Poker movies that aren’t worth the time

Today the film “Cold Settlement” – a nominee for the Venice Film Festival, is being released. The film has already received rave reviews from film critics. We will definitely watch it and write a review. Here are the 5 worst poker movies. They are often found in selections of poker movies. We looked at them for you so that you don’t waste your time.

🎬 Shark Out of Water (2008)

  • genre: short film, drama
  • Imdb rating: 7,50
  • Time: 18 minutes

The plot of the short is simple: two guys (let’s call “skill” and “unlucky”) spend time together playing poker. The first nine minutes of the action takes place in a poker club. Cooler distribution, debt play, Phil Hellmuth – everything is there.

The second eight minutes of the film “unlucky” gets on a visit to the “skill”. From the doorway, a quarrel flares up: the wife of a “skill” against her husband’s addiction to poker. The film ends with the “unlucky” calming a baby crying in the next room, leaving money (which he probably owed) and throwing out the “shark” talisman (quitting poker?)

How did a picture with a rating above 7.0 get to this list, because this is a high rating? This is a harmful movie for one reason: it equates poker with gambling (slot machines, roulette, blackjack, etc.) when the industry is fighting this misconception. The movie would be true if there was any other casino game instead of poker.

🎬 “Marked Cards” (“Cold Deck”, 2015)

  • genre: drama, crime
  • Imdb rating: 5,50
  • Time: 01:20

Bobby (Stefano Gallo) is a simple worker from the factory (really straight from the factory). The mother is ill, the father is gone. Bobby is tired of the gray life and wants to change everything with the help of poker. True, he has no luck at cards. First, he loses money in katran so much that he cannot pay the $ 76 bill at the grocery store.

Then Bobby and his friend Ben (Kerr Hewitt) decide to get into a private game with Turk (Robbert Knepper) with $ 250K at stake. To get money for the buy-in ($ 25K), the guys decide to steal a car. The crime is successful, the car is sold, but money cannot be won. Heads-up Bobby loses to Chip (Paul Sorvino).

Chip then gives Bobby and Ben a tip. Instead of outplaying Turk, the guys go to the robbery. The robbery succeeds, the Turk, in a rage, thirsts for revenge …

The plot, the acting, the cinematography are all at a rather mediocre level. Until the end, it is not clear who Bobby’s father was, what graters he had with the “chip”. This movie is good if you run it somewhere in the ninth window during the session. But taking popcorn, your beloved woman, wrapping yourself in a blanket, turning off the lights and showing such a movie on the big screen is not worth it.

There is one very funny moment in this movie. Oversized tables. At the beginning of the film, there are small round 6-max tables on the screen, just like from westerns. But here is a huge green table in an expensive game at “Turk” – this is exclusive. This was not in any film. A dealer at such a table is not to be envied.

Here is the same table in the frame

🎬 “The game all-in” (“All In”, 2006)

  • genre: drama
  • Imdb rating: 3,70
  • Time: 01:34

The lowest rated movie in our top, but we wouldn’t call it the worst. The plot is original. Alicia Anderson “Ace” “Ace” is a medical student. Her father is a poker player. He made homies with friends, but his devout wife was always against it. Alicia took over poker skills from her father. Instead of bedtime stories, Dad asked all sorts of questions about poker probability and shared his observations of opponents’ tell.

The father always wanted his daughter to become a poker pro. After an unsuccessful skating rink, Alicia’s dad gets into a car accident. Alicia goes to honey. Ace’s classmates persuade Ace to return to poker in order to earn money to study. The guys have $ 1,100 for promotion. Alicia first sits in the cash and spins up to $ 4K, then flies out on the bubble satellite to a $ 10K tournament in the “winner takes all” format with $ 5M for the first. But in the end, the girl gets into the tournament. We won’t spoil the ending, but it’s easy to think of it.

What’s wrong with this movie?

  • Directing, cinematography and acting work at the level of serials on the first channel, such as “Understand. Forgive ”or“ Detectives ”.
  • “Happy end” ending and unrealistic plot twists.
  • Crooked translation. And if “Queen” instead of “Lady” can still be forgiven, then the “big blind” is not.

🎬 «Va-банк» («Runner Runner», 2013)

  • genre: thriller, crime
  • Imdb rating: 5,60
  • Time: 01:28

The film, which Gus Hansen gave 7 out of 10. The most popular film in our top. Don’t be fooled by Timberlake filming here and therefore the movie might be good. Better watch Timberlake play poker in the movie “Time”.

The plot of the film is fabulous. Richie First (Justin Timberlake) is a student at Princeton University. He is promoting online poker among students, which puts him at risk of expulsion. To earn money to pay for his studies, Richie decides to send $ 18K to the poker room and get promoted (apparently, in one evening). Playing NLHE, Richie finishes his bankroll up to $ 50K, friends command: “Take it out!” And they are right: by the end of the evening, Richie has zero on his balance sheet.

During the game, Richie First discovers that the room is scam. And instead of starting a discussion on 2 + 2, Richie flies to Costa Rica to find the owner of the tweaked room Ivan Block (Ben Affleck) and get his deposit back. And yet he finds him and returns the grandmother. And on top of that, he starts working for him.

The Va-Bank movie is the biggest disappointment in the world of poker movies. There was a lot of noise around him because this is a film from the creators of Rounders. But it seems that the poker expert was not involved in the creation of the picture. Just check out these phrases:

Playing three tables at once is statistically the best option!

This game cannot be won if you are not ready to risk everything.

There is such a theory of the game. I knock him off the pass, and he starts to pick up with fright.

Even the Costa Rican authorities were offended by the film. The film called this country: “a paradise for gambling addicts, drug addicts, dens, where all the police and other security workers are corrupt.”

The film fought back at the box office. With a budget of $ 30M, we managed to raise $ 62.2M. But we recommend not to waste time on this motion picture.

