Blocking poker players in the Skrill payment system

Over the past 10 years, Skrill has earned the status of the main payment method among poker players – it is reliable and is in every room. What else does? Unfortunately, today we can say that using Skrill for poker players is not only unprofitable, but also relatively unsafe.

The deterioration of the Skrill terms of use has long been traced on all fronts:

  • Tariffs are deteriorating almost every year, and it makes no sense to list each individual case. In 2019, a commission was introduced for deposits of 2.5% (in December 2020 it increased to 5%), the commission for currency exchange increased to 5%, and so on.
  • There are fewer VIP statuses (in 2020, the Bronze was removed, on which the players of micro and low limits were sitting)
  • Skrill began to require additional user verification – at first, just documents and photos. Now new users are almost obliged to make their first deposit to Skrill directly from a card or bank account, and this is an additional round of verification.
  • Since 2017, they have stopped sending cards to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
  • The separation between “gaming” (for gambling) and “non-gaming” accounts is inconvenient when using a wallet and making money transfers.

But all this is nothing compared to the new problem that affected poker players at the end of 2020 …

Poker Regular Blocks on Skrill

In 2020, Skrill took “security” seriously, or to be more precise – rumor has it that UK regulators have taken up Skrill. We do not know what the specific requirements for the payment system are, but all this has led to the fact that poker regulars, as well as schools or foundations, have repeatedly become the object of blocking.

Skrill has always been (and still is) an important link in the money cycle of professional poker players who sell shares, exchange Skrill money for friends for PokerStars / GGPOKEROK, and so on, and also pay for software or training. All this implies direct translations of “unknown origin”.

This is how the accounts of even the oldest users with VIP statuses began to be blocked. Many regulars have played and withdrawn to Skrill for 10 years without question, but they still fell under the block with tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their account.

Previously, Skrill was at least a great place to store your bankroll, but now it is not.

The Skrill support service has the same questions for poker players:

  • Verify your identity (passport and date selfie)
  • Confirm the origin of income
  • Confirm that you own a bank account where you want to withdraw money

But at this stage, the problems of the regulars were just beginning. Famous players in the poker community like Pavel “MountainRose” Weksler and Andrey “STiger” Novak complained that they had to send the requested documents more than once, and in addition constantly keep in touch with the support service through correspondence or a hotline. According to other victims, there was a mess in the work of the support service, because the documents were requested completely different, and the checks could last for months.

Thus, the conclusion is obvious – if you do not use Skrill solely as a means of deposit and cash out, then you are also at risk. Receive money transfers or transfer money = perform transactions that could raise suspicion from the security service.

Skrill alternatives

Since most poker players try not to touch payment systems that transmit data to the Federal Tax Service, the choice is significantly reduced. And given the current difficulties with depositing and withdrawing funds from poker rooms, there are only a few options.

  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) – most likely, only it will soon remain the only place where they will not be able to look into your wallet. Already, many rooms accept deposits in bitcoin, and soon everyone will do it.
  • Luxon is an electronic wallet that is gaining popularity among poker players. Works including in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine. At the time of publication, you can already make a deposit through it at GGPOKEROK and partypoker.
  • ecoPayz is the closest “in spirit” to Skrill payment system with a long history. Plus, almost all rooms work with it.

Skrill can still be used, but it feels like it can’t stand the competition anymore. Keeping a bankroll now, for example, is much safer in a cold wallet in stablecoins. It is as easy as shelling pears to dive into the topic of cryptocurrency payments at a basic level – especially for this, Pokeroff has prepared instructions for you.

Jonas “donut604” Makoff wins second WSOP Circuit ring of his career

On May 9, the fifth WSOPC Online ring tournament – $ 315 BOUNTY GIANT NLH $ 500K Gtd ended at GGPOKEROK. The winner is the Canadian regular, professional grinder and successful poker player Jonas Mackoff, known to the community as “donut604” and “LobyPewis”. In this article, we have collected detailed information about the hero of the day and his achievements in poker.

Who played the $ 315 BOUNTY GIANT WSOP-C Final?

The fifth WSOP Circuit had 2,508 entries and a $ 252,400 (50.48%) guarantee cut. At the final table, Jonas Makoff brings together players from all backgrounds and poker achievements – the data below is taken from SharkScope and PokerProLabs.

Alexander “leeel” Shepel – Russian regular from Krasnodar, who played 5,262 tournaments at GGPOKEROK with $ 75 ABI and a total profit of $ 70,462. In 2020, he was a finalist for the Mini Main Event at the Sochi Poker Festival – Grand Final.


Stefan “C3H5N3O6” Lechner (Stefan Lehner) is an Austrian who won the Turbo Knockout MILLIONS Online at partypoker this year and the 2018 NLH tournament at the PCA. At GGPOKEROK, by the time he reached the BOUNTY GIANT finals, he was in the red by $ 14,471, but then increased his profit to $ 11,292 based on the results of 2,576 tournaments with ABI $ 165.


Daniel “Rock Pitbull” Bertholdi (Daniel Bertoldi) is a Brazilian who has played 687 tournaments with $ 140 ABI on GGPOKEROK by May 9th by $ 28,628. The WSOPC finals allowed him to cut his negative result to $ 8,171.


TooStonedMonkey Is a Canadian who only started playing at GGPOKEROK in January 2021. Prior to the WSOPC finals, he was $ 1,393 in the red in 212 tournaments with a $ 25 ABI. After the final table, the profit is $ 14,555.

Xdao – Chinese with experience of playing at GGPOKEROK – 1 month. During this time, he played only 6 tournaments with ABI $ 140 and was in the red by $ 1,192 – the final brought his profit to the level of $ 11,404.

Skinny Pete – Indian, during 131 tournaments with ABI $ 55 at GGPOKEROK, smoothly going into negative territory. His schedule for the WSOPC finals froze at $ 6,478, and then shot up – now the profit is $ 2,484.

Ren “Pearblossom” Koller (Ran Koller) – Israeli, Double Stack finalist at the WSOP 2019. He is the most profitable regular in this list: along with the WSOPC final, Ran played 2,873 GGPOKEROK tournaments with an ABI of $ 270 and has a profit of $ 145,716.

Octopus – an unknown player from Andorra. On his account in GGPOKEROK – 1,404 tournaments with ABI $ 50. Until the end of March, it was in the red by $ 9,247, but – as often happens in MTT – from the beginning of April it caught an upstreak and began to climb. The WSOPC finals pushed him to a peak profit of $ 12,057.

The future winner of the tournament, Jonas Makoff, reached the final with the third stack – the Russian was the chip leader for most of the final stage of the game. Heads-up Makoff evened the stack with Shepel and hand after hand began to take chips from his opponent.

The final hand of the event turned out to be dramatic – Jonas with a stack 2.5 times more than Alexander’s, exposed with AKs and got a call from QJs. On the flop, Shepel caught the queen and was in front before the river. Luck turned away from him at the last moment – the king came to the river, and Makoff became the winner of the tournament, receiving the second WSOP-C ring of his career. The first went to him for winning the WSOPC San Diego 2012.

