Download TigerGaming mobile app for Android 2021

TigerGaming updated the mobile version of the client: Android users can access .apk from the official site. We have started a new application on the phone and are ready to tell you why it is one of the best mobile clients.

TigerGaming on Android and iOS: how it was and how it became

It was possible to play at TigerGaming before: a web version was available for playing in a browser, and an .apk was also available for playing on Android. There was no separate TigerGaming application for iOS, and still does not exist, and the support has been answering the same thing for several years: “An iPhone app is in development”.

Now two versions are available for playing on mobile devices:

  1. web version for iOS (but it runs on Android too) – there is still no application on the iPhone;
  2. .apk app on Android.

How to download the TigerGaming app for Android

  1. Enter “TigerGaming Poker” in your browser’s search bar or go directly to and select “PLAY POKER”.
  2. On the new page, tap on the “DOWNLOAD FOR ANDROID DEVICE”
  3. Wait for the download (the application weighs only 35 mb), install, run and play.

TigerGaming Android app review

Previously, both the web version and the mobile application of TigerGaming were like two peas in a pod. Both versions did not differ from each other externally and in terms of the dynamics of the game. The updated software of TigerGaming easily claims to be the best mobile poker application.

Home screen of the TigerGaming mobile application on Android

As a theater begins with a coat rack, any room begins with a lobby. There are five tabs on the main screen of the application: Windfalls, Boost, MTT, Holdem, Omaha. By choosing one of the tabs on this screen, the user is taken to a screen with a quick selection of the game. Scrolling down the screen below will open the familiar all discipline lobby with tabs, filtering and organizing – just like in the full client. Like one of the most intuitive lobbies.

Several tabs are available in the drop-down list on the right side of the screen:

  • Cashier
  • Bonuses
  • Contests
  • Buy-In settings
  • My Tables & Tournaments
  • Create a private table (Create private table is the only option that did not work in our room)
  • Settings
  • Themes
  • Client Info
  • Logout button.

Settings and Themes tabs

The lobby is drawn beautifully, intuitively, it works smoothly, no unnecessary buttons, banners and tabs (such as “slots”, as it is in the similar software of other rooms). We like it and go to the review of the game dynamics.

Review of TigerGaming tables and gaming dynamics for Android

The tables are made with the same high quality and thoughtfulness as the entire lobby.

  1. Can be played vertically or horizontally.
  2. It is convenient to switch between tables. Vertically at the bottom of the screen, horizontally on the right or left. What’s more cool: the application automatically switches you to the table in which you need to make a decision right now.
  3. There is no way to enter the bet size from the keyboard. And at first it may seem very inconvenient, but quick bets are available, as well as a very convenient and sensitive betting slider.
  4. The set of games is the same as in the full version of the client

Our experience of playing at TigerGaming on Android

Horizontal orientation of tables at TigerGaming

We played at the NLHE and PLO8 tables for about an hour. And during this time, not a single lag, freeze, disconnect or any other bug was caught. The client works very quickly, the animation is smooth, the timers are accurate. It’s a pleasure to play (especially with opponents like TG).

By the way, TigerGaming uses software developed by Connective Games. The software from this company is also used by Pokerdom and PokerMatch.

Have you tested the new TigerGaming mobile app on Android? How do you like it? Share your opinion in the comments.

KidPoker will potentially play heads-up against PokerBrat

It’s been just a week since Daniel Negreanu’s challenge against Doug Polk ended. Despite the fact that Negreanu lost $ 1.2 million, he is already ready to fight the next opponent. The choice fell on Phil Hellmuth.

Daniel was ready for anything

Even when the challenge is against Daga Polka (Doug Polk) was coming to an end and everyone knew that Daniel Negreanu (Daniel Negreanu) will lose, KidPoker announced – I’m ready for both rematch and a new challenge against almost anyone… Several months of hard work on the game with a team of coaches turned his mind about heads-up and poker in general. Roughly speaking, it turns out that for $ 1.2 million, the Polk made a new out of Negreanu “GTO adept”.

Moreover, Polk himself said that a rematch against the “modern” Negreanu would not be easy, so he tactfully refused. In general, according to WCGRider, Negreanu will now beat anyone in the world who does not specifically specialize in heads-up.

Hellmuth criticized Negreanu

It would seem that all viewers of the challenge agreed that Negreanu improved his skill incredibly in the 25,000 hands that he played at $ 200/400. His strategy and sizing became like a real regular, not like a guy from a poker TV show.

But even here there were “dissenters”. Among them, the loudest was Phil Helmut (Phil Hellmuth), who bet an unknown amount of money to win Negreanu against Polk. According to him, he hoped that Daniel would show his poker talent, and not try to play GTO, as if on a foreign field.

I’m upset with how Daniel played the challenge. He tried to fight “fire against fire”, but it was necessary to fight “Daniel against fire”. By the way, I suggested that Doug play next with me. I’m ready. I won 29 of the last 30 heads-up matches, I won the last heads-up tournament I played. I lost only once – to my “boss” Cary Katz.