🎬 “Bet on love”, 2015

  • genre: comedy, melodrama
  • Imdb rating: 4,50
  • Time: 01:35

In search of films about poker, we wandered into the territory of Russian cinema and made a bet for an hour and a half of our life on the film “Bet on Love” directed by Artyom Mikhalkov. And they lost.

David (Hovhannes Azoyan) is in love with Anna and is going to propose to her. Her father, a DPS colonel, is not against, and her mother is against. Because David is an Armenian Danny de Vito one and a half meters tall, working as a waiter in a sushi bar.

David is going to Anna’s family dinner. And in order to somehow add status to himself, he asks his friend Kostya to keep him company. He agrees, but in return asks for a test drive of a red Ferrari (Kostya works as a consultant in a car dealership), while he himself plays a satellite to the World Championship of Poker at Pokerdom during working hours.

The car is bought by the wife of a local crime boss, but during a test drive Ferrari goes from the bridge under the water along with Kostya’s passport and a ring for Anna. Now Kostya owes ₽12M to a local crime boss who bought this car for his wife. And since Kostya’s passport has drowned, David, who has never played cards before, is sent to the Poker Championship, where $ 10M is at stake.

This film is bad for its implausibility.

  • To travel to the United States, you need a passport, not a regular passport; it is unlikely that Kostya kept both passports together.
  • Where did the main character and his girlfriend get a visa to the United States?
  • Why is there a winner-take-all tournament in Vegas in 2015? Shooting such a film in 2015 is the same as making a film about the Olympics, where there are only gold medals.
  • Who and how prepared documents for the purchase of a car? And why, as a result of the incident, it was not possible to simply return the money back to the buyer?

The game itself is poorly shown. A couple of showdowns at Pokerdom and one distribution from the Championship. And in the film the word “value” is pronounced with an accent on the letter “y”.

Of the advantages of this film are scenes with the Joker (Alexander Revva) and an unexpected ending.

The film “Bet on Love” is a remake of the Armenian film “Poker by the Rules of Love” (2012). Even the main character is played by the same actor Hovhannes Azoyan. But only Poker by the Rules of Love has a rating of 6.80. Better watch it.

Good poker movies in other articles:

NL_profit dragged $ 10K Super MILLION $ to GGPOKEROK with an increased gar …

GG Team Russia member Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov became the $ 10K Super MILLION $ Main Event champion with 748 entries and earned $ 1,193,332 along with the WSOPC ring.

Filatov entered the final table with the third stack.

Astedt wins Super MILLION $ in Omaha, and Filatov – in the chip leaders of the final in Hold’em

In 9-max he knocked out Sergey “Graf Tekkel” Kolyakov. Sergey pushed Jacks on 11bb from the button, Filatov on BB called with A8o and moved the best hand. In 7-max Anatoly broke into the chip leader. He managed to buy a runner-runner street by the river against top pair Mark Radoji. And in the final hand in the 3-bet pot, Marius Gears flopped top pair with QJ, but Filatov was dealt a pocket pair of Aces

Payouts to Super MILLION $ Main Event $ 5M GTD Finalists:

  1. Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov – $ 1.19M
  2. Marius Geers – $ 920.1K
  3. Marcus “Makeboifin” Leikkonen – $ 709.6K
  4. Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph – $ 547.1K
  5. Pedro “pvigar” Garanyani – $ 421.9K
  6. Mark “AceSpades11” Radoja – $ 325.3K
  7. Isaac «westmenloAA» Baron – $ 250.9K
  8. Ole “wizowizo” Shemion – $ 193.4K
  9. Sergey “Graf Tekkel” Kolyakov – $ 149.2K

With this victory, Filatov renewed the best-cash in his career. Prior to him, the best result was third place in the € 100K Diamond High Roller WSOP Europe Rozvadov in October 2019.

It’s funny that at the end of May 2021, “NL_Profit” told viewers on the stream that he was playing under his real name on GG in the red. Then, according to SharkScope, he flew for $ 550K (now the sharkscope is hidden):

On SharkScope in the red under a real name. Nowadays, this minus is corrected with one trip. As all MTT people dream of fixing everything in one trip, that’s how I am.

As he looked into the water: he fixed everything.

Entain rumored to be acquired for $ 20 billion

If DraftKings buys out Entain (the parent company of partypoker), a new gambling giant will emerge to compete with Flutter Entertainment (PokerStars). The business proposal became known on September 21, so the actual deal is still a long way off.

What is DraftKings?

DraftKings Is an American company that operates in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and sports betting industry. Founded in 2012, it only operates in the US market. The DraftKings logo can often be seen in basketball, soccer, baseball, ice hockey and golf competitions.

The original DraftKings business was Daily Fantasy Sports – a kind of “virtual management” of your dream team, which must be recruited for a limited amount of currency. You compete in the effectiveness of your team against other people’s virtual teams. Whose players perform better during the match / tournament / season, he wins and takes the prize. DFS, like poker, also has tournaments where you need to buy-in to participate.

Introduction to Daily Fantasy Sports

DraftKings’ only competitor in the US is currently FanDuel, which was owned by Paddy Power (which in turn merged with The Stars Group (TSG) in 2019 – now Flutter Entertainment, the largest-cap gambling company on the market).

According to Wikipedia, since 2018, DraftKings became the first operator to receive a bookmaker’s license in New Jersey, which was legally allowed to advertise its mobile app. They now offer services in about a dozen states.

The birth of a new giant of online gambling

Let’s take a look at the capitalization of the parent companies of the most popular rooms at the time of the article’s publication.

  • GGPoker is a non-public company, does not trade in shares
  • PokerStars – Flutter Entertainment has a market cap of £ 27.8B ($ 37.9B)
  • 888poker – 888 Holdings has a market cap of £ 1.8bn ($ 2.45bn)
  • partypoker – Entain has a market cap of £ 14.2 billion ($ 19.3 billion)

: DraftKings offers so far, Entain cost £ 13.2 billion ($ 18 billion)

For the sake of completeness, let’s indicate the market capitalization of DraftKings – $ 21.28 billion. Therefore, their merger with Entain could result in the next largest company in the field of gambling. Poker there, roughly speaking, will be “on the outskirts”, but the current industry leaders Flutter will have a major competitor. True, the main struggle between them will unfold in the United States, moreover in the field of DFS and sports betting.

