25 30 28 25 2 14 5
PL50 10 19 11 4 3 0
PL500 3 3 7 0 0 0
PL1K 0 2 2 0 0 0
PL2K 7 2 0 0 0 0
PL10K 0 2 2 0 0 0

Traffic of players on GGPOKEROK

Limit 23:00 Moscow time 01:00 UTC 03:00 UTC 06:00 UTC 08:00 Moscow time 10:00 Moscow time
PL2 19 24 8 6 6 2
PL5 28 34 7 20 35 13
PL10 24 34 45 39 23 10
PL25 33 48 26 19 13 35
PL50 49 19 34 17 38 34
PL100 56 21 15 5 29 57
PL200 48 44 39 30 24 34
PL500 26 20 31 21 29 29
PL1K 44 48 10 23 11 5

Traffic of players at Pokerdom and PokerMatch

At the Pokerdom for the period from 11:00 Moscow time on June 11 to 10:00 Moscow time on June 12, players appeared only on ruble PL200 (~ $ 2.77), and their number varied from 2 to 5 people. PokerMatch did not even collect a couple of players at all.

Regular 5 Card Omaha Tournaments

In the schedule PokerStars – about 20 tournaments with buy-ins from $ 3.30 to $ 530 and guarantees from $ 200 to $ 4K. Half of them are in the PKO format, the coolest are held twice a week – $ 530 HRC Omania HR $ 4K Gtd at 21:30 Moscow time on Thursdays and $ 109 Saturday KOmania $ 2K Gtd at 19:45 Moscow time on Saturdays.

Pokerdom holds a regular tournament of the category “The Magnificent Seven” with a buy-in of ₽100 (~ $ 1.40) and a guarantee of ₽5K (~ $ 70). It starts weekly on Mondays at 17:00 Moscow time – the closest will be June 14th.

There are no regular tournaments in the monitored discipline at PokerMatch yet, but during the series, you can usually find several suitable events in the grid.

partypoker, GGPOKEROK, PokerKing, 888poker and RedStar Poker are not running 5-card Omaha tournaments at the time of this posting.

The APL series of poker tournaments will be held at GGPOKEROK from 11 to 27 June

Today in the GGPOKEROK room another major series of Asian Poker League tournaments has started – this time the theme is dedicated to the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.

Asian Poker League at a glance

  • Dates: June 11-27
  • 20 main events with special trophies
  • Buy-ins from ¥ 50 (~ $ 7.8) in side events and from ¥ 525 (~ $ 82) in main events
  • Main Event with ¥ 1,888 buy-in and ¥ 10M guarantee

Schedule major APL events

Date (MSK time) Tournament Bai-in Guarantee
June 11, 14:05 #1: Dragon Boat Festival Tip-off ¥550 ¥ 888K
June 12, 14:05 #2: Da Nang River’s Bounty VND 1M VND 1500M
June 13, 11:05 #3: Hanoi Enter the Dragon [6-Max] VND 2.2M VND 2500M
June 13, 14:05 #4: Ho Chi Minh City Championship VND 3,3M VND 3000M
June 14, 14:05 #5: Dragon Boat Bounty Celebration ¥525 ¥ 888K
June 15, 02:05 PM #6: Manila Megastack ₱1100 ₱3M
June 16, 02:05 PM #7: Taipei Bounty Hunter TWD 2100 TWD 3M
June 17, 02:05 PM #8: Jeju Jade Dragon ₩110K ₩100M
June 18, 02:05 PM #9: Seoul Starleague Bounty ₩210K ₩150M
June 19, 02:05 PM #10: Tokyo Poker Open ¥5000 ¥10M
June 20, 02:05 PM # 11: Macau Grand Prix ¥3300 ¥2M
June 20, 15:30 #12: Summer Championship [Day 2] ¥880 ¥ 4M
June 21, 14:05 #13: Kunshan King of the Hill [Bounty 6-Max] ¥525 ¥800K
June 22, 02:05 PM #14: Shanghai Masters of Poker ¥1100 ¥1,5M
June 23, 14:05 #15: Xi’an Silk Road Bounty ¥840 1M
June 24, 02:05 PM #16: Kunming Mountain Monster Stack ¥550 1M
June 25, 02:05 PM #17: Sanya Bay Shooting Star ¥1100 ¥1,5M
June 26, 02:05 PM #18: Beijing Bounty Millions ¥2100 ¥2M
June 27, 02:05 PM #19: Super Stars Challenge ¥8000 ¥1,5M
June 27, 15:30 #20: Main Event [Day 2] ¥1888 ¥10M

What makes APL different from other series?

