Interview with PokerStars streamer Fintan “easywithaces” Hand

On the night of April 24-25, PokerStars streamer Fintan «easywithaces» Hand won the SCOOP-82-H $ 5200 NLHE tournament for $ 232,156. How did it happen that the Irishman was left upset after the biggest skid of his career? Find out in the interview he gave for PokerStars.

Fintan’s Triumphant Evening

On the evening of April 24th, the final day of the $ 5200 SCOOP High Roller PKO started and Fintan had a good stack. At the final table, there were many strong regulars from all over the world among the opponents, including our guys: Victor “limitless” Malinovsky and Arseny “hello_totti” Malinov. However, none of them managed to reach heads-up with the future winner.

Fintan Hand (Fintan Hand) entered the XA against Argentine Lucas “landapincha” Land, with a huge chip gap. 15,000 spectators watched as the streamer from Ireland managed to turn the tide in his favor and win.

On the last hand, Fintan opened with pocket 4s.Hearts 4Drums on the button, Villain 3-bets all-in 25 big blinds with AHearts QDrums and the fours survived. Literally five seconds later, electricity went out throughout Malta.

I was not sure if it was worth stabbing or if it was better to slowly move towards victory. But due to the bounty factor, I decided to take a chance and flopped a set. I didn’t even watch the river because I got up from my chair and shouted “Let’s go” or something. I ran to my fiancee Hannah (all this lasted literally five seconds), and then the electricity went out, and the moment was ruined.

Even viewers on Fintan’s stream were unable to celebrate his victory – the stream was suddenly interrupted. The poker player tried to fix the electricity in order to have time to come to visit at least the official PokerStars stream, but as it turned out, the electricity was cut off throughout Malta. It was given only after 30 minutes, and the Internet was not available until the morning.

“This is the pinnacle of my career and I felt a little offended.”

Hard to explain. It is unlikely that they will understand me, because I won the largest prize in my career. But it felt like taking second place. A sense of disappointment haunts me. When my stream was disconnected, I realized that the moment was lost, and the stream recording could not be returned. It was painful.

An absurd feeling. I was confused. And I obviously must have different emotions at that moment. It was one of the high points of my career, and I am a little offended that the moment was ruined. But these things happen. Obviously, the result is still amazing.

Hannah and I took our cat and dog and went for a walk, drank a couple of glasses of champagne. I’m glad I shared this moment with Hannah.

Was down $ 30,000 before winning SCOOP

The streamer admitted that before winning the high roller PKO tournament, he was in the minus $ 30,000 in SCOOP alone.

Obviously, this is a lot of money, but for the scale of a series like SCOOP, it’s not so bad. I had a couple of eliminations at the pre-finals, but I had SKUPs when I couldn’t even reach the second day in any tournament. So, I was not depressed, but played with pleasure every day.

Interestingly, Fintan did not pay for the $ 5200 SCOOP-82-H ticket from his bankroll. The buy-in was given to him by PokerStars, so he had a chance not only to make a cool stream, but also to get away with it. In the first couple of hours on Day 1, Fintan amassed over $ 25K bounty.

The $ 5200 tournament was going incredibly, it was even a little embarrassing. Never in my life have I had such 90 minutes of poker, it was something. I liked everything, of course, but sometimes I was speechless. I usually dance like an idiot or have fun while playing, but then I felt strange.

After the glorious victory, Fintan wants to play more tournaments for $ 5000 of his own.

I didn’t play the $ 5K tournament on my own, but I played all other events with the price tag below for my own (without selling or exchanging shares). I think it would be nice for streaming to include $ 5K tournaments, even though I’m not destroying them – that’s a long way off.

Remember that the streamer celebrated the victory with “two glasses of champagne” with the bride? This was enough for him to suffer from a wild hangover the next day.

Streaming poker isn’t the hardest job in the world. But it’s just not possible to be a good hangover streamer. You can’t just sit in silence and “catch a waste”, you must try to talk and entertain the audience. The day after the victory, I had probably one of the worst streams in my life.

The only downside to being a successful streamer

Fintan has been streaming poker on Twitch for over five years, and during this time he managed to build a large community of viewers, many of whom watched him back when he rolled MTSNG for 180 people. Since then, easywithaces began to consider themselves primarily a streamer, and only then a poker player. For this reason, he, by the way, was upset that he could not celebrate the victory with the chat.

So what could be the flaw in the streamer’s life, which is watched by several thousand people, even if he plays, conventionally, The Big for $ 22? Not enough time for training.

I think if I hadn’t been streaming, there would have been enough time. But at the same time, I’m not sure that there would be so much desire to play poker – after all, my community is important to me.

It’s hard to work on the game right now, because I stream for 10 hours and finish at 3 AM. So my only option is to do it in the morning, but then there will be no time for my future wife. It is difficult to find a balance so far, but in general I would very much like to become better so that the quality of the stream grows.

After the end of SCOOP, Fintan will stop playing tournaments of $ 1000 and above every day, but will happily return to regular grind.

At last. After SCOOP it will feel like an easy walk in your favorite park on a summer night. Everything will be calm, without fuss and constant 4-bets. I won’t be 3-bet every hand by Lena900, C. Darwin2, luckyfish89, pads1161. They’ll take a few days off and I’ll be back in my $ 25 tournaments. I will certainly miss it, but I am also happy to return to regular grinding.

Champion of the Main Event SCOOP “kZhh”, winner of the leaderboard Renat “Zapahzamazki” …

What is known about the new SCOOP Main Event champion “kZhh”, how “Zapahzamazki” managed to lose and win the overall leaderboard after the end of the series, and why Patrick Leonard is handsome. These are the results of the PokerStars Spring Online Poker Championship.

How Spin & Go regular “kZhh” won the $ 10,300 Main Event SCOOP

The $ 10,300 Main Event SCOOP had 664 entries. Unfortunately, the final table was held without representatives of the Russian-speaking community. Among our players, “psihodelik31” and Dmitry “TuRyst” Yurasov showed the best results: the guys took 11th and 12th places and earned $ 81.6K each.

Representatives from different countries met at the final table. Hungarian “kZhh”, one of three players whose real names we do not know, started as the 9-max chip leader. On the forums, we found information that “kZhh” is a Spin & Go and HU SNG regular, who played 2,000 HU tournaments with a $ 100 buy-in against the cartel 5-6 years ago and got into it. Unfortunately, his statistics are hidden.

In 3-max, opponents made a deal, the prize money was distributed as follows:

Nickname (name) Country Prize money
1 kZhh Hungary * $ 878,7K
2 Dan “Dannyz0r” Borlan Romania *$894,5K
3 Kayhan “KayhanMok” Roshanfekr Norway * $ 791K
4 Beowulf3182 Netherlands $ 443.9K
5 David “MissOracle” Ian New Zealand $ 325K
6 Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph Austria $ 238K
7 Ka «kaju85» Kwan Lau Andorra $ 174.3K
8 jareth3542 Great Britain $ 127.6K
9 23tudy23 Romania $102K

Ka Kwan Lau had an outstanding performance, winning the $ 10,300 SCOOP Main Event in PLO ($ 263K) and finalizing the $ 10,300 Main Event in Hold’em ($ 174.3K).

Ka Kwan “kaju85” Lau

The final table broadcast is available on YouTube and Twitch (PokerStars). The highly controversial final hand can be viewed and discussed at telegram channels Pokeroff.

Professional footballer Mario “livinmydream1” Mosboek wins $ 1,050 Main Event SCOOP

The $ 1050 tournament was won by Mario Mosboeck. The first place prize was $ 838K, with a total of 5,903 entries registered in the tournament.