The British company Entain (the former name of GVC Holdings) has a whole scattering of gambling brands: partypoker, Ladbrokes, Bwin, Coral, Sportingbet, and more recently Optibet. Many brands have their own divisions not only for poker, casino, betting, but also other “social” gambling.

: Entain acquired the partypoker brand in 2016 for $ 1.1 billion

Earlier in 2021, Entain tried to buy out an American company. MGM Resorts Is a giant in the field of online casinos in the USA. $ 11 billion offer (entirely in the form of stocks, not cash) the British dismissed it, saying that they were “grossly underestimated.” By the way, Entain, together with MGM Resorts, organized a betting company BetMGMthat works legally in the United States. Should Entain agree to a commercial offer from DraftKings, they will need approval from MGM Resorts as well.

Actor Jamie Foxx in BetMGM commercial

Do you think something will change at partypoker if the room becomes part of the largest holding in the gambling industry? Write your opinion in the comments.

How can I find out the number of players in the PokerBros and PPPoker apps?

Pokeroff has a new section with information about the traffic of the game in the Poker Bros and PPPoker applications. We will tell you how it works and who can be useful.

A new section on the site is a traffic aggregator for club mobile applications. We collect information about the current game in different alliances and clubs and publish it on one page.

Who is this section for?

For players of poker club offers registered from Pokeroff. Do you want to start playing in Chinese rooms and are ready to make a deposit of $ 100 or more?

Write to our VIP-manager for the best playing conditions

Why do I need a new section?

For convenience. Poker applications do not have the usual lobby like in European rooms. To find a game, you need to launch the application and select a club. We’ve made it easy for the players and have collected information about the game in all clubs on one page. The information is updated every three hours.

How it works?

A new block with access to quick statistics has appeared on the main page. You can find out the total number of players for the main types of poker, as well as compare the traffic of rooms over time. Click on “Details” to find out in which clubs, how many players and at what limits are playing.

Information update time (MSK) is indicated in the upper left corner of the block

Filters available:

  • application (PPPoker and Poker Bros);
  • type of poker (NLH, PLO, OFC, MTT);
  • number of players (heads-up; 3 to 6; 7 to 9);
  • limit from 0 to 5,000 in club currency.

You set the necessary filters and see which application, which alliance and club has a game.

For example, you are playing Omaha PL100 – PL200 6-max at PPPoker. On the main page, select “PPPoker”, “PLO” – information about the game appears on the right in the table. Click “Details” to find the required limit.

In a new window, set the filters: • PPPoker • PLO • 3-6 players • Table limit 100 – 200

The dynamics of users at this limit by day will be displayed.

Below under the graph is information on the current game.

Lena900 wins WSOP Ring in $ 2100 Super MILLION $ Omaholic B …

Summing up the most interesting events on Sunday at GGPOKEROK. Only poker players will understand who Lena is and will not be surprised that he again won several hundred thousand dollars.

Niklas “Lena900” Astedt – winner of the $ 2100 Super MILLION $ Omaholic Bounty

Lena won the most expensive Omaha tournament within the “Super MILLION $ Week” series. The Swede has won a similar weekly hold’em event three times in his career (most recently a month ago, in August), so there is absolutely nothing to be surprised at.

Niklas Astedt

Super MILLION $ Omaholic Bounty with a $ 2,100 buy-in and a $ 1M guarantee attracted 734 entries, making the guarantee beaten by a margin. The final was not shown live, but we do know that Niklas earned $ 162K in knockouts, which is more than all the participants in the top 20 combined.

Payouts to finalists (including bounty):

  1. Niklas Astedt – $ 253,744
  2. Joao Vieira – $ 94,192
  3. Anabel888 — $94,137
  4. Isaac Haxton – $ 66,250
  5. Fernando “JNandez87” Habegger – $ 37,922
  6. Chris Frank – $ 44,477
  7. Elias Harala – $ 32,877
  8. Snowfall – $ 17,985
  9. Christian Rudolph – $ 20,839

Anatoly Filatov reached the Super MILLION $ final: “I played from a laptop in complete darkness on duty with Boriska”

That awkward moment when you are trying to win a million dollars, but you have to look after your beloved son.

On September 21, GGPOKEROK will host a special $ 10K Super MILLION $ final. That’s why:

  • There were five days of entry, which increased the guarantee to $ 5M and was beaten with interest.
  • Winner will receive $ 1.2M and a special WSOP trophy – Golden Ring

Chip account:

  1. Mark “AceSpades11” Radoja – 89.4 bb
  2. Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph – 88.6 bb
  3. Anatoly “NL Profit” Filatov – 87.8 bb
  4. Marius Girse – 81.1 bb
  5. Isaac «westmenloAA» Baron – 43 bb
  6. Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani – 33.8 bb
  7. Graf Tekkel – 15 bb
  8. Ole “wizowizo” Shemion – 14.5 bb
  9. Marcus “Makeboifin” Leikkonen – 14.5 bb

Do you believe in Anatoly’s victory? If you wish, you can bet on it directly in the GGPOKEROK game client – they give a factor of 5.2. The final table will be played out on September 21 at 21:00 Moscow time live on YouTube channel GGPoker (if it does not open, change the country in the YouTube settings).

Arseniy Karmatsky won the APL title

On September 19, a series of Asian-themed tournaments APL (Asian Poker League) began, in which the winners receive a special trophy in the form of a dragon figurine. Two more features of the series:

  • Buy-ins in Asian currencies like yuan and Vietnamese dong
  • Early start of the game – in the morning and afternoon Moscow time, most often around noon

The first two APL tournaments took place this Sunday – a humble event #1 Da Nang River’s Bounty Tip-off with a buy-in of $ 46 and a guarantee of $ 65K + submitted to an unknown Chinese with a very sonorous nickname boboski… The first prize was approximately $ 10,800.