A place Player Country Bounty Prize payout
1 Jonas “LobyPewis” Makoff Canada $40,694 $30,446
2 Alexander “leeel” Shepel Russia $13,805 $30,369
3 Stefan “C3H5N3O6” Lechner Austria $4,029 $22,140
4 Daniel “Rock Pitbull” Bertholdi Brazil $4,612 $16,121
5 TooStonedMonkey Canada $4,467 $11,738
6 Xdao China $4,321 $8,547
7 Skinny Pete India $3,022 $6,223
8 Ren “Pearblossom” Koller Israel $3,926 $4,532
9 Octopus Andorra $3,213 $3,300

Makoff’s other poker accomplishments

If you look only at the GGPOKEROK chart, you get the impression that Makoff is a completely inexperienced player. In over nine months, he played just 94 tournaments with an ABI of $ 490, and was down $ 11,078 before the WSOP Circuit finals. Now his profit is $ 59,660, and the chart looks pretty funny.

But in fact, Jonas is an experienced regular, whose career began back in 2008. The Canadian’s main income for a long time came from PokerStars, FullTiltPoker and partypoker, where he played and plays under the nicknames “donut604” and “clowndick”. Macoff’s exact profit is unknown, but he has more than $ 4M in prize money, including 14 ITMs with a one-time payment of more than $ 25K – three of them exceed $ 100K:

  • $ 121,716 – for 1st place on Super Tuesday, 2014;
  • $ 117,785 – for 1st place in FTOPS Event # 16, 2014;
  • $ 110,695 – for 2nd place in the Progressive Super-Knockout at SCOOP 2016.

Interestingly, from 2013 to 2018, Jonas under the nickname “T3amEdward” tried to conquer 888poker and, although he managed to get more than $ 185K in prize money there, he could not succeed. Makoff did not win a single major tournament in the eights and ended his relationship with the room in the red by $ 14,664.

Despite the fact that the main place of activity of Jonas is online poker, he also occasionally shows success in offline. In particular, he has 12 ITMs with over $ 25K in prize money – and only three of them are tournament victories.

The largest one-time payments Makoff received in diplomas at the WSOP in 2015 ($ 113,764) and 2017 ($ 263,532). His total offline prize money as of May 2021 – including WSOP Online 2020 – exceeds $ 1M.

Jonas McCoff at the 2017 WSOP.

What does Jonas do outside of poker?

Makoff has repeatedly stated publicly that he is an adherent of a healthy lifestyle. For example, in an interview with PocketFives in 2016, he argued that fresh air and vitamin D work wonders:

If you get up in the morning, immediately sit down at the computer and play until the evening, then return to bed again, then you quickly burn out. It is very important to make time for sports or other activities outside the home.

By 2021, Jonas’ attitude towards fresh air and outdoor activities has not changed. Judging by his Instagram, he often continues to get out of the house to the mountains or to the water bodies, taking his family with him – before he went mainly with friends, wife, nephews and nieces, but recently he himself became the father of his daughter Hezl Lynn and now travels with her.

Jonas and Hezl Lynn Macoffs, August 2020.

Month of Victories at Pokerdom – 4 tournaments on May 9 and 130 events from May 10 to May 30

On May 9, the Victory Month officially starts at Pokerdom. It will be opened by four tournaments in honor of Victory Day, and on May 10, the Pokerdom Cup will begin in the room. In total, from May 9 to May 30, there will be 134 events in Pineapple, No Limit Hold’em, Short Deco and several types of Omaha. Below we have collected detailed information for you about what awaits you at Pokerdom in May 2021.

Victory day: 4 tournaments with a total guarantee of ₽1M

In honor of Victory Day, on May 9, Pokerdom will hold special events in four disciplines – PLO, PLO5, OFC and NLH. Their buy-ins are a nod to 1945.

₽194.50 Triumphant Omaha ₽150K Gtd

  • Start – May 9 at 17:00 Moscow time.
  • The starting stack is 100K chips (200 BB).
  • Late registration – 14 levels of 12 minutes.
  • Re-entry – not limited until the end of late registration.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 16.6 BB.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are missing.

₽194.50 Victorious Pineapple ₽150K Gtd

  • Start – May 9 at 18:00 Moscow time.
  • The starting stack is 100K chips (250 kush).
  • Late registration – 14 levels of 12 minutes.
  • Re-entry – not limited until the end of late registration.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 22.2 jackpots.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are missing.
  • Fantasy is progressive.

₽194.50 Indomitable Omaha 5-Card ₽150K Gtd

  • Start – May 9 at 19:00 Moscow time.
  • The starting stack is 100K chips (200 BB).
  • Late registration – 14 levels of 12 minutes.
  • Re-entry – not limited until the end of late registration.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 16.6 BB.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are missing.

₽19.45 Invincible Hold’em ₽550K Gtd

  • Start – May 9 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • The starting stack is 100K chips (100 BB).
  • Late registration – 18 levels, 7 minutes each.
  • Rebuys are not limited for 21 levels.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 2 BB.
  • Add-on – 2M chips (16.6 BB) for ₽194.50.

Pokerdom Cup: 130 events in 7 disciplines

Tournaments running from May 10 to May 30 have buy-ins from ₽250 to ₽15K and guarantees from ₽25K to ₽4M. The division into disciplines is as follows:

  • No Limit Hold’em – 99;
  • Pot-Limit Omaha – 7;
  • 5 Card Omaha (PL Omaha 5) – 4;
  • 6 Card Omaha (PL Omaha 6) – 2;
  • Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (PL Omaha H / D) – 3;
  • Pineapple (Chinese Poker) – 12;
  • BL Texas 6+ (Short Dec) – 3.

The Pokerdom Cup will start with three opening tournaments – below in the table you can see brief information on them.

Opening tournament Start date and time, MSK Bai-in Guarantee
01 on Hold’em May 10 at 6 p.m. ₽1.5K ₽500К
02 Pineapple May 10 at 7 p.m. ₽1.5K ₽200К
03 Omaha May 10 at 8 p.m. ₽1.5K ₽200К

The largest guarantees – more than ₽500K – will come from four NLH tournaments.

₽1.5K Hold’em Opening Tournament ₽500K Gtd

  • Start – May 10 at 18:00 Moscow time.
  • The starting stack is 100K chips (200 BB).
  • Late registration – 15 levels, 12 minutes each.
  • Re-entry – not limited for late registration.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are absent.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 12.5 BB.

₽10K Classic High Roller ₽1M Gtd

  • Start – May 29 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 1M chips (166.6 BB).
  • Late registration – 15 levels of 15 minutes.
  • Re-entry – not limited for late registration.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are absent.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 11.1 BB.

₽15K Progressive High Roller ₽1M Gtd

  • Start – May 30 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 1M chips (166.6 BB).
  • Late registration – 15 levels of 15 minutes.
  • Re-entry – not limited for late registration.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are absent.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 11.1 BB.
  • Starting knockout – ₽4.5K.

₽5К Main Event ₽4М Gtd

  • Start Day 1 – May 29 at 18:00 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 1M chips (400 BB).
  • Late registration – 12 levels of 25 minutes.
  • Re-entry – not limited for late registration.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are absent.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 40 BB.
  • Duration Day 1 – 12 levels, after which all survivors go to the Final.
  • The Finals will start on May 30 at 18:00 Moscow time.
  • The duration of the levels in the Final is 30 minutes.
  • The re-entry period in the Final is 6 levels.