Mario is a 24-year-old professional footballer from Austria (there is even a Wikipedia page). On Instagram, Mario indicated in his profile description that he still does not know what to do in life. It looks like poker is doing pretty well. In live tournaments, Mosboek earned $ 727K. Here are the top 5 of his best performances:

  • 4th place in the $ 25K Aria High Roller 2021 (+ $ 120K)
  • 3 место в €1,1К French National Championship 2019 (+$109K)
  • 67 место в $10K Main Event WSOP 2018 (+$108K)
  • $ 10K runner up Aria High Roller 2021 (+ $ 93K)
  • 4 место в $2,2K Main Event Merit Poker Top Guns 2018 (+$90K)

In the $ 109 Main Event with 38,913 entries, the Greek “Cantaloupe91” was the best. The first place prize was $ 376K.

How PokerStars got the SCOOP leaderboard scoring wrong, but honest Patrick Leonard knocked out the win for Zapahzamazki

On Wednesday, while the players were picking the best in the Main Event, no hotter action was unfolding in the side events. Patrick “pads1161” Leonard and Renat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin fought for the top leaderboard. The difference was only 15 points (three minimum ITMs in any event). Therefore, all tournaments were used: 6+, hyperturbines and even a $ 5K freezeout. A funny story happened with this tournament: Renat sold his shares (marked: “buy, but keep in mind that it will be pure gambling addiction”), entered a very late registration and played only one hand. Here it is on the screen.

Renat called all-in on 15 bb with A5s

Around midnight, Renat flew out of all tournaments, cut off the stream and sadly went to bed. During this time, Patrick Leonard was diplomating a $ 1,050 6+ tournament. The audience was confident that “pads1161” would reach the final and score a lot of points, but Leonard was eliminated on the bubble. At this time, Zapahzamazki was in the lead on the board.

In the morning PokerStars updated the leaderboard and Patrick Leonard took first place in the overall leaderboard and in the expensive leaderboard. But “pads1161” wrote to PokerStars that he doubted the correctness of the scoring and asked to double-check.

“I think there’s a chance you added 30 points for my 13th place in the $ 1K tournament, which shouldn’t count because it’s a bubble. I don’t want to win undeservedly, although they don’t give anything for the second place. If ZAPA is the rightful winner, then I want him to win. I may be wrong, but I think it could have happened. “

The staff of the room checked the results of Pads, and his doubts were not in vain: the Briton was indeed awarded an extra 100 points in both leaderboards, and for the tournaments played almost three weeks ago. Although Leonard was happy for Renat, congratulating him on his victory, he was also upset about the situation:

“Honestly, it breaks my heart – after all, when you play every $ 5-11 buy-in tournament, you are very emotionally involved in the game. I’m not sure if this has been the case in past episodes, and if they need to be studied, but I’m glad I raised awareness so that future ones play out fairly and win the rightful winners.

The Stars quickly contacted me, came forward and apologized, so I don’t want anyone to blame. Mistakes happen, shit happens. I’m not sure what is actually fair. 3 more weeks SCOOP ???? 😅 “

But PokerStars managed to get out of this situation beautifully. PokerStars mistakenly awarded 100 points to Patrick. As a result, “pads1161” moved to the third place in the overall leaderboard and to the second in the High. The Stars paid Patrick $ 45K for the top spots in the two leaderboards, but he was supposed to get $ 10K for the second spot in the High and $ 5K for the third spot in the Medium.

The overpaid prize money was left to Patrick. In turn, Leonard said that he will spend this money on charity.

By the way, Renat and Patrick have already agreed to meet in Moscow and drink to the result – naturally, the first orders will be at Lyapin’s expense.

Overall leaderboard results:

  1. Renat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin – 1705 points ($ 25K + trophies)
  2. Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna – 1630 points
  3. Patrick “pads1161” Leonard – 1625 points

High results:

  1. Renat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin – 800 points ($ 15K + trophies)
  2. Patrick “pads1161” Leonard – 755 points ($ 10K)
  3. RaiseUpBlind – 735 points ($ 5K)

Medium results:

  1. aleksandrs10 – 700 points ($ 10K + trophy)
  2. Fabahaba – 665 Points ($ 7.5K)
  3. Patrick “pads1161” Leonard – 520 points ($ 5K)

Low results:

  1. FONBET_RULIT – 705 points ($ 5K + trophy)
  2. Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna – 600 points ($ 2.5K)
  3. phil_a-QQ – 600 points ($ 1.5K)

3 fun facts about SCOOP 2021

And finally, some statistics.

Fact 1: Brazilians performed better than representatives of other countries at SCOOP

The guys took 50 first places. Russia is in second place with 37 top-1.

Fact 2: Two players won 3 SCOOP titles each:

Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos (Adrian Mateos)

  • 13-M: $1,050 NLHE 8-Max, Super Tuesday SE – $146,714
  • 50-H: $ 1,050 NLHE PKO – $ 84,111 (including bounty)
  • 84-H: $2,100 NLHE 6-Max – $69,809

Adrian Mateos

Dejan «dejanlc357» Kaladjurdjevic

  • 02-H: $ 530 NLHE PKO, SCOOP Kickoff – $ 78,406 (including bounty)
  • 11-H: $ 530 NLHE 8-Max, PKO – $ 64,337 (bounty included)
  • 17-H: $1,050 NLHE Deep Stacks – $52,743

Dejan Kaladzurdjevic

Fact 3: Renat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin was more often than others on the verge of victory

He stopped four times a step away from winning the title

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Partypoker’s biggest PowerFest events in 2021 at a glance

The most important partypoker tournament series this spring has come to an end. In this post, Pokeroff will talk about the results of the biggest PowerFest events this weekend.

How partypoker PowerFest kicked off: Foxen won the $ 5,200 High Roller

Main Event Surprise Finale and Four-Piece Deal

The Main Event with real names, unsurprisingly, became the most successful tournament in the PowerFest series – 1703 entries were collected in three entrance days. Thanks to this, the $ 1,000,000 guarantee in the $ 1050 event was more than beaten. Login statistics by day:

  • Day 1A — 521
  • Day 1B — 792
  • Day 1C — 390

On the second day, 255 people crossed, each of whom claimed a payment of at least $ 2,157. The final turned out to be quite international. The original chip account looked like this:

  1. Diego Cuellar – 147.7 BB
  2. Miguel Lopes – 97 BB
  3. Chanracy Khun – 64 BB
  4. Jamie O’Connor – 53.5 BB
  5. Karolis Sereika – 48 BB
  6. Diego Ventura – 24.5 BB
  7. Jorma Nuutinen – 18.9 BB
  8. Willem De Troyer – 16 BB
  9. Erik Tamm – 15 BB

The $ 267K first prize was at stake. You could watch the fight live with Russian commentaries by Dmitry Shakhov and Fyodor Truntsev.

Despite the solid stack depth and slow structure, the final table lasted literally three hours. The players acted mainly on the map, and the future champion did exactly the same. Diego Cuellar (in the main photo). The Peruvian played cautiously, and therefore his chip-leader stack moved minimal.

The tournament ended unexpectedly for both spectators and commentators – in the top 4 players, with stacks from 45 to 50 BB, expressed a desire to make a deal. As soon as all four of them have ticked the required box, Diego Cuellar was declared the formal winner, although the prize money was approximately equal.

Interesting fact: Five years ago, the Peruvian played low-limit tournaments under $ 10.

Payouts to $ 1,050 PowerFest Main Event Finalists

  1. Diego Cuellar – $ 173,866 *
  2. Jamie O’Connor – $ 168,660 *
  3. Chanrasi Khun – $ 161,316 *
  4. Carolis Sereika – $ 151,489 *
  5. Diego Ventura – $ 56,114
  6. Eric Tamm – $ 42,868
  7. Miguel Lopez – $ 33,266
  8. Jorma Nuutinen – $ 26,440
  9. Willem De Troyer – $ 20,684

The $ 109 Main Event mini-version also more than outbid the warranty. Player under nickname won attitude problems and received $ 58,306.