As we remember, Doug Polk is going “Go into the sunset” and has no plans to play poker with anyone, at least in the near future. Daniel, on the other hand, was hurt by Helmut’s words, so he tweeted:

Transfer: Hey Helmut, you said you didn’t watch my match with Polk, but you seem to allow yourself to draw conclusions about my game.

I am ready to play a match with you offline or online, at any rates that are comfortable for you, any number of hands. What do you say, big guy?

Will Negreanu vs Helmut match?

Is not a fact. So far, Phil has not responded to the challenge of his longtime friend, and there is a huge problem in their potential heads-up – Hellmuth is positioning himself exclusively as an offline player and with a high probability he will offer Negreanu to play in the PokerGO TV studio.

What does this mean? That the format will surely be like a poker show «King of the Hill», where Hellmuth recently won $ 350,000 against Antonio Esfandiari in a three-match streak. Let’s briefly recall the conditions: participants buy-in for $ 50,000, play a match, and the loser has the opportunity to challenge the winner to a re-match with double buy-ins ($ 100,000, then $ 200,000, and so on). Simply put, there is no reason to hope for a full-fledged challenge for 20-30 thousand hands. Most likely, there will be a couple of meetings and disperse.

If, however, Helmut agrees to something more serious, then the overwhelming majority of commentators believe that Negreanu will simply destroy him. “Considering that KidPoker only lost 9bb / 100 over 25k hands to Polk, his winrate will be about 2 times higher against Helmut!”

What are your thoughts on the heads-up of two of the most prominent poker players of the last decade? Will their fight take place and does the poker world really need it?

Knockout Series Gladiator Battles – Subtotals, Main Event and …

The new knockout series “Gladiator Fights” with a total guarantee of ₽25M is successfully held at Pokerdom from January 29 to February 21. Were there any overlays in the first two weeks, who is still leading the rating of players and how to get into the largest tournaments of the series – read our material.

Interim results of “Gladiator fights”

In the first week of the series, 37 tournaments were held in the room, and only one with an overlay. The rest have gone over the guarantee – the total amount above the guarantees of these tournaments is ₽3,870,890.

In the second week, 35 more tournaments were held and also only one had an overlay. The total prize money exceeded the guarantee by ₽2,417,389.

Thus, in the first two weeks, 72 tournaments were played with a total prize fund of ₽16,311,832.

Who leads the leaderboards of “Gladiator fights”

Gladiator Battles – Rating

Points are awarded for participation in tournaments of the series, depending on the buy-in of the tournament, the coefficients are 1, 1.5 and 2. The winner of the rating will receive additional ₽150K, in total ₽750K will be distributed between the TOP-25. At 15:00 Moscow time on February 14, the TOP-16 of the rating looks like this:

Gladiator Fights – Knockout Rating

In this leaderboard, points are awarded for knocking out players in tournaments of the series – 1 knockout = 1 point. The winner of the knockout rating will receive additional ₽50K, and 25 players will receive prizes totaling ₽250K. At 15:00 Moscow time on February 14, the TOP-16 of the rating looks like this:

How to get into the major tournaments of the series through promotions

The biggest guarantees of Gladiator fights are laid down in two tournaments – ₽3,535 Main Gladiator Tournament ₽3.3M Gtd and ₽15K High Roller Gladiator Tournament ₽1.5M Gtd. You can get into them either by paying the buy-in directly or by fulfilling the conditions of special promotions for NLH cash tables. You can track your place in each rating through the Promotions -> tab of the action of the same name.

GB – Qualification for the Main Gladiator Tournament

Collecting flushes on any cash table gives points to the leaderboard, the TOP-20 of which gets a ticket of ₽150 at the end of the day [Ежедневный Сателлит], where 6 tickets for the Main Series are guaranteed.

Each flush counts for 1 point – the more points you score, the more likely you are to get a ticket. This is how the rating for February 13 looks like.

Main Gladiator Tournament Quest

Getting a 666xx full house using pocket sixes gives a ticket of ₽15 [Степ Сателлит] on the Main Series, in which 15 places are awarded for ₽150 [Ежедневный Сателлит].

No more than 50 tickets are handed out per day, and each player can receive no more than one ticket per day. TWICE tables are not eligible for the promotion. You don’t have to go to showdown for your hand to count.

Selection for the High Roller Gladiator Tournament

Getting quads of eights – combination of 8888 – at any Hold’em cash tables will give the player a ticket of $ 100 [Степ Сателлит] with a guarantee of 3 places in ₽1K [Супер Сателлит] – 2 tickets to the target tournament are played in it. Up to 25 tickets are issued per day, no more than one ticket per person.

What you need to know about the Main Gladiator Tournament

  • Bai-in – ₽3,535 ($ 48).
  • Rake – 3353 (11%).
  • Start – February 21 at 18:00 Moscow time.
  • Re-entry – not limited.
  • Rebuys and add-ons are absent.
  • Starting stack – 1M chips (250 BB).
  • Late registration – 15 levels, 20 minutes each (5 hours of playing time).
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 12.5 BB.
  • The knockout format is progressive. Starting bounty for each participant – ₽1,061. By knocking out a player, you will receive 50% of his bounty on your account, 50% will be added to the size of your bounty.
  • Final table deals are not permitted.
  • The winner of the tournament will receive a physical Champion Cup from Pokerdom.
  • You can enter the tournament through satellites with buy-ins of ₽150 and ₽250.