You can get to Day 1 through daily satellites for ₽150, in which 5 seats are guaranteed, and ₽500 [Мега Сателлит] with a guarantee of 50 seats. It starts on May 29 at 15:00 Moscow time.

What rewards await the participants of the Pokerdom Cup?

In addition to cash prizes in events, players can receive physical cups – for this they need to become winners:

  • Opening tournament in Hold’em;
  • Opening Tournament for Pineapple;
  • Omaha Opening Tournament;
  • Main Tournament;
  • Classic High Roller;
  • Progressive High Roller;
  • Omaha Grand Event;
  • Pineapple Grand Event;
  • Pokerdom Cup Leaderboard.

Pokerdom Cup Leaderboard

All participants in the events of the May series will be credited with points to a special leaderboard for the occupied places, taking into account the size of the tables.

A place Points in heads-up tournaments Points in 3-handed, 5-handed and 6-handed tournaments Points in 8-max tournaments
1 100 100 100
2 75 80 80
3 50 65 65
4 50 50 50
5 30 40 40
6 30 30 35
7 30 20 25
8 30 20 20
9 — 16 15 15 15
17 10 15 10
18 10 15 10
19 — 25 10 10 10

The total points will be multiplied by the conditional difficulty coefficient of the tournament:

  • Main Event – 2;
  • High roller tournaments – 1.5;
  • The rest of the tournaments are 1.

At the end of the month, TOP-25 players will receive additional prizes.

A place Prize
1 ₽100К
2 ₽80К
3 ₽60К
4 ₽40К
5 ₽30К
6 and 7 ₽22.5K
8, 9 and 10 ₽15К
11 — 15 ₽10К
16 — 25 ₽5К

Rake Race for Windfall Hold’em Regulars

At the end of May – from the 28th to the 6th of June – Pokerdom will delight you with additional prizes and regular NLH Spins.

In heads-up and 3-max Windfalls, each participant will be awarded 1 point for each ₽1 rake on the leaderboards, divided into Leagues by buy-ins. At the same time, Va-bank category Windfalls do not participate in the promotion.

According to the results of the race, the TOP-25 players in each League will receive awards.

A place League B – buy-ins from ₽100 to ₽500 League A – buy-ins from ₽1K
1 ₽192К ₽128К
2 ₽120К ₽80К
3 ₽84К ₽56К
4 ₽60К ₽40К
5 ₽36К ₽24К
6 ₽24К ₽16К
7 ₽18К ₽12К
8 ₽12К ₽8К
9 and 10 ₽6К ₽4К
11 — 15 ₽3.6K ₽2.4K
16 — 25 ₽2.4K ₽1.6K

Another victory of the “white magician” at the High Stakes Duel PokerGO show

The “conflict” between the poker players continues – Negreanu still considers Helmut “not the greatest player” in history, and the second is offended that his dignity is being belittled. They decided to find out the relationship as part of the High Stakes Duel show.

The first time was an accident, Negreanu thought.

When Daniel Negreanu (Daniel Negeranu) finished a protracted heads-up challenge against Doug Polk in February 2021 (as a reminder, KidPoker lost $ 1.2M), he immediately began to consider himself “a cut above” his old school teammates. The fact is that after battling with one of the best heads-ups on the planet, and learning what a solver is, Negreanu realized how irrelevant in 2021 playing for a good old sense at high limits is.

One of those whom Daniel walked on was Phil Helmut (Phil Hellmuth). The conflict began in February and reached a stage where only HU4ROLLZ could resolve it. This is how the KidPoker vs PokerBrat duels began within the High Stakes Duel show.

Negreanu challenges Helmut to a heads-up fight for criticism

The first match took place only at the end of March and ended with an incredible victory for the “white magician” – Phil Hellmuth was able to turn the match when he had 3,000 chips left against 97,000. At that time, $ 50,000 was at stake from each, and the winner took it all.

The main thing that the poker community got after the first duel was a meme Apex Predator (predator of the highest order). So they began to call Helmut after a fiery speech, which he pushed in the face of an opponent. In it, he listed his typical techniques of “white magic” and added, they say, “this is what it means to be a real predator.”

Negreanu, of course, considered this defeat a pure accident and, without thinking twice, ordered a revenge.

Second victory again for Helmut

The re-match of the two stars took place on the night of May 5-6. Despite the fact that Hellmuth’s statistics in the High Stakes Duel was already 4-0 (he beat Antonio Esfandiari three times), bookmakers still preferred Daniel – odds were 1.62 versus 2.42.

It took the players five hours to determine the winner, and this time it didn’t take “white magic” for Hellmuth – there were no rides in the mud or promotion with 3000 chips. The only all-in, which can hardly be called “dirty”, happened at the very end of the match: Negreanu shoved with pocket eights and lost A-4 to Hellmuth (a 4-flush board brought victory to the “white magician”).

But before that, Phil did a big bluff, for which he was praised: he made a big bet on the river 6-K-6-8-9 with an open diamonds flush draw. Hellmuth had Doyle Brunson’s trademark arm TDrums 2Drumsand Negreanu was afraid to call with 9Drums 7Drums.

The first 45 minutes of the show can be watched for free on YouTube. The rest is only for a paid subscription to PokerGO.

“God loves trinity”

According to the show rules, Negreanu had 30 days to set a heads-up date. The GGPoker professional did not think for a long time and has already announced his desire to extend the banquet – this time the buy-in on both sides will be $ 200K, the winner will take everything. The chance to win back is real. Considering that Negreanu lost $ 50K in the first match and $ 100K in the second, winning the third would completely eliminate him and give him another $ 50K on top.

After the second consecutive defeat, Daniel congratulated Hellmuth and tweeted:

Transfer: I missed the haters! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, that’s life. You don’t have to act like a vile bastard to a loser. I respect Phil Hellmuth for spewing his tirades when he loses, but behaving with dignity when he wins.

Bookmakers still believe that KidPoker is the favorite. The odds for the third meeting are about the same as before – 1.69 for Negreanu and 2.26 for Helmut. Speaking of betting, during the second round of High Stakes Duel, the broadcast director invited people to make joke bets on what Helmut would eat. The poker player has long been famous for not limiting himself in food, even while playing.

Negreanu hasn’t won heads-up in 13 years

Not entirely relevant and objective, but still an interesting statistic about Daniel Negreanu, given his current love of one-on-one games – he hasn’t won a heads-up poker tournament since 2013.

Since KidPoker plays almost exclusively offline, we can build theories from the portal data hendonmob… And according to him, the last time Negreanu won an offline tournament was in 2013 – it was a € 25K WSOP Europe high roller event, in which the poker player earned almost a million dollars and his sixth gold bracelet.

Daniel Negreanu WSOPE 2013

Since then, Daniel has stopped 10 times on the verge of winning tournaments of various calibers:

  • June 2014 – 2nd in WSOP 2-7 Lowball
  • June 2014 – WSOP The Big One For One Drop (The Million Dollar One)
  • Апрель 2017 — Bellagio High Roller
  • Апрель 2017 — Bellagio High Roller
  • Июнь 2017 — WSOP Omaha Hi Lo
  • December 2017 – WPT Super High Roller
  • December 2017 – Heads-up vs. Hellmuth in Poker After Dark Holidays with Hellmuth Event # 3
  • Май 2018 — Super High Roller Bowl
  • Июнь 2019 — WSOP 7-card Stud
  • Июль 2019 — WSOP High Roller

In addition to 10 second places over the years, he has accumulated 8 thirds. Add to that a disappointing $ 1.2M defeat against Doug Polk, and two rounds against Helmuth, and you have a man who is sure to yearn for some kind of victory.