APL is being held at GGPOKEROK for the second time in 2021, with exactly the same ¥ 80M ($ 12.5M) guarantee. The first time the series was timed to coincide with the Chinese New Year, and now – to the Dragon Boat Festival. According to Wikipedia, at this time, the Chinese decorate cities, and also organize rowing competitions in boats depicting dragons.

The main differences between the Asian Poker League and the standard series:

  • Most of the tournaments have a CNY buy-in. There are several events dedicated to other Asian countries: Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines – they are held in the corresponding currency.
  • The winners of the main events will receive a themed trophy in the form of a jade dragon figurine.

APL Main Event

The massive Main Event with a buy-in of ¥ 1888 ($ 295) and a guarantee of ¥ 10M (~ $ 1.56M) will have 53 days of entry. Players start the first flight with a stack of 200 bb and play 20 levels for 12 minutes. Day 2 is scheduled for the final day of the series, June 27th.

There are no satellites for the Main Event in the GGPOKEROK lobby yet. But the next flight will take place only on June 14, so there is a possibility that the situation will change until that moment.

Hundreds of side events

The APL schedule will be literally inundated with hundreds of additional tournaments with buy-ins ranging from ¥ 50 ($ 7.8) to ¥ 5,250 ($ 820). Some of them have already started and successfully beat the guarantees. For example, let’s take a ¥ 1,100 high roller tournament, in which the third place was taken by Belarusian Vladimir “Aptivova” Lappo (S1n0bi at GGPOKEROK).

Battle Royale on GGPOKEROK: rules and dynamics of the game

GGPOKEROK continues to introduce new recreational formats. Battle Royale (Royal battle) – a mixture of fast poker, shooter and SNG with knockouts. Explained the rules of the game and collected the first feedback on the new format.

Battle Royale on GGPOKEROK: brief information

  • Battle Royale (or “Royal battle”) – SNG-format with knockouts for 100 people.
  • Buy-ins: $ 0.25 / $ 1 / $ 3 / $ 10.
  • Rake: 5% (in tournaments for $ 0.25 rake 4%).
  • The duration of one game is about an hour.

Today, June 10 at 15:00 Moscow time, a new format was launched in the GGPOKEROK client: Battle Royale or Battle Royale.

Battle Royale game rules at GG

Battle Royale takes place in three stages.

  1. Rush (6-макс, Rush) – continues until 50 people remain in the game. Blinds rise every 3 minutes. Format – Rush (immediately after pressing the “pass” button, the next hand starts). After 15 minutes, players who are not in the top 50 of the general chip account are eliminated from the game (and the rewards for knocking them out are included in the total prize pool).

    Important! If at the same time several players in equal stacks claim to be knocked out, then the number of knocked out players and the number of hands played are compared. Whoever has fewer knockouts and hands will be eliminated.

  2. Shootout Zone (5-max, CIS shootout) – Participants play shoot-out tournaments until one participant remains at each table. After 15 minutes of play, All-In Mode turns on: players go all-in auto in every hand.

    Important! The one who knocks out all opponents before everyone else will be the last to choose a seat at the final table.

  3. Final Table (10-max, CIS) – runs like a normal knockout tournament final table. Only here all the players get into the money (up to this point, it was possible to earn only through the bounty). This stage is as similar as possible to the usual final table of a tournament on GG:

    • before the start of the game, the finalists choose a place at the table;
    • the growth of the blinds after a certain number of hands (and not in time);
    • additional time for reflection – 5 minutes.

Here’s how the final table payouts are split (excluding bounty):

Position Payouts in% $ 0.25 bai-in Be $ 1 Be $ 3 Be $ 10
1 21,13% $2,64 $10,57 $31,70 $105,65
2 21,12% $2,64 $10,56 $31,68 $105,60
3 14,47% $1,81 $7,24 $21,71 $72,35
4 11,37% $1,42 $5,69 $17,06 $56,85
5 8,95% $1,12 $4,48 $13,43 $44,75
6 7,03% $0,88 $3,52 $10,55 $35,15
7 5,52% $0,69 $2,76 $8,28 $27,60
8 4,34% $0,54 $2,17 $6,51 $21,70
9 3,40% $0,43 $1,70 $5,10 $17,00
10 2,67% $0,33 $1,34 $4,01 $13,35

$ 15K Weekly Battle Royale Leaderboard

Added a $ 15K weekly leaderboard to the new game. Points are awarded based on the number of tournaments played. One tournament = one point. “Happy Hours” from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time: at this time, not 1, but 1.5 points are awarded per tournament.