Unibet wants to reduce income from addicted players to zero

Gambling operators in Europe strive to adhere to the highest possible operating standards due to tight regulation by licensing authorities. But the first to openly talk about income from “problem” or, more simply, dependent clients, were the Kindred Group, the owners of Unibet Poker. By 2023, the company plans to reduce revenues from the game of “high-risk” customers to zero.

Kindred Group business structure

The Kindred Group is a publicly owned group of gambling operators, including Unibet Poker, which provides casino, bookmaker and bingo services. The company is registered in Malta, but there are offices in London, Gibraltar, Stockholm, as well as in the USA and Europe. The main income comes from working in the licensed markets of European countries.

On February 10, Kindred reported on the fourth quarter of 2020 – despite a difficult year during the pandemic, revenue growth was 54% compared to 2019. In numbers, this is £ 364.7 million in revenues and £ 84.9 million in net profit. In addition, the company boasted a record number of active users, which increased by 11% – from 1.6 million to 1.78 million. CEO Kindred plans Henrik Tjarnstrom (Henrik Tjärnström) – further expansion into regulated markets.

Henrik Tjarnstrom

Why Kindred Group wants to get rid of “problem” customers

The legs grow out of a desire to comply with the stringent requirements of UK laws. According to public figures from the British Gambling Commission, there are about 340,000 people in the country who, in one way or another, have problems with gambling – someone gambles too long, someone makes too high bets, and someone makes too many deposits. On this topic, Pokeroff made a separate article.

UK to tighten gambling laws – operators against

According to the Kindred Group’s quarterly report, 4,3% their gross income comes from “problem” clients. It turns out that the company has a special automated system called PSED (Player Safety Early Detection), which, by various triggers, allows you to identify if a person cannot afford to play. That being said, the same system claims that nearly 90% of customers are “low risk,” whatever that means.

How Kindred Group plans to secure gambling

The company released a presentation on this topic, where several steps were described for further work in this direction. The speaker was Maris Canatia, Head of Responsible Gaming, Kindred Group.

  • The PSED system will be further developed. The company wants to keep all customers “under the hood” and monitor the gambling behavior of each in order to mark those whose dynamics of interest in gambling is growing excessively. This will be measured primarily by the frequency with which users visit Kindred’s sites. According to Maris Catania, it is important to act proactively in such matters.
  • The company employs a whole group of analysts who will publish research on the PSED system. Analysts will consult with scientists
  • The executive staff will receive additional training on working with addicted people.

Kindred Group, as we already wrote, became the first gambling operator to publish open data on the number of “problem” customers. They have set themselves a serious goal and in order to achieve it, they will have to invest a lot of resources – apparently, the game is worth the candle. According to Kindred’s management, all market participants should sooner or later start working in the same direction.

MILLIONS Online 2021 series at partypoker: tournament and satellite schedule

The partypoker flagship series MILLIONS Online kicks off at partypoker this Saturday. We looked at the schedule, satellites and are ready to tell you which tournaments to play.

Partypoker MILLIONS Online at a glance

Dates: from February 13 to March 9

Number of events: 28

Buy-ins: from $ 109 to $ 102,000

Disciplines: NLHE, PLO

Partypoker MILLIONS Online Main Events and Satellites

partypoker continues to pursue the sport of poker with some of the smoothest tournaments in the online poker industry.

$1,100 Mini Main Event $1M GTD

The series will open with a tournament with two starting flights on February 13 and 14 at 22:05 Moscow time and Day 2 on Monday, February 15 at 22:05 Moscow time. Levels of 25 minutes (30 minutes on Day 2) with blinds doubling every fourth level. Late registration of 9 levels. One re-entry can be made.

Qualifiers for the $ 1,100 Mini Main Event are available directly through one of the $ 109 buy-in satellites with a 3-50 ticket guarantee. The nearest mega-satellite with a buy-in of $ 109 and 50 tickets for $ 1,100 GTD starts on February 13 at 6:30 pm Moscow time.

There is a more difficult option to qualify for the Mini Main Event, starting with the center rolls:

  • $ 0.01 Centroll – $ 1.10 25 Tickets Guaranteed
  • $ 1.10 Phase 1 – Team Phase 2
  • $ 11 Phase 2 – qualification for the final Mega Satellite
  • $ 109 Mega Satellite – 50 tickets at $ 1,100 GTD

$5,200 Main Event $5M GTD

The main event of the series will be held in a similar format: two flights, day 2, day 3 and the final day.

Day 1A kicks off on February 21 at 22:05 UTC; Day 1B – February 28 at 10:05 pm EDT. The structure is similar to the Mini Main Event: levels of 25 minutes, the blinds are doubled every fourth level. Late registration of 9 levels. One re-entry can be made.