Trophy in the second tournament #2: Bounty Harvest Superstack with a buy-in of $ 312 and a guarantee of $ 309K was taken by a Russian Arseny “josef_shvejk” Karmatsky… Translated into dollars, his prize money totaled just over $ 30,000.

Double victory of Daniel “danludan” Lukin

The famous casino streamer won two solid victories on Sunday, even though they were not title.

Daniil Lukin

The first drift occurred in the Super MILLION $ Week turbo bounty for $ 2100. There were two world famous opponents at the high roller final – Bruno Volkman and Timothy Adams. With the bounty included, Daniel received over $ 63,000.

Super MILLION$ Week #35: $2,100 Sunday Heater High Roller Bounty Turbo

Closer to morning, the Russian raised almost $ 14,000 more in one of the last Sundays for $ 525.

Super MILLION$ Week #35: $2,100 Sunday Heater High Roller Bounty Turbo

It could have been a hat-trick if Dunludan could beat his Hong Kong opponent heads-up, with whom he had previously shared.

Pokermatch will host Ukrainian Poker Cup 2021 from September 24 to October 17 …

On September 24, the flagship series of PokerMatch – the Ukrainian Cup of Online Poker (UPC) of 144 tournaments will start, which will start every day until October 17 inclusive.

Main Cup Schedule

During the series, players will have 72 title tournaments in four disciplines – NLH, PLO, PLO 5-Card and OFC. They will start three a day at the same time in the following order:

  • 19:00 GMT – PLO or PLO 5-Card;
  • 19:30 Moscow time – OFC;
  • 20:00 Moscow time – NLH.

Buy-ins of tournaments vary from UAH 250 to UAH 2K, and guarantees – from UAH 50K to UAH 2M ($ 1 = UAH 26.7). Each title tournament bears the name of one of the Ukrainian cities – for example, on September 24, the series will be opened by the Odessa Cups:

  • 500 UAH PLO Odessa Cup 75K UAH Gtd – 5 multi-entry are available, starting stack – 150 BB, late registration – 18 levels, 10 minutes each;
  • 1K UAH OFC Odesa Cup 150K UAH Gtd – 5 entrances are available, starting stack – 275 kush, late registration – 12 levels, 12 minutes each;
  • 500 UAH Odessa Cup 750K UAH – 5 multi-entry options are available, the starting stack is 150 BB, late registration is 18 levels, 10 minutes each.

The winners of the title tournaments will receive personalized trophies – cups for the champions in Hold’em and medals for the best players in the rest of the tournaments.

Medals for the winners of PLO, PLO 5-Card and OFC tournaments, as well as the Champion's Cup for NLH tournaments.

Registration for the tournaments is already open, but satellites have not yet appeared for everyone – you can track their schedule in the lobby of each tournament closer to the start day.

In addition to the usual satellites, from September 25 to October 15, every day at 19:00 Moscow time, promotional all-in-shooters for three tournaments will start:

  • 2K UAH OFC Lutsk Cup 500K UAH Gtd – start on October 15 at 19:30 Moscow time;
  • 2K UAH PLO Chernivtsi Cup 400K UAH Gtd – start on October 16 at 19:00 Moscow time;
  • 1K UAH Kyiv Cup 2M UAH Gtd – start on October 17 at 20:00 Moscow time.

It will be possible to get into the shooters by completing a simple task – by generating from 19:00 Moscow time of the current day to 18:59 Moscow time of the next day, 50 UAH rake in the discipline corresponding to the target tournament at cash tables, in MTT or Windfalls. The ticket is credited automatically, you need to register for the shutout yourself within 72 hours from the moment you receive the ticket.

In addition to the main three tournaments, there will be three additional warm-ups every day during the series. They are called training, have the same buy-in – 110 UAH – and start before the title tournaments:

  • 18:00 МСК — PLO Training 25К Gtd;
  • 18:30 МСК — OFC Training 25К Gtd;
  • 19:00 МСК — NLH Training 100K Gtd.

No trophies are played in practice tournaments – they serve as a warm-up before the main game.

Tournaments with a guarantee of 1M UAH

In four tournaments – the guarantee will be UAH 1M – they are all in Hold’em, have a buy-in of UAH 500, start at 20:00 Moscow time and offer the same structure:

  • Start – September 25;
  • Multi-entry – 4;
  • Starting stack – 150 BB;
  • Late registration – 16 levels, 10 minutes each;
  • Rebuy – available in the first 18 levels, costs UAH 500 for 50K chips (10 BB at the last level);
  • Add-on – 50 UAH for 16.6 BB;
  • Satellites have a buy-in of 50 UAH.

Millionaires differ only in name and start day:

  • Zhytomyr Cup – September 25;
  • Zaporizhzhia Cup – October 2;
  • Kropyvnytskyi Cup – October 9;
  • Chernivtsi Cup – October 16.

Tournament lobby of the Zhytomyr Cup as an example of a millionaire at the Cup of Ukraine 2021.

The main event of the series – UAH 1K Kiev Cup with a guarantee of UAH 2M

  • Start – October 17 at 20:00 Moscow time;
  • Multi-entry – 4;
  • Starting stack – 150 BB;
  • Late registration – 16 levels, 12 minutes each;
  • Rebuy – available in the first 18 levels, costs UAH 1K for 50K chips (10 BB at the last level);
  • Add-on – 1K UAH for 16.6 BB.

The main event of the Ukrainian Cup 2021.

Leaderboards Tournamentomania for UAH 300K

Among the participants of the title tournaments of the Cup of Ukraine, additional prizes will be drawn on a special leaderboard “UPC Tournamentania”. Points will be awarded based on three parameters:

  • The number of entries made;
  • Bai-ina tournament;
  • Place taken in the tournament.

The higher the place in the tournament, the more points will be awarded as a result. The minimum amount is 10 points for those who do not get into the prizes, the maximum amount is 1K points for the winner.