Whether the Canadian will be able to “dispel the curse”, we will find out very soon. Will you root for him? Join in Pokeroff Readers Chat and share your opinion.

main events, Omaha tournaments and reload bonus

From May 9 to May 24, PokerKing will host a series with a $ 25M guarantee. We tell you about the main tournaments (there are already six of them) and share a reload bonus that is relevant until May 9 for everyone.

PKO OSS at PokerKing: at a glance

Dates: from 9 to 24 May

General warranty: $25M

Number of tournaments: 146

Buy-ins: from $ 6.60 to $ 1050

Disciplines: NLHE, PLO, PLO8

PokerKing is a bit disingenuous, declaring on the official website that PKOSS is the largest series in the history of the poker room. In fact, in the fall of last year, the room was organizing the MoMoMo PKO knockout series with a total guarantee of $ 50M. The series was stretched for almost two months and did not really hit users: in October, the network was forced to announce the cancellation of the remaining tournaments due to low attendance and overlays. American users are not very keen on the PKO format. On the 2 + 2 forum, they asked for freezeouts or at least classic tournaments without a bounty to be returned.

WPN has listened to the players and is now poised to host the largest ever series of 146 $ 25M Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi / Lo tournaments. Start next Sunday, May 9th.

Important! Despite the fact that the series is called PKOSS, not all tournaments in the series will be held in the PKO format. Knockout tournaments are marked in the lobby with a special target icon.

PKOSS main events at PokerKing

WPN is partly in the trend of scheduling three buy-in categories (Low, Medium and High). The series will feature three Main Events and three Multi-Flight Events.

$ 55 Kick-off Main Event PKO with $ 500K Guarantee

Flights from 5 to 9 May. Day 2 kicks off on May 9 at 22:05 UTC. Levels 12 minutes each, 3 hours late check-in.

$ 630 Main Event # 1 with $ 1M Guarantee

Day 1 kicks off on May 16 at 21:00 GMT, Levels 15 minutes, 6 hours late registration. Day 1 continues until 12% of the field remains in the tournament. After that, each player receives $ 1,200 to the account and proceeds to Day 2, which starts on May 17.

$ 55 Main Event # 2 with $ 500K Guarantee

It starts on May 23 at 19:00 Moscow time. Levels of 10 minutes, 5 hours late check-in. The tournament will run until the very end without going to day 2.

And from 8 to 23 May, the room will simultaneously host multi-flight tournaments:

  • $ 630 Multi-Flight # 1 with $ 2.5M Guarantee
  • $ 215 Multi-Flight # 2 PKO with $ 1M Guarantee
  • $ 16.50 Multi-Flight # 3 with $ 250K Guarantee

Each of these three events has 16 flights. On the first day, the levels are 10 minutes long. Day 1 ends when 12% of the field remains in the tournament.

And from April 30 to May 9, PokerKing runs $ 2,650 The Venom with a $ 5M guarantee. There are two starting days left on May 7 and 9. We talked about how to qualify for this tournament as cheaply as possible in our Telegram channels.

Omaha and Omaha Hi / Lo events at PKOSS

Most of the tournaments are in the Hold’em lobby. Here is the schedule of PLO and PLO8 events (all in PKO format):

  • May 12 – $ 630 PLO8 with a $ 50K guarantee
  • May 12 – $ 88 PLO8 with a $ 25K guarantee
  • May 12 – $ 16.50 PLO8 with a $ 12.5K guarantee
  • May 15 – $ 630 PLO8 with a $ 30K guarantee
  • May 16 – $ 630 PLO with a $ 80K guarantee
  • May 22 – $ 88 PLO with a $ 15K guarantee
  • May 23 – $ 630 PLO8 with a $ 80K guarantee
  • May 23 – $ 104.5 PLO with a $ 20K guarantee

Reload bonus 100% up to $ 100 for all players until May 9

From May 2 to May 9, make a deposit of $ 25 with a code PUNCH and get a 100% bonus when you deposit in a crypt or 50% when using other payment methods. The maximum bonus amount is $ 100, 30 days are given for wagering. For every 120 bonus points, you will receive $ 5 on your balance. Within the framework of this promotion, the bonus can be received only once.

Phil Ivey was interviewed about poker 2021

The poker legend, who has been in the game for over 25 years, is going through hard times in his career due to the shirt-reading litigation. Somehow, magically, Phil manages to remain a favorite of the public, even in the shadows. In 2021, he gave his first voluminous interview as part of the DAT Poker podcast, where he spoke with Adam Schwartz, Terrence Chen and Daniel Negreanu.

If you understand English well, you can watch the original conversation. We will only translate selected parts for you.

Ivy is not easy to find

Schwartz: We asked Daniel for a year and a half to invite you to our podcast. Thank you for taking the time to answer our stupid questions.

Ivy: Yes, everything is fine. I have to say that getting me to the podcast isn’t that difficult – you just have to write to me, so let the fans know – Negreanu didn’t put in that much effort.

Negreanu: Wait, wait. What phone should I write to you ?! Ivy First, Ivy New, Ivy New New? He changes numbers all the time because he loses his phone every four days.

About life today and playing in Macau

Schwartz: We remember that you played in Asia for several years. But what does your life look like today?

Ivy: My daily life is pretty boring right now, to be honest. Last year I devoted myself: I did yoga, meditation, golf and spent time with my family. Nothing special. I look forward to returning to poker.

Schwartz: Nothing special in Macau or Asia specifically? You were there?

Ivy: No, I couldn’t travel. Haven’t been there for a year and a half. As soon as the borders are opened, I will fly to Hong Kong and sit in quarantine for 21 days.

Schwartz: Is there still a game?

Ivy: There is a game in Macau, but not very expensive.

Schwartz: Tell us more about how the game has changed in Macau. Obviously when you first started playing there the lineups were fantastic and the limits seem to be the highest in the world. How are you doing now?

Ivy: Nowadays, the short deck is mostly played, because inexperienced players have more chances to win in it. When I first came to Macau, the locals played super expensively and studied at the same time. Many of them are very smart, so their level has risen quickly. But at first the compositions, of course, were amazing – many sat down, not even knowing the basic rules.

One day a guy came and asked: which is stronger – straight or flush? A minute ago he played baccarat, and now he sits down at your table and is interested in the rules of hold’em.

Where did the nickname No Home Jerome come from?

Schwartz: Let’s talk about the beginning of a career, and at the end we will play a game “truth or myth” about you. Did you start playing back in the Taj Mahal (Atlantic City)? They say you used fake documents where your name was Jerome Graham, right? This is where the nickname “No Home Jerome” came from.

Ivy: Yes, I started playing at 15-16 years old. I do not recommend repeating, but this is my story. A couple of times I missed the last bus home and had to sleep on the street under the beach bridges. Not that I had a habit of sleeping on the street, but it happened five or six times when I was losing my bankroll.

How Grandpa Taught Little Phil to Play Stud

Chen: I read that your grandfather had a huge influence on you and even taught you how to play five card stud. Do you think you became a poker player because of him? Who else has greatly influenced your life?