The entire prize pool of the leaderboard is distributed as follows:

  • $ 8,270 among players in $ 10 buy-in tournaments; 50 people in prizes
  • $ 3,945 among players in $ 3 buy-in tournaments; in prizes 100 people
  • $ 2,160 among players in $ 1 buy-in tournaments; in prizes 100 people
  • $ 672 among players in tournaments with a buy-in of $ 0.25; in prizes 200 people

Criticism of the new format “Battle Royale” at GGPOKEROK

So far, players have just started to master the new format. But there is already the first review. Here’s what Pokerfuse and PokerIndustry co-founder Nick Jones tweeted:

The game has a very low rake, only 4% – 5%. This is very low for such low buy-ins. I can’t remember a single similar game with such a rake at such limits. In most MTTs the rake is about 10%, in lottery SNGs it is about 7%. Success of GGPOKER at PKO!

Have you played the new Battle Royals at GGPOKEROK? How do you like the format? Leave feedback in our chat in Telegram.

Poker Missions at RedStar Poker “Score and Win” in honor of the European Championship …

Exactly on the dates of the UEFA Euro 2021 European Football Championship, RedStar Poker will host a themed promotion with generous prizes.

Score & Win – complete simple missions and get prizes

From June 11 to July 11, look for a new promotion in the game client of the poker room Score and Win… You are required to choose your favorite football team (this does not affect the final result) and complete the poker missions, divided into “rounds”. There are four missions in each round – you will receive prizes for each of the first three, and if you complete the fourth, you will receive an additional instant prize.

The first two rounds look like this (there are 7 of them in total):

Round Mission name What need to do
1 Score&Win #1 Reach the flop 5 times at cash tables NL10 and above (Heads-up does not count)
Score&Win #2 Play 3 Twister tournaments of € 1 or higher
Score&Win #3 Win with a flush at showdown at cash tables of NL10 and above (heads-up are not counted)
Score&Win #4 Win 1 Twister tournament of € 1 or higher
2 Score&Win #1 Win with pocket suited AK at showdown at cash tables NL10 and above (heads-up not counted)
Score&Win #2 Play any satellite with any buy-in
Score&Win #3 Win 2 Twister tournaments in a row of € 1 or higher
Score&Win #4 Get pocket 99s at cash tables NL10 and above (Heads-up does not count)

Score & Win instant prizes for completing the fourth mission in each round

Prize Validity
Ticket to the € 100 Main Sunday Sweat tournament 14 days
Ticket for € 50 7 days
Ticket for € 20 7 days
Ticket for € 5 7 days
Ticket for € 1 7 days
Ticket for € 0.5 Wild Twister 7 days
Ticket to the Score & Win Freeroll € 2021 13.07.21

For completing each of the first three missions within one round, you will be awarded € 0.20 BB Free Blinds. As far as you can tell, this is 20 euro cents, which you can use in a cash game. They must be spent within 7 days, after which they burn out.

IMPORTANT! To start a round, you need to register for it each time in the Missions tab. All missions can only be completed once.

Frirolly Score & Win

During the promotion there will be several special Score & Win freerolls with a prize pool of € 2021. You can enter the tournament no more than once a week – a ticket to it will drop out with some probability as an instant prize for completing a round.

Score & Win freeroll schedule:

  • Monday June 14th 08:15 PM UTC
  • Monday, June 21st 08:15 PM UTC
  • Monday June 28th 08:15 PM UTC
  • Monday July 5th 08:15 PM UTC
  • Monday, July 12th 08:15 PM UTC

If you manage to complete three full rounds, then you will be given an additional ticket to the closed tournament €5,000 Golden Trophy Freeroll, which will be held on Tuesday, July 13 at 20:15 UTC.

partypoker banned WPT500 champion David Afework and froze …

The scandal unfolds on 2 + 2: partypoker was banned for hosting WPT500 champion David Afework. Joe Ingram and Mason Malmouth have already joined the discussion. We understand this unobvious situation and try to understand who is right.

Banned WPT500 Champion David Ifwork Seeks Community Support For 2 + 2

A new discussion emerged on the 2 + 2 forum today, claiming to be one of the biggest online poker scandals of 2021. A week ago, David Ivork won the WPT500 with 2,088 entries.

Before the broadcast began, the only thing known about this guy was that he was an amateur player. But the Briton had to step out of the shadows and ask for help from the poker community. David started a 2 + 2 discussion in which he revealed that he was banned by partypoker and forfeited $ 160,210 of his winnings. We publish the translation of the post that opens the discussion.