The selection scheme for the $ 5,300 Main Event is slightly different, but also understandable.

  • $ 0.01 Centroll – $ 5.50 10 Tickets Guaranteed
  • $ 5.50 Phase 1 – Team Phase 2
  • $ 55 Phase 2 – Final Phase Qualification
  • Final Phase – 20 tickets guaranteed at $ 5,300

Unlike the selection for the Mini Main Event, the final phase is closed, it is possible to qualify for it only through Phase 2 for $ 55. This final phase will start on February 15 at 00:00 Moscow time.

Two direct mega-satellites to the Main Event with a buy-in of $ 530 and a guarantee of 50 tickets for $ 5,300 each will start on February 21 and 28 at 6:30 pm ET.

Most expensive partypoker MILLIONS Online tournaments

The most interesting from the point of view of action will be the $ 102,000 Mega High Roller tournament. This is the third online tournament in history with such a huge buy-in. Recall that last summer, Justin Bonomo became the champion in the event with a similar buy-in at the Super High Roller Bowl and earned $ 1,775,000. And in the fall, Michael Addamo shared the WPT WOC Super High Roller heads-up with Isaac Sexton and earned $ 1,284,114 (Pokeroff, by the way, commented on this final). Mega High Roller with $ 3M GTD kicks off on March 8th.

The series will also feature two $ 25,500 Super High Rollers and two $ 10,300 High Roller tournaments. There are no satellites for $ 100K and $ 25K tournaments, but for $ 10K you can qualify through a $ 1050 satellite with guarantees of 1 to 3 tickets.

Partypoker MILLIONS Online Omaha Tournament Schedule

partypoker is one of the few poker rooms that focuses on the daily load of Omaha tournaments. Last week, Omaha Daily Legends tournaments were added to the room. In the MILLIONS Online series, Omach players will also be included.

The schedule includes 12 tournaments on four cards with buy-ins ranging from $ 215 to $ 5,200. Four events are two-day (indicated in brackets), the rest are one-day.

  • Feb 18th 10:05 pm ET – $ 3,200 Omaha High Roller $ 150K GTD
  • Feb 18th 10:05 pm EDT – $ 320 Mini Omaha High Roller $ 25K GTD
  • Feb 19 00:15 UTC – $ 1,050 Omaha Turbo PKO $ 50K GTD
  • Feb 22 22:05 UTC – $ 2,100 Omaha $ 150K GTD (2 Day Event)
  • February 22 22:05 UTC – $ 215 Mini Omaha $ 20K GTD (2 day event)
  • Feb 23 00:15 UTC – $ 530 Omaha Turbo PKO $ 25K GTD
  • February 25th 10:05 pm ET – $ 5,200 Omaha High Roller $ 200K GTD
  • February 25th 10:05 pm ET – $ 530 Mini Omaha High Roller $ 50K GTD
  • 02 March 10:05 UTC – $ 2,100 Omaha PKO $ 150K GTD (2 day event)
  • 02 March 10:05 UTC – $ 215 Mini Omaha PKO $ 20K GTD (2 day event)
  • 04 марта 22:05 МСК — $5,200 6-max Omaha High Roller $200K GTD
  • 04 марта 22:05 МСК — $530 Mini 6-max Omaha High Roller $50K GTD

There are satellites for the tournaments. For example, an event with a buy-in of $ 320 can be qualified through satellites for $ 44 (two or five tickets guaranteed) and $ 66 (2 or 3 tickets guaranteed).

Russian Poker Tour 2021 in Minsk – news from the fields

At the moment, a live series of Russian Poker Tour poker tournaments is taking place in Minsk. How are things going there? Is there offline poker outside of Sochi? Pokeroff will tell you.

The coronavirus has also touched RPT

The entire 2020 has actually passed by one of the oldest and most recognizable tournament brands in the post-Soviet space. What to do – the coronavirus happened and the RPT stages in Armenia and Minsk have been canceled one after another since April. And only in September the series managed to comeback, though only temporarily and online.

And in 2021, the very first planned RPT in Minsk took place in the already traditional place – the Opera casino on the basis of the Beijing Hotel. You can see how the casino and gaming hall looks like in the welcome video.

Without compliance with sanitary standards, no offline poker event will take place today. A certificate with a negative test for covid, of course, will not be asked at the entrance to the casino, but judging by the photo, the mask mode is mandatory for both employees and guests of the series. Rarely in the photo you can see a person without protection.

How successful was RPT in 2021?

Minsk is an excellent gathering point for poker players from neighboring countries. When tournaments are held within the walls of a casino, 13% tax on winnings is not withheld and this attracts not only Minsk residents, but also players from other countries. More than once we saw the French, Lithuanians and other Europeans among the participants. A separate category includes players from Turkey, Cyprus and Israel, who often arrive in whole groups, mainly to play cash.

This time the Russian Poker Tour series supported by VBET will run until February 14th. The schedule consists of 16 events, 11 of them are knockouts. Buy-ins from $ 120 to $ 1100, there are no guarantees, for obvious reasons. The main event follows the already tried and tested scheme – $ 175 for a stack of 20,000 in any of the three starting flights, and $ 720 for a stack five times more in any of the three Day 2.