Ivy: Grandpa was definitely an ideal for me. He was, so to speak, the head of the family, which consisted of 17 people and lived in his house. He had a dry cleaning business and also played golf. Every time I was able to spend time with my grandfather, he took out a jar of change and taught me how to play poker. I was 7-8 years old then and I already loved playing cards, although then I took a long break – I returned to poker at the age of 14.

Chen: Was gambling a big part of your childhood?

Ivy: Yes, I used to play the craps variation popular on the streets of the east coast all the time. I learned about gambling and the chances of winning very early.

Ivy was a nit at the start of his career

Chen: Returning to the beginning of your career in the Taj Mahal, tell us – were you immediately favorites in the games that you participated in? Have the rest of the people noticed that some child prodigy is sitting with them at the table? How did it all happen?

Ivy: It’s hard to say if I was the favorite. When I got to $ 75/150, I easily beat the limit. But when he sat down at $ 400/800, he was clearly not the favorite. As soon as I got hold of the money, I immediately went to $ 400/800 and lost everything there, returning $ 75/150 or $ 30/60 to get the BR back. At the $ 5/10 tables, I can say that I was immediately one of the best, because I just watched the actions of my opponents.

The turning point of my career was the arrival of Daniel Negreanu to some tournament that he won. I watched the final table and was surprised how many hands he played. “Wow” – I thought and decided to change something. I played pretty tight then.

“I was never afraid to pour my bankroll”

Chen: When you poured your bankroll at high stakes and came back, did someone notice you? Did you offer backing?

Ivy: I had this: I saved up a bankroll of ~ $ 50,000, of which I usually left $ 5-10K, in order to play lower in case of need. In the course of his career, of course, he received all kinds of help from various people. But I was never afraid to fill my bankroll, as I was always sure that I could make poker for a living. This feeling helped me to play higher limits – I was never afraid.

How does Ivey feel about the WSOP?

Schwartz: How has your attitude to the World Series of Poker changed? Over the years, you’ve won a bunch of bracelets – has something changed or do you still have the same feelings for the series?

Ivy: I still love the WSOP. I’ve just had to deal with personal issues for the last couple of years. I’m looking forward to playing the series. In terms of poker, I will give her priority.

New life in pursuit of happiness

Ivy: Poker has not been a priority in life for a long time. Much more important is psychological and physical health, as well as family. Now I meditate every day, do a lot of yoga and try to benefit my loved ones.

Negreanu: What has changed in your life in 10 years?

Ivy: I have grown old. I do not know if I have become wiser, but I have grown older for sure. Now, I will say this, I am chasing a feeling when I feel good. He began to live a different life, happier.

Chen: I watched your interview with Barry Greenstein, where you said that you used to think that a lot of money and shopping would make you happy. At some point, apparently, everything changed and other things began to bring happiness?

Ivy: Yes. I grew up in a humble family, we had practically nothing, so I made money as my god. When a lot of money falls into your hands, you realize that this was not the answer to your search. I’ve always wanted more, more and more. At some point, it dawns on you, and you start looking for happiness in something else. My life is much more balanced now.

Solvers or Chuika – which one does Ivy choose?

Negreanu: A lot of things have happened over the years. And there are tournaments for $ 25K, $ 200K, $ 300K – I remember that you participated in a couple, but you still didn’t grind them. How competitive do you think you are against the best No Limit Hold’em players in the world who participate in these events?

Ivy: I am not sure, let see what will happen. I really don’t know. Before that, everything was great for me in high roller lineups, you know?

Negreanu: Do you work on the game somehow or are you still skating on the feel?

Ivy: I don’t work at all, I just play. But I will study and devote time and energy to it. So far, this has not been a priority for me.

Schwartz: Have you used solvers or something similar?

Ivy: Not at all. But apparently it would be worth

Truth or myth – fables about Phil Ivey

Schwartz: At the 2008 WSOP, a Canadian medic won the $ 10K PLO Championship for $ 800K or so. They say that after that he comes up to you and says “Hi Phil. Thank you for testing me for this tournament “ and holds out a wad of money. Your reaction was: “Who are you?”

Ivy: No, it was not like that. I didn’t ask who it was. I just didn’t expect to take a stake from him in that tournament.

Schwartz: In 2015, you won the $ 250K Aussie Millions event and received about $ 2.2M Australian dollars. They say that this amount wasted you after losing a bet on the Seahawks at SuperBowl 2015?

Ivy: No comments.

Schwartz: Another story happened at the club. They say that some businessman recognized you and paid for a bottle of expensive champagne for your table. In response, you sent him five, he sent you ten, you sent him twenty. Truth?

Ivy: I very badly remember that evening, as I was very drunk.

Schwartz: The story about Daniel that took place in Monte Carlo. He slapped you in front of people, and you, instead of answering, told him “Revenge will be sweet”.

Ivy: I said that I would answer him the same, only on TV. This has not happened yet.

Schwartz: The last story. They say that once you won a WSOP tournament, but the winnings remained at the box office, ostensibly as a “tip” to the dealer.

Ivy: I don’t think so. How many were there? I’m still sure that this didn’t happen.

Mario Mosböck – how an Austrian athlete left football for poker

The poker community knows a lot of cases when representatives of other sports gave up their careers to play cards. This usually happens after they manage to achieve success in their chosen business and reach the point where they begin to want something new. But sometimes athletes come to the professional poker game much earlier than one would expect: this is exactly what happened to the hero of our today’s article – the Austrian footballer Mario “livinmydream1” Mosböck, also known as “Mosi”.

Mario has been playing football since 2003 – when he was 7 years old, he became a graduate of FC Ratzersdorf (Ratzersdorf). In 2006, the guy moved to FC St. Pölten ”(St. Pölten), where he spent three years, and then entered the sports academy of the same name. From there in 2014 he returned to FC St. Pölten ”- initially Mario played for the second team of the third regional league, but already in the 19th round of the 2014/15 season he made his debut in the first team of the second top Austrian division in the match against FC Horn (Horn).

In the 2015/16 season, he moved to the Austrian Bundesliga, where he was used only twice – one in each of the next two seasons.

Mario Mosbeck during a Bundesliga game.

In August 2017 Mosbeck moved to the second division club Wiener Neustadt (Wiener Neustadt), where he played twice in the 2017/18 season.

From 2015 to the end of 2017, its value on the football market rose from € 50K to € 100K, but then dropped slightly – to € 75K. Mario had every chance of becoming a sought-after player with a high price, if in the last months of 2017 he did not realize that his career as a football player had lost its former attractiveness and left the club. Mosbeck explained the solution as follows:

At the academy, the biggest goal is to become a professional footballer. If you achieve this, everything will be great and fun. But here’s the thing: even when I began to achieve certain success, I was not really happy.

When you are a footballer, you have the illusion that you are working towards goals that are mostly related to some kind of success – you want to achieve mastery, advance in leagues, then get into the Bundesliga.

For a while, I thought to myself that if I play in a higher league, it will be a success – and I will love it, if I score enough goals – it will also be a success, and it will give me pleasure. I made the mistake of focusing on these things because they didn’t make me happy. When you strive so hard to achieve a goal, and then you succeed, the first thought is: “So what now?” This is very sobering.