A place Glasses
1 1K
2 800
3 700
4 600
5 500
6 400
7 300
8 200
9 100
From 10 to 15 70
From 16 to 20 50
Other winners 25
Not included in the prizes 10

The points awarded are multiplied by a coefficient that depends on the buy-in of the tournament:

  • 1 – for buy-ins from UAH 250 to UAH 499;
  • 1.5 – for buy-ins from UAH 500 to UAH 999;
  • 1 – for buy-ins of UAH 1K and above.

According to the results of the 330K UAH series, the 25 best players will share:

A place Prize, UAH
1 55K
2 40K
3 30K
4 25K
5 20K
6 15K
7 12.5K
8 and 9 10K
From 10 to 15 7.5K
From 16 to 20 5K
From 21 to 25 2.5K

TOP-3 leaderboards will be waiting not only for money, but also for personalized cups.

Named cups for the TOP-3 UPC Tournament Mania.

Poker Player Sells Vintage Video Games for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

In his 15-year career, Sean Deeb has won enough poker money for a comfortable old age, so he now focuses more on family. In today’s article, we will tell you how a poker player turned his hobby into a way to make money.

Sean Deeb is not only good at mixed games

In American poker skills Shawn “shaundeeb” Diba (Shaun Deeb) has no doubt that he has won over $ 7.5M in live tournaments and four WSOP bracelets. He’s doing just as well online, with seven WCOOP titles and five SCOOP titles. At one time, Hiro was an outstanding player who could even skip his son’s birthday to play WCOOP.

Sean Deeb missed his son’s birthday to win WCOOP

As it turned out, Shawn’s specialty is not only mixed games like five-card draw, HORSE, but also … video games. For example, Contra on Dandy, popular in the late 80s, opened the world of video games to the poker player, which he is still passionate about.

I’ve always loved games. When Fortnite came out, everyone in poker was hooked on it. We had a whole group of 10-15 poker players, of which a couple had never even played at all. We played since the morning, it was fun. Constantly swearing, betting and all that stuff … I love gambling and video games – this combination is perfect for me

How Sean Deeb started selling nostalgia

A few years ago, Deeb came to New York for a ride and met Nelson Luffy. They quickly became friends and realized that they were united not only by their love of poker, but also by video games.

We met quite by accident at the casino. Nelson had just started playing poker, and we immediately became friends. Now we are constantly spending time together. He is one of my closest friends.

Nelson Laffey

An important fact for our history is that Luffy is a big fan of collectibles for nerds. Sean calls him a collectible expert for games like Magic the Gathering, Pokermon, and more. Luffy had an idea a couple of years ago for a startup – he came to his best friend, offered to “open a business” and asked for a lot of money to buy a bunch of things.

As it turns out, those things were vintage video games on SEGA, NES, and other consoles from the past millennium. Deeb wrote a substantial check, and Luffy went on a mission – he bought old 80s and 90s video games that he could find. The main criterion is the original unopened boxes. The result was a collection of 100 titles that included Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Double Dragon, Deja Vu, and so on.

An example of a game from the collection of Sean Deeb and Nelson Luffy.  Super Mario on Nintendo 64 - Now Selling The Box For $ 85K

Chuika did not disappoint Nelson Luffy – it was not in vain that he spent several years and a tidy sum to collect a collection of vintage video games. Over the past year, the demand for them in the US has allegedly increased to the skies and collectors are willing to pay for “brand new” copies in the factory box.

Nostalgia merchants display their lots on a dedicated collectible video game platform Goldin Auctions… Let’s take a look at a few examples of what they offer.

The game is on sale right now 1991 Sonic The Hedgehog – a week before the close of trading, they are already ready to give $ 130K for it. Goldin Auctions claims it will be the most expensive SEGA game in history.

In April 2021, a factory copy of Super Mario Bros on the NES (Dandy, if we speak more familiar to our ear) was sold for a record amount – $660,000… The exact same box is now being sold by Dib and Luffy – at the time of publication, someone is already ready to give $ 400K for it.

Sean Deeb admits that he is a little upset with the sale of his favorite games, but his head understands that the decision is correct.

It’s sad, of course, to get rid of games, but now the market is so overheated that we are going to sell everything and buy even more copies in the future.

It’s like a boom in the industry and I’m glad that part of my capital is tied to games. Plus, if we make a little money out of them, it’ll be great. If we lose, it’s okay … But I think we will get rich.

Daily tournaments, Omaha and Windfall races at PokerMatch

On September 11, new unique events will start at PokerMatch, affecting the expert team of the room. Who is a member of the team, why is it needed and what promotions were added with its appearance – read in this material.

Expert Team PokerMatch: Omaha, Windfall and MTT

On August 20, 2021, the room introduced a new unit in its team – a team of experts, each of whom is a specialist in their field. It includes three well-known poker players: Gleb “Ti0” Tremzin, Sergey “S_Nesterenko” Nesterenko and Stepan “xxSTEPANxx” Osinovsky.

They are not ambassadors of the room, but are separate units, united by one idea: to popularize the format and discipline of the game they have chosen.

Gleb “Ti0” Tremzin

Gleb has been specializing in online and offline MTT for 17 years. During this time, he received more than $ 1.6M in live tournaments, while online his prize money reaches $ 6M – he won more than 100 tournaments, including 4 at WCOOP and repeatedly became a finalist of events of various series, including SCOOP, WSOP Online , Powerfest, FTOPS and others. Tremzin became widely known to the global community in 2015 after a heads-up deal at the EPT Prague Main Event, where he received € 724K.

How Tremzin managed to negotiate a deal at the 2015 EPT Main Event

Stepan “xxSTEPANxx” Osinovsky

Stepan is a former CCM in chess who once beat Magnus Carlsen. He has been playing poker professionally since 2010 and during this time he managed to play HUSNG and MTT, including offline. In live tournaments, his best result was the 9th place at the WSOPE 2017 Main Event.Since 2016 Osinovsky has been specializing in Spins, but it is not known how much he earns in them. According to him, it is enough to provide for a family of 5 people (he has three children).