We can say that the players are missing the RPT tournaments – the turnout is solid, the prize money is appropriate. Let’s go over the most significant events that have already found their winners.

Progressive Knockout Championship – a two-day tournament with three starting flights for $ 90 + 80. It had 264 entrances, after which it became clear that there were a lot of people. The winner was a regular from Minsk Sergey Narozhny, a prize of $ 2750 excluding knockouts.

Sergey Narozhny

Superstack Event – a three-day tournament with two starting flights without knockouts with levels of 20-35-40 minutes. The entrance on the first day cost $ 190, and on the second combined – $ 490, the starting stack was given 5 times more. A total of 119 entries were collected, about half of which were more expensive. The RPT Champion Cup was taken by Valery Fokin from Brest ($ 7350). The final was played for almost eight hours, two of which went to heads-up with Anton Kotlyar.

Valery Fokin

Underpressure Knockout Is a proprietary multi-day RPT tournament that is played non-stop until the final table, which is then held under “heightened tension”. Simply put, the organizers try to entertain and distract the finalists. Over the long history of RPT, such finals have taken place in strip clubs and karaoke, or with the participation of dancers and fire shows. Sometimes the conditions were not very “sweet” – the final was held right in the parking lot, or even in the back room of the casino.

This time Underpressure with a buy-in of $ 230 + 100 took place with the final in a separate room, where smoke was generated on the table using special devices. The winner of this spectacular event was Russian Peter Rudnev ($ 3,750 excluding knockouts).

What’s going on at RPT now?

At the time of publication of the material, the seventh game day and 2 tournaments in parallel are in progress – the Main Event (1C) and the Progressive Superknockout Event (one-day knockout for $ 340 + 160 with levels of 30/40 minutes). Unfortunately, how many participants have collected the first two starting flights at the moment is unknown.

Closer to the end of the series, we will have live broadcasts. The organizers have scheduled two broadcasts on Saturday and Sunday. The exact start time will be announced later.

Online satellites on VBet

In the RPT partner room, 74 tickets were drawn in online satellites, including 15 packages with hotel accommodation and flight.

  • 10 packages on RPT MINSK MAIN EVENT
  • 9 RPT MINSK SUPERSTACK EVENT tournament tickets
  • 8 tournament tickets for RPT MINSK X EVENT
  • 9 tournament tickets for RPT MINSK MAIN EVENT.

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King of the Ring at TigerGaming: Schedule, Main Events, Leaderboards

In February, TigerGaming will host a knockout series with a total guarantee of $ 1M. We look at the schedule, talk about the features of loading, leaderboard and other features on KOTR.

Before moving on to an overview of the King of the Ring series, a short introduction. At the end of October 2020, the Chico network hired a new tournament director in Dan’s state. Danchik (we don’t really know his last name) immediately got down to work and by January 2021, he reshaped the daily tournament grid: he standardized loading times, added new formats, diluted the Hold’em load with PLO and PLO8 tournaments every hour. And now Chico is introducing the new King of the Ring series – a huge step for TigerGaming.

Brief information about the KOTR (King of the Ring) series

Dates: from 14 to 1 March

Number of events: 107

General warranty: $ 1M

Buy-ins: from $ 0.50 to $ 525

Disciplines: NLHE, PLO, PLO8

Features of KOTR (King of the Ring) tournaments

All PKO tournaments: half of the buy-in goes to the prize pool, half to the bounty prize pool. When a player is knocked out of a tournament, half of his bounty is credited immediately to the account, and the other half is credited to your bounty.

No rake is withheld from the bounty.

6 to 10 events daily… Moreover, the schedule includes events for any bankroll: buy-ins from $ 0.50 to $ 250.

Evening loading… Tournaments will start at 21:00 Moscow time, the latter will be loaded at 04:00 – 05:00 Moscow time. The levels are usually 8 minutes long with a late registration of 18 levels (about two and a half hours).

Daily PLO or PLO8 tournaments… Top 5 biggest PLO and PLO8 events (ordered by buy-in from most expensive):

  • February 19 @ 21:00 UTC – $ 215 KOTR # 36 PLO8 $ 6K GTD
  • February 25th @ 9:30 pm EDT – $ 109 KOTR # 80 PLO $ 4K GTD
  • February 23rd 00:30 UTC – $ 109 KOTR # 64 PLO8 $ 5K GTD
  • March 1st 02:30 UTC – $ 104.50 KOTR # 106 PLO $ 5K GTD
  • February 19 @ 03:05 AM UTC – $ 82 KOTR # 34 PLO8 $ 4K GTD

The main events of Hold’em with four buy-ins kick off on February 28th:

  • 11:00 PM UTC – $ 2.20 KOTR # 103 $ 4K GTD (8 minute levels, late registration 30 levels)
  • 21:00 UTC – $ 11 KOTR # 100 $ 20K GTD (8 minute levels, late registration 30 levels)
  • 21:30 GMT – $ 55 KOTR # 101 $ 75K GTD (10 minute levels, 24 levels late registration)
  • 22:00 UTC – $ 215 KOTR # 102 $ 100K GTD (10 minute levels, 24 levels late registration)