When Mario left the club, he did not know what he really wanted to do, what to choose as his life’s work, so he went on a trip around the world. In 2018 alone, Mosbeck visited the United States, Cyprus, Spain, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Croatia, the Bahamas and Costa Rica, some of which he visited several times.

Mosbeck with his sweetheart in Vietnam.

It is noteworthy that during these trips, Mario not only played poker in each of the countries visited, where it was possible, but also joined the ranks of FC Hofstetten-Grünau (Hofstetten-Grünau), where he has not yet played a single match …

Mario’s Poker Career: A Successful Match of Interest and Skills

Having been familiar with poker from his youth, Mosbeck didn’t take it seriously until 2018. However, on his journey around the world, Mario discovered the game from a new angle:

What I love the most about poker is that it brings a cool new experience while also having a sporty character. When you participate in a tournament, you always get results. You can get better, you can exercise, and it will produce noticeable results.

It is the ability to regularly see the fruits of their efforts that has become the basis of a strong relationship between Mario and poker. Only in live tournaments from 2018 to 2020, the footballer showed the following results:

  • 2018 – 15 ITMs, including 5 finals, with a total prize money of $ 266,607;
  • 2019 – 12 ITMs, including 2 finals, with a total prize of $ 221,191;
  • 2020 – due to the pandemic there was only 1 ITM – 5th place in the Deep Freeze Aussie Millions Poker Championship with a prize payout of $ 24,572.

At the same time, he has not yet won a single live tournament, but he distinguished himself online – from April 2018 to May 3, 2021 Mario played:

  • According to PokerProLabs: 2,234 tournaments on PokerStars under the nickname “livinmydream1”, of which he won 9, including the $ 1,050 Main Event SCOOP 2021, winning the title and prize money of $ 838,908. The exact profit of Mario is unknown here, the total amount of his prize money is $ 1,279,726.
  • According to SharkScope: 1,615 tournaments at GGPOKEROK under real name. On May 3, he won the WSOPC ring here in the $ 400 Double Stack Million event for $ 129K. Notably, with an ABI of $ 429, he has a profit of only $ 2,341, with a total of over $ 1M in buy-ins.

While playing poker, Mario took part in the creation of Pokercode together with his close friend Fyodor Holtz – at the time of the article’s publication, the former footballer is a coach and is the head of Grindhouse. He also teamed up with Holz and Mariella Taner to create Fly First For Less, a travel agency that helps people save on first class flights.

Fedor Holtz and Mario Mosbeck.

How Mario plans to develop further in poker and football is still unknown. According to tracker sites, Pokercode’s Twitter and Mosbyck’s Instagram, he spends most of his time playing online poker in the spring of 2021 and is not traveling yet. Apparently, he continues to live in Austria, which he adores:

The more I saw the world, the more I appreciate what we have in Austria. There is no country more beautiful than it. There may be beautiful beaches or countryside elsewhere, but they do not improve the quality of life. So I think right now all the best is right here.

Tournament series May Poker Series on the iPoker network (BestPoker, RedStar Poker)

After the incredibly successful € 1,000,000 Bounty Hunters tournament series, iPoker took a month off to re-host the even bigger May Poker Series (MPS). Read more about the series in the full article on Pokeroff.

The May Poker Series on the iPoker Network at a Glance

  • Dates: May 7-16
  • General warranty: €1,500,000
  • Tournaments: 67
  • Buy-ins: from € 5 to 1000
  • Almost all tournaments are scheduled according to NLHE… Two events will be 6+ Holdem and five PLO
  • Not in the schedule not a single freezeout tournament – all events are either with a rebuy or with three re-entries
  • Formally There is no main event… The largest guaranteed prize pool of € 200,000 is announced at MPS Event # 50 with a buy-in of € 100. The first of five flights will start on May 10

On May 17th at 23:00 UTC, there will be a special closed freeroll with a guarantee of € 10,000… Win any MPS event – automatically get a ticket there.

MPS Missions and Freerolls

In addition to the satellites that have already started, the players are waiting for missions and free tournaments within the May Poker Series.

To receive a ticket to one of the three MPS freerolls, you must complete the respective mission. If you wish, you can go through all three.

Freeroll date Name Prize fund

May 17, 08:30 UTC

€1000 May Series Mission #1 Freeroll €1000
May 17, 20:40 UTC €1000 May Series Mission #2 Freeroll €1000
May 17, 20:50 UTC €1000 May Series Mission #3 Freeroll €1000
  • Mission for # 1 Freeroll: Play three satellites to the May Poker Series
  • Mission for # 2 Freeroll: Play three May Poker Series tournaments
  • Mission for # 3 Freeroll: Eliminate 2 Opponents in the May Poker Series

* Bonus Mission: Earn 500 VIP Points and you will be given a € 10 ticket to the May Poker Series.

What to play in the first week of MPS

Choose the events of the first week that are suitable for you with the best buy-in and guarantee ratio.

• MPS #1 — €10,000 GTD

May 7th, 7:00 pm EDT. One-day tournament with a buy-in of € 10, levels of 10 minutes and the possibility of three re-entries. You can qualify through satellites for € 1-2.

• MPS #8 — €35,000 GTD

May 8th, 8:00 p.m. EDT. Rebuy with a buy-in of € 20 and levels of 10 minutes. You can qualify through satellites for € 2-3.

• MPS #9 — €25,000 GTD

May 8th, 9:00 p.m. EDT. A similar rebuy, but with a buy-in of € 10. You can qualify through satellites for € 1-2.

• MPS #11 — €10,000 GTD

May 8th, 10:00 p.m. EDT. The minimum possible buy-in of € 5 gives you the opportunity to compete for a solid prize pool. You can qualify through satellites for € 0.5-1.

• MPS #24 Six Plus — €5,000 GTD

May 10th, 10:00 p.m. EDT. One of two € 20 short deck tournaments. This one will be in a rebuy format. Satellites for € 2-3 are available for No Limit Hold’em only.

Bonus to new players for registering at bestpoker or RedStar Poker

Interested in taking part in iPoker MPS tournaments? – Register at our partner rooms bestpoker or RedStar Poker to receive a 200% bonus on your first deposit.

First deposit bonus conditions:

  • Any player can get a 200% deposit bonus. Maximum bonus amount – € 2000
  • The bonus is divided into two parts – 40% (up to € 800) and 60% (up to € 1200) of the bonus amount
  • The first part can be wagered for 60 days. You will receive € 2 for every € 10 rake (in fact, an additional 20% rakeback) *
  • The second part can be wagered for 90 days. You will receive € 1 for every € 10 rake (essentially an additional 10% rakeback)
  • There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of bonus funds

* In the RedStar Poker room, the bonus is not divided into two parts. You will always receive € 2 for every 200 Bonus Points (€ 20 rake)

promotions, leaderboards and tournament series

We collected the juiciest promotions of all rooms in May: leaderboards, missions, lotteries, tasks – all in one article so that you don’t look anywhere else. But first, let’s remember the record-breaking April 2021.

How did the poker world remember April 2021?

April 2021 was called the most expensive month in the history of online poker. There were many episodes, drifts and cool stories.