The Big Fifty Knockout

It was one of the most important tournaments on the PowerFest schedule and it went well. The fact is that there was a solid $ 500,000 guarantee for a modest $ 55 buy-in, so it was stretched out for a dozen days of entry.

The player under the nickname was declared the winner of the 3-day event «Croatian ..»who received $ 27,358 + 9551 in bounty form.

Second Chance: Ustimov Receives $ 28K After Deal

Especially for those who did not make it to the Main Event or left the race too early in the second game day, the organizers held the Second Chance for $ 1050 with a $ 150K guarantee.

Not many people wanted to take advantage of the “second chance” – only 146 registrations were collected and a small overlay was formed. The biggest prize went to a regular from Bulgaria George Sandev (Georgi Sandev), who shared heads-up with By Victor “papan9_p $” Ustimov.

Joao Vieira is the champion of the two-day Super High Roller Event

The Portuguese managed to excel at all spring series and the victory at PowerFest was a pleasant addition. Joao “Naza114” Vieira (Joao Vieira) brought in $ 10,300 in the last high roller event. Unfortunately, the tournament could not beat the guarantee of a million dollars – only four registrations were not enough.

The final line-up was not particularly interesting, but there was one curious character on it – the representative of the top management of partypoker Rob Yong decided to try his luck against the high rollers. Overall, it worked out well (4th place, $ 80K).

For Joao, the final table was relatively easy. Initially, he went with a middle stack, but was able to break into the chip leader after Linus “LLinus_LLove” Löliger paid him a set from the flop and doubled. After that, the Portuguese did not give up the position and as a result received $ 249,791 for the victory.

Kamel Mohammad wins expensive PLO tournament

Over the last March-April, the Ukrainian won several major titles in the Omaholic Series at GG, and finished the spring marathon with a victory at the PowerFest $ 5200 High Roller Omaha.

According to Sharkscope, the prize of $ 71,631 is the best result Camela Mohammad at partypoker, at least under your real name. He received this amount after a deal with opponents in 3-Max, among which was the world famous PLO specialist Ola «Odd Oddsen» Amundsgaard (Ola Amundsgaard).

the results of the Main Event, leaderboards and the brightest performances …

GGPOKEROK flipped the game again? GGSF went along with SCOOP and with a $ 50M more guarantee. How did this experiment go, and which of the players we remember the most.

Deadmau5 kicked off the poker streak with a set

We do not mean three cards of the same denomination, but a DJ set.

Before moving on to an overview of the most striking poker events in the series, let’s pay attention to the unusual cooperation. The collaboration between the room and the world of electronic dance music is something new. Deadmau5 played an hour-long set on GGPOKER.TV and played the $ 5.25 GG Legends Bounty $ 10K GTD tournament, where the player nicknamed “Germanassum” won the signature “mau5head” mouse head with an autograph for knocking him out. We don’t know how valuable this gift is to a poker player, but fans are definitely willing to give good money for such an artifact. On eBay, we only found one lot of Deadmau5 head (unsigned) for $ 484.

We don’t know how productive GG’s collaboration with the DJ was: the recording of the performance on YouTube got 14K views and 612 likes, and the post announcing this stream on Deadmau5’s Instagram got 5.5K likes. In the comments on YouTube, people thanked GG for the set. And the user Sergey Laar on YouTube rightly noted:

“Mouse has never collected so few likes in his life))”

Either way, the set was good, as was the cute, unobtrusive mouse branding on the tables. The players liked it.

Attention task: find the mouse in the photo

Now let’s move on to an overview of the poker events themselves.

Main Event with a guarantee of $ 10M was held with an overlay, but the main event in Omaha was not

In three weeks GGSF hosted 6 main events: 3 each in Omaha and Hold’em with buy-ins of $ 80; $ 400 and $ 1,500.

Juan Pardo & Connor Drinan Win GGSF Headlining Events

$1,500 Main Event on 6,803 entries passed with an overlay of $ 305K. A sensation awaited us in this event: a certain Austrian under the nickname “KingKongJoel” became the champion. He played only 6 tournaments at GG. The first place prize was $ 1,133,634.

Main Event GGSF Final Table Results:

Nickname or name Country Prize money
1 KingKongJoel Austria $1,133,634
2 Zhuang Ruan Japan $952,194
3 Lucky-Lucky Ukraine $670,295
4 lockdownmode Norway $502,651
5 Benjamin Shallot Hungary $376,934
6 seefaceng China $282,661
7 Chris Puetz Austria $211,965
8 gipotenuza Mexico $158,952
9 Samuel Wooden Finland $119,197

$1,500 Main Event PLO-NL collected 1,412 entries – $ 12K prize pool exceeded the guarantee. Won the victory Joachim «jochee» Haraldstad (Joachim Haraldstad). First place prize was $ 249,926).

Main Event PLO-NL GGSF Final Table Results:

Nickname or name Country Prize money
1 KingKongJoel Norway $249,926
2 Majki365 Slovakia $210,693
3 Bernard Larabi Hungary $147,781
4 Marcus “Lenbert1” Schotes Germany $110,705
5 Arvi Vainionkulma Finland $82,931
6 Suhepx Austria $62,125
7 Jens “Tankanza” Lakemayer Austria $46,539
8 Jason Kuhn Canada $34,863
9 Connor Drinan Canada $29,437

And so that our review does not turn into a monotonous listing of chip accounts and no-name nicknames, we suggest taking a look at the five most memorable stories of players’ performances within the GGSF.

“RRomashka” successfully multitables tournaments with buy-ins from $ 10K from an iPad

Producer, radio host, journalist Roman “RRomashka” Yemelyanov entered the $ 10,300 Super MILLION $ final table for the fifth time. This tournament was held as part of the GGSF, so the guarantee was increased to $ 10M. The final for Roman, frankly, did not work out. Seventh place and + $ 323K.

But thanks to Mikhail Syomin, who filmed and posted the story on Instagram, we learned how such tournaments are dragged along. The video is available in our telegram channels… Just look how masterly, easily and smoothly Roman swipes these tables and makes decisions about the size of the bets with lightning speed!

Mysterious Lion “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb won $ 1.4M in prize money, but check out his overall chart on SharkScope

On each series, there is a player who stands out for the number of wins and drifts. In the Omaholic Series, it was Kamel Mohammad. And on GGSF – Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb. Here is a list of his drifts:

  • 1st place in $ 10,300 Super Million $ – $ 586K
  • # 1 on the $ 10,300 Super Tuesday – $ 320K
  • 1st place in the $ 10,300 PLO-NL High Roller – $ 200K
  • 1st $ 5,250 Bounty Hunters – $ 316K

Total, $ 1.4M for two weeks. Moreover, there is not even a photo of this player on the Internet.

If, while reading, you presented a graph of Leo at 45 degrees up, then exhale, sit down and look at the screenshot after the paragraph. Where the chart goes up sharply under 90 – the start of the GGSF series. For the entire time of playing in the room “LevMeAlone” skated a distance of 252 tournaments at – $ 789K. So it goes.

LevMeAlone All Time Chart on GG

Player with 20 re-entries to $ 5K tournament wins GGSF High leaderboard

Wei Zhao (Wei Zhao) was remembered for making 20 re-entrances to the $ 5,250 PLO-NL tournament and not making the money. A discussion began on social networks, they say, a new bold fish appeared on GG.