Stepan streamed his game on the channel in Twitches, then abandoned it for several years and now acts as a streamer on the Pokeroff channels in Twitches and Youtube and PokerMatch… You can find out more interesting facts about Stepan in an interview with him.

Sergey “S_Nesterenko” Nesterenko

Sergey is the least media member of the team who plays Omaha cash and is engaged in coaching.

Tournaments from Gleb Tremzin

Tremzin was the first to enter the room with new promotions, giving players the opportunity to play Tremizin’s Million PKO with a buy-in of UAH 2.5K and a guarantee of UAH 1M. The tournament was successful, breaking the guarantee 1.5 times – you can read more about its results here.

The successful start allowed PokerMatch not only to announce the second tournament of the same kind, but also to launch daily Tremzin tournaments, open to everyone.

Tremzin Daily PKO tournaments

The tournaments started on September 11 – with a buy-in of UAH 1K, they have a 75K guarantee and start at the same time: 20:00 Moscow time. Tremzin Daily PKO is structured as follows:

  • Starting stack – 125 BB;
  • Late registration – 14 levels, 8 minutes each;
  • Format – PKO 50%, starting knockout – UAH 500;
  • Maximum entries per player – 2;
  • Satellites – start every day, have buy-ins of 55 and 100 UAH and guarantees of 3 and 5 tickets.

Everyone who does not receive prizes and knockouts in this tournament will be awarded an Expert Card with a random prize. According to it, with a probability of 20%, a ticket to the same tournament with automatic registration on the next day will drop out.

If the player manages to knock out Gleb Tremzin from the Tremzin Daily PKO, he will receive 1K tournament UAH to his account in the room, and it doesn’t matter what Gleb’s entry into the tournament will be.

Second millionaire Tremzin’s Million PKO

It starts on September 18 at 20:00 Moscow time and has the same buy-in and guarantee as the first one – UAH 2.5K and UAH 1M, respectively. The structure also remained unchanged:

  • Starting stack – 150 BB;
  • Late registration – 14 levels, 10 minutes each;
  • Format – PKO 50%, starting knockout – UAH 1K;
  • Maximum entries per player – 5;
  • Satellites – start every day, have buy-ins of 100 and 150 UAH and guarantees 3 and 4 tickets. From September 13 at 19:00 Moscow time, there will also be a special evening satellite for UAH 55 with a guarantee of 5 tickets.

A ticket to this tournament and an evening satellite can be obtained with an Expert Card, which is awarded for collecting a full house with a pocket pair of 77 at cash tables at NLH limits of UAH 0.25 / 0.50 and above. This promotion will last until the start of the millionaire.

The probability of getting tickets on the card:

  • 5% — на Tremzin’s Million PKO;
  • 95% – satellite for 55 hryvnias.

The campaign is not activated automatically – you need to go to the lobby of the room -> the section “Promotions” -> find the desired promotion and click “Participate”.

Those who do not receive prize money or knockouts in the millionaire will receive an entrance to the consolation freeroll – Tremzin’s Second Chance with a guarantee of UAH 50K, which starts on September 19 at 18:00 Moscow time.

Prizes for omash players from Sergey Nesterenko

From 13 to 27 September, the room will host the Nesterenko Omaha Rake Race, as a result of which TOP-15 players will receive prizes totaling UAH 200K.

Race leaderboard points are awarded for paying rake and depend on the limits played:

  • From 10/20 to 25/50 UAH – 1 point for 1 UAH rake;
  • From 50/100 UAH and above – 2 points for 1 UAH rake.

At the end of the race, the best players will receive the following prizes:

A place Prize, UAH
1 44К
2 36K
3 24K
4 20K
5 16К
6 12K
7 10K
8 8K
9 6K
10 — 15 4K

In the same period of time, Omash players are expected to receive up to UAH 100K with prizes for playing on nominal tables Serhiy Nesterenko – S_Nesterenko Special Omaha with a limit of 25/50 UAH.

Regulators of these tables will receive an Expert Card with random cash amounts for every 100 rake hands. The probability of their falling out is as follows:

  • UAH 100K – 0.001%;
  • UAH 1K – 4,999%;
  • UAH 500 – 10%;
  • UAH 200 – 85%.

To take part in promotions, you need to click “Participate” in the section with promotions.

Leaderboard for Windfall regulars from Stepan Osinovsky

For Stepan, the room has prepared a unique promotion tied to the days of his streams, which will take place for the first time on September 13th.

From 03:00 GMT on September 13 to 02:59 GMT on September 14, Windfall participants with buy-ins of UAH 500 and 1K will receive points towards the Stepan Windfall Race leaderboard with a prize fund of UAH 50K. Points are awarded taking into account the buy-in and the place taken in the tournament:

  • 1st place – 300 points in UAH 500, 10K points in UAH 1K;
  • 2nd place – 150 points in UAH 500, 300 points in UAH 1K;
  • 3rd place – 75 points in UAH 500, 150 points in UAH 1K.

At the end of the specified period, 15 players will receive prizes:

A place Prize, UAH
1 10K
2 8K
3 6K
4 and 5 5K
6 and 7 3K
8 and 9 2K
10 — 15 1K

To take part in the leaderboard, you need to click “Participate” in the section with promotions.

Bonus from Pokeroff: lottery tickets for tournaments!

Pokeroff will also not stand aside in connection with new promotions. Soon in Telegram channels Pokeroff 3 tickets to daily tournaments and 2 tickets to the millionaire Gleb Tremzin will be raffled off. Don’t miss the draws announcements – subscribe to the Pokeroff channel!

How to get into the millionaire Big Shot at 888poker for free

888poker does not position itself as a high limit regular room, and for this reason, seeing the seven-figure guarantee here is a wonder. All September in the lobby you can find entrance days to the $ 1M Big Shot and in today’s article on Pokeroff we will tell you everything about it.