  • Zapahzamazki brought SCOOP leaderboard thanks to honesty pads1161… Patrick Leonard discovered a scoring error and told the Stars, thereby depriving himself of victory. But everything ended beautifully. Possibly the coolest story of 2021.
  • GGSF successfully debuted at GGPOKEROK… The results of the series and the most interesting stories have been collected in this post.
  • Paul “MountainRose” Wexler brought the Main Event Irish Poker Open to partypoker… He says a pot of water helps to win.
  • BestPoker now has a three-stats HUD: Flop Seen, Run and Aggression frequency. What do all these stats mean and how to enable them were told in Telegram channels.  

What promotions have poker rooms prepared for players in May?

There will be many episodes in May too. At GG – WSOPC, at PokerKing – PKOSS, at partypoker – WPT Online, at Pokerdom – Pokerdom Cup, at Vbet – Spring Knock Knock. For those who do not play tournaments, races, leaderboards, missions.

PokerKing: $ 25M Guaranteed The PKOSS Series and The Venom PKO $ 5M Guaranteed Tournament

From May 9-23, PokerKing will host a series of PKO (Progressive Knockout) tournaments – over 200 events with buy-ins ranging from $ 6.60 to $ 2,650.

Schedule of the main events:

  • С 5 по 9 мая — $55 Kickoff Main Event PKO $500K GTD
  • С 16 по 17 мая — $630 Main Event #1 $1M GTD
  • 23 мая — $55 Main Event #2 $500K GTD

April 30 started $2,650 The Venom PKO… Other starting days will begin on May 1 and 7 at 01:00 UTC and on May 9 at 00:15 UTC. And on Monday, May 3 at 00:15 GMT, the largest satellite with a buy-in of $ 95 and a guarantee of 20 tickets starts. You can register for it directly or through steps and blitz:

  • $32 VenomPKO Blitz Step 6;
  • $ 32 The VenomPKO Step 6/9 (8-max, 4-seat guarantee);
  • $ 12 The VenomPKO Skip 3 (8-max, 2-seat guarantee).

partypoker: WPT Online Series

WPT Online returns to partypoker in May. There is no full schedule yet, only main events are available in the lobby.

  • $ 3,200 WPT Online Main Event $ 3M GTD: Starting days May 23 & 30, second day May 31.
  • $ 530 WPT Online Mini Main Event $ 500K GTD: Starting days May 15 and 16, second day May 17.

You can qualify for these tournaments through the final satellites. They start on Sundays at 23:05 Moscow time (closest May 2).

  • $3,200 WPT Online Main Event 1A Satellite (15 билетов GTD)
  • $530 WPT Online Mini Main Event 1A Satellite (30 билетов GTD)

Both final satellites have no direct buy-in. You can qualify for them through phases.

$ 3,200 WPT Online Main Event Team Chart:

* Center roll ➡ $ 3.30 Phase 1 ➡ $ 33 Phase 2 ➡ Final satellite

$ 530 WPT Online Mini Main Event Team Chart:

** Center Roll ➡ $ 0.55 Phase 1 ➡ $ 5.50 Phase 2 ➡ Final Satellite

* 15 tickets guaranteed for $ 3.30

** 5 tickets guaranteed for $ 0.55

Regular promotions (daily race for SPINS and SPINS Ultr players and weekly race Legend of the Week) remain unchanged.

GGPOKER: $ 100M Guaranteed WSOPC & Regular Race Changes (New Spin & Gold Format & Leaderboard instead of Instant AoF Rewards)

The WSOP Circuit will be held at GGPOKEROK from May 1 to May 30. You can win one of 18 rings in tournaments with buy-ins from $ 25 to $ 800. The first of dozens of flights in the $ 525 Main Event with a $ 5M guarantee starts on May 17 at 17:30 Moscow time.

Schedule of WSOPC ring events (add +3 to GMT – it will be MSK time)

Regular Race Changes: New Spin & Gold Format and AoF Leaderboard instead of Instant Rewards

  • Spin & Gold leaderboard increased by $ 600K
  • Rush & Cash Race Increased by $ 100K
  • The prize pool of the 6+ leaderboard has decreased by $ 140K

+ NEW New 6-max Spin & Gold with buy-ins of $ 1, $ 10 and $ 100 with a maximum jackpot of x200,000. The new format tournaments are included in the overall Spin & Gold race, along with the usual 3-max.

$ 50K Spin & Gold Daily Race Rules With Payouts

The leaderboard is divided into 9 positions according to buy-ins. Points are awarded depending on the place occupied in the tournament and the size of the buy-in. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: all points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid in Spin & Gold tickets.

Spin & Gold Daily leaderboard scoring table

$ 50K Spin & Gold Leaderboard Daily Prize Breakdown Table

+ NEW $ 50K on the AoF leaderboard instead of instant rewards

Previously, the AoF tables had one buy-in for every 100 hands played. In May, a $ 50K leaderboard was added instead of this promotion. For each all-in with showdown, one point is awarded. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: all points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars.

$ 50K Prize Breakdown Table AoF Leaderboard Daily

$20К Holdem и $25К Omaha Daily Leaderboard Daily

Points are awarded based on the number of raked hands played. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 20K Holdem Leaderboard Daily Prize Breakdown Table

Omaha Leaderboard Daily $ 25K Prize Breakdown Table

$40K Rush&Cash Daily

The race is divided into two disciplines (Hold’em and Omaha) and seven limits. Points are awarded for actions (maximum 20 points per distribution):

  • 1 point – dog,
  • 3 points – call,
  • 5 points – bet / raise,
  • 5 points – insurance,
  • 10 points – cash drop.

Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are doubled for each action (maximum 20 points per distribution). Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 40K Rush & Cash Daily Prize Breakdown

$5K Short Deck Leaderboard Daily

The leaderboard is divided into 9 positions depending on the buy-in size. Points are awarded based on the number of raked hands played. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars, which can only be used for cash games.

$ 5K Short Deck Leaderboard Daily Prize Table

$5K Flip&Go Daily

Scoring rules: +1 point for each registration in the tournament (if you registered for 10 stacks, you will receive +10 points).

Points are multiplied depending on the first starting hand: for a straight flush of three cards, a bonus x4 buy-ins; for a set – x3, for a flush – x2, for a straight – x2. For example, you made 9 buy-ins and your first hand got three cards of the same suit (flush). In this case, you will earn 9 x 2 = 18 points.

The leaderboard is divided into 4 positions depending on the buy-in size. Every day from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time “happy hour”: points are multiplied by x1.5. Prizes are paid in tournament dollars.

$ 5K Flip & Go Daily Prize Breakdown Table

Pokerdom: rake-free tournaments for Victory Day and the Pokerdom Cup series

In honor of Victory Day on May 9, Pokerdom will host four rakeless tournaments with a total guarantee of ₽1M.

  • ₽19.45 Invincible Hold’em – ₽550K GTD
  • ₽194.50 Triumphant Omaha – ₽150K GTD
  • $ 2.99 Victorious Pineapple – $ 150K GTD
  • ₽194.50 Indomitable Omaha 5-card – ₽150K GTD

Immediately after the holiday date, the Pokerdom Cup starts – a series of 130 tournaments will last from May 10 to May 30.

Buy-ins start at ₽250, but there will be high roller events at ₽9,900 and even ₽15,000. See the full schedule by link.

For the 25 best players in the series, as part of the leaderboard, cash prizes from ₽5K to ₽100K are prepared.