Лобби $215 Main Event KOTR

KOTR (King of the Ring) Leaderboards

The most persistent participants of the series tournaments will be able to compete for additional prizes in the leaderboards. There will be four leaderboards in total:

  • Featherweight – buy-ins up to $ 4.99, $ 1K prize pool among 41 entrants
  • Lightweight – buy-ins from $ 5 to $ 19.99, $ 1.5K prize pool among 41 entrants
  • Middleweight – buy-ins from $ 20 to $ 99.99, $ 2K prize pool among 12 participants
  • Heavyweight – $ 100 buy-ins and up, $ 3K prize pool among 10 entrants

Points are awarded according to the formula: (Tournament buy-in / place taken) x (number of entries / 100)

Winners in each category of leaderboards will participate in 4-max SNGs with a prize pool of $ 2,500. The winner will receive $ 1000, the runner-up $ 700, and the third and fourth places $ 400. The leaderboard winners tournament will take place on March 7th.

Why else is it worth playing at TigerGaming?

  • Cash tables from NL10 to NL1k in soft compositions
  • Playing in the same pool with Americans from states where online poker is allowed
  • Updated tournament bracket with low AFS and North American players
  • Extra conditions for serious regulars from Pokeroff
  • First month of the game with an additional bonus up to $ 1000
  • Starter soft-pack for playing in the room for free for Pokeroff players

Interested in playing at TigerGaming? Write to the VIP-department to see additional benefits for Pokeroff players.

PokerMatch will host a tournament with a guarantee of UAH 5 million and gifts from the boss …

On February 20, a tournament with a guarantee of UAH 5,000,000 will be held at the PokerMatch, where players will be showered with gifts from the “casino boss” in the total amount of UAH 2,000,000. All that is known about this event, Pokeroff will tell in the full material.

  • Date: February 20 (Saturday), 21:00 Moscow time / 20:00 Kiev time
  • Format: KO – 2500 UAH per knockout
  • Buy-in: 5000 UAH ($ 181). Nominally it does not exist – you need to be selected through satellites
  • Guarantee: 5,000,000 UAH ($ 181,000) + 2,000,000 ($ 72,400) in the form of gifts
  • Starting stack: 416 bb
  • Levels of 10 minutes
  • Late registration: NO
  • The minimum number of participants to start a tournament is 1000

As you can see, the poker room is formally claiming that the event will not start until the basic guarantee is broken, which requires a thousand participants. But do not rush to scold PokerMatch for this, because the trick is not in the main guarantee, but in the fact that a tournament is held for you without rake and with an additional prize fund of UAH 2,000,000.

Free casino spins, tournament tickets, tournament money and other bonuses for both poker and casino.

What exactly will need to be done in order to receive the prize is unknown, but the promotion says “carefully follow the announcements in the chat.” Most likely, gifts will be played out randomly, but this is just an assumption.

As mentioned earlier, there is no nominally buy-in to the tournament, since you can register only with VIP-points or tournament hryvnia. In the lobby of the poker room there are 5 categories of satellites per event, buy-ins from 1 UAH.

Category №1

In each “step” there is a guarantee of 1 ticket for the next one.

  • №1.4 ​​satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 1 UAH, 5-Max
  • №1.3 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 5 UAH, 4-Max
  • №1.2 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 20 UAH, 5-Max
  • №1.1 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 100 UAH, 5-Max
  • No. 1 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 500 UAH, 10-Max – 1 ticket guarantee to the target tournament

Category №2

In each “step” there is a guarantee of 2 tickets for the next one.

  • №2.5 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 2 UAH, MTSNG for 30-120 players
  • №2.4 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 6 UAH, MTSNG for 10-50 players
  • №2.3 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 28 UAH, 10-Max
  • №2.2 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 140 UAH, MTSNG for 10-50 players
  • №2.1 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – 700 UAH, MTSNG for 6-36 players
  • No. 2 satellite to Mega KO with Casino Boss – UAH 2000, MTSNG for 6-36 players – 2 tickets guarantee to the target tournament

Category №3

4-Max Sit-n-Go with a buy-in of UAH 1250 and a guarantee of one ticket to the target tournament

Category №4

8-Max DON with a buy-in of UAH 2500 and a guarantee of four tickets to the target tournament

Category №5

Guaranteed satellite 2-Max for 5000 UAH, where you don’t need to play. Just register for this satellite and you will automatically be taken to the target tournament.

Opposition Victor “Limitless” Malinovsky vs Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov: …

How did the fight between the high stakes regulars begin, on what conditions did the bets agree and how did they play the first 7 hours of ZOOM NL10K at PokerStars “Limitless” against “Stefan11222”.

How did the confrontation between Limitless vs Stefan11222 begin?

The first duel registered in Russia took place in 1666: two officers of the Russian service from the “foreign” regiment fought over insults. After 355 years, duels have not lost their relevance, however, they have become much less bloody, but by no means less interesting. And the reason to challenge the opponent remained the same – the protection of honor and dignity.