Mike McDonald wrote:

“He’s a good professional, isn’t he? In the comments, people think: since he introduced 20 rounds, then this guy is a fish? I remember this guy in 2015. He was either SNE, or a $ 10 / $ 20 plus guy, something like that. ”

Bert “girafganger7” Stevens wrote:

“This guy is definitely not a whale.”

In just a couple of days, it turned out that this guy is good. Wei Zhao topped the highest leaderboard of GGSF and earned T $ 30K. This is, of course, not the $ 100K that he implemented in one evening, but a nice excuse.

According to SharkScope, Wei Zhao played the GGSF + $ 180K streak in 800 tournaments. And the general schedule of the game in his room is + $ 511K for 3,500 tournaments.

Wei Zhao's chart during the GGSF

This is what the results of the top 5 leaderboards of the last week of GGSF look like

Топ-5 GGSF-H Leaderboard:

  1. Wei Zhao – $ T30K
  2. Niklas Asdedt – $ T25K
  3. Arthur Martirosyan – $ T20K
  4. Christian Rudolph – $ T15K
  5. Fabrizio Gonzalez – $ T12.5K

Wei Zhao

Топ-5 GGSF-M Leaderboard:

  1. Fabrizio Gonzalez – $ T17.5K
  2. Christian Rudolph – $ T15K
  3. 77Storm77 — $T12,5К
  4. BeardOilGuy – $ T10К
  5. Francisco Benitez – $ T7.5K

Top 5 GGSF-L Leaderboard:

  1. AsiaStylez – $ T12,5К
  2. tsunguntai — $ T10К
  3. maruzzz — $T7,5К
  4. ChipsToMe — $T5К
  5. HeHueHueHue— $ T4К

The elusive Gonzalez pulled the leaderboards for three weeks in a row

You don’t need to be in the top 1 to earn money in tournaments. You can just play a lot and regularly and get into ITM – a player from Uruguay showed us by his example. Fabrizio Gonzalez (Fabrizio Gonzalez).

Fabrizio Gonzalez

In addition to tournaments with huge prize pools, weekly leaderboards have been added to the GGSF series. On the first and second weeks, they raffled off for $ 300K, on ​​the third – $ 400K. Gonzalez snatched 19.6% of the prize pool of all leaderboards in the series!

In the first week, Gonzalez earned T $ 38K:

  • fifth place in the Low – T $ 3K;
  • First Place in Medium – T $ 15K;
  • second place in the High – T $ 20K.

In the second week – T $ 42.5K:

  • second place in the Low – T $ 7.5K;
  • First Place in Medium – T $ 15K;
  • second place in the High – T $ 20K.

In the third week, T $ 32K:

  • eighth place in the Low – T $ 2K;
  • First Place in Medium – T $ 17.5K;
  • 5th in the High – T $ 12.5K.

How did he do it? Since the beginning of the series (on the chart below the mark for April 4), Gonzalez skated an insane distance of 736 tournaments – that’s 34 tournaments a day.

Arthur Martirosyan and fortitude against the vagaries of dispersion

And the story of Artur Martirosyan, top poker pro from Voronezh, ends our rating. And if you like pain, then you will like this story too.

On April 7, Arthur wrote on his blog that he had the worst day of his career and left $ 240K at the tables without a single ITM. Most of the loss came in the $ 25,500 tournament, where Arthur entered five times.

By April 23, Arthur’s chart on SharkScope had hit a record bottom at $ 947K. But then Arthur won the $ 10,300 Thursday Thriller ($ 326.8K) and the $ 5,250 Bounty Hunters ($ 171.6K) and practically skipped the streak.

Artur Martirosyan's graph for GGSF time

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Garik Tamasyan – SPF 2021 Spring Stage Champion

The spring series of Sochi Poker Festival tournaments has come to its logical conclusion, where Armenian Garik Tamasyan once again showed an incredible result. We’ll talk more about his upstroke and the results of all major tournaments in the full article.

Ivan Tukmachev won Warm Up for $ 32,545

The warm-up tournament of the spring SPF with the support of Pokerdom was held with three flights at ₽23,100 / ₽46,200 / ₽69,300, which collected 311 entries – not the ultimate dream, but quite worthy for post-like realities.

Russian Ivan Tumachev reached the final table as one of the chip leaders and ended up playing a two-hour heads-up against Garik Kirakosyan. It is noteworthy that the opponent played an offline poker tournament for the first time in his life.

Ivan Tukmachev

Payouts to SPF Warm Up finalists ($ 1 = ₽70)

A place


Prize money
1 Ivan Tukmachev $32,545
2 Garik Kirakosyan $22,225
3 Roman Gadzhiev $15,500
4 Narek Arsenyan $11,390
5 Levan Kvachakhia $8245
6 Egor Putilov $6290
7 Vyacheslav Balayev $4995
8 Oleg Smirnov $4010
9 Garik Tamasyan $3250

Sochi Poker Poker Cup collected a record number of entries

The most affordable SPF Major cost only $ 17,500 and it should come as no surprise that it has amassed a huge number of entries. The Sochi Poker Cup recorded 799 registrations in four flights, each of which was played up to the ITM zone.

The first prize in the tournament was taken by Vladimir Varentsov – a regular, playing since 1999. He can often be seen on the series in Minsk, where he won the title of champion of the BPT Main Event.

For the first prize in the SPF Poker Cup, Vladimir, by the way, also fought with a regular from Minsk offline Ichiro Tokugawa… Initially, they fought in equal stacks, but Vladimir got AQ in two decisive hands, which did not fail in preflop exposures against KJ and QT.

Vladimir Varentsov

Payouts to SPF Poker Cup finalists

A place Name Prize money
1 Vladimir Varentsov $25,762
2 Ichiro Tokugawa $23,262
3 Ahmethan Hawajashkhov $13,895
4 Alexander Kirichenko $10,035
5 Garik Tamasyan $7225
6 Alexander Shelukhin $5515
7 Maxim Aboimov $4375
8 Yuri Pashchinsky $3520

Mikhail Dianov won a quick victory in the high roller tournament

The final in the ₽115,500 SPF High Roller event lasted only three hours. Garik Tamasyan again made his way to the top eight with a good stack, plus he managed to knock out Andrey Danilyuk AA> KK at the very beginning.

Why did the game end so quickly? The short stacks were unable to double, and in three-max the finalists made a money deal and started playing much faster and more relaxed.

Mikhail Dianov became the champion of this event, received the largest payout in his career and said in an interview with Maria Lavrentieva that he had to sit “shorty” for five hours at the pre-final. But then fortune smiled at the future winner, and the necessary cards began to fall on the table.

Mikhail Dianov

Payments to SPF High Roller finalists

A place Name Prize money
1 Mikhail Dianov $42,740
2 Stefan Prostorov $30,000
3 Narek Arsenyan $34,860
4 Garik Tamasyan $17,430
5 Roman Gadzhiev $12,620
6 Konstantin Nikulin $9630
7 Dmitry Bodrov $7635
8 Andrey Danilyuk $6145

Arkady Stekolschikov won $ 46,560 after a heavy heads-up in the SPF Super High Roller

The most expensive event in the series at ₽231,000 also collected a record-breaking turnout for SPF – 62 entries. True, the classic event buy-in is ₽371,000, but these are details.

Only eight people could apply for prizes that started from half a million rubles. The unfortunate fate of the bubble boy awaited Dmitry Bodrov, who was unable to double his seven blinds in a hand with A4 against AJ.

Initially, Gia Skhulukhiya and Garik Tamasyan were about the same as chip leaders. But neither one nor the other was destined to even reach heads-up against an experienced regular from Voronezh Arkady Stekolshchikova… He shared with Vitali Lee, and then began a one and a half hour duel for $ 4500 and the champion’s cup.