888poker: 24/7 Freerolls Festival

10 free tournaments with prize pools ranging from $ 275 to $ 5,000 run daily at 888poker. Look for three types of freerolls in the lobby:

  • Freebie Freeroll is free admission for everyone.
  • Funky Freeroll is a private freeroll. The ticket can be obtained in the “Gift Drops” promotion
  • Fabulous Freeroll is a closed freeroll. The ticket can be obtained in the wheel “The Winner Spinner”

The prizes include not only pure money, but also tournament tickets for $ 5, $ 55, $ 109, bonus money for sports or casinos.

The freeroll festival will run until July 18 inclusive. To participate in the promotion, you need to make at least one deposit.

BestPoker and RedStar Poker (iPoker): May Poker Series with € 1.5M Guarantee

From May 7 to May 16, the iPoker room (BestPoker; RedStar Poker) will host the May Poker Series: 67 events predominantly in Hold’em (in addition to NLHE, two tournaments of 6+ and five in PLO).

At the end of the series, there will be a € 10,000 closed freeroll exclusively for the winners of the May Series.

The largest prize pool of € 200,000 is expected in MPS Event # 50, a € 91 buy-in tournament with five start days, the first of which will take place on May 10th.

Card Collector promotion (BestPoker only)

And from May 8 to June 10, BestPoker again offers players to collect cards. Winning cards will appear in the lobby every day. If during the game you win a hand with the combination of the day, you will receive a scratch card. In total, you can get up to 4 scratch cards per day. Combinations at tables from NL10 and above and at Twister tables from € 5 are taken into account. One of the tickets worth € 1,000, € 100, € 10, € 5, € 2, € 1 or € 0.50 is hidden under the protective field of the scratch card. To participate in the promotion, you must register in the client. The card is valid for 7 days from the date of receipt.

Vbet: Spring Knock Knock series with € 500K guarantee

From April 30 to May 23, VBet hosts the Spring Knock Knock series: 358 events with buy-ins from € 1 to € 99 and a total guarantee of € 500K. The main event, which starts on May 23rd, will have the greatest guarantee. A € 12K leaderboard has also been added to the series.

Spring Knock Knock Series at VBet Poker: 358 events with a total guarantee of € 500K! Bounty Builder Turbo Week

The PokerStars European Reservation will host the Bounty Builder Turbo Week Series from May 9-16. The schedule includes 108 events in the PKO format with buy-ins from € 5 to € 250. The main event with a buy-in of € 125 and a guarantee of € 250 will take place on 16 May.

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Spring Knock Knock Series at Vbet is a tournament knockout series for regulars …

On April 30th, Vbet Poker kicked off the spring Knock Knock series, in which all 358 tournaments are PKOs with 50% and 75% knockout rates. In this article, we have collected for you the results of the first day of the series, information about the main tournaments of the first weekend of KnockKnock SS and the leaderboard of the series.

How Spring Knock Knock started

On the first day of the series, VBet Poker hosted 15 events with buy-ins ranging from € 1 to € 55. Relatively small guarantees (from € 100 to € 10K) were collected in only a small part of the tournaments – even the cheapest ones were mostly held with an overlay. In the table below, we have collected information for you on three tournaments with different buy-ins so that you can evaluate the benefits of participating in the events of the series.

Tournament Bai-in Guarantee Inputs with re-entry Overlay Winner prize (no bounty)
KnockKnock SS # 4 NLH €11 €1K 90 €100 €138.05
KnockKnock SS # 6 NLH €22 € 2k 87 €260 €174.44
KnockKnock SS #7 PLO €5.50 €350 70 €0 €56.18

The main tournament of the day was the € 33 KnockKnock SS Opener € 10K Gtd. Despite the fact that he has collected the largest field in the series so far – 212 players who made a total of 333 entries – he was a little short of the guarantee and the overlay was € 10. The winner of the tournament received € 915.91 excluding knockout.

Main tournaments on May 1st and 2nd

In the first weekend of the series of players, four NLH tournaments with guarantees of several thousand euros are waiting:

€44 KnockKnock SS #23 €8К Gtd

  • Start – May 1 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Progressive Knockout – € 20 (50%).
  • Starting stack – 50K chips (100 BB).
  • Late registration – 25 levels, 10 minutes each.
  • Re-entry – not limited until the end of late registration.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 10 BB.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are missing.

You can qualify for this event through satellites for € 4.40.

€99 KnockKnock SS #26 €5К Gtd

  • Start – May 1 at 21:00 Moscow time.
  • Progressive Knockout – € 67.50 (75%).
  • Starting stack – 50K chips (100 BB).
  • Late registration – 25 levels, 8 minutes each.
  • Re-entry – not limited until the end of late registration.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 10 BB.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are missing.

€5.50 Knock Knock SS Special TM5K Gtd

  • Start – May 1 at 21:00 Moscow time.
  • Starting stack – 25K chips (100 BB).
  • Late registration – 25 levels, 6 minutes each.
  • Re-entry – not limited until the end of late registration.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 10 BB.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are missing.

The special tournament, in which 5K tournament money will be played, is the only event in the series that will not be held in the PKO format.

€60 KnockKnock SS #38 €20К Gtd

  • Start – May 2 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Progressive Knockout – € 27 (50%).
  • Starting stack – 50K chips (100 BB).
  • Late registration – 25 levels, 10 minutes each.
  • Re-entry – not limited until the end of late registration.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 10 BB.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are missing.
  • You can qualify for this event through satellites for € 11.

€60 KnockKnock SS Main Event €40K

  • Start – May 23 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Progressive Knockout – € 27 (50%).
  • Starting stack – 50K chips (100 BB).
  • Late registration – 25 levels, 12 minutes each.
  • Re-entry – not limited until the end of late registration.
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 10 BB.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are missing.

Лидерборд Spring Knock Knock

During the series, there is a € 12K leaderboard on VBet. Points are awarded to it taking into account the buy-in of the tournament, the number of knockouts and re-entry:

Buy-ins €1.10 — €5.50 €11 — €22 € 33 and more
First login 4 points 8 points 12 points
Every knockout 1 point * 4 1 point * 8 1 point * 12
Every re-entry 1 point * 2 1 point * 5 1 point * 8

To better understand how the total points for each tournament are calculated, consider an example.

You have played a € 11 buy-in tournament. The first entry earned you 8 points. During the tournament, you knocked out 5 people. Each person = 1 point. Thus, for knockouts you received 5 * 8 = 40 points. Also during the game you made 6 re-entries, 1 point for each. As a result, re-entry brought you 6 * 5 = 30 points.

The total of your points: 8 points for the first entry + (5 points for knockouts * multiplier of 8) + (6 points for re-entry * by multiplier 5) = 8 + 40 + 30 = 78 points.

The Spring Knock Knock series will end on May 23 – the next day the TOP-40 players on the leaderboard will receive prizes from € 33 to € 2.5K in tournament money.

Complete series leaderboard paytable

A place Tournament money prize
1 €2,500
2 €1,800
3 €1,400
4 €1,100
5 €800
6 €600
7 €500
8 €400
9 €330
10 €200
11 — 15 €155
16 — 20 €110
21 — 25 €77
26 — 30 €55
31 — 35 €44
36 — 40 €33