Hi, my name is David Ifork and I recently won $ 160,000 on partypoker. It was my biggest victory and the most amazing moment in my life. But today I received an email from partypoker stating that I was disqualified. Room believes that I have transferred my account to a third party.

This is complete nonsense. I played with my account on my Dell laptop in the room I have been living in for several months with my girlfriend (she doesn’t understand anything about poker). And she was the only person who saw me throughout the tournament. I played alone 99% of the time.

I believe that this whole story with the transfer of the account to a third party comes from the fact that I lived for 7 months with a * friend who also plays poker. Therefore, perhaps they saw that we had the same IP. But I am completely honest and do not want to hide the fact that no one has ever played from my account except me. Only I have access to the account, I guarantee it 100%.

The truth is that I played in this tournament, I won. And seeing how partypoker dealt with this situation was the biggest disappointment. I have no words. Getting to the final with some really strong players and winning the tournament was just wow for me. I played better than ever and I was very lucky. Simply look at the final handwhen I ran over Aces, making one card flush by the river. Or remember the hand where I knocked out Jamie Staples when he flopped two pair with KQs and I got a made flush with T6s. It was perfect for me. So much so that after the tournament I still played roulette, bet £ 2,000 and spun to £ 18,000. But all funds were confiscated from me.

When I deposited a few thousand pounds before this win, partypoker never bothered about my account. Because there was no reason for that. Now that I’ve won, and won a lot, they don’t want me to win anymore. It’s as clear as daylight.

Anyway, the reason I am referring to 2 + 2 is because I need community support. And I don’t know how to get the community’s attention to my problem. I have already contacted the UK Gambling Commission to inform them of this situation and to take the first steps to understand the legal framework. Has anyone like this happened to anyone before?

If you feel that you can publicize this situation, I would be very grateful. I will also keep anyone interested in this story informed as it promises to be long.

* Ifwork also added that this friend did not participate in WPT500.

Analysis of the performance of David Ifwork in the WPT500 tournament

The ban with the confiscation of the WPT500 champion thundered out of the blue. The final of this tournament was broadcast live. Both viewers and commentators have a clear impression of David’s performance. This is an amateur player who worked very well. In addition to the two hands that Aifwork remembered in his message, we remembered two more. And they are also not about skill, but about the incredible luck of the Briton.

In 8-max, David Ifwork caught a double with AA vs AK Timo Borchmann. After this hand, David broke into the top 2 with a stack of 53 big blinds. And then he sat quieter than water, below the grass.

In 4-max, David Ifwork collected the rest of Borkman’s stack. On the SB with QTo, he called a raise from Timo, who opened KJo from UTG. Then came the dream flop J-9-8 “rainbow”. David check-raised and called a 26bb shove from his opponent.

On the flop, ifwork check-minraised and got a push

The only thing that viewers could blame Aifwork for was the twisted RNG. So reliably hitting the boards in spots in which you find yourself, as it were, on your own, is a huge success. This position is shared by other participants in the discussion on 2 + 2. Kid-A wrote:

“Is this the same tournament where Jamie Staples finished third? I’ve watched a lot of final tables and (no offense) the thread writer didn’t play like a pro. Hope you can figure this out. It seems crazy that such a huge amount of money was frozen. ”

The community’s top advice on how to resolve a dispute: Hire a lawyer

The mastodons of the poker world joined the discussion. Poker book author and 2 + 2 owner Mason Malmuth suggested hiring a lawyer who is well versed in gambling law and lives in the UK:

“A lawyer like this is expensive but can put pressure on partypoker. I have no idea why the room did this. I suspect they will not want to share the details of your case, but a good lawyer will be able to get this information from partypoker to start a legal dispute. Plus, the whole room might not like the bad ads they might get from this situation. “

Blogger Joey Ingram also joined the discussion. He asked why the room decided that someone else was using David’s account. partypoker indicated in the letter without details that their decision was based on “Incontrovertible evidence”.

Lsaw22 wrote:

Industry standards – do not disclose information about evidence to the player. More detailed information is transmitted to the legal representatives of the player if this method of resolving the dispute is chosen.

In my experience as an agent, 99% of people who open such discussions are inaccurate in their circumstances and actions.

If the author of the discussion did not really break the rules, he should hire a lawyer and file a complaint with the appropriate dispute resolution body. At this point, partypoker will be required to base its decision on inside information that will not be shared with the player.

