Nascar secures microbet partnership with nVenue

North American equity car racing association Nascar has entered into a multi-year partnership with microbet technology provider nVenue.

Under the deal, nVenue will become Nascar’s official provider of microbet data and technology. This will enable nVenue to develop in-race microbet markets and predictive content for fans in the US.

nVenue will work directly with the league to design and develop in-race odds. These will include non-traditional betting markets such as stage results, qualifying and pit lane betting opportunities.

In addition, nVenue will use live racetrack data and historical race data points to generate forecasts and odds. This covers every race and driver.

“This collaboration epitomizes a shared vision to entertain fans and improve the race viewing experience,” said Joe Solosky, Nascar’s general manager of sports betting. “We’re excited to pair our racing product with specialist technologies like nVenue to provide future microbetting for Nascar fans.”

Kelly Pracht, CEO and co-founder of nVenue, added: “nVenue is excited to partner with the Nascar team to build the future of in-race betting and live interactions that will delight fans for years to come.

“An amazing game. nVenue brings the real-time predictive sports platform for microbets and media. Nascar brings the mind-sharing and reach of a league ready to innovate in leveled fan experiences.

“We anticipate that this industry-first collaboration will prove significantly beneficial not only for sports betting and media, but also for Nascar’s knowledgeable and new fan base.”

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