In an interview, the player was laconic and said that he “played calmly, without emotion,” but the victory made him happier.

Arkady Stekolshchikov

Payouts to SPF Super High Roller Finalists

A place Name Prize money
1 Arkady Stekolshchikov $46,560
2 Vitaly Lee $46,000
3 Gia Shulukhiya $26,520
4 Maxim Taran $19,845
5 Alexander Zubov $14,435
6 Kurdin Vasily $11,005
7 Garik Tamasyan $8840
8 Vitaly Strelchenok $7215

Tamasyan played in all major tournament finals and won the Main Event

The Armenian in style has confirmed his status as the best player of Casino Sochi in 2020 – he made it to all the finals of the main events of the last SPF. But Garik Tamasyan did not manage to defeat him.

The number of people willing to play in the Main Event with a buy-in of ₽53,900 turned out to be almost a record – 671 entries were registered (a record of 682), and the prize pool was ₽31 million.

Garik started the final table with a good, or, so to speak, “working” stack above average and played relatively calmly. Heads-up against Vasily Sokolnikov was deciding the fate of the $ 25K pagejump, so the struggle was rather varied.

After an hour of playing Garik Tamasyan took the title of SPF Champion Spring 2021 and put an end to the festival

Interesting fact: in the entire history of SPF, Rinat Enkov, who took third place, twice became the runner-up of the Main Event in 2018 and 2020.

Garik Tamasyan

Payments to SPF Main Event finalists

A place Name Prize money
1 Garik Tamasyan $78,060
2 Vasily Sokolnikov $53,365
3 Rinat Enkov $37,215
4 Konstantin Nikulin $27,310
5 Furkan Beg $19,765
6 Aslan Esenkulov $15,080
7 Alexander Shelukhin $11,960
8 Evgeny Tambovtsev $9,640

Interview with Lex Veldhuis about poker, streaming and family

PokerStars Pro Team Online member, popular Twitch poker streamer Lex Weldhus (Lex Veldhuis) can rightfully be considered one of the most beloved players in the international poker community. Amusing costumes, Izi katka, mutual jokes with former Starz colleague Misha Inner, Spraggy and other players, a great sense of humor and a great love for poker make Lex’s broadcasts very enjoyable for viewers of all ages and levels of poker experience.

In the spring of 2021, Veldhus celebrated the 5th anniversary of streaming on Twitch, in honor of which CardPlayer Lifestyle journalist Sean de Cesar interviewed him in detail about poker, streaming and parenting.

We have translated their conversation for you, omitting some minor details. Each heading in the text is a paraphrased question from a journalist, under which the full answer of the streamer is placed.

What Lex remembers about his early days and weeks on Twitch

The first thing that comes to mind is how unprepared I was at the time. I actually thought, “I have an overlay, some extra icons – I think I’m ready to go!” I was very wrong and now I wish I had spent more time and energy on preparation. I tend to be a bit stubborn and I was sure that since I loved Twitch and have been using it for a long time, I knew enough to start working there.

At the same time, I had a clear idea of ​​where I wanted to go – I only needed to talk to other streamers to know what pitfalls I might face.

What I remember most clearly was how intense the first days and weeks were, how new the experience was, and how many things were happening at the same time. But I immediately fell in love with the work and could not wait for its continuation – perhaps this is my key memory.

How Lex’s fame influenced his streams

I think my past [речь про невероятные блефы на Main Event WSOP 2009 и легендарные сессии в High Stakes покере] helped in accelerating progress on Twitch. People don’t understand how difficult it is to go from 0 viewers to 5, and then to 20, and so on. Pioneers like Fintan Hand and Spraggy, as well as Majin, GJ Reggie and PyeFace have gone through the rise in ranks and full-fledged development from scratch on Twitch – it’s very difficult, building an audience from scratch and takes a lot of time.

I started right away with 100 – 150 spectators. I have had some fame that has helped and continues to help all these years – people look at me as a trustworthy player with a great poker background. On Twitch, as in any game, viewers love to point out when they think something is wrong – I think I’m not the easiest target for such comments, which makes my chat less stressed.

I’ve seen this happen in poker, so I think calm chat helps with views and stream content, especially since I have a lot to share. All these experiences that I can share, the stories of what it’s like to play with people like Negreanu, Ivy and Brunson has helped and helps me on streams ever since.

Lex’s Feelings About Negreanu and Moneymaker’s Departure from Team PokerStars

I am very proud to be the most recognizable face of the brand now. Honestly, even reading this question gives me the feeling, “come on, this is a trifle.” I am super proud of how my channel has developed and how much I have achieved. I am also happy to have a good long-term relationship with PokerStars.

I think PokerStars, especially from Twitch’s perspective, is way ahead of the pack when it comes to ideas for the platform, understanding of the technologies used in communities, and related things. That’s why I’m so happy to be where I am and I can’t believe I’ve gone through this cycle – playing online high stakes, then TV shows, live tournaments, EPTs and finally streaming on Twitch with a return to my online roots.

I’m proud to wear the PokerStars branding and I’m really happy that the company recognizes the potential and coolness of Twitch – so it’s great to be at the forefront, that’s what delights me the most.

To be honest, this is something I’m proud of, but if Fintan’s or Spraggy’s stream overtakes mine and becomes “stream # 1”, it will make me want to compete with them, to return the championship. Although in the end, being recognizable is not my goal. I think we are all responsible for the development of our favorite game, so I just do my part. But at the same time, I am always in a state of competition with myself, striving to become the best version of myself and at the same time remain true to myself.

How Lex manages to maintain a balance between multi-tabling and interaction with viewers

I think multitasking came to me from StarCraft. It was very useful to play, especially in games where there are many tasks, you need to quickly work with the mouse and move between elements. When I grind poker without streams, I played more than 24 tables at a time – and on Sundays it was about 30. I think this helped me develop a strategy for making decisions really quickly.

I always thought poker was a very intense game, but streaming is three times as intense. If you want to do everything right and keep your audience, then you need to constantly find and display awesome spots. For a game to be profitable, it’s worth playing as many tables as you can handle while maintaining optimal play – and it’s the same with streams. If you start missing important messages – for example, someone writes you something very nice about how your stream helped him or her, and you miss this – or chat topics, then you need to reduce the number of tables.

At least that’s how I see Twitch. Through experience I know where my sweet spot is and when I notice that I am playing too much, I try to change it. But sometimes I wake up and feel tired – this is a signal that it’s time to reduce the load. After all, if I don’t sleep well and at the same time, for example, sit down to play on the SCOOP stream, then I will have a lot of problems when trying to put together multi-tabling, tournaments with $ 2K + buy-ins and answers to all questions in the chat, and there can be several thousand of them … Therefore, balance in everything is so important. Every day is different – it is important to remember this, appreciate and adapt.

How Lex manages to control himself in the face of dipranas when live chat literally explodes

I love it when I get caught up in the chatter and my heart pounds. After almost 18 years of playing poker, I have so much experience that I use the same strategy online and offline at times like this. As a result, emotions do not affect my performance, but I turn to them as a powerful tool for maintaining the right mood during the competition. They help me stay interested and feel alive.

If I go crazy while playing and release negative emotions, it means that it is time for me to stop playing poker and move on. But every now and then I let myself blow off some steam, like when I could fold better. I think people need to be careful when making decisions in an emotional state, to be sure that their decision is strategic and balanced, and not dictated by tilt.

However, I love the bursts of emotion in the chat, when people fill it with messages that they started walking around the room due to the tension of the moment, closed their eyes so as not to see all-in, or woke up the neighbors with a shout when I caught the right card. on the river. It keeps me in good shape and makes me happy, fills me with emotions – that’s why it’s very important.