That some kind of storm is brewing between “Stefan11222” and “Limitless” became clear this week. The site GT has become a platform for making claims to each other. Stefan took the floor first. Referring to the SmartHand results, Stefan called Victor a fish. This is because last year “limitless” on PS rolled 100K hands with an EV bb / 100 of -1.3 and a profit of 0.4 bb / 100. According to Stefan, top regs don’t roll with “1evbb / 100” so Victor is a fish. “

The second accusation of “fishery” came for the fact that Malinovsky often allows himself to “play according to the senses.” Despite all the accusations against Malinovsky, Stefan maintains respect for him as a player and opponent, and believes that “Limitless” can be called a legend. But sports anger towards Victor has awakened.


Then Viktor Malinovsky spoke. In their cheeky manner, Limitless stated:

I want to show where Stefan belongs in the poker hierarchy, I even want to repeat Khabib’s phrase: “I want to make him humble” (It’s time to make him humble).

Malinovsky accused Burakov of cowardice (“Stefan11222” deliberately avoided collisions with “Limitless”) and trash in his address. In this connection, Victor challenged: 50K heads-up hands NLHE at a limit not lower than NL20k. Each of the players has the right to finish the challenge only if they have lost at least $ 1M.

Also “Limitless” explained for 1evbb / 100 with the “classic” phrase: “Yes, something has somehow not worked out the last couple of years online”… But by playing in Macau and playing on Tesla shares, Malinovsky’s financial position is better than ever. Let’s see if Malinovsky will have to pull out the challenge against Stefan11222 plus at the expense of Tesla shares.


Victor “Limitless” Malinovsky vs Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov: a strange rule with an avatar and other conditions of the challenge

It became known late at night that the opponents had agreed on the terms of the challenge. Here they are:

  • 30,000 hand NL10K hedge-up on PS;
  • you can give up if you lose $ 1M;
  • stacks are not restarted up to 150 bb;
  • no more than two reloads of the time bank per session;
  • crossbook with x2 coefficient in bitcoins;
  • no obligation on the time of the game; the only condition is to play the distance before the summer;
  • the loser publicly recognizes himself as a fish on Stefan’s blog, congratulates the winner and apologizes for the disrespect.

Victor accepted another strange condition of the challenge: he must put this photo on his avatar.

“There is nothing humiliating or offensive in this avatar, no creepy references, so I see no problem to put it,” Stefan commented.

Results of the first match Limitless vs Stefan11222: 1: 0 in favor of Stefan

Today, at 4 am, Stefan11222 and Limitless started their challenge without any notification anywhere. The game lasted about 7 hours. 1,521 hands were played at NL10K. Closed the table as the winner “Stefan11222” + $ 45,668.

There were no crazy hands in the style of “72 don’t lose” (or they did not come into view). The largest was the $ 40K pot.

A few more hands Limitless vs Stefan11222

Who do you think is stronger: “Limitless” or “Stefan11222”? Share your opinion in the comments and join the discussion at chat in Telegram.

Samurai Foundation representative and cash trainer Valentin “Veles” – interview …

On Pokeroff TV channel a new streamer has appeared – Valentin “Veles”. Valentin is well known as a trainer for cash players and the author of a huge number of training videos and reviews of poker rooms. The first stream has already passed. Catch an interview with Valentine. The main topic of conversation is Chinese poker rooms, should we expect a profitable game in them in 2021.

– Why is it profitable to play in applications?

In short – a weak field, low rail load and, as a consequence, high win rates.

The first reason is that the field is weaker than in Eurorooms.

As a rule, the minimum limit in these rooms is NL400 in yuan, which is somewhere around NL60 in dollars. All Chinese newbies and weak regulars are forced to start the game at these limits. Due to this, the field there is rather weak and can be beaten by regulars of the level of NL10 PokerStars.

The second reason is that instead of the rake in each hand, a commission from the profit.

Rake in apps is calculated differently than in regular rooms.

For example, a 3-5% commission is charged exclusively from the plus and only after the table is closed, as well as a commission when withdrawing the profit of their room. That is, if you played the table with a minus or zero, you will not pay a dime of rake.

For comparison, on PokerStars if you play 9bb / 100 with 9bb / 100 rake, then your actual winrate is 18bb ​​/ 100 from which exactly 50% of the commission is taken, but they do it “for a pretty penny” from each hand. What can we say about players with lower win rates, who can rake up to 100% profit.

Therefore, the average rake is 3-4 times less than in Euro rooms or on PS.

The third reason is that almost all of our players have double-digit win rates.

This is a direct consequence of the first two points. The average win rate of our players over the past year is about 25 bb / 100, and over the last 3 months about 30 bb / 100. Since the game is played with a forced straddle, in order to compare the winrate with Eurorooms, it needs to be divided by 2, so in total we have a winrate equivalent to 12.5-15 BB / 100 hands at NL60 – NL100 in dollars.

China is a good opportunity to make money and climb the limits.