$ 1M Big Shot: Quick Reference

  • Dates: from 1 to 27 September
  • Bye-in: $ 109
  • Warranty: $ 1,000,000
  • Starting stack: 166 BB
  • Late registration: 160 minutes
  • 3 rebuys available, no add-on
  • Duration of Day 1: 18 levels of 12 minutes each or until 14% of the field remains in the tournament

To successfully host the largest tournament of 2021, 888poker has extended it throughout September – Day 1 entrance days run daily at 22:30 or 01:30 Moscow time.

At the time of publication, out of 10,000 required entries, only 3,089 had been collected to break the $ 1M guarantee. If the required number is collected, the winner will receive a prize of around $ 120,000 – with a smaller turnout, the prize for the first place will be about $ 135,000.

Satellites from $ 0.01

In the 888poker lobby, you can find not only direct, but also step satellites, so low-limit players can also get into the Big Shot millionaire.

Step satellites start at one cent. You can start with any ladder, and the full path looks like this:

  • $1M Big Shot – Pennybuy ($0,01)
  • Big Shot 109 Main Event – Sub Satellite ($2,20)
  • Big Shot 109 Main Event – 10 Seats GTD ($16,50)
  • $1M Big Shot – Day 1 ($109)

* Step satellites are not in strict sequence. In the lobby you can find steps for $ 0.01, which lead directly to sat for $ 16.50.

Don’t like playing satellites to satellites? Then your choice is direct satellites. A choice of daily satis for $ 5 or $ 16.50 with a guarantee of 3 and 10 tickets, respectively.

An example of a direct satellite for $ 5

How do I play the $ 1M Big Shot tournament for free?

When it comes to 888poker, there are no freerolls anywhere. And here the poker room, as always, did not stint.

Eight raffles every day for 100 tickets for $ 1M Big Shot in the open freeroll

$ 1M Big Shot Freeroll structure:

  • Beginning at 21:10 Moscow time
  • Starting stack 100 bb
  • Levels of 2 minutes
  • Late registration 10 minutes
  • The tournament is open to everyone who made a deposit

Ha KoJleHu won a gold bracelet in the WSOP Online Main Event at GGPOK …

On the night of September 12, the final table of the WSOP Online Main Event 2021 ended at the GGPOKEROK room. The winner was Russian regular Alexei “Fiat” Vandyshev, who plays on GG under the nickname “Ha KoJleHu”. You can read more about each finalist in the overview article, and this article contains key and other interesting hands of the final table. Screenshots taken from the broadcast, which took place at the official channel GGPOKEROK on YouTube.

From $ 250K to $ 1M and Vandyshev’s original style

Stacks at the start of the final table:

  1. Edson “CrownUpTsu” Tsutsumi (Edson Tsutsumi Jr) – 100.7 BB
  2. Aleksei Vandyshev – 90.4 BB
  3. Joe “assisup4rent” Serock (Joe Serock) – 75.9 BB
  4. Espen Jorstad – 32.6 BB
  5. Christine «Yunaa» Dj (Christine Do) – 26.5 BB
  6. Nikita “Ebaaa11” Kuznetsov – 22.4 BB
  7. Dawid Smolka – 21.9 BB
  8. Renan “legal” Menegetti (Renan Meneguetti) – 21 BB
  9. Dimitrios Farmakoulis – 15.1 BB

The poker player from Greece, playing under the flag of Albania, left the final table on the second hand. Caught in the small blind with AHeartsTOPeaks he called preflop all-in from Joe Serok with 6Drums6Peaks and lost. 9th place earned him $ 254.308.

Departure of Dimitrios Farmakulis in 9th place in the WSOP Online Main Event 2021.

After that, the game proceeded at a measured pace – the hands were played very quickly, there were practically no nominations or coins, but Alexey Vandyshev opened unexpected hands, forcing his opponents to puzzle over his decisions. For example, when Christine Do was trying to steal the blinds from the button by minraising with QDrumsTPeaks, Alexey defended BB 5x by 3-bet with 9Baptize4Baptizeforcing the girl to surrender.

Vandyshev successfully defended the big blind with a 5x 3-bet.

A few hands after this, Alexey knocked David Smolka out of the tournament. It all happened like this: a Pole with KTambourines7Hearts defended BB, which he did on CO with KHearts9Drums… On the flop, David checked, to which Alexei responded with a half pot. After thinking for a short time, the Pole went all-in – David could not know that Christine Do folded one of the sevens preflop, leaving him only one out to win (excluding 5 for the section). After Vandyshev’s snap-call, Smolka left the tournament in 8th place with $ 339,123.

Departure of David Smolka in 8th place in the WSOP Online Main Event 2021.

After an hour of play, Vandyshev briefly broke into the chip leader due to one hand. He minraised with AHearts6Drums in middle position, being called by Edson Tsutsumi sitting behind him with JDrumsTDrums and Joe Seroca with QHearts9Hearts in the small blind. The effective depth at that time was 61.6 BB.

On the flop Alexei continued the aggression by betting just over half the pot – Edson came out of the hand while Joe decided to call again. On the turn, Serok got a flush, and Alexey got a flush draw to an already existing pair of sixes, but both decided to check. The river closed the flush to Vandyshev – after much deliberation and Serok’s check, the Russian decided to overbet 1.5 pots and Joe had to fold the fourth nuts.

Vandyshev overbet forces Serok to fold the flush.

If during the finals Alexei attracted attention with non-standard distributions, then his compatriot Nikita Kuznetsov chose a different method. He endlessly sent stickers and wrote different phrases in the chat – mostly harmless, but one situation confused the viewers of the broadcast.

After about an hour and a half of playing, Nikita unexpectedly wrote to the chat “Magician, take me.” This happened at the end of the distribution between Christine Do and Edson Tsutsumi – until Kuznetsov flew out of the tournament and came with explanations to the stream, no one could understand what he meant. It turned out that the phrase was sent to them for a reason:

This is a local meme from my hometown – Perm. I wrote it after Edson Tsutsumi once again during the final turned on the broadcast of his face on the table and began to hide behind the Brazilian flag as if it was showing trick. I remembered our phrase and decided to write it, thinking that people on the air also saw his video. But it turned out that only other finalists could see the Brazilian. When I realized this, I decided that at least the Permians would recognize and laugh.