I become emotional only in serious dipranas without an audience. But emotions do not capture me and do not affect decisions – if they did, I would change the situation. The fact that I am showing A-game being like this is still working and I do not see the need to change the situation.

How long does Lex plan to stay on Twitch

Over the past year, I’ve invested a lot of money to stay on Twitch as long as possible. In my opinion, streamers have an “expiration date” because this kind of work is very burdensome. You essentially live on camera. It can be mentally and physically exhausting, because you put a lot of time and energy into streaming, and people come to you and remain with high expectations. So streaming is asking for a lot, but at the same time it rewards well.

I thought, “How can I keep my poker fun and stay in it so that I don’t lose interest?” To answer this question, I invested in training. In addition, to extend your working life, you need to take care of your mental health and the environment. And since I work from home, I greatly influence others, and in order to reduce this influence I decided to build a soundproof studio at home – it turned out just magical.

During the Blowout Series at night I could scream about the ace on the river while Mirta [Myrthe, невеста Лекса] slept two rooms from me without hearing a sound – it’s just amazing. I used to think it felt like I had two or three years on Twitch. But now that I’ve built a studio and still love poker, I just see no reason not to stream for at least four more years.

How Lex plans to balance life after the birth of his son

All these years I have been faced with the problem of balancing relationships, family, friends and streaming, but the more you invest in streaming, the more you get out of it.

If I were streaming 7 days a week instead of four, I would have a lot more views by the end of the year. But in some ways you need to give in to find a balance. Reducing side projects has worked well for me in this regard, so now I only go to podcasts or any collaborative project when I’m sure it’s worth it.

At one point, I had meetings and brainstorming sessions in the evenings, and the next day I worked – and it just burned. Then I learned to step back and prioritize – and in the end I decided that streaming was the most important thing about work. As long as I stream and do it well, everything will be fine.

Now, as a father, I have appropriate working hours for a busy father. I stream 40-50 hours a week, which is already quite a lot. But if one of the sessions lasts about 15 hours, then I cut the following streams. I definitely plan on spending a lot of time with my family and want to make sure I spend at least two and a half days with my son and fiancée, so I leave the evenings free. The result is a normal working week and I know how to protect my time with my family – after all, most people work with children and it will not be difficult for me to organize everything conveniently either.

I do not think that I will have problems navigating in life with my child. I just want to spend a lot of time with him, be around and make sure the weekend is the weekend. So far, I have a very comfortable and healthy work week – if something goes wrong, then I will give up something outside of streams. For example, there will be less updating of graphics or my appearances somewhere, less playing computer games.

What happens next with Lex’s Twitch channel

At the moment I am in a kind of upswing in terms of quality – my game is at a high level and I myself feel on the rise. I can say with 100% certainty that I am playing poker better now than I have ever been, especially in tournaments. I continue to study even on parental leave.

I have permanent graphics specialists, so the quality of broadcasts is growing by leaps and bounds. All of this will remain in the same vein. Also, so far I have used only 60% of the potential of my studio, and the rest we will gradually realize this year.

Over the past year, my father died, because of which I had to take a break for two months, then my child was born, and this year there will also be a wedding, so I feel that the past year has become a transitional year for me between two big periods in life. In some ways sad, in some ways very happy. But I think the groundwork is being laid for a big sequel right now – and I just want to sit down and stream. After all, I had many weeks when I grieved for my father and could not sit down to play according to my usual weekday schedule.

I think that soon you will see how the stream changes. I plan to stream, stream, stream constantly, showing you more and more new things. The other thing I’m eager to try is cool collaborations, as I have so many great friends on Twitch who stream awesome streams. In general, while there are plans to update and there is a lot that you – I really hope so, guys – learned and fell in love with me.

$ 530 NLHE PKO $ 1M Gtd – who is he?

Every year at SCOOP, amazing things happen at PokerStars: the newbie wins life change money, the regular breaks the record for the number of ITMs, the tournament collects a record guarantee – such events excite the poker community, reminding them that poker has more than N years left, and it still more than alive.

So in 2021, SCOOP remains in its repertoire, even despite such powerful competitors as GGSpring and Powerfest.

One of the historical events of this SCOOP was the victory of the 19-year-old Dutchman Santo “kleinebakker007” Bakker (Santo Bakker) in SCOOP-64-M: $ 530 NLHE [Progressive KO] $ 1M Gtd. Why it is important and why it will go down in history – read our material.

How did SCOOP-64-M go?

  • The event lasted two in-game days – they took place from April 18 to April 20.
  • There were no rebuys and add-ons in it, but it could be done up to 2 re-entries.
  • By the end of late registration, 3,835 entries had been made to the tournament.
  • The guarantee was almost doubled – for $ 917,500.
  • The tournament had 557 prizes with payouts ranging from $ 540 to $ 116,992.

The final table of the event brought together nine players from seven countries, including two Russians – “Mr. LuckyMan88” and Nikolay “OstapBender8”. Nikolay and Santo Bakker proved to be the most aggressive and assertive – there was literally a competition between them who would knock out more players.

The Russian was the first to send the player from Costa Rica Carlos “CPalCR” Pal (Carlos Pal) to rest, and then the Czech “JevoKar”. Then Bakker seized the initiative and knocked out Austrian “BigM_King17” and Pole “blackaces93” in a row.

After that Nikolay knocked out the second Dutchman at the table – “doulas12”. From that moment on, Santo was unstoppable – in half an hour he knocked out “Mr. LuckyMan88”, the Irishman Daniel “DatWillDoPig” Rankin and Nikolay “OstapBender8” in half an hour. Screenshots of replays of four hands, during which the last finalists took off, we have collected for you in one collage.

A place Player Prize Bounty
1 Santo “kleinebakker007” Bakker $116,992 $93,526
2 Nikolay «OstapBender8» $116,989 $25,579
3 Daniel “DatWillDoPig” Rankin $68,530 $3,714
4 Mr.LuckyMan88 $48,458 $12,398
5 doulas12 $34,265 $8,341
6 blackaces93 $24,229 $7,485
7 BigM_King17 $17,132 $7,679
8 JevoKar $12,114 $9,842
9 Carlos “CPalCR” Pal $8,566 $16,970

Santo Bakker – a poker fan since childhood

After the victory, Santo was interviewed by the PokerStars Blog, in which he talked about himself and his path to the title. The quotes in this section are Bakker’s direct speech.

When I was 6 years old, my father watched poker on TV literally every night. I always pretended to be asleep, but I looked with one eye with him, because the game seemed amazing to me. Already at that time, I managed to acquire basic poker knowledge – you can say that the foundation for my future was laid in childhood.

As he got older, Santo increasingly played heads-up with his dad for fun and watched his dad play online at PokerStars. Later, Bakker started playing with a group of friends, and as soon as he reached the age of 18, he created an account at PokerStars and began to gain experience playing for real money against other people.

At first, I played micro-limit tournaments once or twice a week. Most often I made out min-caches, but sometimes I did dipranil. That all changed after my dad and I took a poker trip around Amsterdam. On my first night at the casino, I earned € 900 at the € 2 / € 2 tables – until that moment I did not think that it was possible to provide myself with a game of poker and took it as a hobby.

From that moment on, I began to read and analyze my game a lot. I also watched the streams of Lex Veldhus – they gave me a lot of knowledge.

At some point, Santo realized that he needed to be more consistent and started to improve the game with marginal hands.

I worked on this, trying to apply everything I could learn to the game. Very soon I felt that my game had improved enough to compete successfully in all the mid-stakes tournaments I played.

A week before participating in the fateful SCOOP event, Bakker reached the final of another SCOOP – 20-M: $ 109 NLHE PKO Freezout with a prize pool of $ 475,300, which collected 4,753 entries. Santo finished third there with $ 16,661 in prize money and $ 3,114 in bounty.