– And if the player skates badly. Deposits from the salary, pours in, waits for the next salary. And that, even if he comes to Chinese rooms, he will immediately make money?

We do not take bad players for backing, but such players can play at their own expense. If such a player has results better than -8bb / 100 in Euro rooms, then there is a good chance that he will start playing at zero or a small plus in Chinese rooms. First of all, due to the fact that he practically will not pay rake.

– What do you need to do to become your player?

We take players NL10 or higher with a win rate of 4+ evbb / 100 who are willing to spend over 25 hours a week playing. They also shouldn’t have problems with tilt and discipline.

– That is, you need some kind of distance? How many thousand hands?

An applicant to join the fund must complete an application and submit a schedule for at least 50,000 hands over the past six months. If a player cannot provide graphs, then we ask you to record a live session at the working limit and send it to the coach for analysis.

– What is the minimum limit required to accept an application? NL2 beat – good?

The player needs to beat NL10 +, but we can look at some solid NL5 regulars.

– How do you work as players?

Most players are not used to playing with antes and straddles in deep stacks, where almost all the pots are in multi-waypots. These are the features of the field.

Therefore, before the player starts the game, we provide a training course that contains all the necessary information (ranges, adjustments, recommendations) for quick adaptation to the game with straddle and ante. Also, fund players get access to group training and a large number of training records.

After the player is familiar with the course – we help to set up all the software necessary for the game, we provide HUD, mining, and Samurai Tools.

At first, you still need to adjust to the clearing, so we start with three tables and connect the next ones with profit (it is a good indicator of how the player has adapted to this game)

After playing the first 2000 hands, we will definitely conduct individual training. We conduct additional individual training if required.

In fact, we take a good NL10 player and make him a solid regular to play in China. And we also give money for the game.

– Do you back and teach only in Hold’em?

Yes, only hold’em.

– How are contracts concluded? For how long and how many hands?

First of all, you need to read the terms and conditions and leave a request. If a player suits us, we start with him the first package of 30,000 hands. Subsequent packages are already 60,000 hands. The first package is trial, it allows the player to understand how comfortable he is to play and if there is a desire – after it he can increase his share.

– When and on whose initiative a decision is made to transfer to the limit lower or higher?

We consider raising the limits individually for each player. First of all, we focus on the distance and profit of the player.

– Chinese rooms are demanding on computers. How is this issue solved if the iron does not pull?

I would not say that you need a super powerful computer. The top computer of a decade ago will be pulled by China. A Core i7 of the very first generation (4 cores, an eight-thread processor and 8 GB of RAM) will be enough to play 3-4 tables). If the player has a completely weak computer, you can rent a server, for example, you can take a ready-made server for $ 60 and use it as a working machine. We help with the setup, but the cost of renting a server is borne by the player.

– What about the software? How convenient is software in China?

Application clients are quite convenient, with a minimum of settings. At first, there may be unusually vertical tables (as in the mobile clients of most European rooms), but you get used to it after a few hours of playing.

There is not enough auto-timebank and weightlist, but these functions are performed by Samurai Tools, which we provide to our players for free. Also, the tool adds colored boxes if your move, sounds and other options that make multi-tabling easier.

– How are you better than other funds?

We have been backing since the beginning of 2019 and were among the first funds. Many foundations have since ceased operations and went bankrupt because they paid insufficient attention to the players, aimed at too high limits, or played in unreliable applications.

Players have many options for increasing their share of the profit. There are bonuses for the speed of wagering, players can redeem shares at the start of cooperation and after the completion of each package. In addition, we regularly increase the rollback to players with whom we have been cooperating for a long time.

We have a full service for working with players: HUD, our own software, support. We help players at all stages, helping to improve their skills and earn both him and us.

– What are the most popular Chinese rooms in terms of cash traffic?

The list is constantly changing. We try to run into the most profitable and reliable rooms at the moment.

– Does it happen that the players from the fund get to the same table together?

Yes, sometimes.

– And how is this situation solved? Softplay? Or are they playing at full strength?

There is no softplay or teamplay and cannot be. The members of the fund do not even know who is playing under which nickname.

– In some Chinese rooms there are restrictions on VPIP – like, not less than 35. How do you deal with it?

There is no such limitation in the rooms where we play.

– Valentine, you yourself also play in China, what win rates can you boast of?

About 16 BB per 100 hands, it is possible to make a stable profit.

– You will stream soon (note: our conversation took place on the eve of the already past Valentine’s stream). Aren’t you afraid that thanks to such streams, viewers will flock to China and take money away from the Chinese before the fund’s players thanks to your tip?

Let’s start with what many people know about these rooms. China has been streaming for several years now. Therefore, I do not think that because of this the meadow will deteriorate much.

Plus, we are constantly looking for new applications with the best field, we are finalizing our training course, we analyze with the players all the changes in the game tendencies and this gives a good result. The average win rate of the fund’s players has only increased recently.

The same stream where Valentine played four tables in the Panda Poker room at a limit of 5-10 (straddle 20) in yuan

Do you want to play in Chinese rooms with backing from Samurai fund – follow the link and apply, you can also add to the telegram @samuraipoker