The confiscation of funds in this amount must be regulated and agreed at a very high level in any company with a solid leadership. Before making such a decision, the company clearly considered the existence of irrefutable evidence that can be used in the event of a complaint. Please understand that partypoker is not really interested in such activities, they do not benefit the company. The company does not store users’ money in its accounts and must inform that a dishonest player was found on the site, who could be caught only after he won a large amount of money.

Perhaps David Ifwork really does not say. The statistics of his game under his real name on SharkScope are not tracked. But according to PokerProLabs, David Afework played a couple of centrolls until May 23, and then started playing tournaments with ABI260.

PokerProLabs: list of tournaments played by David Ifwork under his real name at partypoker

The situation promises to be interesting, since the ending of this conflict is not yet visible.

Follow the development of this situation in our Telegram channels Pokeroff… We publish news from the world of online and offline poker before anyone else. And join the discussion at chat.

How did the first events of the USPO High Roller series go?

Lockdown dragged on for a year and a half, and all poker action moved online. The WPT at partypoker or 888poker, the EPT at PokerStars, or even the WSOP at GGPOKEROK no longer surprises anyone. Expensive streaks went one after another, and their flow stopped only recently – online regulars were able to breathe out. Instead of them, high rollers from offline “go to work”. The first major series for them – US Poker Open with buy-ins of $ 10,000.

US Poker Open: quick reference

  • Takes place from 3 to 14 June
  • 12 tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $ 10K to $ 50K
  • Disciplines NLHE, PLO, short deck, 8 games and Big Bet Mix (rotation NLHE / PLO / NL 2-7 Single Draw)
  • All Live Events at PokerGO
  • The best player in the series will receive a special trophy and $ 50,000

The series is annual, but due to COVID-19 in 2020, it did not take place. The organizers did not want to, or did not find partners to transfer the game online.

US Poker Open 2021 Schedule

Date Tournament
June 3 # 1 $ 10,000 NLHE
June 4th # 2 $ 10,000 PLO
June 5th # 3 $ 10,000 NLHE
June 6th #4 $10,000 Big Bet Mix
June 7 #5 $10,000 8-Game
June 8 # 6 $ 10,000 NLHE
the 9th of June # 7 $ 10,000 NLHE
June 10th # 8 $ 10,000 PLO
June 11th # 9 $ 10,000 NLHE
12 June # 10 $ 10,000 Shortdeck
June 13 # 11 $ 25,000 NLHE
June 14 # 12 $ 50,000 NLHE

The first US Poker Open 2021 tournament becomes the largest in the history of the series

And the American won it Jake Daniels (Jacob Daniels), who regularly participates in USPO events.

The $ 10K NLHE tournament attracted 95 entries and became the largest in the history of the series. Daniels earned $ 218,500 for first place – almost the largest prize in his career (he won $ 281K in the WPT High Roller event).

The opening event featured many internationally renowned high rollers including Alex Foxen, Nick Petrangelo and Daniel Negreanu… The latter, by the way, turned out to be unusually harsh in photographs. Looking ahead, let’s say that Daniel played the first three events and flew everywhere a couple of places before the money.

In heads-up, the future winner met with the famous “businessman” Dan Shak (Dan Shak) – He kind of calls himself an amateur poker, but at the same time has been playing high roller events for over a decade. And Shaq had a chip advantage.

Sam Soverell won the # 2 Omaha event

American Sam Soverel received $ 175,500 to win the 65-entry event, beating “reigning champion” Jordan Cristos. Soverel now has $ 14.8M in career prize money.

The American started the final game as a huge chip leader – there were about half of all the chips behind his box, while most of his opponents were sitting with stacks of 15 big blinds. As a result, Soverel knocked out four out of five opponents.

Former WSOP ME Champion wins # 3 event

Joe McKinney (Joe McKeehen) is the most non-media character in the world of poker, even though he was the 2015 WSOP Main Event champion. He loathes journalists and has made it public on more than one occasion.

McKean has over $ 17.5M in offline prize money according to hendonmob, and he does not plan to stop there.

Today, the American won the third no-limit hold’em USPO event and won $ 200,200. The scenario was roughly the same as in the Omaha tournament – McKean started with a chipack and knocked out three of six opponents, including Jake Schindler, Ali Imsirovich and two-time WSOP champion Steve Zolotow.

At the end of three tournaments, the top 3 lines of the USPO leaderboard are occupied by three winners. The first place is held by Jake Daniels, since the opening tournament has collected significantly more entries, the second is McKean, the third is Soverel.