I played really well, but unfortunately I lost a few key coin flips in the finals, which prevented me from making it to the heads-up. However, this experience helped me next time.

The SCOOP-64-M won by Santo was called an amazing tournament, the victory in which was the result of good decisions coinciding with great luck.

The field in this event was very strong – almost every hand required difficult decisions. It is good that the last couple of weeks I have been in excellent emotional and psychological state – it helped me a lot to make the right decisions in the right spots.

Despite the large amount of prize money and bounties received at SCOOP, Santo’s life, he said, is unlikely to change. He will spend the money he won on gifts for the family; the guy does not plan to travel anywhere from Amsterdam, where he was born and raised. He will also continue to work in his current position – in a technology company located on the channels of the capital, which deals with cryptocurrency, precious metals and tokenization. As far as poker is concerned, he is considering playing full day, but for now he wants to leave the game as a hobby at night. Having won SCOOP, he now hopes to collect titles across all the major online series.

At 16:00 Moscow time on April 24, Santo already has 1,375 tournaments with an ABI of $ 40 behind him – he hid statistics on SharkScope, however, according to PokerProLabs, his total prize money is $ 259,868.

WPT DeepStacks London Online Poker Results & Home News …

While hundreds of millions of prize money are being raffled off at SCOOP and GGSF, WPT DeepStacks with its own atmosphere is on the sidelines. Less than a week is left until the end of the series, so today Pokeroff invites you to take a look at how things are going there.

Results of major WPTDS tournaments

Let us remind you that WPT DeepStacks is much more modest than any series of competitors, but its message is more “niche” than massive. From April 18 to April 25, only 16 events were announced with a total guarantee of $ 2,000,000, so the schedule each day consisted of only two tournaments – one with a ~ $ 100K guarantee, and the second its mini-version.

The largest event took place on the very first day $525 WPTDS #1 Opening Event [$200K GTD] (excluding the Main Event). There was a small overlay in it around 10%, as 357 entries out of 400 needed were collected. Anonymous player from Latvia won i2out, and the 4th place was taken by a well-known regular from the Russian Federation Maxim “MAMOHT_T” Mamonov.

Payout to WPTDS # 1 Finalists $ 200,000 Opening Event

A place Nick Country Prize money
1 i2out Latvia $40,540
2 Tedson89 Great Britain $29,300
3 torresfan03 Great Britain $21,300
4 MAMOHT_T Russia $15,420
5 kalleanka35 Sweden $11,180
6 KelevraJesus Malta $8160
7 raw_dawg Unknown $5960
8 NuttedOn875 Unknown $4380
9 Brilliant Unknown $3220

A similar opening tournament, only with a $ 55 buy-in, was held without an overlay – 1,373 entries were collected with a $ 50K guarantee. Anonymous Swede won Mushroom neck.

WPTDS # 2 Finalists Payout $ 50,000 Mini Opening

A place Nick Prize money
1 Mushroom neck $10,030
2 Blahaj $7,332
3 welshdrago48 $5,389
4 okokok1893 $3,961
5 drinho87 $2,931
6 InTheAnd $2,183
7 teuski1 $1,641
8 Nev3rBluff5 $1,243
9 87452154 $947

The main tournament of the second day was also held with an overlay of about 10%, and the player under the nickname “Farrugia_1”Took first place in it.

WPTDS # 3 Finalists Payout $ 100,000 PKO

A place Nick Prize money
1 Farrugia_1 $18,067
2 2sick2bluff $10,833
3 Kyosti_I $8,586
4 Full2Win $5,788
5 AndreyNiki $3,422
6 kiskutya23 $3,266
7 Yakawin123 $2,741
8 cheese $3,415
9 AlwaysTimed $2,053

The third day of WPTDS was memorable for the fact that three 888poker professionals entered the final table of the $ 2100 High Roller tournament. But neither Sofia “sofialovgren” Lövgren, nor Vivi “vivi.888.” Saliba and Dominik “888Dominik” Nietzsche could not win in the end.

Payout to WPTDS # 5 Finalists $ 100,000 High Roller

A place Nick Flag Prize money
1 PerfectShade Unknown $32,000
2 casual_win Great Britain $22,500
3 sofialovgren Sweden $15,500
4 IHaveNoBoss Costa Rica $11,000
5 888Dominik Germany $8,000
6 Croatian. Great Britain $6,000
7 alive. 888. Brazil $5,000

The mini-version of the high roller event with a buy-in of $ 215 and a guarantee of $ 75K was held with a huge overlay (only 260 entries were collected), and a Ukrainian under the nickname was declared the winner Kotyara1089, his prize was $ 15,203.

On April 22, the next major tournament Crazy 8 took place, which, like many other WPTDS events, was held with a “crazy” overlay – to break the $ 100K guarantee with a $ 440 buy-in, at least 225 entries were required, and only 165 were collected.

Payout to WPTDS # 7 Finalists $ 100,000 Crazy 8

A place Nick Prize money
1 crimson92 $21,750
2 Peter “kiskutya23” Trapli $15,500
3 RED_WINE $12,000
4 ayemax08 $8,500
5 plush0292 $5,500
6 Odens_CD $4,500
7 Martin “MJacobson888” Jacobson $3,500
8 alexos888 $2,750

On the fifth day of the WPTDS series, the Russian MAMOHT_T scored again – he took 5th place in the $ 525 Marathon tournament. The event, according to the tradition of WPTDS, was also held with a 10% overlay.

WPTDS # 9 Finalists Payout $ 100,000 Marathon

A place Nick Country Prize money
1 DeuceofDuc0 Netherlands $23,250
2 JPecerary Great Britain $16,650
3 RussianBotsky Great Britain $12,000
4 Felipe «mr.salgado» Salgado Brazil $8,590
5 Maxim “MAMOHT_T” Mamonov Russia $6,040
6 Brownerrrrr Great Britain $4,350
7 casual_win Great Britain $3,160
8 wklix Unknown $2,310
9 TheMufinMan New Zealand $1,690

Opening of the 888poker Twitch channel

Finally, 888poker decided to enter the main platform to attract new players. Today, any major room has a channel on Twitch, and eights have just joined this club. However, the strategy of the poker room’s marketers is a bit incomprehensible – on 888pokerTV there are round-the-clock broadcasts of old offline tournaments, which in itself is very specific content.

But on the other hand, journalists, as well as ordinary players, finally have the opportunity to watch the final tables of the major 888poker tournaments. Every day, all the WPTDS finals, for example, could be watched live, albeit only in English and with closed cards.

WPTDS Main Event – Day 2 Coming

Parallel to the daily WPTDS majors, the $ 1,050 Main Event starting flights with a $ 1,000,000 guarantee took place. At the time of publication of the material, the statistics of flights looks like this:

  • Day 1A – 108 entrances
  • Day 1B — 130
  • Day 1C — 123
  • Day 1D — 139
  • Day 1E — 56
  • Day 1F — 6
  • Day 1G — 29
  • Day 1H — 52
  • Day 1I — 48

Total: 628 participants, of which 105 have switched to Day 2. There are three entry flights left, which will take place on April 23, 24 and 25 at 21:30 Moscow time, and on April 26 at 21:00 the second day will begin. The player from the Netherlands, DeuceofDuc0, to whom the $ 525 Marathon has been submitted is still the chip leader.

“Andromedovic” qualified for the Main Event through the Pokeroff freeroll

Together with the telegram channel @Blefach Pokeroff hosted a generous freeroll at 888poker, where a single $ 1,050 Main Event ticket was awarded. Almost 600 participants entered the fight, and after four hours Belarusian Andrei “andromedovic” won.