Memes from Kuznetsov with hidden meaning.

A couple of hands after this awkward situation, another player, Renan Meneghetti, finally flew out of the tournament. In an effective depth of 18 BB, he called Edson Tsutsumi’s bet by pushing QPeaksTHearts and could not resist AHearts9Hearts compatriot. 7th place earned Renan $ 452,229.

Renan Menegeti's relegation to 7th in the WSOP Online 2021 Main Event.

Vandyshev once again reminded of the non-trivial approach to the game, when he 3-bet in a 3-way pot with 7Drums2Drums – the distribution ended with a victory for Tsutsumi, but the size of the bets and the actions of the players, which you can see in the screenshot, left an indelible impression on the audience and commentators of the finale about Alexei’s game.

Edson stopped Vandyshev's attempt to take the pot with 72.

One of the longest periods of the game began after Espen Jostad’s relegation in 6th place. The preflop of this hand came out saturated – Nikita Kuznetsov minraised AHeartsQDrums with CO, Vandyshev on the button called with 6Peaks6Drums, in response, Yostad made a 2.5x 3-bet with KHeartsTOPeaks with BB. After a little thought, Nikita moved all-in, forcing Alexey to fold and Espen to call. Despite the set received, Yostad failed to beat Kuznetsov – 6th place brought him $ 603,057.

Espen Jostad is eliminated in 6th place in the WSOP Online 2021 Main Event.

Joe Serok was the last of the finalists to receive less than $ 1M in this tournament. He hit the classic cooler with ABaptizeTOPeaks against 8Hearts8Peaks from Tsutsumi and lost. 5th place brought Joe $ 704,190.

Joe Serok is eliminated in 5th place in the WSOP Online 2021 Main Event.

Deep 4-max and Vandyshev’s path to victory

The 4-max finals started with unusually deep stacks for such a tournament – from 45 to 139 BB. The first 10 minutes there was no pronounced short stack at the table – Christine Do and Alexey Vandyshev had the smallest stacks between 40 and 45 BB, so the hands mostly ended preflop.

When the effective depth dropped to 34 BB, Alexey Vandyshev with 36.5 BB decided to show off a non-standard look at the draws in the blinds war with KDrums3Hearts on BB vs QDrumsJHearts Kuznetsov on SB. On preflop, Alexey made a 3-raise (having received a call from Nikita), and without hitting the flop continued his aggression, betting a little less pot (again with a call from Nikita). On the turn, Vandyshev suddenly bet 1 BB into a pot of 18 BB, forcing Kuznetsov to think for a long time and call. River both checked, so Kuznetsov took the pot, and Vandyshev ended up with the shortest stack of 27 BB.

An unusual hand of Kuznetsov and Vandyshev, which changed the ratio of stacks at the table.

After that, Aleksey pulled himself together a little and started accumulating a stack, filling the second stack over the next hour. During this time, the place of the short was taken by Christine Do, who to some extent was let down by an extremely accurate style of play – she folded even promising hands, trying to avoid difficult decisions and rarely participating in the hands.

When Christine’s stack fell to 17 BB, she went from 66, hitting Edson Tsutsumi’s TT and could not resist. For 4th place she was given $ 1,072,405.

Departure of Christina Do in 4th place in the WSOP Online Main Event 2021.

A short time after that, Nikita Kuznetsov joined Christine – the 3rd place brought him $ 1,430,073.

Departure of Nikita Kuznetsov in 3rd place in the WSOP Online Main Event 2021.

After the departure, Nikita Kuznetsov looked at the broadcast of the final and said that he had watched the stream on the GGPOKEROK channel without sound from the very beginning and was pleased with his game:

Although at the beginning I had the sixth – not the most convenient – stack, but, as they say, I had a plan and I stuck to it. It may sound arrogant, but I believe I made no mistakes anywhere. Of the players remaining in the heads-up, it was more difficult to play against Fiat, as he sometimes confuses with his decisions. Since he doesn’t play as a rule. In general, I was not very happy when he got promoted and took the chip lead. However, I tried to implement equity and, as far as possible, I succeeded.

Having started heads-up in the effective depth of 52 BB, where Vandyshev had almost half the stack, he and Tsutsumi quickly leveled off and began to play more cautiously, which made the fight last an hour. Each of them sometimes pulled a little ahead, but then they quickly compared back and continued to fight for the title of the WSOP Online champion.

Only when the blinds grew so much that they had 40 big blinds in their stacks, and they were dealt pocket pairs, Tsutsumi and Vandyshev finally went all-in, deciding the fate of the 2021 WSOP Online champion’s bracelet.

Vandyshev's victory in the WSOP Online 2021 Main Event.

The victory brought Alexey not only $ 2,543,072, but also a gold bracelet for the series champion and a place in the GGTeam Champions, where he is already Niklas «Lena900» Astedt… Team membership includes:

  • Stylized avatar;
  • GGPlatinum status under the FishBuffet loyalty program;
  • Team membership badge;
  • Unique affiliate code;
  • $ 50K tickets to major tournaments of the room.

WSOP Online 2021 Main Event Finalist Prizes

A place Player Country Prize
1 Alexey “Ha KoJleHu” Vandyshev Russia $2,543,072
2 Edson «CrownUpTsu» Tsutsumi Brazil $1,907,034
3 Nikita “Ebaaa11” Kuznetsov Russia $1,430,073
4 Christine “Yunaa” K. Canada $1,072,405
5 Joe “assisup4rent” Serok Israel $704,190
6 Espen “COVFEFE-19” Yostad Great Britain $603,057
7 Renan “legal” Menegetti Brazil $452,229
8 David “INSERTC0IN” Smolka Poland $339,123
9 Dimitros Pharmaculis Greece $254,308