The guy did not refuse to give a short interview for our Telegram channel, where he said that he has been playing poker at an amateur level for a long time, and currently works in the security department at a food facility. You can read more about the lucky person who will be able to compete for the $ 1,000,000 prize pool thanks to Pokeroff in our telegram channels.

Review of Main Event SCOOP, GGSF, Powerfest, WPTDS: tournament features

Collected the main events of all poker series in one article to make it easier to navigate and choose a tournament to your liking, bankroll and skill. The main focus of the hold’em tournaments, but the Omaha events were not forgotten either.

GG Spring Festival: $ 1,500 buy-in tournament with tons of flights and biggest guarantee

Flights start several times a day, Day 2 will start on April 25 at 23:05 Moscow time.

IN $ 1,500 GGSF Main Event-H with $ 10M Guarantee four days before Day 2 there is a $ 7M overlay. The structure of the tournament is as follows: on the first day you play 20 levels for 15 minutes – go to Day 2. Late registration is 16 levels, the stack at the last level is 12.5 BB. Day 1 comes with unlimited re-entry. On the first day, you can enter as many times as you like, but only the largest stack will be transferred to the second.

And also only on GGPOKEROK and in no other rooms you can buy and put up for sale shares right in the lobby. Moreover, you can buy a share (and put it up too) from players who switched to Day 2 – there you will still need to play a little before ITM.

Are there Mains in Omaha: Yes. Similar tournament $ 1,500 GGSF Main Event-H PLO-NL with $ 2M Guarantee also starts several times a day in the room. On the first day, you need to play 18 levels, 15 minutes each. Late registration of 14 levels. An infinite number of re-entrances. Day 2 kicks off at the same time as Maine in Hold’em on April 25 at 23:05 UTC.

SCOOP: $ 109 Main Events; $ 1,050 and $ 10,300 with one starting day

All major tournaments will start on April 25 at 20:05 GMT with late registration within 24 hours.

PokerStars is resisting the trend of multi-flight main tournaments and its tradition of “one start day” mains.

There are three main events:

  • $ 109 SCOOP-92-L with $ 3M warranty. Levels for 20 minutes. Play 17 levels on the first day. Late registration until the start of Day 2, starting stack at the last level, late reg is 14 big blinds.
  • $ 1,050 SCOOP-92-M with $ 5M warranty… Levels of 25 minutes. Play 16 levels on the first day. Late registration before Day 2, starting stack at the last level of the late regis 16.6 big blinds.
  • $ 10,300 SCOOP-92-H with $ 5M warranty… Levels for 30 minutes. Play 15 levels on the first day. Late registration before Day 2 starts, starting stack at the last level of late reg is 20.8 big blinds.

Three re-entrances are available in all three tournaments. All events are played in a four-day format:

  • Day 1 to level 17, 16 and 15, respectively.
  • Day 2 up to 160, 80 and 40 participants respectively.
  • Day 3 to 9-max.
  • Day 4 until the winner.

Are there Mains in Omaha: there are three pieces. They start on April 25 at 22:05 Moscow time.

  • $ 109 SCOOP-93-L with $ 350K guarantee… Levels for 20 minutes. Late registration for the first 5 hours and 5 minutes. Day 1 goes to ITM.
  • $ 1,050 SCOOP-93-M with $ 750K guarantee… Levels of 25 minutes. Late registration for 21 hours and 30 minutes. Day 1 goes up to level 15. The stack at the last level is 16.6 big blinds.
  • $ 10,300 SCOOP-93-H with $ 1.25M guarantee… Levels for 30 minutes. Late registration for 21 hours and 30 minutes. Day 1 goes up to level 15. The stack at the last level is a late reg 20.8 big blinds.

partypoker Powerfest: three $ 11 tournaments; $ 109 and $ 1,050 with three starting days

The flights will take place on April 24, 25 and 26 (turbo). Day 2 kicks off on April 26th at 10:05 pm ET.

Partypoker will host three Main Events with three flights each (Day 1C is in a turbo format with 9 minute levels per event):

  • $ 11 Micro Main Event with $ 50K Guarantee. Levels of 15 minutes.
  • $ 109 Mini Main Event with $ 250K Guarantee… Levels of 18 minutes.
  • $ 1,050 Main Event with $ 1M Guarantee… Levels for 20 minutes.

All three tournaments have a similar structure. One re-entry. Late registration of 12 levels. The stack at the last level is 12.5 big blinds. The first day continues until 15% of the field is left in the tournament – they all go to ITM.

Are there Mains in Omaha: not.

888poker WPTDS: $ 1,050 Multi-Day Tournament

Flights start every day until April 25 at 21:30 Moscow time. Day 2 kicks off on April 26th at 10:00 p.m. ET.

888poker is just rolling into major series and tournaments, but is easily ready to compete with other rooms.

$ 1,050 WPT DeepStacks # 15 with $ 1M Guarantee the structure most of all resembles the mains at the party, but there are differences. Levels for 20 minutes. Late registration 180 minutes, starting stack to the last level of late regis 10 BB. The first day goes up to level 12 or until 14% of the field remains. Up to 3 re-entrances are available on the first day.

Is there Maine over Omaha: not.

Main Event comparison table in different rooms

Bai-in $1,500 $1,050 $1,050 $1,050

(+ 0.5% of prizes admin fee)

5% 5% 5%
Guarantee $10M $5M $ 1M $ 1M
Re-entry Endless Up to 3 re-entry 1 re-entry Up to 3 re-entry
Levels 15 minutes 25 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes
check in
16 levels 21 hours 30 minutes
(up to level 17)
12 levels 9 levels

What tournament do you like and are you planning to play? Share your opinions in the comments and join the discussion at chat in Telegram.

Pokerdom will reward the best cash players in the poker rake race

The Formula Boost rake race will take place at Pokerdom from April 23rd to May 2nd. As the name implies, only boost tables (fast poker) players participate in it.

The prize fund of the Rake Race of ₽1,500,000 will be divided into three leagues. The higher you play the limits, the higher your league, and the more prizes.

  • League A – prize pool ₽750,000, limits from ₽50 / 100 and above
  • League B – prize pool ₽500,000, limits from ₽10/20 to ₽25/50 inclusive
  • League C – prize pool ₽250,000, limits from ₽1 / 2 to ₽5/10 inclusive

Distribution of prizes by league:

A place League A (() League B (() League C (()
1 240,000 160,000 80,000
2 150,000 100,000 50,000
3 105,000 70,000 35,000
4 75,000 50,000 25,000
5 45,000 30,000 15,000
6 30,000 20,000 10,000
7 22,500 15,000 7500
8 15,000 10,000 5000
9-10 7500 5000 2500
11-15 4500 3000 1500
16-25 3000 2000 1000

* Please note that there is no Hold’em or Omaha split in the Formula Boost rake race. Boost tables of all disciplines (NLHE, PLO, 5-card and 6-card Omaha) take part in the promotion.

How does the Pokerdom rake race work? Play at the boost tables at your comfortable limits and get points for each ruble of the generated rake (₽1 = 1 point). The more points you collect from April 23 00:00 UTC to May 2 23:59 UTC, the higher your chance of getting the highest prize in your league.

You can follow the Formula Boost rake race leaderboard in the section Checkout> Promotions.

Should I take part in the rake race? – Definitely yes! For the regulator, the stock can bring a solid income in a 10-day period. For example, let’s take the data of the March 5-Card Omaha rake race, where he won Alexander “SashaBravo” Biryukov… Then, in a week of playing from March 15 to March 21, he earned ₽80K and thus his total rakeback clearly exceeded 100% (considering that he received ~ 89% from only one rake race).

Want to try it too? Register at Pokerdom with the promo code POKEROFF1.